Full Trailer Released for The Duo

On the heels of its upcoming Monday premiere, MBC released a full three and a half minute trailer for its upcoming sageuk The Duo. We don’t see any of the adult leads Chun Jung Myung, Han Ji Hye, or Lee Sang Yoon, except via snap shots of their characters. This drama looks like it will have a pretty substantial childhood/teenage portion (rather than told through selective flashbacks) to start the show. Watching the trailer, it reminds me of every other sageuk out there. So that just means it looks solid, and I will wait to watch a handful of episodes before having an opinion about whether I like it or not.

One thing that did jump out at me is how mesmerizing the teenage cast is. I hope they don’t steal their adult counterparts thunder, but it’s been known to happen (see Queen Seon Deok, East of Eden, etc.).


Full Trailer Released for The Duo — No Comments

  1. Thanks ockoala! The trailer does look inviting. But I’ve already considered watching it because of CJM so hopefully it will be good. 🙂 Will you be recapping and preview this drama?

  2. Well, huh. The young cast blew me away in the trailer. I really hope PIE & co won’t be put to shame…

    I did like Lee Sang Yoon in LiB, but I don’t think his acting skills are that honed yet and…omg the young cast, so good!

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