Mary Goodies For the Year of the Geun Rabbits

It’s the year of the Rabbit, and two little Geun rabbits are off to the races. Wishing my precious cuties a prosperous and happy year – filled with moons, butterflies, and a drinking date, at the very least. Bringing you some Mary Stayed Out All Night goodies.

Christina_mars at Baidu made these adorable anime pictures of Mae Ri and Mu Gyul that made my manga-loving heart explode in happiness. I’ve always thought both Geuns looked like anime characters, and now my perception has been confirmed. They are perfect together even when transformed into manga-versions of themselves.

The photo book for M3 has been out in Korea for almost a week, and finally today I saw some pictures of the contents therein. You know, if the day comes that Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok do in fact date and/or publicly confirm it, this book will become a living memento to their love story. Now how awesome is that?

If anyone ever uploads the entire photobook, I’ll be sure to post about it.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


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  1. Ah, how I miss my perfect Mugyul and Mary ♥ Omo! Are they leaning for a kiss in that picture from Episode 10? Don’t tell me there was a kissing scene that got edited out from the drama…?!

    Thanks for these, Captain – I’m looking forward to the rest of the pictures ^^

  2. oh wow!! so lovely of you, ever-dependable Lady Captain of the Love-Ship of the Geun-Geun couple to post this news abt the Geun-Geun couple in anime…

    thanks so much dear Ms Ockoala, also for including such lovely photos of the Geun-Geun couple from the photobook…and i second you a million times over for the downloading of the entire photobook if it is possible, since i cannot get the photobook in Singapore…*cries*

    btw, are you hooked on the Marry Me, Mary OST2 that you bought? (”,)
    because I am still hooked and may still be so for a LOOOONG time to come….

  3. i agree totally with you abt the photobook being the PERFECT living memento of their love story if and when they do become an item…oh, please, please, please let it come true… (”,)

      • Hi there, my dearest one and only chingu, Tangee!! (”,)

        thank you for your unfailingly heartwarming welcome!! (”,)

        i echo your welcome – soooo happy to see you blogging happily here too… (”,)

        siiiggghhhh….we just can’t get over this insane love for the Geun-Geun couple, right???!!! arrrgggghhh…. (”,)

      • my dear
        I only wish we could. me paying some attention to my princess hoping to slowly ease off my withdrawal… trying..
        he he..

      • “me paying some attention to my princess hoping to slowly ease off my withdrawal”

        so you have a daughter, Tangee dear? wow, that’s super!! (”,)

      • My dear KDL
        You are so sweet… My princess is the rom-com KimTaeHee&SongSeungHun collaboration whom I swoon over right now. I used to think that SSH is wooden BUT not anymore, he is just so adorable here. He’s looking his best now and even, pretty CF Queen KTH has up her game 360% in terms of acting chops. So you see, me referring to Captain’s recaps to feed my addiction.
        BTW, these two look SO good together, ahjumma here has a v v soft spot for eye candy.. feast for my eyes.. not complaining…he he..

        Yes, do have a junior who enjoys SuperJunior, Girls Gen[SNSD], 2PM, JYJ, CNBlue to name a few… oh.. She likes YAB [cutie JGS & Yong Hwa(CNBlue)].
        Cheers to a good day..

      • oh tangee dear….hehe… i see…the cure for this crazy, insane, loony love for the Geun-Geun couple will require something exceptional…
        i myself haven’t got the energy to watch My Princess or any other drama yet becos i am still soooo hung up M3 that i have been rewatching it countless times now…hehe…

        and you have a junior who likes all things Korean? haha… (”,)
        so cute… (”,)

        have a great day, dear tangee (”,)

    • Yeap, spot on. BTW, couldn’t remember but did someone mention that we could actually order the book from YesAsia or something like that? anybody?

      • Yes. I order my copy from, the book is $29.99, if you order more than $35, then you will get a free shipping for the order.

  4. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice fanart! Thanks for sharing!

    Have you ever watched this fanvid? Jung-in/Mu-gyul. OMO OMO OMO If I wasn’t soooo smitten of the GeunGeun couple, this would have me salivating

    • I have seen it actually. Totally enjoyed it, but feel like I’m cheating on my GG babies. OTOH, I do want to munch on Kim Jae Wook even more. He’s delicious and makes me purr.

      • Yeap, true to the word..
        After rewatching M3 yet again, there is this scene in ep16 where KJW walked down the aisle during the fake wedding, I thought to myself, now this is one helluva good looking man. Had the hots for him since Coffee Prince and thought he was de BEST looking one in the entire drama. Too bad he was gay there, would be nice if he team up with YEH in some future project. It would be a feast for the eyes and on condition that he MUST get the girl.
        JGS will always be the cutie boy who’s charming and cute handsome

      • absolutely awesome!! that would be a great alternative ending 😛 but that would leave mae ri without anyone, so that won’t do.

    • I actually ship this couple more than the canon OTP and squee when they come together, what with their smoldering looks at each other (see ep. 11/12, also their “bed scene”) and the palpable tension in their scenes…

      Besides, all three points of their love triangle look like androgynous…well, mostly girls (IMHO, haha) so wth; if it ended JI-MG it won’t be a biggie for me (and it would be waay hotter, with lots of potential boating. LOL).

  5. Could it be that AKP is actually an all-year round Christmas gifts distribution center in disguise? 🙂 I have not finished relishing the spoilers for DH ep 10 and have not yet read the written preview for MP’s ep 11 and now this: Mary Goodies… .

    Thanks much Captain ockoala for sharing these anime art and pictures of our favorite Geun-Geun couple!

  6. I know this sounds so lame, but OCKOALA i never noticed that little hidden happy face you put at the bottom of your page before. Nice surprise! 🙂

  7. Thats sure is cute although real one cuter.I was think did ms.koala update on geun2?then hwoala!I guess we wont stop until they confirm they are dating,no even if they do we will keep going until geun2 babies born.keep on going.

    • LOL when you said “…we will keep going until geun2 babies born.”

      What if more than 2 geun-geun babies born? Do we keep going? 🙂

      Cheers Erika!

      • Off course..the will give us lots of babies because they are bunny couple..I would love to baby sit on of them

  8. Awwww..they are so cute and huggable and the photobook is just awesome.
    Hopefully I will find a way to grab my own copy. It is indeed a collectors item since
    we don’t know when will they ever work again in the future..but I’m
    wishing and praying..Our Almighty is not sleeping hehe..

    Thanks Ms Ockoala 🙂

  9. they are indeed the magical holiday couple! Many thanks Captain!

    It’s now nearing V-day and pictures of them still warm my heart. So fitting not just for Christmas but on V-day too!

    Ahh, so looking forward to GG babies! May Someone up there here our prayers. Maybe in one of the many Lounge H tours planned throughout Asia this year, JKS will slip and confess that they are dating! So wishing!!

  10. I want the doll version… really… I mean really really really…
    kyaaaaa ms.ockoala… this is a delicious MaeRiMuGyul anime… I’m drooling now… slurrrrrrp…..

  11. the anime pics are lovely… but the pics from the book are even better!!!! i think i’m gonna try my firt purchase in internet ever!!! look what te geuns do to me

  12. Yeah..the 2nd pic looks like they are about to kiss. I wonder if it
    is part of the scenes but they cut it? what a bummer!

    And the last pic where MR is looking at the candles. Isn’t the
    scene where their friends are trying to make the two make up
    in the coffee shop? hmm..maybe a bts shots of her.. i wish KMG
    is beside her 🙂

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