Valentine’s Day Tribute: A Look at the Couple’s Outfits in Playful Kiss

I know V-day hasn’t arrived yet, but happy things can be shared early, no? Last night I went to sleep with a mile-wide grin on my face. Why? Because I am finally re-watching Playful Kiss for the first time since it concluded (and since I wrote my final recap for episode 7 of the Youtube edition). In the intervening months, I’ve watch many more dramas, and left PK in a safe warm place in my heart. To be honest, I was worried that re-watching it would make me lose some of my love for it.

I was thrilled to discover that, quite the contrary, I am loving every minute of my re-watch so far. It took just one conversation between cold, mean, and arrogant Baek Seung Jo, and heart-on-her-sleeve, underachieving Oh Ha Ni, for me to rekindle my burning love for this couple. With that in mind, bringing a picture retrospective of all the couple’s outfits that our darling kids wore throughout the drama and the YT episodes. The wardrobe coordinator really deserves a big hug and some high fives.

What I love about their couple’s outfits is that (1) its always age-appropriate, (2) some are identical and other are complementary, and (3) both Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong individually look wonderful wearing it, and even more so when standing next to each other. Oh gosh, I miss these two cutie pies so much! Starting with them wearing their casual school uniforms above, let’s go on a trip down memory lane with Seung Jo and Ha Ni!

Pretty in pale forest garb.

Complementary in pink and grey.

Graduation-ready in matching mustard school jackets.

Rocking the same pale peach.

His and hers black, white (and pink) tennis outfits.

The legendary couple’s tees.

Back hugs in hospitals look the best when you wear coordinating camel and cream colored outfits.

Having fun in light blues and greys.

You wear plaid, I wear plaid.

Nothing says breakfast after a chaste night in bed like dark and light blue pajama tops.

Mutual comfort in cream and whites.

Rocking the same shade of dark jacket, accessorized with either red or white.

Camel and navy nautical-inspired coats for a rain-kissed night.

Hugging in blue sweaters is the best way to hug.

A stroll in the park in matching navy peacoats.

The Mamma-Baek hand-selected honeymoon couple’s outfits.

A crisp, clean, preppy look.

Couple PJs for the wedding night.

Identical PJs for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Complementary camel and navy coats for a date in a Mini Cooper.

Let’s go all-black for our Youtube version press conference.

Wearing a couple’s outfit just to make the wifey happy is the best husband in the world.

Gotta wear white cotton tees when wifey wants to poke you with a needle.

Blue and white tops are the perfect thing to wear when dealing with a fake pregnancy.

All black outfits match the mood for dealing with an unwanted chick in your room.

Who knew a nurse and a patient’s outfit could lead to major kissage.

Teaching the wife to drive requires coordinating the outfits.

Dark camel and light beige blend together, to celebrate a birthday, and herald many more birthdays to come.

To Seung Jo and Ha Ni – thank you for sharing such a delightful love story with us. Re-watching PK just reminded me how hard it is to let you two go. Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day for a drama couple that felt as real as anything I’ve ever seen onscreen.


Valentine’s Day Tribute: A Look at the Couple’s Outfits in Playful Kiss — 85 Comments

  1. i was about to turn in and get some sleep… then..*pling* PK news@ockaola’s!!!!!!!

    whaaaaaaaaaa i loved their matching sooo much… and i still love PK and THEM soooo much too!!! I’ve already been rewatching bits and i have to say it still warms my heart ^^

    LOL@’You wear plaid, I wear plaid.’

    Happy valentine’s day to ockoala, to HJ and MinMin, and to fellow pkissers in advance <3

      • Happy Vday, flowergurl!!

        I am oddly looking forward to this Vday, even though I’m single. I think it’s Kdrama magic like this couple!

      • It’s good to see some ol’ PKissers here. 😀

        You know, PK’s just magical. Despite all it’s little faults, I have nothing but love for this drama. That’s a first for me. I probably won’t be rewatching this anytime soon, but I definitely will someday. After I’m done cleaning out everything on my to-watch list!

      • Annyeong everybody!!~!

        aaah it is nice to see some “old” fellow PKissers!!!
        but i was happily surprised by “other” PKissers i haven’t encountered here before… PK is still doing fine ^^ YAY to that xD

      • weeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy valentines to you… i missed PK too.. and love and love the way you observed their outfits.. ^_^ happy hearts day… ^_^

  2. Huh. I never noticed just how far the wardrobe coordinator went with the matching or complimentary outfits (must be cos I marathoned the drama?). I mean, I did notice how good they looked and I did notice a few matching outfits, but wow, you pointed a few scenes I missed.

    Loved seeing the screencaps, thank you!

    • How’ve you been, sweetie! Did you watch the YT episodes as well? It was so much fun to watch PK live, because the drama remained pretty much consistent in quality throughout, though the story felt a little rushed at the end, but otherwise no insane second half.

      • Yeah, I watched the whole thing in a few days! ^^ I did like it though of course it didn’t reach m3 madness for me.

        I’ve been so-so. Had a couple of rough days, but I’m better now. You?

  3. I just rewatched recently, I think it holds up because they are just so adorbs together! And all his antics are soooo much more enjoyable knowing the epic cuteness that are the YT eps.

    love my baby girl and her robot!

    (also love the missing parents-object/class difference nonsense every other drama I’ve watched so far has)

  4. WOW… They looked so good together!!! lob lob lob the matching clothes 🙂
    Wish I had a wardrobe coordinator too like theirs… sob sob

    Thanks Ockoala for putting this together. Muah!

  5. Hua,I never notice before except when they wear couple outfit.I guess OHN’s wish to wear matching outfit did come true because BSJ make it happen without her notice..ah this is make me wants to look at geun2.does they have the same thing?wanna add more romantic feeling from them on v-day.

  6. What a sweet surprise! *tickled pink* *all smiles*
    As always thanks to fairy Ockoala for an early Valentine PK present wrapped in pretty matching hers & his ribbon! You warmed so many PKissers hearts walking down our dear OHN & BSJ memory lane. Love those darling matching outfits! Ah, I’m still addicted as ever to this cute couple. I’m glad they still hold a special place in your heart.

    Wishing you and fellow PKissers lots of love this Valentines Day!

    • hi teacup!!!

      happy valentines to you my co-pkissers!!
      its been a while!
      and yes its been sweet and fun to reminisce all the PK goodness!

      missing all the PKissers here!

      • hi jeankaycee! ^__^
        Nice to hear from you and the other PKissers!
        Ahhh, this is like attending a PK Valentines party.
        Thanks Ockoala for welcoming us back in you playground!
        *Hugs* to everybody.

      • yup teacup!!!

        its like our own PK valentines party!
        hope we can see our other co-pkissers!

        cheers to our valentines love, Playful Kiss!!

  7. Buuhhhh i miss them too !!! on that note i just visited Simply Jung so Min …and they have upload pics from the BTS of webisode 6 that we haven’t seen before!!! they are way to cute !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Dear Ockoala, may be not enough to say thanks so much to you for posting about my dear heart Playful Kiss.
    I love this post and mean a lot to me. I was thinking to rewatch PK after MP.
    Wish you have a happy valentine day with your Mr.Koala.

    To Seung Jo and Ha Ni – thank you for sharing such a delightful love story with us. Re-watching PK just reminded me how hard it is to let you two go. Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day for a drama couple that felt as real as anything I’ve ever seen onscreen.

    I do love your last paragraph above. Do u mean something about our OPT…. hahaha…

    I just seen YT epi 5 BTS still from simply so min blog… pls visit below blog…..

  9. thanks for sharing this with us. What i love about this couple is that their love story is so simple. So much like real life. i admit that i love the dramas in k-drama but love in the real world isn’t filled with crazed love triangles. Our lovely and cute PK couple showed us what love is really like.

  10. THIS IS THE WORST TV SERIES EVER! I don’t like the two leading actor/actress. No chemistry at all. Especially the male lead, seriously he can’t act. Maybe because of his looks that the people thinks he’s ok, but daaah? He can’t even cry or bring out the viewers emotion. He’s like a STONE GUY. Very flat. The girl, she’s always OVER ACTING. arrrggg. They’re corny and no sense at all. Can’t even compared to the original Taiwanese version of It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again. Yeah, nothing compares to the original. If you all don’t know that then let me be the first to tell y’all. ^*^

    • Wow there is no need to spread the hate. You’re allowed to have our own opinions but to basically make fun off all the people here who like the show is very rude to readers and the poster. Constructive criticism is okay….but that was not it.

      Also on your point of the “original” the JDorama version of the manga came out first and then the Taiwanese version so I don’t see why your harping on the “original” Each version has it’s own charm and all 3 are good in their own way. (The manga/anime are pretty awesome too ^-^)

    • If you do not like PK why are you even reading this blog?… everybody has thier own opinion but literally basking and giving rude opinions is not acceptable…

    • hi hayape!

      if you dont like PK then why are you reading this post? i mean if you dont like it you would not want to waste your time reading and commenting on something this.

      just my two cents about this….

  11. I adore this couple… funny how I didn’t noticed the matching… I was so eagerly waiting for the new episodes every week that I forgot to notice the details… Now I gotta re-watch to enjoy it better. Thanx for this article … Happy VDay everyone! <3

  12. There are more episode than the official 16¿?? How did it happen and please tell me where I can find them!!!!!

    I loved the original manga, and anime, so I know there’s more after the wedding!! I guessed due to low ratings they cut the dorama to 16 instead of 20.

    If there’s really a youtube continuation or something, i would be super happy!! =)

  13. Aww.. thank you so much for the early Vday present ockoala! Rewatching the PK episodes makes me love Seung Jo and Ha Ni even more. I love your descriptions on the pictures! I can’t seem to pick a favorite since they look good in almost all the scenes. 🙂

  14. Happy early Valentine’s Day to you too ockoala!

    Question for you, have you ever watched the We Got Married episodes of Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong? Because funnily enough, there’s a scene shared between this OTP (yes, I’m a Ssangchu shipper!) where KHJ makes a fuss about disliking couple outfits and proceeds to resolve the situation… If you have the time, you should check it out. Youtube used to have Ssangchu clips but I think they’ve all been removed, luckily for you this site is also providing videos

    • heh heh heh. I was thinking about the same thing. But they always had matching outfits for the studio recordings anyway.

      As long as the mouse isn’t on it, I guess. 😛

  15. I don’t get it why in each and every post ockoala writes about Playful Kiss, one or some have to spoil the mood and talk about Kim Hyun Joong’s previous show. We’re talking about Playful Kiss here – Seung Jo and Ha Ni, we’re not even talking about Kim Hyun Joong, but his character in the drama. Why spoil ?

    • I hate people keep bringing up about WGM and Hwangbo, please… that’s history! KHJ has already grown up and he’s no longer the same as he was in 2008! For goodness sake, can’t expect him to remain as he was and didn’t mature.

  16. lovely lovely!!! thanks for sharing….. OC

    and keep jealous dot com mood on Mimin, who “got” so much love from my Hyun Joong!!

  17. wow whatta coincidence! i also just started rewatching PK just yesterday! and like you i gotta admit it is hard to let go of these two!
    love them to pieces! and i love you for always featuring anything about them here in your blog! thanks!

  18. 🙂 thank you ms koala!!!! :DDDDD

    I was just bemoaning how PK appears to have been forgotten having rewatched the entire series (yea both the drama and YT version!) only recently for the Nth time! 😀 PK puts a smile on my face like no other drama and leaves me feeling so contented it’s like watching babies grow up so happily :p I’ll never ever grow tired of PK!

  19. Ahhhh Koala. PK too has a warm place in my heart. I dont know why, compared to other dramas it is not as outstanding yet PK is one drama that I don’t mind re-watching and falling for all over again.

  20. awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
    thanks ockoala!!!

    its really good to know that you love playful kiss til now.
    i, myself as a self confessed PK addict is really delighted to know that many people still loves PK even though its run has ended months ago.
    this drama deserves all the love!

    and yes their couple outfits really stand out and love it so much!
    and love the PK couple even more!!!
    as i always say, playful kiss is my most kdrama love!

    and shout out to all the PKissers here (you know who you are!)!!!
    i miss you guys !!!

    happy valentines guys!!
    may your V-day filled with love!

    hmmm…one last thing…i wonder how THEY would celebrate the v-day? ^_^

  21. Ockoala, you have always been our PK “guru” & I just adore your article, most especially the couple-outfit pix!!!
    Makes us PKissers want to re-watch our fave fluffy & giddy-filled drama all over again!!!
    Komawo & PKissers…AJA!!! HYUNMIN-shippers…fighting!!!

    Find the latest Hyunmin & Minmin news @ my friends’ blog:

  22. I miss the chicken hoodie…. T__T

    Oh, how about Seung Jo and Hera… they have matching outfits too when they’re filling up the monitor together (I like Hera too… hehe). And let’s not forget the parade of work suits Seung Jo donned during his company days. You’re right… the wardrobe coordinator really does deserve a big hug and some high fives.. 😛

  23. Lol!! I can’t believe it! You’re rewatching PK too? My Internet connection has been going berserk lately so I’ve been surfing the net with my iPad (which I usually only whip out when I don’t have my notebook with me and in need of watching my dramas).

    So right now I use my iPad to surf the net and watch my dramas (DH and MP) while I use my notebook to rewatch dramas that I’ve downloaded previously with Playful Kiss being one of them. Which is definitely not good for my iPad since all the memory is eating up my data plan!!

    Also some more good news for me regarding PK, I just found out I have access to MBC America courtesy of my cable tv connection and it is currently doing reruns of Playful Kiss. So not only do I have my notebook to relive PK but I also have my tv every Wed, Thurs, and Fri at 5:45 and 9 pm. Don’t I sound like an advertisement? Lol!! Sorry for the long rant…

    • i have comcast so i think i dont have it. i went crazy searching for MBC America channel number on the internet. see wat PK had done 2 me? TT_TT though im not complaining since there a Japan Promotion with Hyun Joong, Min Min, and a bonus Tae Sung 🙂 thanks though

  24. why is that everytime I want to get over Playful Kiss, something always turns up to make me spazz all over again??? Who wants to join PKAA with me?? As in Playful Kiss Addicts Anonymous???

  25. wooh! all my HyunMin unnies are here! The couple looks good together on their outfits. They are all gorgeous ever. I hope they are together this coming on Hearts Day hehe wishful thinking.

    Thank you unnie Ockoala for being a PK fairy to us:-)

  26. i think PK is the perfect drama to watch on Valentines Day, nothing can’t beat a pure and innocent first love ended in a Happy Ever After, a fairy tale that we all dreaming

  27. thanks for the Pk pics… its one of the drama that is full of cute romance and will make us all remember how it is to be in love…it shows us that dreams do come true… miss this couple and i hope they can do future projects together…

  28. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the drama (I watched ArJoe’s first . . . a couple of times, and this version can’t even touch their chemistry. . . or the uber-cute Jiro Wang); but, while I was reading this, I was smiling the entire time! Haha. Might just have to do a re-watch now 🙂

  29. Wow, these pics bring back great memories of the PK days. I missed this two. They are just adorable to look at. Hapy V day everyone.

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