Upcoming MBC Drama The Thorn Birds Releases Poster and Stills

The upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama The Thorn Birds released its first batch of drama poster and stills, and boy am I underwhelmed. I can’t quite figure out what the drama is about just yet (something about a woman persevering through adversity and rising above the odds with her strong spirit), but I do know that the stylist who dressed both Han Hye Jin and Kim Min Jung needs to be fired, and the person who designed the poster shoot needs to be sacked.

Is it just me, or are you sick of photo shoots where the four leads just stand next to each other with different looks on their faces? Neither lead actors Joo Sang Wook nor Seo Do Young give me any impression about their characters or what to expect based on looking at these stills. It comes across as very bland – like they stuck the leads in front of a white screen and then started taking pictures. Oops, that appears to be exactly what they did.

Looking at the stills below, I can’t help but bust out laughing at the expression on Kim Min Jung’s face. Lordy, I love you girl, but your look of distaste is pricelessly wacky. Poor Min Jung has a look like she smelled a particularly nasty fart from her other two co-stars. I can imagine the photographer yelling “Min Jung-ahhh, imagine the smell is extra foul, so scrunch up your face even more!”

And the production couldn’t even come up with a lead couple concept that wasn’t directly carbon-copied off of Han Hye Jin’s most iconic work Jumong. C’mon people, it’s the same actress, so of course I am immediately going to make the connection. Soseono is cheating on her King of Gorgyureo hubby, so scandalous!

Stranger things have happened, and The Thorn Birds could be the next big thing for all I know. I just feel like the drama and its concepts feel so stale and inert. It would be even more of a shame if the story and execution turns out to be stellar, and it fails to find an audience because the promotional material doesn’t interest any viewers.

The Thorn Birds premieres after President wraps its 24-episode run in three weeks.


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  1. See, I’m torn about this. The premise is meh, the promo stuff is meh, but then I do like the leads (wait. I’ll rephrase that. I like HHJ, SDY ♥ and JSW). *chinhands*

    • *foreheadinhand* I’m with you right there. Totally intrigued theoretically, but I don’t actually like what I am seeing.

      I think the leads are going to be great, it’s the story that is going to make or break this drama.

      Amongst the upcoming three melos – Royal Family, Midas(ssssss), and Thorn Birds, I’m actually most interested in TB. For some reason, I smell a brain fart on Midas already (*sobs* oh my Hyuk….), and Royal Family I can’t get into it despite my adoration of Ji Sung.

      You know, I fell in love with Kim Min Jung and Ji Sung at the same time, in the same drama – New Heart. Before that drama, he was the guy who kept losing in memory in Save the Last Dance with Eugene, and she was the totally screwed over mopey second lead in F70s.

      Until I watched NH, and now I have a neverending amount of goodwill for them. They had amazing chemistry, and the drama was all sorts of really fabulous for a medical procedural. *schedules for rewatch*

      • *high-fives*

        As I told you, I really, really wasn’t going to watch Midas despite Hyukkie, but then NMW was cast and he messed up my schedule. I’ll probably tune in just to see if he’s still as awesome as he was in RRR or if he’s back to be the adorable (but handsome) wooden face he was in Pasta and MGIAG.

        I watched Spring waltz (I know, I know, but it was one of my first kdramas, okay?) and I cried a river (though possibly not as much as Han Hyo-joo who, omg…how much did she cry in SW? Unbelievable!) and I think that’s when I noticed SDY. I didn’t like his acting in the beginning, but then he grew on me so I feel sort of obliged to watch his latest things. XD

        I’m with you on Royal Family and I have to agree. The story will make or break Thorn Birds (yegods the title!)

        Ooooh *adds NH to to-watch list*

  2. To be fair, that kissy shot is fairly common.

    This seems fairly makjang and I am in the mood for that sort of thing, so bring it on! Though I am more excited for 49 Days and The Royal Family.

    • I’m trying not to get my hopes up for 49 Days (which doesn’t seem like a melo, but more like a fantasy romance hopeful drama kind of thing).

      I need to do more digging about Royal Family, which is starting in less than 2 weeks. BRB later with some goodies if I can find it.

  3. I think the only reason I may watch this is because of that FINE man, Joo Song Wook, This is going to be the second drama that I watch him in,.. I’m already going crazy seeing him in Paradise Ranch and I see him in here too?? I dont even know what the plot is for Thorn Birds is about but seeing him makes me flutter! 🙂 I’ll have to see if I can find other Dramas where he is in that I can go see how talented he is as an actor.

    Thanks for posting!

    • GIANT. You simply must watch Giant if you want to see Joo Sang Wook at his finest. Doesn’t hurt that the drama is one of the best K-dramas I have ever watched. Truly an epic that is amazing from first to last episode.

      And Joo Sang Wook nearly stole the show, he was that great. A career-making performance for him.

  4. I guess we must not have read the same “synopsis”…the one where 1 gives birth to a child under another’s name, then abandons baby and her found mother; the one where the other (whose name was used) takes in abandoned baby and assumes her identity.

    • I guess “not”.

      I reckon I would remember reading that “synopsis”, if in fact I read A synopsis, which I didn’t, and never said I did.

      But thanks for the summary of the “synopsis”. Now at least I know why Min Jung looks so pissed off.

      • reading that “synopsis” (the one at KBSWorld) will explain a lot of the group drama concept stills (well, except for the one where they’re all smiling together).

  5. Well, the teaser shown at the end of today’s President was blergh. Han Hye Jin weepy, apologetic for her sins, and accepting of the punishment for said sins. B-L-E-R-G-H.

  6. I really loved Joo Sang WOok in Giant. His romance with Hwang Jung Eum is one my favourite last year… seriously, I can’t get enough of them together… Hope he will have good chemistry with his female lead in The Thorn birds, too.

  7. haha..i really love the white dress she’s wearing..I want that!!!!!! but omg min Jung expressions is just so weird!!!!1WTH>>>>>>Seo Do young…He has been in some big dramas but he never really made it big huh. Something about him just alluring to me. Such an adorable face.

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