City Hunter Casts Park Min Young as Lee Min Ho’s Co-star

Wah? Of all the dissociative things that pop up in the funhouse that is Korean drama land (such as calling a drama The Thorn Birds when it has no priest whatsoever), this might just take the cake. The K-adaptation of the famed manga City Hunter finally has a female lead to go along with its male lead Lee Min Ho (who will be playing the character of Ryo Saeba). To no one’s surprise, since it’s been bandied about for a few days now, Park Min Young has just been confirmed in the coveted role of the female lead (Kaori Makimura).

EXCEPT….the drama concept as disclosed in the same news reports bear zero resemblance to City Hunter. Park Min Young plays a hardworking girl orphaned at a young age who is a martial arts expert. She lands a job at the Blue House security detail, and starts to butt heads with Lee Min Ho’s character, an MIT grad intelligence specialist. Excuse me for a second, but what the babbity bat shit insanity is this?

I have nothing to say about whether this drama will be any good, and whether the Lee Min Ho-Park Min Young pairing will create sparks or wet noodles. My mind is still stuck at the part where the production called this drama City Hunter and professed to be an adaptation of the Tsukasa Hojo manga (of which I read the entire series as it was released in the 90s, so I know my CH manga). I gave a brief synopsis of the story here. Since I’m just a random bystander, I’ll let the author himself scream sacrilege. I’m merely here scratching my head. City Hunter is slated to follow 49 Days on the SBS Wed-Thurs slot.

[Credit: SPN Daily News]


City Hunter Casts Park Min Young as Lee Min Ho’s Co-star — No Comments

  1. Wow! This is news to me.. Someone told me it was going to be Park Shin Hye.. kind of looking forward to that..

    • I’m still hoping they choose Park shin Hye for the City Hunter role since she can very well to adapt to the script because shes a dancer and learning martial arts will be a piece of cake for her.

      • Will have to disagree, PSH is too girly for this role. And being able to dance does not transfer to being a martial artist. IF that were the case, I would be the next action star. heheh

        But anyways, even Park Min Young is still too feminine to me, but still a notch higher than PSH. Now if only they have a younger Ha Ji Won….

  2. lol….so the mangaka was picky about the lead cuz i remeber reading somewhere that he only agreed to he adaptation cuz it was Lee Min Ho but he’s not picky about what they do with the actual content?!

  3. Hi ockoala,

    Thanks for this news…I chuckled at your phrase that has the words “…babbity bat…” 🙂

    I also read your brief synopsis of CH manga last September and found this sentence:

    “Either the K-drama will be vastly revised, and become more like “inspired by City Hunter”, or we’ll be getting a lot of blacked out scenes.”

    So you called it dear Captain; you correctly predicted this City Hunter might deviate from the original manga! 🙂 Probably the powers-that-be of City Hunter have the same reasons you cited in the synopsis that caused them to change the 2 leads’ characterizations a bit. Anyways, I’m currently undecided on this drama.

  4. “such as calling a drama The Thorn Birds when it has no priest whatsoever”

    Thank you! When I first read that title, I was all excited at the thought of who had been cast as a Korean Richard Chamberlain. Heh.

    I have not read the manga, but I remember from post you linked that you’d said it was racy. I guess not surprised it’s being changed. And I guess this is what they meant about fast forwarding to 2011? Trying to make it all techie badass maybe? Hmm.

    • The more I think about it, the odder and rather pointless it is.

      City Hunter’s raunchiness is a running gag at most (Ryo is a total perv with a raging libido), but CH at its heart was a story about standing up for justice and making connections in an dispassionate world.

      The “City” part of the title refers to Tokyo – one of the largest, if not THE largest metropolis in the world. People are insignificant in Tokyo, and CH explains that the smallest interactions can have the most significant of impacts.

      The “Hunter” part of the title refers to Ryo’s profession as a private eye (and prior to that he was a mercenary). Now he hunts the criminals in Tokyo for the people who need him the most.

      The K-drama adaptation has no connection with either the City scape or the Hunter aspect of Ryo’s job and calling in life.

  5. Actually Min Young and Min Ho have acted together before in “I am Sam” , but Lee Min Ho’s role wasn’t that big so I cannot remember whether they had much chemistry in that one. As much as I like Lee Min Ho I think I will pass on this drama because Min Young cannot really act and I find it really hard to believe that she will make a passable judo playing bodyguard.

    • Lee Min Ho’s character as someone who look ‘stupid’ in I am Sam but quite often in one screen with Park Min Young..and they look good together, even i quite shock watched his character there heheee. i thought they will great in this drama.

    • I totally agree with you, MY cant act! Total disappointment for me! Park Shin Hye can do a better acting job that MY!

  6. what? I…what? *scratches head*

    I have never read the manga (I know, I know. Blasphemy!) and I wasn’t really thrilled about the premise of the story. The only things I looked forward to and sparked my interest were stripped away from the kdrama concept. And WTFF is that? I was hoping to see LMH play a perv who pervs all the time and now he’s nothing like that? o_O

    Er, excuse me if I hope LMH drops from this project because while I do want to see him on screen again, I don’t want his project to tank and with this new premise and PMY as the lead I don’t see how it could not head toward becoming Athena #2, the sequel? *iz pessimistic today*

  7. I like Park Min Young a lot and I’ve never read the manga so have no attachment to the story but this still sounds boring to me. If I want to watch this drama, I’ll just watch Powerful Opponents. Plus, LMH is charismatic but has a horrible taste in picking scripts.

  8. Ms. Ockoala, why are you shocked? Doesn’t everything Kdrama get sanitized?

    I read somewhere that Roger Ebert thinks some of the best movies are coming out of S Korea. Movies can have all those things such as nudity, sex and bad words but in the TV world, they can’t do that but just as M3 got sold by its author, this one too got sold for money of course and to hell with the integrity of the original work. I think LMH has a way to go to be a good actor but I liked him in I am Sam (he was silly and real) PMY was good in that drama as well.

    • I don’t care that the drama isn’t nearly as sexy as the manga. Unless it was airing on TVN, it should be family friendly.

      What bothers me is that the concept has no resemblance to the original story. It wouldn’t even merit an “inspired by” line based on the information released thus far.

      Where’s the oppa-dongsaeng relationship? Where is the family versus loner concept? Where is the best gunslinger in the world creation that is Ryo? Tsukasa Hojo may sell out his story (such as when he allowed Jackie Chan to make the abomination that was City Hunter the HK movie), but this isn’t even selling out. It’s like he sold the rights to the title, and that was it.

      I’m hardly shocked, merely confused.

  9. To all of you who say pmy acting is weak, you are all close minded, she has proven her acting in her awards,, netizen, best couple,, new comer,,, is that a weak to you?think hard

    • Actually if you look at the awards you listed, probably newcomer is the only one that warrants any merit and if the fact that Micky won newcomer over Ah In (even though I really wouldn’t consider Ah In a newcomer, but I digress) tells you just how much merit goes into some of these awards. Also the fact that Han Hyo Joo won a daesung for Dong Yi of all the roles she has played and Kim Nam Joo had to share with her…yeah I am sorry those awards don’t always go to the most talented. Also its not being close minded, with the exception of Jung Myung Go, I have seen most of Min Young’s work and I have seen her debut work and lets just say not much has changed in her ability in the past couple years. If you think shes a good actress more power to you but don’t assume that because people think she is weak that they are closeminded.

      • awards in korea are ridicolouse!i remember that there was also 5 nomeminies and 5 winners as best couple..WTH!..

    • Omg, you are another shallow person who of course doesn’t know Moon Geun Young and just watched MSOAN and is talking bad about her. I dare you to shut up! Kid!

      So let me ask. Did you watch any other drama she was in? Because you must be a kid to understand it wasn’t her ACT that was stupid, but the plot, and the script-writer. If you don’t know, let me tell you: The script writer who makes the charater, the actor has to do what is write there, so I pity MGY and JGS for having to act that crap of script they gave them.

      Go watch her other dramas and then you can tell if she is stupid or not.
      Watch Cinderella sister with was the drama that made her won the best actress award last her.

      Oh just to you know, she is considered the best actress of this new generation and also won a Daesang. Which, I dare to say PMY will never ever won.

      Actually if MGY was cast for CH It would be totally awesome, she would of course make a amazing Kaori character and all.

      • ok!don’t be sad liz..yes i just watched her MSOAN (really bad) and her act was bad and overforcing for being CUTE(stupid in my eyes and JKS was really anoying ans weird there also that’s my opinion So peace!and if you say that she is goos Ok it should be!

      • Tomtom, you are really in the wrong on this one. Liz is right about Moon Geun Young. She is probably hands down the single most talented actress of her generation. That is why everyone said that her talent was wasted in Mary Stayed Out.

        MGY has major range and depth – see Cinderella’s Sister for a 180 of MSOAN (BTW Why is it msoAn? Mary Stayed Out Last Night…) and for a cutesier turn see her prior work in My Little Bride, etc.

        MSOAN was really flawed. The actors really gave their roles their all, but their efficacy was hindered by everybody else.

      • Yeah Tomtom everyone is different. So you have your way of thinking and I have mine, but I admit I was rude, sorry for saying Shut up.

        As for MGY well… think what you want, you are missing watching a amazing actress…

        ‘Don’t judge a book for it’s cover.’ All I have to say 😀

      • I believe that to judge on one project is not wrong when the actor/actress has not done anything else. MGY has a lot of projects and she is one the best if not the best actress that S Korea has. Her talent is what makes MSOAN memorable. Tomtom you remembered enough to mention it. She made you remember her acting. That is what acting is, we remember characters. You should watch her movies first then her other dramas. You will change your mind. Love that you stated your opinion so boldly. Love it.

  10. Its not the talent,, its all about the performance in a drama,,, even pmy won excellence actress award,, she won all major awards in acting,,

    • ” she won all major awards in acting” You are wrong, lol, are you sure you know her?

      She never won a daesang which is the top award.

    • In the awards world, everyone distinguishes between legit acting awards and popularity awards. The only awards PMY has ever won have been of the latter sort. Not that in Korea, acting awards are truly acting awards either, especially if the awards are the annual year end station awards (KBS, SBS, MBC, etc.), which are basically self-congratulatory, self-promotional publicity events.

  11. Pmy was chosen by the producers,, because they think she can give life to the role,,,,the producers knew whos in and whos not,, and theres nothing you can do about that,, and if you dont like the drama, dont watch it,, its not a big problem

    • Not true. She will act a totally different character, They changed the original role for it fit her. This only means to me that, if they changed it is because she doesn’t have the talent to pull off the original character. So they changed it to make her able to act it without problems… what a pity.

      • wow what’s your problem liz!you think cuz you like moon geun young ;she is best? so pity! it’s selfish ;PMY isn’t my fav but ofcourse i’ll give her a chance..hope City hunter don’t be crap like Mary stayed out all night.

      • Well I do think she is one of the best (MGY) but What I said about PMY has nothing to do with MGY, just because I like her this doesn’t mean I don’t like others actresses and all… this is just my opnion (only and just about PMY) is what i think, they changed her role to fit PMY, I don’t know… I would like to see her trying something new, but she just stay in her comfort area. Don’t get me wrong, in her comfort area she is good. But I wonder if she is good outside it?

        Just that PMY doesn’t give me a ‘wow’ feeling.. she is just ok…
        That is just my opinion, and yes I did watch Skks, so I know I feel about her… has actresses that capture you, and in my case PMY didn’t do it… but I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch it, I’ll give a try to watch CH because I’m not that kind of people that don’t watch and then talk bad without watching it. I’ll give a try and see if I like or not, thought That I also don’t feel that ‘wow’ felling from LMH. I won’t lie, I have a prejudice against the actors from BOF (except for Kim Bum and the girl who did his pair)…

      • I dont think that’s the case here…if so i doubt they would have changed LMH’s character a whole lot from the original too

  12. Are you that good enough for you to choose who wil be the female lead?? Are you beter than the producers??

    • Meganfox, why are you so worked up over what Ms Ockoala said in HER OWN BLOG?

      as a VISITOR to someone else’s blog, not only are you rude, illogical, inconsiderate, immature, inappropriate and downright silly in your heated comments directed at the OWNER OF THIS BLOG,
      you really should THINK before posting any comments because it reflects on yourself, on the kind of person you are, more than you even realise…sadly…

      as a mere visitor to this blog,
      just who do you think you are to DICTATE to the OWNER of this blog,
      what she should or should not say?

      she could talk abt toe fungus, gray hair or ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that she wishes because THIS IS HER BLOG!!!

      i am constantly amazed and exasperated by commentators such as yourself who merrily post such useless comments in SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG,
      behaving as if you have the RIGHT to do it!!

      who GAVE you the right, pray tell?

      if you cannot or WON’T get that into your head, then you should not waste your time, energy, money and brain cells coming here and posting your unwelcomed and unpleasant comments!

    • Yes but they were sort of friends although LMH chased after all skirts. That drama was kinda boring but because of the lead girl and her story, I kept watching and I liked the ending. She was good but I haven’t seen any of her other works. To me she looks like Kim So Eun so I thought it was her in SKS.

  13. I agree with that this casting and the plot is nothing like what the manga City Hunter is like or even about. You can’t even say loosely based on City Hunter.
    And I seriously doubt the claims that the mangaka himself, Tsukasa Hojo would have even known who LMH is and somehow I don’t think he’ll be so pleased with this adaptation.
    The worst thing is casting such a girly actress as Kaori who is such a badass character.
    Now I hope that the japanese teams will wake up and do a better adaptation of the manga.

  14. @liz are you some kind of fortune teller for saying pmy cant win daesang??! Xure about that?? Shes close to it,,, after she won most major award, daesang is her next target,,,

  15. @liz if they changed the role for pmy, well then, pmy is such special for them to change, and not even thinking to have another actress to fit the role,,

    • I really can’t understand why some ppl are like this! (over bias) !is daesang really a big deal?!is it belinale, oscar or somthing like this?…tobe honest awards system in korea (in intertainment world) isn’t reall trustable..more base on fanserves …

      • Darlings, since you’re the ones mentioning awards as indication of an actress’s talent, I’d like you to take a look at the following:

        Park Min Young
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Drama Series – Actress for Sungkyunkwan Scandal
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Netizens’ Award for Sungkyunkwan Scandal
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Park Yoochun) for Sungkyunkwan Scandal
        • 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Special Drama/One-Act Drama (Actress) for Hometown of Legends
        • 2007 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress Award for I am Sam
        • 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress Award, Sitcom Category for Unstoppable High Kick
        • 2007 Asia Model Festival Awards – Model Award

        Moon Geun Young
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actress Award Cinderella’as Sister
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards:Most Popular Female Actress Award (Cinderella’s Sister)
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellent Actress Award (Cinderella’s Stepsister / Marry me! Mary)
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Cinderella’s Stepsister / Marry me! Mary)
        • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jang Geun Seok (Marry me! Mary)
        • 2009 Seoul Drama Awards (SDA): Most Popular Female Actress Award (The Painter of the Wind)
        • 2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Leading Actress (The Painter of the Wind)
        • 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang Award (The Painter of the Wind)
        • 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Moon Chae Won (The Painter of the Wind)
        • 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award (The Painter of the Wind)
        • 2008 Grime Awards: Best Female Actress Award in a TV Series (The Painter of the Wind)
        • 2005 42nd Daejong Film Awards: Most Popular Female Actress Award (Innocent Steps)
        • 2004 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Most Popular Female Actress Award (My Little Bride)
        • 2004 12th Choonsa Film Awards: Best New Female Actress Award (My Little Bride)
        • 2004 41st Daejong Film Awards: Best New Female Actress Award and Most Popular Female Actress Award (My Little Bride)
        • 2000 KBS Drama Awards: Best Young Female Actress Award (Autumn Tale)
        • 1999 Model Edubox Kone Award (에듀박스 코네스상)

        Notice that all but one of PMY’s awards are station awards, which are vanity showcases, and the one remaining award is a modeling award.

        Notice MGY’s awards. In addition to the station awards, among which she has both the popularity awards as well as acting awards (she’s got Top Excellence [a popularity award] and topped that with the Best Actress Award [more legit acting award]), she’s won actual industry-wide awards:
        • Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Leading Actress (The Painter of the Wind) – This award I highlight in particular because in it she played a girl passing as a boy, much more convincingly than PMY did in her turn in SKKS.
        • In addition, she has two more acting Daejongs (she has one popularity Daejong), a Blue Dragon, and a Choonsa.

        So, people aren’t criticizing this pick and this drastically revised characterization without reason.

      • Moon Geun Young was “invited” to the Cannes Film Festival. A big deal and she was very young. MGY is known here in the states because of A Tale of Two Sisters. First very successful S Korean horror movie in US. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. LOL.

    • are you the chemistry police to determine this? no one said anything abou their chemistry and ppl can decide for themselves who has better chemistry after the drama has aired and I don think ockoala ever mentioned anything about PMY’s acting or anything for you to go about pulling a tantrum over here, and if she did it’s her won opinion which she has every right to post on HER blog

  16. All types of people are screaming hell over this, but if all adaptations were based on fidelity, we’d have some pretty boring, boring films. I haven’t read the manga, but I appreciate–always–a witty take on previously loved story. If we were going to rehash the same old stuff over and over again with new actors, why bother?

    I find both PMY and LMH to be charming actors, though not without want of improvements to their acting, so I’m mildly interested. However, all this talk of fidelity makes me wish someone would please pick up a book on adaptation theory already.

    • Creative license in doing an adaptation is fine with me.

      But the basic crux of the story has to be there to be even considered an adaptation. The word “adaptation” implies and requires that the derivative work be based on the original in some shape or form. There is only so far you can deviate before it shares nothing with the original story except for the title.

      Let’s take Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet – he moved it to modern day Miami, threw in warring cartel families, and add hip-hop and rock opera. The execution bears no resemblance to Shakespeare original work, but for the story being about two young lovers who fall in love despite coming from warring families.

      In the proposed CH adaptation, the characters, story, everything appears to be gone. This is not doing a witty adaptation, it’s taking a completely unrelated story and slapping on the same title. How can that be called an adaptation?

  17. @koreanlover blah blah,, im not reffering to ockala, did i ever mention her/his name??think hard before you comment,., and to the person who compare pmy over mgy awards,, i admit to myself mgy is realy a good actress,, but mgy had no chemistry with lmh a lot,, just like mgy over jgs, i saw the pic,, jgs is pretier than mgy, the producers think factors not just the acting but the chemistry of the pair, the bloger did not mention chemistry so it was my own opinion,,,

    • @Meganfox..blah,blah,blah right back at you!!!

      you are obviously a person who is just full of yourself…
      who thinks so highly of yourself…
      that you even fail to see your own faults…

      i really pity you…

  18. Excuse me, can I comment? MGY had a great chemistry with JGS in MSOAN! They were like a real couple. Look at the pics or the banner yesterday, they have strong resemblance. Those who said that MGY and JGS have no chemistry, you couldn’t properly discern a really good chemistry.

  19. @Meganfox : why do you pick on Moon Geun young ? With city hunter drama, Moon Geun young does not connect to it at all .
    This is just fans wanted her to be in it after Park M young got casting .
    Do you think Lee Min Ho looks prettier than MGY ? Lee Min Ho so far is a HANSOME DUDE, but he is not pretty more than a woman .
    Jang Geun Suk is much different; hence he is always named as pretty guy more than a woman in Korean since he was 12, or 13 .
    Lee Min Ho has features as a handsome man , not a very pretty guy like a woman
    JGS when pairing with ANY actress so far, either Ha Ji Won, park shin hye, Sung Yu Ri , etc. , he always look prettier . Go and open your eyes, girl .
    Lee Min Ho never been acting with MGY before, so how do you know she won’t have chemistry with LMH ?
    If you like Park min Young . Go ahead and defend her, but please do not drag Moon Geun Young in to play dirty to satisfy your anger , OK?

    To me, I think Park Min Young will do goo job at it, come on people, give her a chance since she has few dramas under her belt , she will improve for sure .

  20. @jess xure bout that?? Jgs luks pretier to all the gurls you mention?well its not!! All the gurls before mgy had chemistry with jgs,, even park shin hye in yb tho she cut her hair short, dress up like a boy,, the chemistry is there, Did i mention lmh will look pretier than mgy?? I tell you again the producers choice is better than your choice,, they are not just considering how many awards in acting,, they find pmy fit to the role and fit with lmh,,

    • just respect other opinion …and please respect the owner of this blog. we don’t have to ‘fight’ and thought our opinion is the most right one. *Peace

  21. I totally agree with Daisy. PMY will also look like a cane next to Min Ho coz shes way too short!

  22. @Meganfox: Oh well, if you follow JGS for a long time, you will see and hear people arround you tell you that in Hong Gil Dong, JGS is much more prettier than Sung Yu Ri many times . In hwang Jin Yi, many people on internet tell me that he was prettier than Ha Ji Won . In You are handsome, many people around me said that JGS is much more prettier than Park Shin Hye , etc . Even in Korea, people always say JGS is much prettier than many beautiful girl . Many young women want to have his waist line .
    To you, maybe you don’t find MGY have good chemistry with JGS . But to many people
    I talked to , they love this pair so much .
    I tell you one thing you are handsome is much more famous because it had good drama script writer Hong sisters . You tell me if you see any of Hong sisters drama that are not famous ? Hong sisters are so famous in Korea, their dramas always have rating 18%, 20% , even 40% , except YAH has 10% average .
    The unlucky of Mary stay out all night is they had a bad script writer .
    Don’t tell me that Moon Geun young is not pretty .
    She is named one of top 30 beautiful actresses of Korea .
    She is all natural, except she broke her nose so badly on Painter of the wind drama set
    They had to canceled the show for 2 weeks to make her nose straighten out .

      • Well, yeah.

        She had her nose broken on the set of Painter of the Wind (courtesy of Park Shin Young’s elbow), and was hospitalized for surgery to set a broken nose.

        If you are insinuating that she had her nose cosmetically done, then I feel rather bemused.

        Try having your nose broken into pieces and then surgically put back together, and then folks wonder whether you got a nose job.

        Everyone and their mothers know that MGY had her nose put back together.

  23. I didnt say mgy is ugly,because i find her lovely,, psh and pmy is pretier, yb is succesful,specialy in japan because it was nmed the most popular kdrama of 2010,,, and i didnt say geunguen is not popular,,, and to the person who say pmy is short? She is bout 5 feet 4 or 5 flat,, mgy is shorter

  24. @Meganfox: again, maybe you think the producers like that. But just open your mind looking arroud to see other people’s opinion, won’t you?
    To me, PMY get the role because she is famous now. Fame can bring you to many acting roles . I’m fine with that . And I believe she will improve .
    With the female role in CH, any actress can fit to the role
    Chae Rim played a bodygard for Blue house in drama The Opponents .
    So Park M young will play OK .

  25. Again, YAH is popular you have to emphasize that is because of Hong sister’s drama
    Any main lead plays in Hong Sisters’ drama, will be famous. That’s the fact. Han Chea Young is so famous in China for years until now because she played in Hong Sister’s drama . However, Mrs Han still have to improve her acting a lot .
    So, as you see being famous is not always going along with being a very good actress .
    People have to see more to judge an actress .

  26. Why is Ms. Moon being dragged through this blog about City Hunter? That was rhetorical. Her fans obviously felt she would be good and PMY fans obviously not. These actresses are of different caliber so no comparing. A large portion of people do not believe Ms. Moon to be beautiful. An even larger portion believes her to be beautiful (I am in that portion). When she did her radio interview, PD’s and everyone in that building stopped what they were going because she was going to be there. I think that is impressive. Ms. Park was handed appreciation for her works, she must be thought of as a good actress. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Ms. Moon can take a character and make you believe she is that character. I hear Ms. Park did that in SKKS.

    My point. Ms. Moon probably would applaud Ms. Park.

  27. To the person who said respect others opinion,, thanks for respecting mine,, i dont respect the opinion of those who did not respect the producers decision, and thingking that their decision is far greater than the producers?well then make your own city hunter.

    • As outspoken as the real Megan Fox. Are you she or a fan? Just curious, no offense cause I like Megan Fox and her assertiveness.

      • its interesting that you consider Meganfox’s comments so far as “as outspoken as the real Megan Fox” because IMHO, this ‘Meganfox’s’ comments here are not outspoken but more of the ranting of an outraged individual over nothing…

        in other words, much ado about nothing…at all…

  28. Lmh target this year is to win the excellence award which pmy had 1 in her acting award collection, 😀

    • you remind me so much of some of the most petulant, self-absorbed and utterly silly CHILD, throwing a gigantic tantrum, at someone else’s turf!!!

      you are really pitiful…

    • Wwaaahhh!!! Ms. Koala has one particularly very persistent commentator here, who is getting on a lot of peoples nerves… Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion but, one should also be sensitive to what other people would feel about what they would say… just my two cents on the matter…

  29. Koala Announcement:

    Hey guys, let’s end the convo here, and just agree to disagree, and call it a day. Okay? 🙂

    I’ve disabled the comments here. I think everyone has expressed their thoughts already, and there is no need for further elaboration or clarification. I’m happy to read everyone’s thoughts here, whether similar or vastly different than mine.

    I wish the best to the production of CH~

    • my dear ockoala
      Okey Dokey… let’s call it a day… thanks v v much

      10 sets of deep breath on count to 8 each.. Phew!!
      cheers to a good day for everybody who drops by…

  30. @rory well thank you for liking the actress megan fox,,, cause im realy a fan of here,, @koreablablah did i realy make you angry?? Its not my fault that u dont read well my comment,,

  31. Kdl: Ockoala’s Playground is the only blog I read. I also follow Soompi Moons but the thing is I got kinda got scolded because I expressed my opinion on a certain actress and therefore no longer hold that forum in high regard. Here I have read many diverse opinions on everything and Ockoala herself has written how everyone is entitled to express their view. Please do not come at me because I respect someones right to voice their view even though it might be childish or belligerent. Freedom of speech is just such an AWESOME thing. I believe in it wholeheartedly.