49 Days Unveils its First Teaser Trailer

How many variations of “I Want This Drama Now” do you think I can conjure up? I dunno, but I’ve got to start assembling them because I don’t want to bore everyone by my constant repetition. The first teaser of 49 Days has arrived. Oh hallelujah *cries tears of joy joy happy happy*. I’m going out on a limb and confess – this is the drama I am dying to recap. Not that I’m promising to recap it, but only that the Stunning Sixsome calls to my recapping soul.

First teaser for 49 Days:


First impressions look good, though Nam Gyu Ri (the least experienced actor of the group) does look rather stiff. On the otherhand, a glimpse of spirited Lee Yo Won brings me comfort, because she has a tendency to feel flat and low-energy. Just a peek at Jo Hyun Jae, Bae Soo Bin, and Seo Ji Hye is enough for now.

But I have an inkling that Jung Il Woo‘s character might steal the show. He’s the Angel of Death with great hair, how awesome is that? And how is it possible that every single actor in this drama looks THIS good. Gah, I’m dying here of the want.


49 Days Unveils its First Teaser Trailer — 23 Comments

  1. Great hair is so right – He is …. well, he’s beautiful. I hope this is one worth watching. Of course I’ll watch anyway 😀
    Thank you

  2. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants. I wants.

    Not enough Jung Il Woo in this teaser though. But that’s okay. I shall be patient and wait for more!

  3. I like Lee Yo-won in Queen Seon Deok. She simply alluring, you couldn’t help but root for her and later also her relationship with Bidam 🙂
    Is it just me or do anyone else sense promising chemistry between she and Jung Il-woo? I just have this sudden impulse to ship them the moment I look at their first picture together some time ago.

    • Guh, DO NOT ship Lee Yo Won with Jung Il Woo!

      Jung Il Woo plays Lee Yo Won’s dead older brother turned Angel of Death, so we’ve got the incest and the not-from-the-same-plane-of-existence double barrier.

      Go ahead and ship Nam Gyu Ri in Lee Yo Won’s body with Jung Il Woo, but that’s kinda fauxcest as well.

      • Yeah, I know their sibling relation from your post about characters 🙂 I surprised myself with my possible shipping this time. I’m no incest fan, At first I just thought they looked good together, but then rumor about they actually each other first love start to spreading so… do you know something about it?

      • actually there has been rumors that Jung Il Woo’s character is supposed to be Lee Yo Won’s first love and her being unable to move on is one of the reasons why her body is chosen….idk if this is true but i’d rather he’s her brother because the rumored premise will set this up to be a very complicated love hexagon!

  4. yay!!!…the only drama i’m looking forward to in March…..this is the most animated i have ever seen Lee Yo Won in any role so I’m finally getting behind her casting

  5. I sssooo want to watch this now. It’s refreshing how more and more Korean dramas r finally taking a turn into the creative side. It’s about time!!!

  6. I am so excited for this! I have been in a bit of a kdrama slump with nothing except for Gisaeng grabbing me, so hopefully this will get me out of it.

  7. Chingoo, hold my hand. Ever since the burning, burning disappointment of SG, I have to admit, I feel like my kdrama addiction is getting weaker. I’m SO afraid to look forward to any dramas now. Not that I didn’t have worries before, but now it’s much worse. And the thing is, I’ve been looking forward 49 days for a loong time and…omg, I need it to be good. *prays to the kdramas gods*

    JIW is going to steal the show, yo! I don’t know how I’ll be able to deal with so much hotness at once. JIW, BSB, JHJ…omg! *____* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • *holds your hand tightly*

      I feel the same way. Midas had a solid and good first episode, but did nothing for me emotionally. I feel rather detached with K-dramas recently.

      Butbutbut, Sunny Happiness has rekindled my love of dramas, period. It’s like a shot of love adrenaline. ^__^

      • *clings*

        Maybe Midas needs a few more eps before it gets better? I mean, I’m not expecting it to be any good (seriously, I don’t like the premise) so unless the “good guys turn into bad guys” storyline kicks in, I don’t see how it can even be interesting.

        TBH? I think I’ll be watching it for NMW’s storyline and for the doomed OTP. *facepalm*

        kjsadflhsdfdshflk Moving SH to top priority then. Hee

  8. 49 days is the casting coup of all those handsome, gorgeous actors, this side of KDrama World!!! whoa!!!
    JHJ was my first “crush”…BSB, my fave 2nd lead & JIW is so cute!!!

    Ockoala…pretty please..RECAP this drama?

  9. it’s just me or…. but Nam Gyu Ri looks like a Manekin Statue.. ohh her face iced…

    BTW, this drama’s lookin’n great !!!!!

    oohh…. Lee Yo Won, finally !!!!

  10. thanks ockoala!

    well, as dream high will be ending as well as my princess the immediate drma that comes to my mind to watch is 49 days.

    to be honest about it, jung il-woo is the main reason why i will watch this drama!
    love the guy in return of iljimae and i really hope that this drama will bring out more from him!

    kinda excited for this one! ^_^

  11. Hi!
    Thank you for your fresh news on 49days.
    I am looking forward to seeing Jo Hyunjae’s play which has been for two years absence from devoting for the nation.
    Main casting actors are no doubt highly talent and seem to have had a good break before the schedule. Therefore my expectation for the drama is increasing day by day.
    Hope they would make the best effort to create high quality drama by forcing each other as much as they can for us.
    Especially sending my sincere support with love to Hyunjae oppa. “Fighting!!”

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