My Princess Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 of My Princess puts a period on the fantasy fairy tale of an ordinary girl who discovers that she is a long-lost princess of Korea. All in all – the drama was better than I expected, but not as good as it could have been. Of the three dramas I have recapped, this one leaves the least immediate emotional connection with me. While both M3 and PK drove me crazy with want and frustration, MP just kinda puttered along in the second half, ending with a perfunctory bow on top of this mostly delightful confection.

When all is said and done, MP will be memorable solely for creating the perfect onscreen couple that is Park Hae Young and Lee Seol. I extend that couple goodness one step further to acknowledge that Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee had absolutely amazing chemistry. The best kind there is for any rom-com couple – natural, charming, and fun. I’m glad I watched MP, even if it doesn’t leave much of a lasting impression in the end. Much like a delicious airy bon bon.

Episode 16 Recap:

Seol rides her bike through campus, while the lackeys are running like mad to catch up to her. She arrives at her destination and is immediately mobbed by students. She smiles happily for pictures, and congratulates her lackeys for keeping up with her today. Head lackey asks her if she can please not ride a bike in the future, and why she hasn’t passed her driving test yet.

Seol runs off to class, and lo and behold, her professor is none other than Oh Yoon Joo. The two ladies stare at each other balefully, and Yoon Joo puts the syllabus in front of Seol and makes her pass it out. Yoon Joo tells the class that she expects on time attendance and everyone to do the work properly. Seol asks why Yoon Joo is staring directly at her when she is announcing this to the class.

Yoon Joo tells Seol that she was the student who got an “F” the last time she was in her class, and the students laugh. After class, Seol follows Yoon Joo outside and asks if she is going to keep giving her an “F”? Yoon Joo tells her that she’s not making this personal, Seol is not able to do the work is all, so Seol shouldn’t take her class.

Seol says that Yoon Joo is the best professor at teaching about Korean royal artifacts, and Seol needs to learn in order to run the Hae Young museum. Yoon Joo uses this chance to chide Seol for being the cause of Hae Young working abroad. Seol says that Hae Young isn’t living abroad like his father is doing. The two ladies clearly are never going to see eye to eye, and Seol doesn’t stoop to Yoon Joo’s level with the argument.

The President and the opposition leader are giving blood for a press event again. The opposition leader can’t stand the Princess and her folksy ways, opening the palace up for tours and doing charity work. He thinks the Princess just likes to gain popularity. The President disagrees and tells the opposition leader that he can’t stand him. Heh.

A Japanese tour is visiting the palace, and they get to take a picture with a cardboard cut-out of the princess. Seol is getting dressed like Dae Jang Geum, and her staff comes running in bringing cell phones bearing international calls to wish her a happy birthday. Seol hopes that its Hae Young, but its Prince Harry and another Thai prince calling. Seol is visibly disappointed.

Seol prepares traditional Korean royal fare for a television program, and she changes into a hanbok and plays a traditional Korean instrument for the same program. Suddenly the lights shut down, and her staff comes out and brings her a birthday cake and sing her a birthday song. Seol is smiling broadly and so happy.

Reporters ask her if she got a present from Park Hae Young, and follow up by asking her if she has plans to get her grandfather’s journal back from the British Museum. Seol says that she is doing her best on that front. Seol collapses on the bed in exhaustion, but she wonders if amongst all the gifts she received is a present from Hae Young. She is told he didn’t send anything.

Seol has another driver’s test in the morning, and she fails once again. She goes to visit Grandpa’s grave, and sees that someone else had brought flowers already. She talks to Grandpa about missing Hae Young, who keeps traveling around the world. She knows that Grandpa has given everything, and wonders if maybe he can give her Park Hae Young as well.

Seol gets a call from Jung Woo, finding out about the progress of getting the journal back. Seol continues to practice her driving, and suddenly someone honks at her from behind. She waves the person ahead, and it turns out to be Hae Young, who cuts her off. Seol screams at the bad driver, only to see Hae Young walk out looking SO DAMN FINE and smirking at her.

Seol is alternating between ecstatic and angry, but finally her giddiness wins out and she slowly drives up to him. She tries to open the door to get out but Hae Young uses his body to push it shut over and over again, frustrating her. She rolls down the window, and he asks her why she is driving if she wants to drive like this?

Seol leaps out of the window to hug him, and he smiles so broadly and happily. He orders him not to go anywhere anymore, and he says that he will comply with her orders. They pull back and look at each other again, then resume more hugging and giggling.

Seol and Hae Young are back in his apartment, and Seol has made Korean food for him. He smiles and just looks at her, telling her that he is just happy. She reminds him that they are not going to have a long distance relationship anymore, and he nods. He tastes the food and compliments her on becoming a better cook. She says that she can shoot CFs now, and is all prepared to become a bride.

He says that his princess has turned 27 already, and she replies that people are urging her to get married. He wonders if there is a guy willing to marry her? Seol gets up and goes to the bathroom, and Hae Young takes out a ring to look at it. He gets a call, during which Seol comes out and sees the ring on the table. She is secretly happy, but Hae Young gets called in for a meeting with the President.

The President compliments him on doing well in England, and Hae Young confesses that people had a good opinion of him for agreeing to donate his fortune to the people. The President knows that Hae Young bought a ring, and asks if he is planning to propose. Hae Young says that he is, but the President advises him not to for the sake of not seeming like he is getting his fortune back by marrying the princess.

The President wants Hae Young to go to Washington D.C., saying that he has great potential, and should not simply become the princess’ man. He needs to dream bigger and put aside his personal life for his professional future. Hae Young sits in his apartment thinking about that conversation, and looking at the ring again.

Seol calls Hae Young, and it turns out they are both so busy its hard for them to coordinate their schedules. They make plans to meet the day after tomorrow. Seol tells the lady in waiting that he is probably going to propose and she is all excited and hopping around. Unfortunately, Seol and Hae Young keep having phone conversation and are never able to meet for days on end.

Finally Seol barges into his meeting to see him. He pulls her out and worries that news about her behavior will leak out. They argue about why they can never see each other. Seol is so angry she warns him that if he doesn’t see her now he will never be able to see her again. Hae Young has to go back to the meeting, and Seol runs off telling him that they should break up.

Hae Young goes to the palace to see her, and Seol is pretending to cry inside her room. Hae Young first asks nicely for her to open the door, and finally pounds on the door, threatening to break it down. Seol keeps sobbing about how much she misses him and how this is so hard for her.

Hae Young finds out from the lady in waiting that the princess is likely also stressed about getting her grandfather’s diary back from England. He calls someone in London and asks for a favor. Seol runs into her room and hides under the covers, pretending that she has been crying. Hae Young walks in behind her and announces himself as Diplomat Park Hae Young here on official duty.

He tells her that he can help her get the journal back. Seol gets so excited she throws off the blanket and Hae Young can immediately see that she has been faking it. He tells her that if he can get the journal back, she’ll need to take back what she said about breaking up. He laments needing to use a Korean artifact just to see his girlfriend’s face.

Hae Young tells Seol that the folks in London only want to work with Yoon Joo in returning the journal. Seol goes to meet with Yoon Joo. Both acknowledge they don’t like to meet with each other unless necessary, and Seol asks Yoon Joo to help her get the journal back. She tells Yoon Joo that regardless of whether Yoon Joo hates Seol, she loves artifacts as much as Jung Woo and should want to help Seol.

Seol meets with Jung Woo, thinking that she wasn’t able to convince Yoon Joo to help her. Jung Woo looks outside and tells Seol that perhaps it worked. Yoon Joo comes inside to meet with Seol. Later on, Seol gets a missive that informs her that the journal is being returned to Korea. Seol is so excited. Jung Woo calls Yoon Joo to let her know, but she doesn’t answer his call.

News reports announce that the journal is coming back to Korea. Seol and the palace staff is cleaning the gallery in preparation for the journal coming back. Hae Young arrives, and everyone wisely leaves so they can spend some time together. Hae Young congratulates Seol, and she says that it was all because of him, Park Hae Young oppa.

Seol spontaneously kisses him on the cheeks, and Seol calls out to the staff that the princess is planning to do something to him. She puts her hands on his mouth to silence him. She reminds him that he has something important to discuss with her, and he better do it or else she’ll be a grandmother soon. She tells him to hurry up and give her the ring, which is when Hae Young realizes she knows about the ring.

Hae Young looks serious, while Seol asks whether he gave the ring to someone else. He asks what she’ll do if that was the case, and she gets upset and says that he needs to give her a gift certificate then. He asks her whether she is asking him to get married. She says what is wrong with that, doesn’t he want to? He says that he wishes he could, then his heart would hurt less. They are suddenly interrupted when news arrives that Dan has been found.

Seol gets to see Dan, who apparently has been living in a small apartment somewhere for the last two years. Dan asks Seol if she’s here to rub it in, and Seol asks why she isn’t living better after trying to steal Seol’s entire life. The two girls start to throw pillows and blankets at each other, fighting and tussling on the bed.

Dan hits Seol, and Seol hits right on back, telling Dan that she is done taking shit from Dan her entire life. Finally the girls are tired out, and sit staring at each other. Seol tells Dan to go home to mom, but Dan refuses. She tells Seol to let their mom know that Dan is eating well and living well, and she will return home once she becomes successful. Seol warns her that she’d better become successful and come home! Seol leaves, and Dan cries.

Seol goes home to see her mom, and tells her mom that Dan is fine and doing well, and will be back when she is successful. She tells mom that Dan apologized. Her mom looks really sad, but then asks Seol how Seol is doing? She heard Hae Young is back, so why has he not proposed? She wants Seol to get married when she is still young and pretty, and to live a full life together.

Gun and the lady in waiting meet in the palace. He’s off for a short vacation, and when she plays it cool, he wonders why she’s not asking him more questions. She says that she’s been playing a babysitter for two years, and wants to stop now. She wants to find a guy older and richer rather than wait around for Gun. He starts to get nervous, and finally tells her that he needs to be capable first before he can take care of her. He wants her to wait for him. She happily agrees.

The older lady in waiting meets with Yoon Joo, who asks her to look after Secretary Oh. Yoon Joo goes to see Jung Woo and asks him out on a date. She wants him to hurry up because it’s their last date before she leaves for Egypt. He asks if she decided to go, and she did. He wonders what will happen if he misses her, and she tells him to come visit her in Egypt. He asks if she will smile at him when she sees him, and she says yes with a hug.

Hae Young is packing and he looks at the ring. He makes up his mind and runs off, arriving to see Seol at their fountain in the palace. She’s checking her phone, waiting for his call or text, as usual. She stands up and sees him, happy that he is here. She wonders why he is here this late, and he says that this late is the only time they have to meet.

He tells her that he needs to leave tomorrow again. She wonders why and where to? He sits down and asks her “let’s get married right now”. She lists a bunch of things she still needs to do right now, and he can tell that she isn’t ready to drop everything just for him. He tells her that he wants her so much, if only she knew.

Seol yells at him, being away for two years, coming back only once, and now he wants her to just leave with him. Does she have to give up being a princess just so she can be with him? Why does he require everything to be done his way? She leaves, and he leaves the ring by the fountain. Hae Young sits in his apartment and looks at a picture of them, and Seol walks back to the fountain to pick up the ring.

The next day, Hae Young arrives at the airport, and the entire time in the waiting lounge he is looking around for Seol. He walks through immigration, taking one final look out into the waiting area. The plane takes off, and Hae Young is sitting in his seat. The passenger next to him has a newspaper up shielding her face.

He tries to drink his beverage, when a hand reaches out to stop him. She tells him that since he can’t do anything for her, at least he can give her this drink. He asks why she is here, and she says that wherever he goes, she goes as well. She grabs his arm and tells him that she will follow him forever, he shouldn’t care to leave her again.

He leans down to kiss her, and she totally jumps on him and kisses him out of his mind. That is some major kissing, and they break apart to smile at each other, and then dive right back into kissing. I expect the rest of the passengers will be asking for them to be cordoned off soon, heh.

Thoughts of Mine:

Well….okay, this entire episode made as much sense as me writing a cover letter when I am five sheets to the wind. I’m sure I can craft sentences and insert punctuations, but when read together when sober, there are bound to be gaping logic holes left and right. This episode was, and felt like, clean-up hour, here to tie up all the loose ends. It might have left me scratching my head less if the writer had made even a modicum of an attempt at making some sense. But hey, it’s all good with me.

Let’s start with an ending that tried to use some awesome kissing to hoodwink me. What the hell is going to happen to Seol and Hae Young? I don’t know, do you know? It’s like all episode long he was pursuing his career and she was being a princess, and in the last 2 minutes she decided she was throwing it all to the wind and following him? Huh? So when that plane lands, she’ll marry him and live in Washington D.C. and be Mrs. Park Hae Young, to heck with her princess duties?

If that’s the case, then the drama theoretically feels rather pointless. Or will Hae Young realize how much she is giving up for him, and they go back to Korea where she stays a working princess and he becomes her prince consort? Heck, I have no clue, because the ending was just Hae Young and Seol making out on a plane without any sort of real conclusion that followed plot continuity or drama logic.

Dan was given her obligatory five minute twirl for her audience so we know that the writer didn’t forget her, or that she had been eaten by rabid wolves in the wilderness. Yoon Joo is still bitchy as ever, and she and Jung Woo got an semi-open ending that seems to suit them both just fine. Who am I to complain that a decent human being like Jung Woo ends up with a mentally fraked up insecure basket case.

I heaved a great big sigh of relief now that we’ve reached the end of MP, grateful that the final episode at least tried to retain its effervescent charm. I think writer Jang Young Shil can consider this a promising debut project for her, but she has miles to go before she can be considered a good writer. MP would have fallen completely flat on her face without Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee propping it all up (and a very competent PD who kept the drama brisk and gorgeous to look at).

Like I said before, the rom-com aspect of this drama really was quite well done, but it was unfortunately dragged down by substantive plot and added emotional angst that always felt manufactured and forced. I wished MP could have emulated the charming Love Marriage, which was a rather plot-less drama that nevertheless maintained its breezy and whimsical vibe from beginning to end.

The brain-hurting middle episodes aside (which I shant even critique, it’s like poking a corpse with a stick at this point), I am disappointed that the drama never sincerely discussed or resolved the choice between Seol being a princess or Hae Young being a diplomat, and their intertwined family histories with all the money and country at stake. I know she joined him on the plane, but if I think about it, it all feels so nonsensical and skirting the issue.

Still, what’s done is done, and I like that MP chose to end with cuteness galore, because frankly there wasn’t enough there to have a well-rationalized ending. In my mind, Hae Young and Seol joined the mile high club on that flight, and had a pair of twins in 9 months time. With that, I put MP to rest with a pat on its head and a fond farewell. I’ll remember the good times, Seol and Hae Young, and conveniently forget the bad. It brings me joy and wonder to imagine that the two of you will undoubtedly make the world’s prettiest babies.

P.S. Don’t even start thinking about why that plane had like 7 passengers in one big ole cabin. I’ll pretend it was a major holiday and no one in Korea wanted to fly to the States.


My Princess Episode 16 Recap — 52 Comments

  1. Yes! I just refresh the homepage and the recap of the final episode appeared 🙂

    Thank you for all your hard work in recapping. It has been a delight reading them.

  2. so I’m reading the recaps and watching the episode, now that I’ve read to the end, I’m kinda like darn.. I spoiled it for myself.. but nah It’s Okay, i’ll rewatch the last two eps together only because it’ll just make it more fun for me. 🙂

    but I have to point out.. I’m starting to see a repeated pattern of Seol and Hae Young’s hug as a couple is not your traditional hug.. basically Seol has to always be at an angle so that Hae young has to catch her.. ie.. the fountain fall and then with the catch in the car.. (why didn’t he pull her out of the car entirely?) and I thought there was a similar scene Way earlier like 12? when he lifted her out of the fountain..

    This is just me, but I’m not sure if anyone else noticed as well.. haha..:)

    Anyways.. thanks for the recap! Keep up the greatness on your blog!

    • Totally! That weird cartoonish angle is repeated twice. The fountain one was weird enough … we have to see it repeated in the car scene (*which was actually cute though. I preferred the car scene to the fountain scene because the
      so-contrived tilt fall and catch-hug actually ruined the fountain scene for me).

      In angle-hug #2 (ep 16) – it would seem more natural and make more sense too (after that long absence) that Hae-young would want to pluck her out of the car for a real ‘i miss you sooooo much” physical-contact cuddle.

      Thanks Ockoala for persisting all the way … the MP couple cute together, but I cannot connect with this drama at all, esp not after this WTF ‘conclusion’.
      So no lasting impression beyond the thought SSH never ages, and I will still be there ogling his hotness’ next drama! 😛

  3. I was kind of disappointed with the final episode. If Seol was stepping down as the princess, the least they could do with the ending was give us a wedding then THE KISS. I never liked open ended stories with so many questions left unanswered.

    • you can say that 1000 times… you are not alone!@! he he… [am definitely getting a copy for keeps]

      off topic, if you haven’t already watch this yet, go catch “Love & Other Drugs”[Anne Hathaway&JakeGyllenhaal]. Lots of kissy and rom-com with a passable plot..

  4. Thanks for your recap! I love this drama though – kept me glued to my PC (live streaming) and my TV (720p files). I found M3 really boring and as for PK, I could not get past the first five minutes. And I have not started on SG. But of course, for MP, I was onboard from the first episode – because of hot hot hot man SSH – so the cute and fluffy (thanks to the chemistry of the two leads) was such a bonus!

    I don’t quite like the ending though … IMO, it was a cop-out. There was no closure; for me, that would mean a wedding and wedding night (I’m not concerned about or interested in babies hehehe).

  5. Thanks for the recap..I just realized that this is the first time I’ve watched a k-drama with a couple so daring at the last episode hehe..but yah you’re right, thanks for the last two episodes, the cheesy parts made up the rest of the episodes…it’s hanging at the end, maybe what they wanted to tell us is its up to us how we would like the fairytale to end…thanks for all the recaps you did for MP and for staying till the end..Ockoala, YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  6. awwww i’m going to miss this drama SO MUCH!!!!!
    During the course of this drama I’ve fallen for Park Haeyoung at least 10000000000x, if not more.
    I must say that although My Princess didn’t really have a good plot, it had THE BEST SMOKIN’ OTP EVER! (so far….. but it’ll be hard to beat haha)

    • i agree with you chingu, this show was never made for thinking. like what ockoala said, MP will be memorable solely for creating the perfect onscreen couple that is Park Hae Young and Lee Seol. kudos to Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee for their amazing chemistry thus giving justice to their roles.

      thank you so much ockoala for sticking with it till the end.

      see you around chingu !!! *hugs* *waves*

  7. Koala-unni, thanks for sticking with it to the end! I don’t really know what to say about this episode besides what you’ve already so ably noted – it was completely random and Hae-young and Seol were cute. In fact, with the exception of the first few episodes, you could say that about the whole drama. There’s not even any point getting into the “Why the heck did that even happen, then?”s, I’ll just be placated by the smootching at the end and imagine some great boating after a properly princess-y wedding.

  8. thanks for the recap till the end..hehehe I don’t put so much hope in this after ep 4 so I accept everything with flat heart so that I wont get dissapoit and start nagging what the? why is this and why is that? what is this what is that? as this far this drama just give me another story that awesome at first but then it start just like other drama…the main OTP is having great chemistry that is I approved but the professor really???get back with that evil??never in kdrama history that happen well at least as far as my kdrama list that I have watch so far…
    now I’m looking forward to 49…btw Koala sshi can you tell me which drama is going to be your next project of recap?

  9. okay, so as i’m finishing up ep 16, the thing that is kinda buggin me, is, I think she literally didn’t sleep the night before and hopped onto the plane to leave with him.. she’s wearing the same clothes from the night before am I right? If so, she practically did the daring move of drop everything and go with him.. wow.. interesting turn of things and leave us all hanging with the open ending..

    • and don’t forget to kiss quietly and not to wake up the elderly lady passenger who is sitting next to them and sleeping soundly. 🙂

      • Don’t worry. The elderly lady took a powerful sedative that knocked her out for the duration of the kiss.

  10. Hi Koala! Thank you so much for sticking with and recapping My Princess! I have been following your website since PK and I love your blog and opinions soo much! With that said, I have become completely addicted to Sunny Happiness as well and have gotten caught up to episode 20 since your posted about it (Thanks for the rec btw!) and I was wondering if you could tell me what the total amount of episodes are/will be for the series? I just can’t seem to find that info…

  11. ockoala
    domo arigato guzaimas for following through to the end of MP and for your patience & dedication and most of all, loved your witty recaps..

    My 2 cents worth..
    Believe they wanted to approach the ending with a modern feel whereby the end is up to anyone’s guess. I must confess I do welcome with open arms. Am imagining that after their making out and boating, they finally get married.. It’s like reading a novel, I guess.
    1) Came into MP with little expectation from acting department.
    Mainly focus on eye candy which we were rewarded with lots and lots of it(superb chemistry and best couple pairing to date, his and her clothes to die for, her shoes, everything, you name it the woman just looks good even in rags, same for SSH)

    2)Little do I realise that I was drawn into MP ‘cos they had up their game. Am really impressed. I did mention earlier before it started that I will catch it for shallow reasons, I even said that KTH is a CF queen and SSH is soooo gooood looking but not emoting enough for his roles. Aish!! sure am darn wrong about the two and happy about it..

    3) M3 was different ball game all together. JGS/MGY were pro child actors and in a way, veteran in their profession, so I did expect a lot from the show. The kids both rose to the occasion but due to the plot being one of the worst of the century, there was not much they could do other than compensating with their super duper awesome chemistry and of course, we all think their heartstrings are ALREADY tangled together.. he he.. that’s another story on its own. The script got me very frustrated, keep telling myself that JGS/MGY could be given a better script and they would be maximised to the fullest. It came to a point where it was a rollercoaster ride for every episode.

    4) MP was so lightweight and fluffy from the beginning. With no expectation, I guess I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I quickly forgave the lack of plot ‘cos its meant to be LIGHT & FLUFFY.. then again, I must reiterate on this that it is actually the chemistry of SSH/KTH that made it work and am sure the scriptwriter is aware of that. Have been glued to the screen for the past 2 month for ONE reason only, they look DAMN good together, full stop.
    MP will go down in history for me as “The eye candy fluffy surprise hit of Kdrama”

    Dear ockoala
    have totally been entertained by your transcap with M3 and MP. THANK YOU so v v much.. Have had a ball at your generous playground where freedom of speech is allowed..

    Have you decided to recap 49 days? me fancy Lee Yo Won only though.

      • See you around too. *waves and bear hugs*.. take care, yah? will take a break for now.
        back to reality and projects…

        wishing you and allenif the most fun in your continued blogging at Ockoala, de best site!!


      • see you around again, tangee!!! thanks to mp, got to know you here in ockoala’s playground. good luck to your reality 😀 *hugs/smiles/waves* :-h

      • my dear allenif
        thanks for your hilarious comments during MP. have thoroughly enjoyed them..
        thanks and see you around some time….

  12. Dear Koala
    Thank U so so much for your effort for d excellence details recap for MP. I really enjoy so much. I hope you will b doing d recap for Midas too…

  13. Koala hugs to you…..MP is a great candy bar….The plot is really random and for of loopholes…They should at least try to close the story on what actually happen btw their dads….But as suggested, I will dream up my own fanfic…Since the title is My Princess, it would really be silly if LS just drop everything to became Mrs PHY in DC. So my take is that somehow, they get solemised on flight, spent the next 14hrs together, LS flying back to Seoul and continue their live as in the past 2 years…Long Distance marriage 🙂 It is not about who giving up 100% but a compromise btw 2 highflyers….Thks for all the sweet memories…Kamsahamida 🙂

  14. Thanks for your recaps for MP! They are awesome writing !

    I have had lots of fun reading everyone’s comments posted here. Sometimes the jokes posted here made me laugh till i have tears in my eyes! definitely more enjoyable than just watching the drama alone. Thanks to Koala and everyone!

  15. thanks for the recaps and waiting for your next project.
    Only have one regret, why M3 didnt have kissing scene as much as MP ..doohhhh

  16. It’s a pity that when Yoon Joo decided to go to Egypt, the revolution to oust Mubarak there has ended…she could have been more useful as a cannonball…Nevertheless, I’ll surely miss that “Demon Lady.” hahahaha

    As always Koala, thank you for deciding to finish all 16 episodes and thank you for all the wonderful recaps…with all honesty, I’ve also been reading other people’s recaps but yours is the BEST!!!!…

  17. Thanks Ockoala for MP final epi 16.
    Because of you posted about MP, I got to know such a good handsome gentleman Song Seung Heon who has great/best emotional action skill.
    I would like to say big thanks to you for that. Now I like him so much and looking forward to his next project.

    MP final epi ending is not very clear… but some comments in MP fans’ blog hoping for Special Episode, so who knows, it will come true or not?
    For me as I am in love with this drama I will keep watching over and over again in future.

  18. (P.S. Don’t even start thinking about why that plane had like 7 passengers in one big ole cabin. I’ll pretend it was a major holiday and no one in Korea wanted to fly to the States.)

    Forget that, he’s a diplomat and she’s a princess why on Earth are they flying Economy! Also, why is she still only a Princess after two years why wasn’t she crowned? She should have had her coronation ceremony and now be Queen. Am I the only one that thought this was odd.

    You are so correct when you said this show was like an airy bon bon, nice, sweet and adorable but flaking a lot. I mean, even the way in which the President told Hae Young he was to go the the States sounded more like he was afraid of how powerful the monarchy (Lee Seol) would become with him by her side; but the writer made Hae Young (a seasoned diplomat) take it a face value and not for the subtext that was issued as he has done in the past. It really feels that in many a cases important plot developments were dran with a wide brush stroke.

    Alas, it was a light enjoyable drama because of the romcom between Hae Young and Seol as you mentioned, so it must be praised for that at least and the great kiss scenes 😉

    • Same here,she should be crowned queen right,and a diplomat and a princess in that flight,hella,the passengers would go bonkers for sure..Still I’m so thankful they cast this dream duo,one of the most ,if not the most good-looking couple in Korean drama history! they were really a visual delight!

  19. I’m so irritated I don’t personally know anyone else who is watching this drama. Because I can’t rant at anyone about how epically disappointed I am in this series finale! The drama about them getting together the entire last episode was so contrived. Really? They haven’t talked about this in 2 years? Why skip the drama forward two years if you’re going to pack the entire last episode with will-they-won’t-they? urgh. Thanks to Koala though for recapping, you’re the best!

  20. Hi Koala,

    Thanks for continuing the recaps – as always, they were enjoyable.

    I didn’t really critique the end (just watched an enjoyed), but I agree with you. All I though as it ended was, “Oh, good kissing – happy they finally get a real date.” It was cute fluffiness, and I left it at that.

    Can’t wait for your SH recaps – saw you started with episode 1!

  21. Thanks Koala for recapping this drama. I watched the videos and then read your recap before watching them again when the English subtitle is available. The last two episodes was quite loose in continuity and didn’t tell us what was really happened between Lee Soel’s father and Hae Young’s but it has a happy ending. May be there is a “My Princess 2” or special episode to tell us about LS and HY future? Anyway, I enjoyed watching this drama because of SSH and KTH. They have chemistry and looked good together. I watched “Full House” twice and may be will watch MP again, just to see SSH and KTH.

  22. Well, the last 5 minutes were really only pure eyecandy and no substance at all, just like the rest of the ep, which was a head-scratcher from beginning to end. Though, zomg, great kissing! Hee.

    In my head canon, they’ll keep doing what they do. She’s still the Princess ( I REFUSE to believe she steps down) and he’ll pursue a career in politics only they’ll try to do that without being apart for many months. Like, they go back and forth between the States and Korea. IDK, it doesn’t make much sense, but it’s better than this big fat nothin that the writer gave us.

    Still, the OTP was cute and I’m glad I watched it.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  23. i just watched My Princess this weekend and have high hopes for this pairing.. For the first few episodes i love the interactions between KTH and SSH.. But start from when Lee Seol get in the palace and become princess it gets kinda boring with unnecessary plot/intrigue going on.. And because of that i haven’t finish this series.. The stories didn’t really give me lasting impression.. >__<

  24. huhu…. can’t get over it! i’m maybe overreacting but that’s what i really feel! k series are always my escapes… i don’t want them to end but they really have to… just started collecting k series… i regret i come to know it just know… i could have beautiful days in my distress lonf before…

  25. Does anyone know the title and artist of the song that was playing in the background when hae-young and seol were eating the steak dinner in episode 2?

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