Yamapi Performs “Party Don’t Stop” on MNet Countdown

My Pi was in Korea last week and I was clearly living under a rock emblazened with the initials S and H because I didn’t register the event until late last night when my Pi radar pinged and asked me to check on his whereabouts. Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) made a quick trip to Korea to perform on MNet Countdown and to set the stage for his two concerts there in mid-April. Pi has a new solo album to promote, the hilariously titled Super Good, Super Bad.

I actually liked this performance! It was less sleazy than “One in a Million” and catchier than “Hadakanbo”. The fangirls were clearly well schooled, especially when they screamed Japanese phrases on cue. Way cute! And when Pi said “Kamsamnida” at the end, I’d be lying if I didn’t melt just a little tiny bit.

I must say that it’s weird to watch Pi perform in front of Korean fangirls. Not that there is anything wrong, but mostly the screeching I hear in his performances are Japanese screams of ecstacy. Rumors are that Pi is seriously considering releasing a Korean album, which is all sorts of ironic if you couple that with Jang Geun Seok going to Japan to release a Japanese album. Keeping branching out, boys!

Party Don’t Stop:

[youtube id=”dMwdCt5MNS8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]



Yamapi Performs “Party Don’t Stop” on MNet Countdown — 13 Comments

  1. I just about melted as well… Don’t you think he looks like Jung young hwa if u look at his profile b/c he lost weight?

    I wishes he would have really danced 😉

  2. “Lick him like mayonnaise”?


    Well, more original than a lollipop, I suppose, but I’m wondering, does anyone really lick mayo? I, personally, lick tons of things–honey, nutella, ice cream, Cheetos, and, yes, lollipops–but mayo? Uh.

    • I lol’ed so hard at this too! Poor thing, he probably doesn’t know what he’s singing, but his songwriter should be deported.

      Seriously… mayo? I would be speechless if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

      • I’m still chuckling about this, lol.

        However, the fact that he probably has no idea what he’s saying means that I’ll forgive him for it; Lil Wayne, on the other hand, generally has full command of the English language, and “Lollipop” is one of the most demeaningly misogynistic songs I’ve ever heard, so there’s no forgiving on that front. Bah.

  3. he rocked that show…!!!!
    love love love love him so much…!!!!
    if i were there I would be screaming until air would run out of my lungs
    Love love love you PI…!!!!


  4. Oh my…..my… the caption for that song “Lick him like mayonnaise”!! I almost choked on my soda. Now I’ll have to watch just for the captions. Oh Pi!

  5. To those who find the lyrics “lick him like mayonnaise” lulzy……oh hells yeah! It encapsulates the very lulzy antics of J-songs that throws in random English phrases.

    This one may be ridiculous, but who hasn’t wanted to lick Yamapi like mayonnaise. *raising my hand proudly*

  6. Oh, my darling Pi boy. Never stop digitally enhancing your voice. And never stop singing ridiculous lyrics and looking so pleased about it. This persona of his — the Obliging Idol — is my favourite too; beating hands down the attempts at “I’m too sexy, yo”.

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