Rainbow Sweetheart the C-Remake of My Girl Releases Trailer and Stills

My Girl used to be one of my favorite rom-coms, since it was one of my first K-drama rom-coms. I wished I had never rewatched it years later, where I really couldn’t stand the story or the acting. But I choose to remember it fondly from my initial impression. Bearing that in mind, I was actually curious about the upcoming Rainbow Sweetheart, the C-drama remake of My Girl. Rainbow Sweetheart stars forever baby-faced Jimmy Lin and Cherrie Ying (now better known for being Mrs. Jordan Chan) in the roles made famous by Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae.

I have no clue who plays the second leads, only there is no way in hell the guy can hold a candle to the original second lead played by Lee Jun Ki. The trailer is out, and my lord does it look…..dreadful. Cherrie actually didn’t annoy me in Royal Tramp as Ah Ke, but here the amount of overacting she does would put rubber-faced clowns to shame.

Trailer for Rainbow Sweetheart:


RS is brought to us by the same production company and team who did Hi, My Sweetheart, which makes me realize that Cherrie is doing her damndest to out-over-act Show Luo‘s performance in HMS. Good luck with that, sweetie. I have to say this drama looks like a horrific trainwreck, one which I am more interested in watching had the trailer actually made it look good.

I also think Jimmy and Cherrie just don’t look right together. His leading ladies need to be more of the cute variety, and Cherrie always strikes me as the fierce bombshell variety. I don’t think this remake will touch MG, and may actually make me long for the classic with fond wistfulness.


Rainbow Sweetheart the C-Remake of My Girl Releases Trailer and Stills — 16 Comments

  1. I rewatched MG years later after my initial love and for me it did hold up. This being said, the leading lady in this remake overacts more than every leading lady in every kdrama I’ve ever seen put together. Wow. I still want to check it out though.

  2. I saw the trailer like 2 weeks ago and I already even said bye bye before watching it…LOL..the girl overeacts so much and it’s annoying! This just make me miss My Lucky Star more with jimmy and his leading girl…

  3. “Wow”. Quit halfway through the trailer. What da…the casting people…??? The female lead seems to be 30’s but acting like an 18 yr. old. She’s nice looking, but does not matching up w/ Jimmy. What’s with the 4″ high hair? Sorry to say but I’m not a Jimmy fan even though he is kind of good looking. I usually would watch one ep before commenting, but in this case, i’m afraid to try ep 1.

  4. I didn’t get pass My Girl’s episode 1… I think I’m a bit allergic to LDH…I’m not sure why but for some reasons I always approach her project w/ caution 🙂

  5. I still love Lee da hae ever since MG. Though after projects were not good but having watch all of her drama, i can say that she has alot of potential. When she puts her all into it.

    All i can say is >>> Jimmy!!!!!!!!! Man this guy never age!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ugh. The guy’s cute but the girl…..*cringing* Had to stop watching the trailer halfway cos of her. She looks like an aunty trying to act cute. Ugh. This is t-drama at its worst….overacting the cute. There is no chemistry between the two leads. What sane woman acts like that unless she’s deranged? The show should be called Mad Girl based on this trailer (or what I’ve seen of it) alone.

  7. I agree w/ you. She looks too mature & her voice is too harsh sounding. This type of role fits someone who is very silly looking & young.

    Actually, I don’t like Jimmy for the role either. I think that what made MG (Korean ver.) successful because both lead actor weren’t well known then &; hence, they made the drama young & refreshing. Jimmy really need to expand his acting & move on to a new height (given the fact that he’s been in the industry for so long).

    To be honest, both leads are the wrong choices. This remake will not be on my list to watch.

  8. I’m not alone! My Girl really annoyed me too. So much so, that I remember eye-rolling and even growling at the screen. BUT, it introduced me to Lee Jun Ki, my ILubYou. 13 months until he’s completed his two year service. Ughhhh!

  9. Okay sorry… I wasn’t able to finish watching this trailer… Gaaah. It’s so terrible. :/

    I also loved My Girl during the first time I watched it. I watched it again years after; it’s actually during the time when Lee Jun Ki entered the army cause I know I’m going to miss him (aww). But yea, like you experienced, I didn’t like it that much compared to the first time I’ve seen it.

    And I agree with what you said that no one can ever do justice to the second male lead role as much as Lee Jun Ki did. ^^

  10. Hi, I have a question. I thought this is a Taiwanese drama because from what I read on the net this drama will air on CTS Taiwan. Why do you call it C-remake? Will this be broadcast in China too?

  11. LOL! At first I was somewhat horrified then I couldn’t help but laugh, this is just awful! Too bad, Jimmy is so hot! Even if I want to watch this I don’t think I can bear to. Wow!

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