tvN Releases Second Teaser for Manny

If there was any justice in this world, all nannies would be male and look like Seo Ji Seok. Imma going to take three to go, please – one for each kid, and one for me. What? I need a manny to take care of me, too. A second teaser trailer for the upcoming drama Mannyย just dropped, and this one is more straightforward and shows scenes from the drama itself. Everything about this drama just feels fresh, fun, and entertaining. April 13th cannot come fast enough. I need me some sexy man-nanny!

Trailer for Manny:

I did not pause and/or rewind the one second shot of Suh Ji Seok taking a shower, no, I did not do that. I watched the trailer many times, but his shower was not anything I lingered on or drooled over. No sirreee. *giggles, OMG, shower scene already in the trailer, plusย this is airing on cable, Manny is going to be so GOOD*


tvN Releases Second Teaser for Manny — 22 Comments

  1. Mwo?(What?) Anio (No) I don’t find him sexy, so what ever happend to Rain he’s sexy, Hyun Bin back from the Army yet cause he’s sexy? But this guy ain’t sexy ๐Ÿ™ The gal is cute though so Koala you never sleep? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. GAH GAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I keep getting an “Error has occurred. Try again later” *POuts forever* And you tease me with Suh Ji Seok showering and the likes. *pouts some more*

    • Wah? No way, video is working just fine for me. Hope YT stops haterating on you, sweetie~

      Now only does Suh Ji Seok shower, he also spoons Choi Jung Yoon (albeit likely her fantasy). Don’t we all.

      • YT was hating on me earlier today, but wheeee, I managed to watch it and it was so cute. I’m def watching it!

        Haha, don’t we all indeed

  3. Oh, this canNOT come fast enough. I need a new kdrama to be my crack – 49 Days is ok, but it’s not crack material (despite JIW yumminess). Bones (yes, an AMERICAN TV show, I feel…strange) has currently taken crack status in my life, but unfortunately I can’t use the excuse that I’m just “practicing the language” with Bones since my English (despite this run-on sentence) is quite functional. ~sigh~

    • I need Manny . I also need a Manny, but that’s another story for another day.

      Btw, I loved Bones (yes, past tense). Just as I used to love House. Both are still quality solid entertainment, but lost its crackiness for me.

      And 49 Days is the opposite of drama crack for me. It’s like a drama tranquilizer.

      • The key is to watch all five seasons on Netflix InstantPlay in one week. Which I will not admit to currently being in the middle of doing. *cough* No, never. Especially not in the middle of the semester-end scramble of research papers and tests. ~facepalm~

        P.S. Watching Bones at two in the morning will make you paranoid that someone is going to murder you.

      • Ockoala,
        check out NTOG, the hottie in there is smoldering like lee min chul in Beautiful days according to Thundie and I agrreeeddd !!!
        Don’t let the 50 eps. scared you, it feels like 20. It’s CRACK !please I need you and Thundie banter on this one.

      • sorry, the estel replied mean for you Ockoala.
        estel, if nothing else, try The New Tales of Giseang.

      • House is an ER remake right some doctor running a medical team which generally makes my brains hurt a lot as all heavy dramas do, man you guys can take all of those ๐Ÿ™ I mean watching Glee and Privileged gave me hypertension from lacking quality sleep and going to work the next day… I cannot afford heavy drama series
        ;-D It will kill me… I salute young minds nowadays!!!! Ever partied out I was always out during my college days….clubbing????

    • This is too funny. I get mad when David Boreanaz is not on but you should try NCIS, Mark Harmon still good looking at his age.

      • OMG BONES is my crack….I love David Boreanaz since Buffy days, followed him to Angel the Bones…loveeeeeee the show…

        Question do we know if Manny is going to be subbed?…

        thxx ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. hehe…I need a manny,too…& no ,not for my kids,but for me….spooning ..showering,hey all good for me…Suh Ji Seok…*SWOONS

  5. I loved Bones for a few seasons until I got hooked onto Kdrama..and other dramas. Then i saw Bones one day and Whoa, what happened to David B & his awesome manliness? What happened to his skin? I then realized that I got used to the flawless skin of the K actors/actresses. Now it’s hard to watch bones, besides his worn out looks, after i heard he cheated on his second wife whom he cheated on with on his first wife. I can never see him the same way again.

  6. So gonna watch this! Choi Jung Yoon looks really cute chubby and not so pretty… hehehe… and Seo Ji Seok, after Kang Seok in Gloria, I def can have MOAR of him.. HEEEE <3

  7. Suh Ji Seok is akin to Park Shi Hoo for me….not that attractive @ first, but they kinda- grow- on- you-kind!!!!
    Still etched in my mind is that scene fr Gloria when he cried & knelt in front of Bae DooNa’s Gloria in that log cabin …OMG!!!
    This one drama I’m looking forward to!!!

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