Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attend Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan

[Edit: I’m adding new official newspaper photos as it becomes available]

Coming across this news is like finding an ice-cream sundae complete with whip cream and a cherry on top. P-Kissers, you can all come out of the woodworks now, cuz Ha Ni and Seung Jo are back, baby! Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min were in Osaka yesterday for a Playful Kiss fan meeting. Damn, it’s good to see them together, though there is a very noticeable distance between the two that probably stems from the amount of time which has passed since they filmed the drama. Both look wonderful, as always, and it’ll forever warm my heart to see them together in any capacity.


I totally would have required them to start making out on stage, you know, to give us some of that BOATING Hyun Joong promised during the Playful Kiss Youtube Edition press conference but never delivered. Yeah, I is still bitter.

I have to say that Hyun Joong looks ahhhhmazing – healthy, glowing, and put some meat back on his formerly hollow and sunken cheeks from overworking himself. Clearly playing a lot of soccer recently is good for him. I approve.

And here are some pictures of So Min and Hyun Joong at the airport headed for the fan meeting.

First Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok attend a press conference last week for the Japan airing of Mary Stayed Out All Night, and now Hyun Joong and So Min go to Japan for a Playful Kiss fan meeting. I’m beginning to suspect I should pray to the Japanese drama gods to make my shippy dreams come true. Uhm, Japan, I want a YamaKi Reunion. That is truly my single biggest unfulfilled wish. Just one drama/movie where they actually end up together. Please, pretty please.

[Credit: all pictures from kimhyunjoongthailand.com courtesy of Baidu Kim Hyun Joong bar, and of the respective news agencies as marked]


Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong Attend Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan — 90 Comments

  1. Man, is it me or is he looking so manly, so grown up and so freaking hot!? See what short hair does for a mans face. She of course is ever so very cute and glamorous at the same time.

    • Both of them definitely look more mature and sophisticated with the new hairstyles. Sigh, if HyunMin were a couple in RL I would be so happy, but alas, highly unlikely. But they will forever be adorable together.

    • Love his new hair style so freaking hot ya. And I miss him so much, seem like there were no news of him for so many months and So Min too. She is forever sweet and pretty to me.

    • You know why I’m so bitter about Kurosagi, aside from it being an idiotic drama cosplaying Pi? It was a drama without viable alterna-ships, it was a drama where our OTP meet within the first few minutes circa a set of train tracks and an oncoming train and a slo-mo rescue damsel in distress scene (it was like my NwP dreams coming true from the get-go of Kurosagi), it was a drama where the OTP live next door without any parental units nearby, it was a drama that was supposedly all moody and gritty – and with ALL THAT POSSIBIBILITY, plus the %^*%^# &$&^ chemistry that is YamaKi (almost on par with the GeunGeuns, I tell ya), NOTHING HAPPENED.

      It’s like – W. T. F. drama gods?!?

      Jdoramas do this way too often, whereas TW dramas almost never do this (Kdramas are in between) – which is to tease the possibility between the OTP but ultimately give the audience no satisfaction. There is a word for that kind of behavior, dramas, and you wouldn’t like me saying it out loud.

      • I totally get your bitterness towards Kurosagi. I liked the drama as the mystery type but as a romance it never lived up to its potential!!
        But this happened in other J dramas as well.. a little low on the romance side.. which is why I stopped watching them lol

        I can’t find any Japanese rom coms.. Are there any at all?

      • You are so right. Come to think of it, the same case goes to Code Blue 1 & 2 series. I felt like hanging and expecting for something romantic in that drama. Same old Jdoramas. aish.

      • I hate to stray away from KHJ topic here, but what about Yamapi’s Buzzer Beat? I think this falls under the rom com category.

    • @Anvesha:

      i don’t think it’s a rom-com per se, but Orange Days (2004) remains THE best of them all Jdrama for me. it just… works. it’s still largely a love story as it is a friendship/life drama, so check it out if you haven’t!

      • Hmm I have not heard of Orange Days. Who is in it? Must do searches on it.


        The leads are Satoshi Tsumabuki (before he gets all boring now and keeps acting weird movies/dramas of late) and Kou Shibasaki. Rounding up the friendship there’s Eita, Narimya Hiroki i think his name- that guy in just about any drama ever – and this one other actress. Shibasaki plays a deaf girl, the setting’s in U. its a frienship/love/life dramas and they tackle it in old-school Jdrama way (not like the current episodic ones, meh).

        also! quick trivia: Shibasaki and Tsumabuki actually dated for 4 years in RL following this drama 😀

        (p/s: sorry Koala for the obvious promotion to this drama on your site but i’m super excited letting others know the existence of Orange Days!)

      • i just remember OSHIN as a very very very great Jdoramas…
        Btw, I love So Min’s sunglasses at the airport…she look adorable beautiful…and KHJ…damn…he is soooo HOT…
        But unfortunatelly, i cant see their chemistry and closeness from pic above…at least they can match their clothes there,but also they didn’t do it…


    Koala you are the icing on the cake. I just came home and this is the best news of the DAY!!!!

    KHJ AND JSM are so freaking adorable together.

  3. whoaa!! love this!

    i’m so glad that KHJ gained weight and actually looks healthier (and well rested!) and got a manly haircut! i almost didnt recognise him! and JSM is gorgeous as always! — aww, i miss the PK days, and i’m so glad to have this piece of news!

    thanks koala! 🙂

  4. *comes out of woodworks*

    My babies!!!! At first I didn’t like the stiff hug. But a) he’s got his big goofy grin on and b) her head on his shoulder is so very Oh Ha Ni. So I’ll deal.

    It really shouldn’t make me this happy to see strangers together. BUT IT DOES.

    • *high fives lulybunny*

      comin’ out of the woodworks with ‘ya sistah! head on his shoulders is very OHN indeed. love Joongie’s tanned and manly look…keep it up, coordi noona! no more of that idol BB-creamed face, please. 😉

    • The audience was said to be very surprised at the hug as well! People tweeted that they were screaming their longs out, haha. Apparently, even So Min was caught a little offguard, hence the shyness.
      HyunJoong sang 2 songs and So Min sang one song. She was said to be pretty good. Someone even mentioned that she got teased by him afterwards, since she is new to singing.

    • *Delurk-mode*

      hmmmmm the way Lulybunny described the hug makes the stiff hug a…. “YAAAAY WE’VE GOT A HUG!!!”

      And apparently initiated by KHJ!!! He looks sooo at ease!!!

      I’m a happy PKisser again \(¤^0^¤)/

    • ah btw aside from them not sporting a couple look… KHJ really is KHJ here and doesn’t look like BSJ anymore ^^ hahah maybe that’s what makes them look different together 🙂

  5. Thank you for these photos. I wished for up sweep hair and voila…KHJL has a new cool up swept hair. It is so flattering on him and it makes me happy. They both are so adorable. I saw a video of KHJL at a soccer game & he was stretching/warming up. He is blessedly built. He is #1 on my list right now.

  6. I love them together!! I find him adorable!!! Since his days as SS501 leader I have adored him, he’s got the most charming sense of humor….. But I find him weird in photos lately, and in these ones if you look closely, looks like if he had a nose job, like maybe a touch up….. Does anyone thinks like me?
    (More like a second one, cause seems to me, that before his debut he got a nose job)

    • KHJ plays soccer a lot and I think if you had nose job, it would be difficult for you to engage in sports as physical as soccer. I’m also a fan and I’ve watched a lot of his videos since 2005 and I think there’s no difference. In some cases, the pictures look different because they have been edited already or it could be the make up.
      And about JSM and KHJ meeting again, atleast in an event like this, all I can say is daebak! Although Im a fangirl of Hyunnie, I’ve always preferred JSM to be her partner compared to other girls he had worked before. They have amazing chemistry and they look good together. Now, Im excited for the PK event in August 2 in Tokyo. It was mentioned to KHJ during the fanmeet, so I’m hoping that JSM could attend also. Well, it’s a MUST since PK wont be complete without her.

      • I agree absolutely with aas and Mai, from the bts videos including those from Japan TV recently they are really close and I bet they do communicated privately. They make such an ideal couple and I hope they will eventually be together.

      • I would just like to point out that Lee Shi Young has taken up boxing. She has obviously had plastic surgery. So yes, it is possibly to have an athletic life after plastic surgery.

        But I don’t care either way, like someone else said, it’s all about that smile.

        (and the thighs, oh the thighs)

    • Nose job or not, he is super hot, and really it’s his smile….*melt*. Can he get any cuter? Too bad his acting was meh, because I would love to see him in another drama. I didn’t see much chemistry between them at the awards, they actually seemed awkward with one another.
      JSM is totally adorable in that brown dress. She looks super cute in her airport pictures as well, but perhaps not KHJ’s type. Who knows….

      • Actually, it seems that she is exact fit of his ideal type. PK followers noted how his ideal type changed from Lee Hyori type ( I’m sure he’d still pick, HJ is such a fanboy lol) to:
        – Doesn’t need double eyelid.
        – Doesn’t need to be tall.
        – He said he doesn’t usually go for super model looks.
        – Polite, mannered. smart.
        – Innocent with a hint of sexiness.
        – Dresses in neutral colors like white, black, beige, and wine. With natural make up.
        – Like a friend.
        I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but this is all post PK. Interesting no?

  7. This haircut is what suits Kim Hyun Joong well. I remember when SS501 were promoting “Love Like This” his hair is similar to this. He is really one damn hot good-looking specimen no doubt about it but in terms of acting he still has to blow me away. I watched PK because of him totally eye-candy. Now I have to wait for the release of his solo album. I love him more as a singer though. 🙂

  8. Handsome and cute as always. I love Hyun Joong’s hair.

    Kim Hyun Joong is totally channeling the Hallyu/Bae Yong Jun vibe. It makes me a little sad because he was such a dork in pre-KeyEast (Bae Yong Jun’s agency in which Hyun Joong is now part of) days.

    • i agree with you. i hope he doesn’t end up just doing fanmeets, being a snob and selling merchandise with his face on it. he’s got so much more to offer. i’d like to see him as a younger, naughtier version of Rain perhaps?

      • Let’s hope so. KE always gave me the T.T vibe. I hope they don’t change him!
        The Rain comparison is perfect.

  9. love those two together….miss playful kiss….wish they would do another project together…such amazing chemistry…

  10. OMMGG!! I luv them! <3 their so cute togetheer!! ^-^ Minmin is so preety =) hyunjoong is so handsommeee 🙂

  11. Everyone! I’m a lurked at the Kim HyunJoong/ Jung SoMin sommpi thread and they are getting updates on the fanmeeting. They have more pictures if you are interesting, including those of the evening fanmeeting where they are wearing different outfits. They also gave little tidbits on the stuff they got asked. Like hey played a question game where they asked them what HJ’s sport was. SoMin replied soccer (which is right lol) and HyunJoong said tennis ( he thought they meant BSJ, bit KHJ! That guy)

    There is going to be a presscon sometime today, May 4th! And more updates will surely come about the fameeting!

  12. They look really good together. I miss O Ha Ni and Seung Jo a lot. The hug is so lovely. I love the hug very much not too much and not too little. It ‘s really a polite hug that you would give to people you adore in front of other people. Look at his happy smile and her shyly smile. It’s good to see them on the same stage again.

    I like when they walked downstair together it looks so right. Hyun Joong is so manly with new hair cut but I still miss his cute dorky look . Jung So Min in brown dress is beautiful and elegant . I love her simple and elegant look.

    Hope they will have some projects together again. It doesn’t matter whether they are couple or not couple in real life I love both of them . They both are unique , charming and talent artists . They have a lot more that we can anticipate for.

    Now, can’t wait for Kim Hyun Joong solo album.

    • KHJ really does look manly these days. it’s as if his body now is as big and with the same vibe as SSH and KSW (i hope so!) but when he starts laughing he can’t hide his dorky self. 🙂

  13. Dear Koala,
    Firstly, I would like to say thanks so so much for posting about 3rd May,PK FM in your playground. Its remind me of PK moments as we all had huge fun in 2011.
    I am so happy to see HJSM toghether on the stage, after such a long time to wait.
    Interaction between them is much better than MBC award on late last year.

    So Min was so shy in the picture as HJ hug her. She is adroable. Brown dress make her absolutely stunning. HJ looks so manly handsome with his new hair style.
    Hope to see more two of them together in near future.

    You are really awesome because your pictures are big and clear. I going to keep them as a piece of mine. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I just wanted to give a hug and a welcome back to some old P-Kisser pals (you all know who you are) who have delurked to comment. It’s like hearing an old friend’s voice again. Miss you guys~


      Love your playground still!! (only now mostly lurk-mode… but definitely sticking to this playground xD)

      Thanks much for posting PK-news ^^

    • LOVE to hearing from you, dear Koala. I still visiting your playground although I didn’t put any comment.
      But I’m hoping for City Hunter, wishing that you might recap that drama….. PLEASE…..

    • PK was such a whirlwind ride! It was my first live show, too. So it will always be special. I miss you guys, too! Though it hasn’t totally stopped, since I got a group of chingu out of the deal!

      And and and. I’m not a shipper but this video made my toes curl. Now if only I could understand what was said.


  15. Captain, off topic again but have you seen jdrama ‘Rebound’ with Hayami Mokomichi and Aibu Saki (absolute boyfriend duo)? I’m watching it on Viki and I find it absolutely charming….Mokomichi is so hot!

    • I’m not an Aibu Saki fan, and couldn’t last past one episode of Zettai Kareshi despite my finding Moko-kun always adorable.

      But if this drama stays good, I’m game to check it out. No time right now though. Premise does looks cute!

  16. OMG!!! I love it! PK shippers is back!!! I really love the chemistry of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min! So happy this fan meet really happened. I love all the outfits they were wearing! They both look so good and healthy! It made me realize how much I missed them so much! Love always the HyunMin/MinJoong couple! Thank you always Ockoala! It always make me smile to see updates of the two or anything related to PK!!! So excited for more news! 🙂

  17. I went through a lot of his pictures and I did not see a nose job kind of difference. he grew up is all. agree, he can’t act, she can (Bad Guy) but he can sing.

    • I agree with u…i think he can’t act but he is a good singer..
      These day a lot of an IDOL turn to be an actor and I think K-ent to force it….many of senior actor/actress feel bad abt it coz they(IDOL) take their land…

  18. Oh ockoala! I’d been waiting for this for ages! Thanks a bunch! You’re one real superb Koala! I thought I’d never see them back together again. I so miss them! Jung So Min is so pretty and Kim Hyun Joong looks hot! I’m so hoping these two would be a couple for real, but I guess not…sigh. So beautiful together.

  19. wooohhh!!! playful kiss all the way baybeh! JSM and KHJ, looking good together I might say! We all wish they were together, but alas, maybe there’s not a chance in heck for that! But maybe there is??? Ahh time can only tell! Aren’t they communicating after PK filming ended? Hmm its a damn shame if they aren’t, they seemed so close during filming based on the bts. Oh well~ Like someone said, Joongie you are def missing a lot!

    thanks ockoala!!! so happy that you never fail to update PK events…PK introduced me to your blog wayyyy back last year august!!!!!!

  20. oh and totally agree with you on the making out thing they shouldve done…haha…instead of that hug, a kiss is sooooo much better!! I mean, it ain’t called Playful Kiss for nothing, they shouldve done that to keep up with the spirit of the show, y’know what Im saying??? haha I KID, I totally kid, they are forever my OTP!!!

  21. Waaaaaaaah thank you unnie Ockoala for posted PK/FM here. I really miss Hyunmin couple. KHJ is so hot & JSM still pretty as always. Above pics seems like Oh Hani’s style on JSM’s outfit but still gorgeous ever.

  22. WaaAAwKKK K!!! UMMMMMM!!! MUAAA!! rrrrrr
    I dunno what animal sounds those were ! Probably from my primal cave-woman alter -ego ! Thats all that came outta me after seeing very GLOWINGLY HOT! TALL & SEXY! Male specimen !
    Sorry for frightening everyone! I’ll keep aside or cage ,rather, my tiger me… sorry sorry! Biyan! Gomen!
    S Korea seems to be churning out cookie-cutter good lookers faster than anyone can say ” I want!” but this hottie got me at “Aishh!”
    YES , often times ,at many angles ,Joonggi boy can mimic a wax figurine to perfection and AND , he can move his lips without moving any other facial features !! Chincha!
    See , other than looking beautifully breath-taking & demi-godly in the Looks department ,he DOES have special skills. Hee Hee hee! Acting skills can be honed in …give him a few more dramas . Come on ,jump on my bandwagon & agree with me that ,for the time being ,HIS LOOKS will allay our frustration over his lack of acting chops.
    Look! How many look good lookers can look even more gorgeous exposing their fore heads! Noo Noo not many,
    Look Capt K ! No helmutty headgear too!HAHAHAHA!

  23. Opsies! Where ARE my manners ??
    Yes . Jung So Min is pretty ,adorable ,sweet & lovely . And has strong legs…for not passing out during d hug .

  24. I have to say the TW version was my fave, this comes second and the jdorama third. I think they they could make anew version in Japan just like they did with HYD.

    Haha, you too. I was so angry at the the writers of Kurosagi. I mean Yamapi and Maki have great chemistry together (and in the manga Tsurara and Kurosaki kiss) and I was so let down that there was not the teeniest romance going on.

  25. hi ockoala!! it seems like you are still a PK fairy after all!

    thank you for posting the Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting!
    I miss this adorable PK couple so much that seeing them again together brings tears to my eyes! Sounds crazy right? Well I just love this two!
    Hope to see more of them again in a project! Love you HyunMin!

    • annyeong!! i went by your Simply MinMin blog earlier too!!!

      haha i totally understand how one can get teary about this… you’re a true PKisser or not right 😉 it’s been such a long wait!~!@!@

  26. Amazing how this post has gotten so much comments already! I guess everybody just missed seeing KHJ and JSM together. They’re so adorbs I hope they make another project with some real boating out there. Heh.

  27. Thanks for posting this!!! The fanmeet we have all been waiting for did happen afterall, with both of them looking so good, even moreso when they’re together! I loved the hug, it was spontaneous and for “the Kim Hyun Joong” to initiate it in front of his Japanese fangirls, man that’s something! No wonder So Min got all shy. I love the matching outfits. Seeing the pictures made me think instantly that there’s communication between them after all this time, no hint of awkwardness at all. So happy that PK did very very well in Japan and will be having another fanmeet in August. Hope both of them will grace that event as well.

  28. A PK homecoming event at Ockoala’s playground! Love you Ockoala for indulging the PKissers! I visit your playground often but remain a lurker until now! Wahh.. So happy to see others come out of their shells to celebrate the HyunJoong/SoMin reunion in Osaka. I’m hopelessly addicted to this couple even now! Ockoala, hope you’d write about our dear Hyunmin more often in your playground…. Thanks!!

  29. God.. totally love his new hair cut and yes.. he looks super healthy and HOT.. YUM.. my sister is in Japan.. why didnt she take me with her?? 😀

  30. Here is the video so the event! They are actually quite playful and close! The hug was short and courteious, since it’s in front of the fans afterall 🙂

    Take out the spaces in youtube to watch!
    http://www.y o u t u b e.com/watch?v=4tVWJmD9z_w&feature=player_embedded

  31. thanks for writing about the PKfanmeet, miss the HyunMin couple so much and the Pkisser are back in your blog

  32. Kamshamnida, Ockoala for indulging us…HYUNMIN lovers with this article!!!
    Just spent 2 days spazzing with my fellow KB Angels/Hyunmin-shippers about each & every single nuance they make, their comfortable(read:sweet) interactions with each other…each & every picture, video, GIF & 1st hand account of our much-awaited PK FM yesterday, just worth the 6-month-long- wait…all WORTH it!!!
    Kim Hyun Joong, my baby…. is every inch the manly hallyu star that he is!!! And Jung So Min just compliments their tandem, with her understated beauty, grace & style!!!
    This couple’s rapport & outright displays of fondness(read: affection) towards each other , especially shown through their PK BTS excerpts have just whetted our appetite for MORE!!!!

    • playful kiss

      yeah !me too ,i really love to watch this Korean drama ! how i wish to to have more Korean drama! they are so good in acting ! and i appreciate it!!god bless you all 🙂

  33. y all korean stars like to do plastic surgery??? im so curious bout this….it is now become a big questions in my head……but i still love korean stars……. <3 <3 <3

  34. well ,as what the issue is!! i want to know why there are many Korean people do plastic surgery and is just natural for them!?
    what the reason behind? is this because they are wanted to make there selves more attractive! and that was the big question i really want to know !
    i hope there well be answers from my question !
    thank you and god bless us all!

  35. Korean plastic Surgery

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    what the reason behind? is this because they are wanted to make there selves more attractive! and that was the big question i really want to know !
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  36. plastic Surgery

    well ,as what the issue is!! i want to know why there are many Korean people do plastic surgery and is just natural for them!?
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    i hope there well be answers from my question !
    thank you and god bless us all!

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