Rainie Yang Discusses Ten Years in Showbiz for Elle Taiwan Magazine

At just 26 years old, it’s rather astounding to know that Rainie Yang has been in the industry toiling for 10 years already. Starting with being in a much-too-short-lived girl group and a very supporting turn in Meteor Garden, she’s come a long way to be crowning Taiwan’s reigning acting queen. I still contend Hi, My Sweetheart was a travesty of a drama, with Rainie and Show Luo over-acting so much I thought it was a comedy troupe in action.

But I have slowly come to appreciate Rainie’s growth as an actress, and she is hitting it out of the park so hard in Drunken to Love You, I’ll consider her winning best actress for HMS an early coronation of sorts. Elle Taiwan made Rainie it’s cover girl recently, it was the first time she showed off her newly-shorn locks and discussed the future of her career.

Rainie wants to make the next 10 years a marked difference than the last time, in terms of challenging herself and trying new things. I think she’s off to a whiz-bang start with DTLY, and I’m looking forward to all watching her continue to improve. I love Rainie’s new short do, but what I love more is watching her grow it out and try new styles and new looks, hopefully corresponding with new projects.

LOL, what is Rainie’s “secreat”? In all seriousness, Elle needs a better proofreader. Rainie is actually Biotherm‘s new Asia spokesmodel (which is a pretty huge endorsement), so here she explains how she gets her purty glow from using its products.


Rainie Yang Discusses Ten Years in Showbiz for Elle Taiwan Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you, Ms Koala (:

    Say, does anyone know why the episode 4 of DTLY is not out on Viki yet? Usually they have it nearly all subbed by now… Was there no airing this week?

    • Yes they have aired and I watched it last night (Sunday night). As it is a very interesting episode. Joseph has started to have some feeling for her, especially what she had done for him. And I love the sudden kiss, hahaha so funny. when the paparazzi pointed out to her the obvious and the awkwardness. And finally she told Peggy she will give up on her ex boyfriend, Kingone.

      • Swoooon, I LOVE it when the male leads are the first ones to fall in love.
        Thanks, Viki has it on now, I’ll watch it tonight.

  2. Oh I love love love her short hair. I think she’s hitting the right buttons everywhere with that hairstyle. From maturity in terms of looks, personality and acting… you just can feel that something’s different about her.

    Her performance in DTLY has made me a fan. One can only wish that she continues to rawk it out in the drama and gets better and better!

    And HWATTT she’s only 26?!!!!! Girl has achieved so much~!!

  3. i think of Rainie as the YEH of Taiwan with a little less of YEH’s charismatic personality but stronger singing ability.. I really like them both 🙂

    • Totally agreed with you. I like them both too. But Rainie has better opportunity in Taiwan compared to YEH. She had acted in so many dramas and a few movies.

  4. ockoala,where is your recap for DTLY episode 4? I am waiting for the recap today, i can’t wait to know whats going on between Jie Xiu and Xiao ru.. thanks before.. you are the best ockoala!

  5. Thank God I’m not the only one who thinks Hi my sweetheart is way too overrated. In my honest opinion, Rainie’s best acting (prior to DTLY) was in Together. Her crying scenes were better in HMS, that’s true. But, overall, she acted better in TGH. Too bad that drama didn’t get much attention…
    Rainie really has come a long way in these 10 years. I love seeing her growing up and maturing. Not just in her career, but also has a person. I can’t wait too see her next projects =)

  6. I can’t wait for episode four of DTL! Viki was having some technical problems yesterday, and I couldn’t watch it :(. Koala, what Sid she say in this interview?

  7. …got to say she’s better looking in short hair. I cant quit put my finger to, but really she’s oozing with sex appeal.

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