First Teaser Trailer for Mei Le, Go with Mike He and Cyndi Wang

Looks like GTV is ramping up the publicity for Mike He and Cyndi Wang‘s Mei Le, Go. I can’t say I’m excited, but I’m game for the drama potentially being good. After watching the teaser, I find that highly unlikely to happen. What is with the recent spate of random and weird drama previews? This teaser convinces me that (1) Mike will be wearing really really ugly pants in this drama, (2) I still find Cyndi annoying, and (3) this drama will have a lot of bread references.

First teaser for Mei Le, Go:

Cyndi: Love, is actually not that far away.

Mike: Love, it’s a kind of emotional connection.

Cyndi: A new and unique flavor is about to start.

Mike: A priceless one-of-a-kind flavor.

Cyndi: Is at Mei Le, Go.


First Teaser Trailer for Mei Le, Go with Mike He and Cyndi Wang — 15 Comments

  1. Is that a trailer for a drama/movie or a bread commercial? It’s very, very bland, though not as bad as City Hunter. (Or maybe we’ve just been spoiled by a recent spat of excellent trailers: Best Love, Lie To Me, even Baby-Faced Beauty!)

  2. No, I’d have to say I’m not sure I could take that voice for an entire series. Bad enough when they dub, but in this case, I might not mind it, after all.

    • You have not watch “Tou Hua Xiao Mei’ her voice was worst there, I watched that drama becoz of Jiro. And Smiling Pasta, her voice is not bearable either in there but I also watched that drama becoz of Nicholas Teo.

      So becoz Mike I have to bear with her voice in Mer Le, Go. Aish. This drama will not be a dubbed is it? If yes then I can’t listen to Mike’s original voice. Aish.

  3. I like his outfit! If his wardrobe is similar to what he wears in the trailer…it may be hid best wardrobe of all his dramas…

  4. the leading actress, i dont think that any guy can have chemistry with her on screen… she doesnt look like she knows how to act naturally.

  5. puhaha is it mei le go ? just sounded sarcastic to me IDK , mike he seems to be getting hotter and hotter now that his rocking that grown man swag , i like ! but since Kim Tak Goo i’m put off with all things bread . i’ll skip this and go watch sunny happiness or wait for the train wreck that is Material Queen – sigh

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