Eugene Announces Summer Nuptials with her Creating Destiny Co-star Ki Tae Young

WAAAAAA, such great news! And no one knew they were even dating! Bravo to Eugene and Ki Tae Young, for having a normal relationship and finally deciding to tie the knot. News just broke that actress (and former S.E.S. member) Eugene is tying the knot with Ki Tae Young, her boyfriend of over a year, and also her co-star and love interest in the drama Creating Destiny.

Man, Eugene getting married is like the end of an era. I reckon so many a Korean oppa will be crying into their soju cups tonight, even if they are all long married with kids. With Eugene off the market, that just leaves Sung Yuri (former FinKL member) and Yoon Eun Hye (former Baby V.O.X. member) in the dwindling group of still available idols-turned-serious actress.

Now Iā€™m tempted to go back and finish Creating Destiny, which I started but lost interest because the characters were all shrilly and the story rather blah. But I remember Eugene and Ki Tae Young having very lovely chemistry, and now I know why. *giggles* Hee, I love it when co-stars naturally and suitably get together.

The wedding is set for July 23, 2011. Once again, congrats to the happy couple, who look absolutely gorgeous together. May their union continue to give me hope that other well-suited couples may find each other in the industry and find a way to make it work.

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Eugene Announces Summer Nuptials with her Creating Destiny Co-star Ki Tae Young — 46 Comments

  1. and she’s not even pregnant…Ha!….even though that’s what I expected first…lol…but I can totally see her reason for wanting to marry him because Ki Tae Young= HAWT
    now I’m feeling kinda sad that he’ll be off the market soon

  2. wow….you’re right it’s a surprise for all of us because we all don’t know that thy’re dating…amazing….I’ts the first time I witnessed that on-screen lovebirds turned into real one…well, Congratulations to them…Cheers!!

    • didn’t Lee Chun Hee marry his love interest on Smile, You?

      okay she’s preggy… lol.

      Best of luck to both. I didn’t sense a good chemistry between the two of them on Creating Destiny so this is big news for me.

      Oh hey, I also dropped CD a lot of times. Lol. I tried to pick up on the story whenever I have nothing else to watch but the story really gets more frustrating the more I watch it. SO many nosy elders who arrange marriage, then will oppose to the marriage because of some flimsy excuse of birth issues. Seriously, so many snobbish character on the show. I finally stopped watching on ep 20, but it took me almost 3 mos to watch those.

  3. Now, if Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min could end up like this šŸ˜‰ That’d be a fantastic surprise. Heh.

    Congratulations to Eugene and her husband-to-be, Ki Tae Young … Sorry I don’t know anything about him. šŸ˜‰

  4. Its a nice news.I like both of them in creating destiny,so good together and end up going to be hubby-wife.I hope my other OTP will follow their leads

  5. OMG!!! I’m sincerely happy for them… I love them both on Creating Destiny… They really have great chemistry in that drama… I skipped most of the part of the drama except when there is Eugene and Ki Tae Young alone together… haha…

  6. I KNEW IT! (kekekke!) I’m so happy for them! And its true Ki Tae Young was looking too great in Midas. I was confused for sec cause he was so HOT. I had to check and make sure I wasn’t suffering from my “untrustworthy momos.”

  7. I loveeeee this couple.. i love them in Creating Destiny as a couple.. they have great chemistry together, Congratulation on their marriage in July 23 this year, I am so happy that they finally become the real couple in life. Me too Ockoala, hoping that other great couple on screen will end up together in real life also.. I wish Choi ji woo will end up with Bae young jun, or Jung so min with Kim hyun jong, or Park si ho with Kim So yeun.. Anyway.. I hope other couple will follow their steps.. congratulation once again for the lovely couple..

  8. Awww… sweet! Never saw the drama but heard of their dating rumors… I’m glad that they’re taking the next step!

    Congrats to the couple, they look great together =D

  9. Whoaaaaa.. Realllyy?? This is goodnews.. i loooovvvveee Eugeneeee!! i hope they’ll have a long and happy marriage.. ^^
    aahhh this really makes me hopeful.. hopeful that my lovely and adorable geungeun couple will have a happy beginning like these two.. FIGHTING! XD

  10. “the story is blah…” couldn’t agree more Ms ockoala…I was having difficulty too to finish the creating destiny story…. btw congrats to eugene may you two have a wonderful marriage…hope JGS and MGy feel encouraged to hear this news… You two should get married too congmalrireyo….

  11. Wow! This is indeed great news. I’m so happy for them. I watched Creating Destiny last March and it was on my list of old kdramas to recap (but I easily removed it on the list because a 30+ episode is way too ambitious for a newbie, wouldn’t you say?). While the story was tiring at times, I could not stop getting all giggly whenever these two are onscreen together. They were absolutely awesome. The drama was also an eye-opener for me because I did not know how influential Korean elders are and who seriously Koreans take filial devotion. I mean, really?

    Oh, I hope we’ll get to see photos of their wedding. I’d love to see Eugene in a wedding dress.

  12. congratulations and best wishes to the two of them… i admire the fact that they were able to keep their romance private and just announce them to the public when they will be married…no wonder they had amazing chemistry in creating destiny…hope jsm and kim hyun joong will also date and keep it private he ehe…

  13. Oh Ockoala, you should finish Creating Destiny. I really enjoyed that series even it took a weird turn towards the end. I loved the family dynamics and best of all the sweetest pair of Eugene and Ki Tae Young! Now I know why their chemistry really sizzled even from episode 1! And you should watch out for the scenes shot in Sydney, those were lovely!

  14. Oh Ockoala you should finish Creating Destiny! I don’t know but I really enjoyed that series even if it took a weird turn towards the end. I loved the family dynamics and of course the sizzling chemistry of the main leads Eugene and Ki Tae Young! Now we know why, what a shocker! Watch out also for the scenes shot in Sydney, those were lovely!

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to the couple!

  15. Congrats! I love celebs’ romance with happy ending (marriage, that is).
    I hope they shall have happy marriage and make many beautiful children šŸ™‚

    Anyway, this makes me want to watch Creating Destiny just to see their chemistry, which is in fact based on their true feelings.

  16. ZOMG! No wonder they had sizzling chemistry in Creating Destiny. TeeeeHeeeee this makes my inner shipper eternally happy. Such a pity that I completely lost interest in that drama after everything got ridiculously convoluted. Hmmmm I’m thinking of trying to finish it too, but too many good dramas premiering that I highly doubt I’d make any time available for this. XD

  17. I really enjoyed them as a couple in Creating Destiny. Hot couple. I’m gonna watch creating destiny again. I stopped & skipped a bit when subs was delayed. All the best!

  18. ….one of my favorite actress, next to HJW and wow she’s getting married? I already feel like jealous fan…coz I know there’s a lot more opportunity for her if she’s single, but that’s just a lousy thinking of mine so don’t mind me…..congrats to the couple.

  19. So, this is the reward of being awake at 3 am in the morning… it. Awesome news- who knew… cute šŸ™‚

  20. Awesome! I’m happy for them!

    . May their union continue to give me hope that other well-suited couples may find each other in the industry and find a way to make it work.
    Any and all direct or indirect mentions of the GeunGeun couple is welcome! ^^

  21. I couldn’t finish Creating Destiny either but I do wish them the best of luck…don’t we all wish the couples we ship would get together? I’m still kind of holding out for YEH and Kim Jong Kook since she described him on the sly in that BTS for the CASS commercial she did with 2PM.

  22. I’ve always liked Eugene since I saw her years back… I’m so, so, so happy for her! ^^ She’s going to be a very beautiful bride! ^^ Congrats to both of them!

  23. At first i thought it was for a drama. Then i read the title again and was like ‘oooh it means the actually person.’ Ha!
    Most agree that they looked great in creating destiny even if i found the plot boring. And I can’t believe they were able to do it under the radar.
    Congrates to them. I’ll just cry in my soju cup for oppa who looked so dreamy in Royal family (even if he was not the lead)

  24. I had no idea they were dating.. but it’s a little weird (not in a bad way) when co-actors get together. They look cute šŸ™‚ it me see Creative Destiny in a whole new light lol may be I will finish the rest of the few episodes I didn’t see.

  25. Now, WHEN is our Moon looking glowing going to announce something like that with Suk??!!! WHEN?!!!!

  26. I totally loved the couple in Creating Destiny.. It definately is a must watch drama.. I always thought these two looked great together. who would’ve known they were dating in real life and on screen without letting anyone know.. they are so clever and sly!

    Congrats to the couple.. and I can’t wait to see their pictures.. they are great together!! Happy News!!

    Thanks for posting. šŸ™‚

  27. I can’t believe Eugene is getting married! Ah, it has been so long, she is the last member of S.E.S to get married. It’s so hard to believe so many years have passes. Even though I want all the current idols happy and married, it’s so hard to imagine it (except for the ones past 25).

    I love how everyone here wants Jang Geun Suk/Moon Geun Young and Kim Hyun Joong/ Jung So Min to get together for real. These two couples have such great chemistry, both on AND off screen. They just make you wanna root for them.

  28. Eugene, you will always be in our hearts, married or not. I am rejoicing with you. Ki Tae Young is a lucky guy indeed. I only knew him from creating destiny. You two looks so inlove in that drama, especially the Australia scene. I love creating destiny drama. I can relate myself to your culture. My dream come true indeed though it is so soon. I still hopes that Eugene will continue to make more dramas. Congratulations again, waaahhh,hhoooo…

  29. Well Done to Eugene for the courage to take the NEXT step. Not crazy about that guy that she’s marrying but AS LONG AS she’s found what she’s looking for all these year..

    I use to think that she is most suitable with Ji Sung.
    Cheers to the happy couple….

  30. Very very very glad to know that their on-screen relationship turns into off-screen relationship šŸ™‚
    They are one of my favorite drama-couples. The drama Creating destiny is really creating destiny for Ki Tae Young Oppa and Eugene Unni ^_^
    Congratulation !!!

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