Written Preview for Episode 18 of 49 Days

Who knew a drama I initially thought would be a whimsical romantic melodrama would turn out to be such a nail-biter. I think the writer has managed to deliver plot twists I wasn’t expecting in the second half, as well as built up so much emotional investment into all the characters, I might actually be nervous for next week’s finale. Which hasn’t happened in a long time, and truly marks 49 Days as a solid drama.

Written preview for episode 18:

Ji Hyun, who is inside Yi Kyung’s body, sees the genuine Kang who has come to be by her side. Ji Kyung cannot hide her feelings and embraces Kang from behind. The tense and nervous Kang asks “are you Ji Hyun?”, but Ji Hyun cannot answer and her heart breaks.

Min Ho finds In Jung, who has been so frightened by Ji Hyun that she is shaking uncontrollably. Knowing that In Jung completely supported his plan from the very beginning, Min Ho tells In Jung “you started it, now you go finish it.” Hearing Min Ho say such devastating words to her, In Jung is stunned.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu 49 Days bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 18 of 49 Days — 22 Comments

  1. Goshhhh so it turns out it ws all In jung Plans???can’t wait 4 ep 17 n nw dis..im dying to who pairs who…thnx koala!!!

  2. Min Ho tells In Jung “you started it, now you go finish it.” omo omo…noesss…I hope they’re not planning something bad to Yi-kyung…

    Ockoala unie/dongsaeng^^ komawooo…for spoiler I know I can count on you…

  3. I was getting nervous as I read through the “real-time episode-watching thread” at Baidu bar for episode 17… and am dying to know what’s gonna happen next!!

    Waiting for the subbed version of episode 17… I wanna know how Yi Kyung will interact with Ji Hyun ^_^

  4. So it was JH and not YK. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s epi. It’s coming to the climax now. Wilk JH make it or not?

    • yes !! she have too!!! is too much!!! T-T first her super best friend was a biath (ch)!! and then her fiance with her best super friend and then she found out her true love,, and die?? ooh no~~ is too much T-T she have too live!!!

  5. booo nothing about my Yi love story 🙁 lol

    anyways Minho is a certified Douche bag. Such a punk. &In Jung is a plain loser. It’s her fault for getting all jealous of Ji Hyun &now Ji Hyun is hunting her butt &then her boo ditched her. She should just go spill the beans already. Take down Minho with her.
    Reveal everything to papa Shin so that Minho gets his butt removed from the company, will better let LOCKED UP…

  6. wahh a hug!!!! 😀
    finally!!!! but wats gna happen wen ji hyun wakes up? she wnt rmbr T_T
    and haha scheduler is not gna be happy that ji hyun hugged kang usin yi kyung’s body xD

  7. OMG!!!! o..O waaaaaaaaaaaa~~ what was this hug??? Oooh~~ no~~~ wait!! why she say thank you scheduler bring me to the elevator?? noooooooooooo~~~ you can’t die!!!!!! noooooo!!! T-T

  8. Wait, at the end it shows Yi Kyung walked out while Ji Hyun was laying in bed… Yi Kyung prob has feelings for Kang…. cant wait for ep 18…. =)

  9. Thsss for explain about ep 18 preview.Icannot understand korea & chinese languages, only French ,English. German
    see you again

  10. I just watched 49 days raw ep18 . Even though I didn’t understand. I cried. Tear jerking scene. Please recap so I know what was actuaally going on. Thanks kola. By the way I’ve been reading your recaps since mary stayed out all night, (I love geun-geun couple) your recaps are awesome! Thanks again.

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