Written Preview for Episode 19 of 49 Days

This will be the second to last written preview I bring for 49 Days, which is bittersweet, much like how this drama makes me feel. I’ve ended up loving 49 Days so much that it’s earlier bumps now seem so distant. I won’t hazard a guess as to how this drama will end, only that I am expecting to cry another bucket of tears, hopefully all happy rather than sad.

Written preview for episode 19:

Kang, upon hearing that Ji Hyun miraculously regained consciousness, rushes to her side. Because of the past awkwardness between them, Ji Hyun greets Kang and simply says that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Kang is disappointed to discover that Ji Hyun has no memory of the past 49 days.

On the other hand, his Scheduler term is almost complete, and Yi Soo wants to see Yi Kyung. Yi Kyung suddenly receives a strange letter that falls from above. The letter says “An invitation from Yi Soo”, giving Yi Kyung a major shock.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by 49 Days Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 19 of 49 Days — 43 Comments

  1. Next wednesday could not get here any faster……I finally watched episode 18 yesterday and have been thinking about it all day today from the minute I woke up….I haven’t even started on any of the May trendies despite the fact that my exams are over and I’ve been dying to watch Best Love forever, simply ‘cuz I wont be able to focus on any of them right now

  2. wow wow wow!!!! thanks for the quick update! i am sooooooo looking forward to seeing the story of Yi Soo and Yi Kyung! can’t wait~

  3. woot woot…
    its the last week of 49 days…
    I am actually wondering if Nam Gyuri can create the chemistry that we see between Lee Yo Won & Jo Hyeon Jae cause though i love the flashbacks to their highschool times I still think that the young JiHyun and hankang are kinda flat.

    • Me too. I’m really curious if NGY can create a chemistry to JHJ since from the beginning i used to see LYW and JHJ together and their great chemistry. It’s funny that i prefer LYW and JHJ ended up together since i can’t take looking NGY’s younger face over my Han Kang.

  4. Thank you for this preview… can’t wait to see how it all ends. I hope the ending for YS and YK is good. I feel sooo sad for them. They were really sweet together when YS was alive. I’m so glad that Sunday’s there is Love You, M-T there is LTM and W-T there is BL and almost over 49 days. It helps to have a variety of series going on. Otherwise, how could wait soo long – 49 days – fighting!! Glad the ratings have been pretty good. btw – i have watched ep 5 of LY – 3 times already – JX & XR super crack me up. 🙂

  5. Thanks ockoala, yet again! I watched episode 18 yesterday in the wee hours of the morning, crying buckets too – when Kang left and Ji-Kyung was so devastated, when Ji-Hyun says goodbye to her parents, when Ji-Hyun’s mom and Seo-woo were crying over Ji-Hyun, when Yi-Kyung opens the present from Ji-Hyun. Goodness, that episode was so heartbreaking indeed. Can’t believe it’s almost over. A strange letter from above? Whoa! Another surprise! This show really is full of unexpected things until the end I’m awed! My gosh, what’s going to happen with the Scheduler and Yi-Kyung? How in the world will they meet? In a dream? In person? In another dimension? Soul to soul? Flesh to … uh soul? So gripping! Thinking about it makes me breathless! My, I can’t wait to read your recap on Thursday morning!

  6. i read somewhere that either minho or kang will die in the end of the drama…. scheduler received the last list of dead what will be with him to ride the last escalator

      • yeah,not han kang….it would be really disappointing…this is fantasy so the ending should be happy…

      • Han Kang andwae…. we want all be Happy Ending but for my feeling and guessing …the ending Even Han Kang, Ji Hyun, Yi Kyung, Yi Soo, Min Hoo, In Jung…. They will not match each other but they found their DESTINATION where they belong to

    • Probably Min Ho will be killed by the guys who threatened him, Yi Soo will take over his body, and he will live happily with Yi Kyung, building their dreamhouse with MH’s money ! 🙂

  7. thanks so much Koala !!

    i can’t believe the show is almost over.. gonna miss 49 Days!!!

    and that Envelop?? Love Letter comes from the sky?
    haha… so excited !!!
    i smell a very beautiful and sweet momments when our SONGs meet !! <3

    Love Love Love

  8. wow….ive got goosebumps again!!!!!cant wait for wednesday and thursday!!!but i dont wanna end this… 🙁

  9. Kang’s death will be the worst ending ever and it doesn’t make any sense why he should die where the final conflict, Ji Hyun’s memory loss, is intriguing enough.

    I awalys think that Min Ho’s evil scheme will not be discovered till the every end. Ji Hyun will wake up, forgets about her fiancee affair and proceed to their wedding. But since her parents already know what kind of jerk he is, there is no way they will let Ji Hyun marry Min Ho.

    • i guess ji hyun won’t forget minho’s true color since before the accident, she saw minho and in jung in the car while he was kissing in jung’s hand, if i’m not mistaken.

  10. omo!!! i was looking forward for a recap of drunken to love you but instead, you’re sharing us this written preview of 49 days which made me die of anticipation for thursday to come. thank you so much, my awesome koala. 😀

    btw, i hope you’ll post the recap of dtly soon. sorry, am i asking too much?


    Now on 49 Days….I honestly don’t care about YK and YS. Yeah I admit they were sweet together but right now all I wanna see is Han Kang and Ji Hyun and how they’re gonna fall in love once again, how is he going to make her remember.

  12. huhuhu, poor Kang! How could Ji Hyun fall in love with him in two episodes??? They had not even kissed yet, huhuhu!

    Even then, I’m not worried, because Ji Hyun knew about Min Ho and In Jung before the accident.

    Kang Ah, fighting!

  13. Awwww poor kang 🙁
    ji hyun has to rmbr somehow and fall in love with kang n the 2 upcoming
    episodes!!!! If not, I’m gna be soo sad
    I’m also reli curious as to what yi soo’s wish was
    ahhhh I cnt wait for wed ^^

  14. I watched again the last 2 episode this time with the English sub..I don’t want to do any guessing games because whatever the ending is ,it will be a most enjoyable drama that I have watched..I will keep a copy of the disc for my collection and keep watching it because of Lee Yo Won,can’t she did a good job acting both characters . Nam Gyu Ri is very appealing the way she and Lee Yo Won acting together..The writer is very good..and you are doing a good job at reviewing the episodes..Thank You ..your blog will be my place to visit often .Till this Wednesday..Waiting in anticipation<3

  15. Can’t wait for wednesday… how sad is Kang that he rushed to see JH.. only realized that JH is so distance and didn’t remember him at all… I am hoping that some memory that JH shared with JY would remain somehow… also kind wait what happen to YS/YK and would is the letter?!? who is in the last name in Schedule’s list? I am thinking is YK..

  16. i guess han kang and ji hyun will live happily ever after..that s how it seems, and that s what i hope..
    but i m more interested in YS/YK’s story..i think they should be given another chance someway..they love each other so much..ys even in death lived for her *sobs*..usually i don t like overly sweet couples, but they have something so poignant and beautiful,and at the same time so painful, for the way things ended up..it just breaks my heart..i would be left with such a bittersweet feeling if they weren t happy too at the end of the drama..it would be too cruel..i m hoping for a miracle 😀

  17. i wish for a happy ending for the Songs…reincarnation of YS or he be given another lease of life on earth (this is fantasy, anyway)….and a happy ending also for JH and HK…can’t wait for the last 2 episodes already but will miss this drama…but, im glad that there are other beautiful kdramas..best love, lie to me, cant you hear my heart, my love by my side…

  18. Oh, I hope Yisoo is not taking over Kang’s body. It can’t be. No. I want Kang & Jihun, Yisoo and Yikun to live a beautiful fairtale. Why must there be a bittersweet ending? I can’t believe this.

  19. Ji Hyun remember Han Kang if she look or focus to the “PINK ROSES ” that Han Kang bring in the hospital coz that is her fav.flower & color. SYK die, cuz she has a kind of sickness that cannot cure anymore; That’s why she don’t bother anything just like what Ji Hyun told her before. But there are people who love & like SYK , SYS is a good person that he receive the blessing from heaven above.

  20. oh my, I can’t wait for tomorrow night. But then it also saddens me to know that this drama is ending soon. How are they going to sort out the HK-JH memory problem? Most all, what’s going to happen to YS-YK. I really hope for happy ending for both. But this drama has been so good with surprises that I’m afraid for a sad, crying bucketloads of ending. I’m thinking that YS will possess HK’s body and YS and YK will kiss? Will this make sense? Come on Wednesday.

  21. When Ji Hyun use the ” Bracelet ” that came from Han Kang’s mother & the ” Pink Roses “, then it is time to remember one by one. We know all that ” GOD is Just “. So when the is passion, there is glory. For Song & Yi Soo is a “flash-back”, where both stop then they start there again for good.

  22. In my opinion i wish S 2 come back as a human being…like in earlier eps he already told JH abt d other 2 persons who were given 49days to collect 3tears where d 1st person juz give up n d 2nd person might b d 1 who JH met in d later eps which left us dat JH ws d only human being able to collect n return to being human…so i guess 4m mi assumption d granny wil grant S or return him to being a human .meeting up with Y again n living happily ever after again…

    Im not so concerned abt Kang n JH coz they wil natural b together at d end snc its all abt d journey of JH experiencing so she wil rem’ber Kang …im more into Y n S stories so i want more more plz…..

    Tnx koala 4 d preview….n im dying 4 wed-thur to come bt sad dat im gona miss 49drama so muj..:-(

  23. I think she’ll remember, atleast some of it will come back to her, like some of Yi Soo’s memories came back to Scheduler.
    I don’t think Hang kang will die simply cuz it wouldn’t make sense.
    I also don’t think Yi Soo will take over anyone’s body, I think he was meant to die 5 years earlier, or else he’d be given the 49 days too.
    I don’t want Yi Kyung to die cuz it would defeat the purpose of teaching her how to live, move on and enjoy life. I think/hope thats Yi Soo’s last message to her!!!

  24. Oh my God I will not get any sleep tomorrow.. Work + Basketball game and the release of ep 19 raw… OMG what to do????

  25. I hope to see Yi Kyung ending up with any of the three leading actors! Lee Yo Won has that special acting ability to create chemistry with every actors in all the dramas I’ve seen her in it so far… she’s that natural but sophisticated!!! So Ji Hyun can go ahead with the scheduler lah…

  26. SONG CLEAR ALL TO JI HYUN THAT HAN KANG IS A BIG HELP IN THAT TIME OF CRISES. SYS RELEASE THEIR RELATION AS COUPLE BUT NOT HIS ETERNAL LOVE. JUST LIKE , “TILL DEATH DO US PART “. SYS allow Song to be “in love ” again with his blessing for the future & start again in her life without regret.

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