Video Preview for Episode 19 of 49 Days

Okay, I give you all permission to cry right now. No need to wait until actually watching episode 19, you might as well let the tears flow earlier. Maybe we’ll all be so cried out (not to mention severely dehydrated), when we actually watch episode 19 we won’t need to pause every three seconds to blow our nose and wail plaintively. The video preview is out for episode 19 of 49 Days, so have a watch. The rest is just a waiting game to see where the scriptwriter wants to take the story to its logical and fitting conclusion.

Preview for episode 19:

The original preview was disabled, so here is the link for another video preview of episode 19.


Video Preview for Episode 19 of 49 Days — 25 Comments

  1. I believe it’s gonna be a happy ending 🙂
    YK will continue living her life and working for YS’s and her dream 5 years ago. Maybe their February hotel will be build in Haemido 🙂

  2. thank you koala!!!….I already have a full box of tissues ready for tomorrow…hmmm…maybe I should have gotten 2 for Thursday as well??….eitherways I should probably wait and see If I can actually make it to tomorrow cuz right now I’m dying from the anticipation and nerves because I’m scared to death about how this is all going to end…I’m positive (err kinda) that things will end well for our main leads at least based on the writer’s previous works…that said that tidbit with the Scheduler’s last list that was thrown into the last episode is making me particularly nervous…..

    • I agree with you and koala..
      I am also preparing a bunch of tissues to watch the raw and use soulsrebels fast subs…
      mean I just know that I am going to cry buckets full…
      but then again I am also gonna watch tomorrow BEST/greatest love..
      and with that drama I am gonna laugh my heart out..
      so i guess i am gonna cry and laugh tomorrow..
      kekekeke in other words i am gonna be insane tomorrow…

      • “i’m going to be insane tomorrow”
        this is the definition of who i am on wednesdays and thursdays because of 49 days… :]

        a good case of DD(drama depression) will emerge after thursday…

  3. Thanks Koala!!! Im rest assured that you’ll have the recaps early in the morning after Ive opened this sit…hihihi…

  4. Okay the only part that mattered to me was the ending…like OMG what’s gonna happen with YiKyung &YiSoo. I want them to have a happy ending. I would probably most likely dislike this drama if that doesn’t happen. If Lee Yo Won does not get a happy ending cause gosh dayumit she did the most work in this drama playing two different people so she deserves her happy ending xD
    Even if it ends up being Minho whom lets be real majority of us fans are not hoping but &that’s a big but if it does happen I would still be a little happy because she got herself some romance in the end xD

    But I wonder though if someone’s gonna die. I mean Scheduler did get a last person to send off to the elevator so I wonder who it’s gonna be…..
    Man this drama got me confused cause I wanna know what’s gonna happen….&no one can guess the endgame really because this drama just has many surprises.
    Thanks for posting the preview

    • oh &my tears depends on the outcome…i’ll cry if it’s a sad ending or if it’s not the ending i want then i won’t be crying i’ll be upset…….then eventually cry lol

    • you’re rite..
      Lee Yo Won did the most hardwork for 49 Days.
      it’s so pitty if her chacacter got a sad ending.. c’mon…. she did all the hardwork for the sake of other character… so.,.. NO SAD ENDING FOR LEE YO WON !!

  5. koala cant wait for ur recap..coz i really feel that ur recap is much much better than the show itself… 🙂

  6. wait! in the description on the youtube video it said ..
    “you should meet yi kyung before you die right?” said the scheduler grandma ..
    then does that mean SCHEDULER’s gonna die??? :'(

    • Um, Scheduler is already dead. He’s been deader than a doornail since this drama started. That’s why he’s the Scheduler.

      • i know he died but he didnt literally died thats why he became a scheduler cuz he had some unfinished business i was hoping that he would come back to life and have a happy ending with song yi kyung 🙂

  7. Yes!!!! on Fri and Sat (the day when new eps of 49 days comes out — in eng –) i dont have morning classes im soooo relieved and this week is the last week for 49 days
    (getting my tissue box) :'( well at least theres Best love and Lie to me yay 😉

  8. Wow, this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog. Sorry for being a lurker all this time ><
    This is the best K-drama blog there is, thank you for being super awesome.

    I just can't believe the last episode (thank goodness for Drama Crazy).
    I won't give away spoilers, but it was amazing. And I can't believe the end of the episode!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points- I just finished watching and am still in shock.

  9. Now who’s that awesome guy??? Kang-ah, so miss you! There was no internet connection last night and I thought I’d gone mad (and I thought it never occurs in these parts)! Thanks for this ockoala but I will go straight to the recap now….

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