49 Days Episode 19 Recap

Apparently it is possible to write a recap when one’s eyes are nearly swollen shut from all that sobbing and wailing. Good to know. But I wonder what’ll happen tomorrow, when I’ll probably burst a tear duct or something like that. Whatever comes will come, and today’s recap is solely about episode 19 of 49 Days. The production of 49 Days has been on a lockdown this past week to keep spoilers to a minimum, which also fanned the flames of rampant speculation that the story was going for another huge plot twist to end it. Why else for the secrecy, right?

All I know is that today’s episode was both a pay-off and a set-up. It paid off one set of OTP, and set-up another set of OTP. I have no clue what will befall the characters of 49 Days, but since I’m fine with either of the two most likely endings (a conventional happy ending or a shocking reversal of love lines), this just leaves me soaking in the amazing storytelling that has become the hallmark of this drama.

Episode 19 Recap:

Just as Scheduler is about to ship Ji Hyun off on the Great Elevator To the Sky, her necklace glows and in plops two more tears to join the first one. Ji Hyun is stunned, and needs Scheduler to confirm for her that, yep, she got her three tears. With technically about 7 hours to spare, too.

Ji Hyun wonders from whom those tears came from? She doesn’t think she had anyone left willing to cry pure tears for her. Scheduler remarks that it appears Ji Hyun did live a good life, one that touched people. He congratulates her. Ji Hyun asks Scheduler not to reveal the identity of the two people who cried for her. If she knew, maybe she’d live her entire life just loving those three people only. Ji Hyun’s soul fades, and Scheduler’s face gets blurry, as she returns to her body.

In the hospital, right as Seo Woo and Ji Hyun’s parents are sobbing over the doctor’s latest prognosis that Ji Hyun will likely never regain consciousness…..Ji Hyun regains consciousness. This would be funny in an ironic medical malpractice sort of way, but here it’s super fitting and uber touching. Seo Woo notices Ji Hyun’s eyes are open, and the doctor is summoned as the parents are shocked and wildly happy with this reversal of fortune.

Yi Kyung has packed her meager belongings, plus the extra gift box of presents from Ji Hyun, and is getting reading to leave Heaven. The manager comes to summon her to eat but is instead told that Yi Kyung is leaving because there is no more reason for her to remain here. She thanks the manager and leaves. The manager calls Kang and tells him that perhaps they calculated the days wrong, because Yi Kyung just left and said that there was no more reason for her to stay. Kang frets whether this means Ji Hyun is dead?

The doctor is dumbstruck to see this miracle happen. Everyone worries whether Ji Hyun has full mental capacity, and she easily identifies her parents and Seo Woo. Whew, thank god she didn’t come back a 5 year old. Kang is back from the US and driving back to Heaven when he gets a call that Ji Hyun has woken up from her coma.

Yi Kyung goes back to her apartment, looking around at the shabby environs and the emptiness of the place. She sits down in her usual position on her bed mat, with her back against the wall. She looks up and imagines Ji Hyun crouched facing her, chatting away in her usual cheery way.

Kang rushes to the hospital to see Ji Hyun, who is currently getting a follow up medical scan. Ji Hyun’s dad is told that Kang’s dad reviewed the Haemi Island proposal and has decided to invest, a decision made strictly on business terms and not out of sympathy or kindness. Kang congratulates Ji Hyun’s dad on getting Ji Hyun back.

The doctor meets with Kang and Ji Hyun’s dad to discuss Ji Hyun’s recovery. She needs extensive physical therapy for her atrophied muscles, and there may be further problems since the doctor doesn’t understand medically how Ji Hyun could have awoken. He says this is simply a miracle. Ji Hyun’s dad doesn’t care, he’s willing to take a miracle if it means he gets his Ji Hyun back.

Kang heads to see Ji Hyun (finally!), who is currently getting fed some porridge by Seo Woo . Ji Hyun hugs her mom and Seo Woo, grateful to have them in her life, and they are also thankful to have her back. When Kang comes into the room, Ji Hyun greets him cordially and asks if he’s visiting because he heard the news that she woke up? She says that they haven’t seen each other in some time (which is a very casual and somewhat distant way to greet an acquaintance).

Ji Hyun’s mom wants to explain all that Kang did for Ji Hyun during her coma, but suddenly Ji Hyun asks why Min Ho and In Jung have not come to visit her. Mom lies that Min Ho is in Europe on a business trip, and In Jung hasn’t been told of Ji Hyun’s awakening yet. Mom takes Kang and Seo Woo outside and asks them to keep what happened recently from Ji Hyun, who she worries cannot handle the shocking revelations in her current weakened state. Kang realizes now that Ji Hyun came back only with her memories prior to the accident.

At the office, Min Ho gets strange looks from co-workers, and is finally told that his fiancée woke up from her coma. Min Ho goes to see Yi Kyung, walking into her apartment using her key that he got from the landlord. Yi Kyung informs Min Ho that Ji Hyun is awake and never going to be back here again, and Min Ho responds that he already knows. He’s here to give her back the key, and tell her that he paid for the rent and the lease is under her name. Yi Kyung tells Min Ho to leave and never be confused again because she is not Ji Hyun.

Ji Hyun is bonding with her parents at the hospital, hearing that they have stayed by her side during her entire ordeal. She wonders why Kang is still hanging around and not leaving yet. Her parents explain that Kang did a lot for them while she was unconscious, such as bringing her fresh flowers and paying a lot of attention to her. Ji Hyun thanks Kang, but wonders why he suddenly changed. Isn’t it that a person changes suddenly only when they are about to die?

Kang reveals to the manager that Ji Hyun doesn’t remember him or what happened during the past 49 days. While the manager worries this means Kang’s back to his unrequited love again, Kang is simply grateful that Ji Hyun woke up. But when he is alone and thinks back to what happened in the past 49 days, Kang can’t help but ask of Ji Hyun “how can you not remember?”

Yi Kyung is sitting in her apartment, waiting for Yi Soo to come as he promised, asking him to hurry. Yi Soo sits next to her but she can’t see him. Kang comes to see Yi Kyung, telling her that Ji Hyun woke up. Yi Kyung is genuinely happy. Kang offers her a job to keep working at Heaven. Yi Kyung suddenly remembers and goes to grab the bracelet. Yi Kyung hands the bracelet back to Kang, telling him that it belonged to Kang’s mom, and Ji Hyun asked Yi Kyung to make sure Kang got it back. Kang wants to know how Ji Hyun got it, but Yi Kyung doesn’t know.

Min Ho receives news from his cohort that their take-over scheme is not going accordingly to plan. Min Ho goes to see his supposed spy waiter from Heaven and finds out that Kang went to his dad and got a back-up investment capital for the project. Min Ho demands to know why he wasn’t told, and the waiter was clearly a pretend spy because he tells Min Ho to buzz off.

In Jung had texted Min Ho to come and eat with her, but he’s too overwhelmed dealing with his scheme unraveling that he doesn’t join her. In Jung goes by herself to the small restaurant that Min Ho’s mom loved, and she eats by herself, crying and chewing, as the world continues to pass her by. Min Ho goes to a bar with his lackey, Ji Hyun’s dad’s driver, and commiserate over how everything just fell apart at the end.

In Jung goes to Min Ho’s apartment to tell him that she is planning to leave Seoul. He’s not happy to see her, but tells her that she can call him if she ever needs him. She apologizes to him. At the hospital, Ji Hyun is demanding that In Jung be told, because she would come immediately if she knew Ji Hyun was awake. Her mom tries to stall, which is when Kang arrives bearing cake and flowers. Kang takes Ji Hyun down to her physical therapy.

Ji Hyun tells Kang that she’s not comfortable with him hanging around her so much. Kang asks her what it feels like to come back to life, and Ji Hyun confesses it feels great. Kang’s happy that she’s back as well. Kang tries to dig further, asking Ji Hyun if she remembers anything during her coma state. Did she dream? Was Kang ever in her dreams? Ji Hyun begs exhaustion and wants to go back and rest. Min Ho the perpetual lurker hides and watches Kang push Ji Hyun back inside the hospital.

Ji Hyun’s mom and Seo Woo go to bring In Jung to see Ji Hyun. In Jung begs that she can’t go, but Ji Hyun’s mom and Seo Woo are unmoving – they tell In Jung that Ji Hyun doesn’t know anything about Min Ho and In Jung, so she needs to go visit Ji Hyun now as her best friend. When In Jung arrives, Ji Hyun asks to speak with her alone.

Ji Hyun tells In Jung that she’s been asleep for so long, and dreamt quite a bit. One dream was about her engagement day, and how In Jung took off her own shoes and gave it to Ji Hyun when Ji Hyun broke her own heel. A woman’s shoes are her pride, and In Jung easily gave up her pride that day for a friend in need. Ji Hyun closes her eyes and tears fall. She says she is tired and asks In Jung to leave for now. In Jung goes home and sobs her guts out.

Yi Soo is watching Yi Kyung pace her bedroom, and he’s bemoaning the fact that he got stuck with another week of penalty duty. Suddenly his Scheduler sunbae calls him and he zips off to meet Grandma Scheduler. Grandma chides him for being peevish now that his term is almost up. Yi Soo wonders how he can be calm, now that his memory is back and Yi Kyung is right before him, he can’t see her yet because of the one week penalty. Grandma tells him to read the fine print – he got one extra week of duty, but she never said his end-of-term request to see Yi Kyung would also be pushed out one extra week? This means Yi Soo can see Yi Kyung today!

Yi Kyung is looking through her box of memories from Yi Soo when suddenly an invitation pops up out of nowhere. It’s an invitation from Yi Soo, and Yi Kyung primps and styles herself before she heads out to meet him.

Yi Soo is waiting for her at the park, and when she sees him, they walk towards each other. Yi Soo tells her “Song Yi Kyung, it’s been a long time, and yet you haven’t changed one bit”. Yi Kyung touches his face, and asking him if it’s true that he’s really here? She hugs him and starts to cry.

Yi Kyung has so many questions, wondering how this is possible, and why he waited so long to come now? Yi Soo only can tell her he came as soon as it was possible. He takes her away and tells her to do whatever he says for the day. Yi Soo takes Yi Kyung on a ride on his motorcycle, and the first place they go is the very location where he died.

Yi Soo finally speaks his heart – he felt constrained and so he turned to music to seek freedom and change, always believing that Yi Kyung was his home and he could always go back to her even if he fooled around with other girls casually. Yi Soo tells Yi Kyung that he didn’t know how to tell her what he really felt in his heart, so that day he bought a ring to express his love for her. He pulls out the ring and puts it on her finger, and he pulls out the matching ring and puts it on his finger.

Their next stop is an amusement park, a place they never could go because they had no money. Yi Soo remembers promising to take Yi Kyung here on her birthday, so this is a belated wish come true. They go on rides and buy matching bunny ears and take a picture of wearing it. Afterwards, Yi Kyung once again asks where they are headed next, which makes Yi Soo smile that she is ever the same, always asking what is next. He tells her to just do what he tells her.

They head back to Yi Kyung’s apartment, and Yi Soo asks her to go grocery shopping because he wants to eat a meal that she made. She’s worried that he wants her to go buy food alone, and he promises that this time he will not leave without telling her. He simply has something he needs to do while she goes shopping, and he’ll be done by the time she gets back.

Yi Soo is renovating Yi Kyung’s dingy apartment when Dr. Noh arrives. Dr. Noh asks if Yi Kyung has moved, and is told she’s still living here, the place is just getting renovated. Yi Soo is dismissive of Dr. Noh, and tells him to leave otherwise Yi Soo won’t convey to Yi Kyung that Dr. Noh came by. After Dr. Noh leaves, Yi Soo accuses him of liking Yi Kyung because she’s so pretty, which explains why he keeps coming around.

Yi Kyung comes back with the groceries and can see the entire room renovated. Yi Soo shows himself again and is quite pleased with his handiwork. Yi Kyung wonders why he did this when he’s taking her with him. Yi Soo demurs that even if they stay in this room for one night only, he wants to stay someplace clean. He chides her for living like she did, especially when she used to be a neat freak. That night they lay in bed together, and Yi Soo cannot sleep so he keeps looking at Yi Kyung. He reaches out to caress her face when she awakens.

They decide to go for a walk. Yi Kyung wonders how this can be, when it’s sunny outside and yet she can see and touch Yi Soo, who spend the last day and night with her. He tells her that he is still dead, and he had to wait 5 years to have this chance to see her again.

Yi Soo confesses that he wanted to marry her, that he’s only loved her and no one else. That was what he wanted to say to her before he died. But now what he wants to say has changed. He asks Yi Kyung to let go of him and forget him. Yi Soo tells Yi Kyung that even if she died to be with him, they still can’t be together, because that is what death means.

Yi Kyung cries that it’s too hard for her to be alone, to live like this. Yi Soo asks her to endure for his sake, because he needs to be able to let her go so that he can have another chance to have a happy life again. If Yi Kyung is miserable and wallowing in misery, then Yi Soo cannot be at peace and move on. Yi Soo tells Yi Kyung to throw away the ring now, because it no longer means anything. He wanted to give it to her so that she knew that he loved her when he was alive, so now it’s served its purpose.

Yi Soo takes off his ring and throws it in the lake. Now Yi Kyung knows how precious she was to Yi Soo, and that he did not abandon her. He tells Yi Kyung that she will become someone equally as special to another person. He makes her promise to be happy for his sake, so that he can leave without any further regrets and pain. Yi Kyung tells Yi Soo that she wants him to be happy for her sake as well, and Yi Soo takes off her ring and tosses it in the lake.

Yi Kyung apologizes for leaving her life’s future and happiness up to him, and never paying him back for all that he’s done for her. Yi Soo asks her to pay back her love to the next person she loves. To give everything she has to that person. Yi Kyung sobs and Yi Soo steps forward and kisses her. He breaks the kiss and turns around to walk away. Yi Kyung takes a few steps to follow him, but she stops herself. Yi Soo starts to cry as he continues walking, until finally he disappears from Yi Kyung’s view.

Min Ho goes to visit his mom at the hospital, thinking to himself that all he wanted was to succeed so that he can take his mom away from here. Detectives are here to arrest Min Ho, and he begs for a chance to say goodbye to his mom. Min Ho’s mom’s memory is spotty, but she speak to him and believes that he has become successful. She hugs him, thanking him for not becoming the kind of man his father way. Min Ho’s heart breaks and he starts to cry. His mom watches from the window as Min Ho is led away, but he tries to hid his handcuffed hands from her view.

Yi Kyung lies in bed, despondent but thinking back to what Yi Soo asked of her, and also what Ji Hyun told her about continuing to live her life. Yi Kyung gets up and goes to the hospital. She’s standing in front of Ji Hyun’s hospital room, but ultimately decides not to go in. As Yi Kyung is turning around to leave, suddenly she hears someone calling her Yi Kyung-unni. She turns back to see Ji Hyun has come out of her room. Ji Hyun walks up to Yi Kyung and hugs her, and Yi Kyung returns the hug.

Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun are sitting in the courtyard, and Yi Kyung asks Ji Hyun about her memories. If Ji Hyun remembers Yi Kyung, then why doesn’t she remember Kang? Yi Kyung realizes that Ji Hyun remembers everything, so she asks Ji Hyun why the pretense of not remembering Kang? Ji Hyun looks at Yi Kyung and calmly tells her “because I am going to die soon.” Yi Kyung stares at her in shock.

Thoughts of Mine:

*Is speechless* Well, okay, I guess I ought to try and write something about what I think. The writer has outdone herself once again, taking us up to new heights and then plunging us back to new depths of uncertainty. Do you believe Ji Hyun will die in the final episode? I have no clue. Ji Hyun either believes she’s going to die because she retained the memories of her 49 days, or this is just another feint.

First things first – this episode saw the definitive ending between Yi Soo and Yi Kyung. That’s it for the cutest and most fate-thwarted couple in this drama. I’m not being a spoil sport, but even the most tender of love stories reaches its conclusion, and for these two, the conclusion is a bittersweet one. All those who wonder if Yi Kyung was going to die to join Yi Soo, or Yi Soo was going to resurrect in either his miraculous produced body or take over another person’s body, I’m sorry to say that it’s just not narratively consistent.

Yi Kyung and Yi Soo’s story was always about the clearing up of misunderstandings, the process of saying a proper farewell, and the learning of how to let go. It was never about them getting a miraculous second chance to be a happy couple on earth or in Heaven. I’m glad Yi Soo told Yi Kyung that even if she died, it doesn’t mean she’ll get to be with him. That is not how life and death works. Hallelujah for speaking some hard to accept truths.

It was nevertheless a sob-fest here at Casa de Koala. My crying has reached new dimensions of how much tears can come out of my eyes per second. From the moment Yi Kyung and Yi Soo got their day together, I cried non-stop, smiling and crying because I was so so happy they got to spend the day together. It was both the realization of the final wish between Yi Kyung and Yi Soo, and I’m glad to hear Yi Soo speak the truths that are so difficult to accept.

It was time for both of them to move on – her to keep living, him to get another chance at life. If her purgatory for the last five years was to be a walking corpse, his was to be the Scheduler with no memory of her. They’ve paid their dues, and Yi Kyung needs to know that what kept her from grieving properly for Yi Soo (the misunderstanding that he didn’t love her and abandoned her) has been resolved. Now she can grieve losing Yi Soo, a man who loved her and wanted the best for her. Now she can move on.

Ji Hyun and Kang, sigh, I have no freaking clue what is going to happen between them. If Ji Hyun doesn’t die then these two are going to be together, no question about it. I’m good with that, they’ve earned it. But maybe these two are the counterpart to Yi Kyung and Yi Soo. Maybe Ji Hyun was always supposed to die, and her 49 day quest was akin to Yi Soo’s – she gets to finish unfinished business and help Kang move on……to Yi Kyung. Meaning that Yi Soo and Ji Hyun’s quests are two sides of getting the two people who are not fated to die (Kang and Yi Kyung) together because neither of those two have been able to move on from a love that could never be.

I bet if that happens, Yi Kyung and Kang are the end game, though one that will only happen after a considerable time jump in the final episode. I’ve always wondered what the true purpose of the 49 days quest was, and tomorrow’s episode will answer my question once and for all. If Ji Hyun does die, after she comes back to life, it’ll be a mindblowing plot twist, but one that follows the one adage about mortality that defines the very unfairness of it all.

It would mean that Ji Hyun was always supposed to die, and the accident simply sped up her date with destiny, ergo she got another 49 days to put things back in order, but her time was up nevertheless. Maybe my conjecture is all wrong, and maybe it’s partially right. That doesn’t matter. What matters is how incredibly moving 49 Days has become, making me feel, think, and reflect in the most genuine of ways.


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  1. You are awesome! Ms. Koala! Thank you so much for such a timely recap first thing in a morning (for jet lagged me, it is:)! I’m getting a copy right now. can’t wait to watch it soon.

  2. I cried when watching the last date of YS and YK even though I can’t understand much Korean. The eyes, the touch they gave to each other just so true that I can feel their love and can’t help myself crying for their love. ‘Sometimes life is tough, but we have to move on.’ – maybe that’s the thing I learn from YS&YK story. Now I keep crying again when reading your recap.

  3. THIS, right here, is the fastest recap EVER written. WOW.

    Mrs Koala, you truly deserve a medal. One with a lot of little, glittery Li Yi Fengs, Han Kangs and Moon Geun-Youngs on it!!! Merci beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup!

    • Absolutely, it’s 3.37 am in my country!!! I’m just about to go to bed but okay off to read now 🙂 Thank you.

    • And what if… Ji-hyun was the last person on Scheduler’s list? That would explain so much: 1) He could have forewarned her and she therefore knows she will die in the upcoming week 2) Why Ji-hyun sees Scheduler in the preview.
      It could make sense. I know I will cry buckets if this happens, but as I said earlier, this drama deals with death – and death is obviously not the lightest theme out there. It would be foolish and superficial, imho, to believe that Yi-Soo could have resurected somehow, or to think Ji-hyun could have been coming back to life is so easily.
      I’m all for Ji-hyun dying at the end, as she says, not because I dislike her (far, faaar away from that thought) but because it will carry such a deeper meaning than if she stays alive – and this will be what makes this drama memorable, its ability to differenciates itself from all the fluffy-cute-happy-ending dramas. I know it is enjoyable when all ends well, but 49 Days is more of a lesson of life at this point than a simple entertainment.

      • You’re so right about this drama being more of a life lesson than simple entertainment. I think that’s why I’m okay with however it ends tomorrow. If JH lives and has her happily-ever-after with Kang, then that’s all good; but if she doesn’t, then I still think the ending will be emotionally satisfying, just on another level.

      • yup makes total sense:
        Yi Kyung has to live and move on, know that she was loved, accept that the person she loved died, and move on.
        Ji Hyun who loves life has accepted her fate to die, which is an important development in her character, and also, we don’t always get to live only bcuz we want to or that we are loved. nonetheless, she knows she’s leaving a world where there are 5 ppl who love her unconditionally

      • I think my girlfriend is a gumiho is so similar to this drama but the writers wanted to(how to word this) satisfy/please the audience? , the girl got to live and it was less melodramatic than this drama. I believe that if miho died then it would’ve been more meaningful but now I can see why I’d rather let ji hyun live like miho
        coz the pain is just tooo much
        I’ll be in sooo much denial if ends up dead.
        This drama reminds me of the movie inception
        ‘i never figured that one out’

  4. OMG! That ending had me staring at my computer screen for about 10 minutes with my chin on the floor. Argh! Why can’t tomorrow come faster?? haha.

  5. don’t tell me she’s going to die in a week and she’s going to leave with the scheduler. :[ I have to say Yi kyung is better at showing emotions but i liked kang and ji hyun spirit. Can’t wait for your next recap! Thanks so much!

  6. I felt various emotions throughout YK-YS moments here. Happy (for their reunion), touched (accident scene talking and put the rings), giddy (bunny-ears and take pic, one of the best haha), squeal (lying in bed together wow and the way he touch her face), sad (parting words and the kiss), even laugh at YS jealousy toward dr. Noh (LOL I found this funny. He wants YK to be happy and move on without him but then he still get jealous and claims YK is his).

    Someone in Softy blog said this episode belongs to Yi Kyung and Yi Soo couple. And I 100% agree, they both owned this eps. I don’t know what but I just feel there’s some magnetic pull between them (or rather, JIW-LYW), that makes it such a pleasure to watch their interactions and always wants more.

  7. Thanks for the fast recap! Normally I’m a pretty rabid shipper, but with this drama I’ll be happy with any outcome. I think that the writer and director have sold me on both possible pairings and I’m more interested in the leads finding happiness, whatever that means, than who they end up with.

  8. Ohmy. I just finished watching the episode (no subs & I don’t understand Korean) and cried so much, especially during Yi=kyung and Yi-soo’s scenes ;___; I was trying to distract myself with happy thoughts before I go to bed & thought of checking your site. Thank you so much for being able to post this recap so fast. I think I need another box of Kleenex now that I actually know what happened in the episode.

  9. Thanks for the awesome recap ockoala! I’m with you regarding the ending, I think I’ll be okay either way it goes, and I seriously have no idea how that will be. This writer has done such an excellent job; for the past 11 episodes or so; of keeping me guessing, yet loving every minute of it, that I have no doubt that however it ends, it will make sense narratively and I will bawl my eyes out! I even cried for MH today, that scene in the hospital with his mom….*sniff, sniff*. The only one I didn’t cry for was IJ.

  10. Wow… I was actually only expecting for a preview for tomorrow’s episode but I saw a recap. That was fast Koala! ^^ Thanks!

    This episode made me cry rivers of tears… I feel so sad for Yi Soo and Yi Kyung. Although I’m actually expecting a sad ending for them, it’s still sad to actually see it happening. It’s very heartbreaking. :'(

    The last revelation made me cry more… why is Ji Hyun going to die? Isn’t that very unfair? What’s the sense of getting 3 pure tears (which is a very tough feat) just to die after getting them? Waaaa! You’re making me cry too much drama. ~_~

  11. you know, you probably are write about Ji Hyun’s death to lead kang and Yi Kyung together. The reason is, (I forgot which episode maybe 17), where Yi Soo is trying to teach the next scheduler the ropes, he gets his list of people who are supposed to die… I’m assuming Ji Hyun is on it (otherwise why show that clip, he could have just explained what the phone is for)….

    But personally, I wish she doesn’t die…. thanks for the recap, I really love how you insert your own thoughts along with the recap ^_^!

  12. I couldn’t stop crying throughout Yi Soo and Yi Kyung’s tearful farewell. And it wasn’t just tears streaming down my face. No, it was full on hiccups and all. It was if I had built up all my tears for the last 5 years for that moment. OMG it was so sad.

    Bravo to JIW and LYW for an excellent performance. *clap clap*

    • i agree. it was like second-hand heartbreak. i don’t really hiccup, but my face crunches when i cry really hard.

      another scene that made me cry was minho with his mom. that scene was beautifully and perfectly acted by bae soo bin.

      • yeah, the scene of minho and his mother is very touching one. I cried it also..Bae Soo Bin is a good villain actor. I started also to like him especially when he started to feel love for yi kyung and confused whose the woman actually he loved.

  13. I also think Ji Hyun already knew she would die.

    That is why she was so hopeless at the end of her 49 days and keep asking the scheduler to call the elevator, and that is also why she said she will die at the end of this episode, she knew she would die either in the end of the 49 days or soon! That is why she had no hope… and is doing this to Kang T_T

    I think the 3 tears and 49 days was just to make her leave without regrets. And I can bear a end like this one.

  14. Thank you so much for the fast recapping! Just finished watching it raw and feeling drained from all that crying…

    I totally agree with your theories for the ending. It’s one or the other… personally I think we might get that “shocking reversal of love lines”. I don’t think Ji Hyun is simply guessing that she’s going to die because she remembers her 49 days, she seems quite sure of it. Also, did it occur to anyone that the Scheduler-in-doctor-outfit scene in the preview, might just be a flashback? The machine beside Ji Hyun in that scene looks like the head/body scanner that she underwent earlier in today’s episode. She might have already met him…

    OK, no more speculating! I better get some sleep, or try to… *sniffs*

  15. If you see the Tudou raw version, Yi Soo, alias Scheduler, is a medical professional and
    JH is apparently going to undergo a MRI/CT Scan. Can this be YK’s second chance at love because JH is in shock when she sees him and she might introduce them before her apparent demise.

  16. Thanks Koala. You really are the best when it comes to delivering the recaps fast. I enjoyed the read and can’t wait to see this episode on TV. I live in Hawaii so they’re on episode 5 or 6 right now. It’s gonna take awhile to get here, but it’ll definitely be worth it. 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for the very fast recap as always, ockoala!!! My goodness! I’m crying, speechless. Just reading this made me cry. Oh my, my, my. Okay, so Yi-Kyung is moving on now, gosh, the two days with Yi-soo is well, I don’t know, I felt relieved and yet so sad. Looking at these photos made me really feel for Yi-soo. It pains me so much really. And Kang, my Kang-ah. I feel so sad for him too. Oh my goodness. Ji-Hyun is going to die? Another surprise from the writer again (a real shocking surprise, that one)! Gosh this is just so sad I’m crying again. Yes, like you said, the very unfairness of it all. Who says life (and now death) is fair, anyway. Oh dear. I just hope Kang and Yi-kyung end up happy together. Thanks again ockoala!

  18. Thank you for the great recap! I can’t wait for the next recap tomorrow! I hope that Kang will end up with Ji-Hyun. It would be too sad if they didn’t end up together…:(
    I <3 Kang!!! 🙂 <3

  19. first of all thanks for the fastest recap, the first thing i do in the morning is to find koala recaps hehehehe. well is out of my expectation that Ji-Hyun will die but i agree with ockoala that the writer must be set Kang and Yi-kyung end up together and Ji-Hyun is ride an elevator with Yi-Soo. but still i’m hoping that Ji-Hyun will end up with Kang and Yi-Kyung with Dr. Noh ( since he seems like her so much and because he who saved her from her suicide attempt). But if i think i would satisfied even if the ending is Kang and Yi-Kyung end up together. anyways thanks again for the fast recap ockoala, can’t wait for the final recap.

  20. Thanks so much for the recap..

    YK and YS’s farewell is so bittersweet… I am glad that they clear their misunderstanding and know how much they love each other… the way YS to encourage YK to move on show how selfless he is and how much love he has for YK…

    so I guess the last person on the scheduler/YS’s list might have been JH and that’s why he looked shock?!? If that’s the case, he has already known that she would get her 3 tears at the end of 49 days….

    I would like to guess that YK will end up with K because YK know quite a bit of K during the time when JH was in her body….. but with 1 episode left.. the pairing must be a little rush?!? may be i should hope that JH did not die… for the way the writer is going with the script.. i think i should not guess.. because she has a way to create surprises… either way it end… 49 days has been one excellent drama.. it’s one that I will remember for a long time and definitely gonna be in my top list.

  21. Awww thanks koala, reading your recaps straight brought me to tears.
    I guess my beginning might come true after all. I always thought that Kang &YiKyung will end up together its just they needed time to let go of their loves so they can move on. &from what I’ve just read it looks like it’s gonna happen.
    I think Ji Hyun is gonna die. I think she is really Scheduler’s last person to send off &I think she knows that. So her pretending to not remember Kang is her way of trying to get him to let her go so she can die in peace.
    I honestly think the main moral of this drama is that you have a limit time on this earth, you don’t really know when your time is up so it’s better to make your peace with those you love &not to hold onto hate &just live your life. That way when you do die you’ll be happy to know that you left with no regrets.
    Yi Soo was given his second chance to clear things with YiKyung &have her let him go so she can live on &Ji Hyun is given her second chance to make sure her family is well off &the ones she loves will be able to move on as well.
    Gosh this drama really sucks if your the type that wants happy ending for all OTPs lol

    I’ve always wanted Kang &YiKyung as the endgame &I think they might go that route but then showing YiSoo &YiKyung’s love story just makes me want them but realistic speaking it can’t happen. YiSoo is dead so there is no way his body can just miraculously comeback. The story was always just that chance to clear the misunderstanding &learn to let go &live on….

    Dayum I still so sad. I think they are gonna do the time gap, that way making it easier for Kang &YiKyung to be together if they are going that route.
    Which will go back to the main thing I’ve always learned about Kdramas &that is the main actor &actress will always be the endgame. LYW & JHJ are the main stars so it was only destine that their characters will be together. UNLESS it’s one of those twisted, melodramas that is meant for everyone to die or somewhat lol

  22. I have to stop reading many time because 1) I was in the office and people keep coming in and out-wondering what’s wrong with me 2) I couldn’t see the words as the tears blurred my vision-it wouldn’t stop and 3)I have to read again the parts of YS-YK reunion. It’s tearing my heart apart to know that this is the conclusion of their love and relationship. This reunion part actually reminded me of the jmovie”Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu” (I give you my first love) and I cried bucket there over and over even though I already watched it more than 10 times.

    Ok my take in this is. When JiHyun spoke to S about giving up 3 days for 3 hrs of being with Kang as Ji Hyun, I think that wish is granted because of how she lived her life selfless and pure. The Almighty One granted her 7 more days in exchange to her spare 7 hours. The reason why she remembered the 49 days is because she will die. She will only get her wish to spent time with Kang as JH, say proper farewell to her family, make IJ see that she still loves her and that IJ truly loved her to even give up her shoes for JH. As for MH, I don’t know what closure he will get with JH but they will surely speak. I’m alos happy that YK received her closure and she sure learned her lesson. From now, she will look into the future and I wish her happiness with whomever she will end up with-HK, Noh or MH.Even though I want JH to live and have happy ever after with HK for entertainment sake, I think the lesson behind this drama is more deep and this is something I will take with me and will always remember. I truly truly love this drama and I thank the writer, PD, staff and the whole cast for giving me this wonderful wonderful drama.

    • And thank you ockoala for bringing us prompt recaps of this drama. I’m really glad you didn’t give up on this.

  23. “Ji Hyun thanks Kang, but wonders why he suddenly changed. Isn’t it that a person changes suddenly only when they are about to die?

    Oh, no God, please!!! No Kang ah!!!! Am I reading to much into this???

  24. Well, we also have to remember that Ji Hyun isn’t the brightest of bunnies. And also that Scheduler can play in the real world when he wants to. So, we are all pretty sure SOMEONE will die – the Scheduler looking at the list sort of implied that. The big mystery being why Ji Hyun remembers the 49 Days….

    I’m betting on Min Ho dying, in some nicely redemptive way. Ji Hyun dying doesn’t seem fair to Kang. But then, life isn’t fair. ::sobs:: ::looks at watch, ponders watching live…..::

  25. Thanks for the recaps. The ending of this episode hit me and left me in a daze in front of the screen with my mind jumbling inside with confusion. Aigoo~ -_-”
    If Kang and Yikyung ended up together, it would take all my love from the drama away. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both but if that happens, then their pure love for Jihyun and Yisoo, respectively, would not mean anything. Besides, they would only live on a love that would be a comfort for them both for the loss of their true loves. But I can still accept that if a few years will pass from Jihyun’s would-be death (coz I’m still in denial of what will happen). But really?! I want Kang and Jihyun to be together!!! Kang deserves that.

    • jihyun deserves it too,they both deserve to be together….hope the ending will prove that indeed this is a fantasy drama!!!!we want a happy ending..

  26. I’ve been reading your recaps of many dramas for awhile now…and, I’ve never taken the time to thank you for them. So, thank you, for such a great job, and for being so gracious with your time and sharing that with all of us!

  27. wow…God knows how much I wanted my tears to flow..but because Im in office right now, I cant and before doing any work,I opened your site.And Im right telling you yesterday that you’ll be the first to do the recpas (that’s why im excited!). Damn, my heart is aching already trying to prevent my tears from flowing because my colleagues would tease me..hihihi… Im so thankful that you always provide us with fresh recaps early everyday..

    I also think that Yi Kyung and Han Kang will end up together but maybe in a given reasonable amount of time…But who knows? Dang! Such a cliff hanger indeed!

  28. Thank you for the speedy recaps! I agree with you on your theories as to what the ending might be. From the very start, I always felt that a second chance for Ji Hyun only meant settling her unfinished business. And this holds true for the Scheduler. I always believed that souls stay on when they still have matters to settle. When a person dies unexpectedly they have to resolve things so that they will be able to have an acceptance of death and that they can move on peacefully. Once soul cannot move on peacefully into the next life if there are loved ones who still hang on to them. There will be no peace for that wandering soul. We all know that with life there will always be death. We just don’t know when.

    I also believe that people who have loved greatly are more likely to love again. Life never turns out exactly like we want it to. And the potential for Kang and Yi Kyung to love again was always there from the very first episode. They just needed to take that journey in order to get to the next chapter of their lives.

    If Ji Hyun should die, I will not be disappointed. In fact this is the most logical and more realistic end. During her 49 days she was able to live, love and forgive the people most dear to her. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that the reason she remembers everything (when she logically shouldn’t) was because she was just given a chance (much like the Scheduler) to say her goodbyes. Whether the last two tears were really from Seo Woo and Yi Kyung or they were just there to give her that last chance to bid her farewell, I hope we get a clearer idea during the last episode. I too was mindful of that last list of people to die that the Scheduler received on his cellphone. I always felt he saw Ji Hyun’s there, but he did not reveal it. I also feel that it is a dying person who knows best when the end is near. Somehow our souls know when the time comes.

    Should Ji Hyun live to have her happy ending, I really wouldn’t mind. But then this drama just becomes another fairytale story.

    Sorry for the long post 🙂

  29. Ok… i cried!
    i merely read the parts i was interest about and CRIED! like a baby!
    i dont see the drama and even then with your recaps i can feel like i see it forever!
    love it!!!! thank u so much 4 your work :D!
    i want to see now how this is going to end…

  30. I’m also okay with however it ends tomorrow, this writer-nim (So Hyun Kyung) is effing good, she’s outdone herself with this drama. btw is it a she or a he?

    At first since I like the chemistry between LYW and JHJ, I kept thinking about the possibilities how their character gonna end up together which of course include JH doesn’t get her tears+YK&YS proper goodbye+a year time jump+YK&HK meets again.

    Then I realize that if this story is about “true love conquers all” o_O, then it will be HK+JH we gonna see walking toward the horizon in the end, although it would be totally awesome if the writer gives us a major twist, people think that this is a story about “true love conquers all” in fact it is about “second chance”, then it will be HK+YK indeed. I prefer the latter since the first though it is a great theme but it’s too “fairytale”, but the latter is indeed carries more real lessons for the viewer, losing a loved one (which we’re all going to experience one day) and move on. This kinda real theme is uncommon in kdrama.

    but again, I’m also okay with however it ends tomorrow, so don’t shoot me JH+HK shippers 🙂

  31. Oh my gosh! Thanks so so so so so much! 🙁 this is so sad.. I can’t wait til tomorrow to watch it. I’m going to cry my eyes out! This writer is just trying to give me a heart attack! lol

  32. O!!! M!!! G!!!

    this episode really had me sobbing with the YiKyung and Yisoo moments…
    I mean, all my tissues are gone and i still cant get over crying and replaying their scenes together…
    I loved how they did all the things they wanted together from proposing, playing at the carnival, eating together then lastly saying their FINAL goodbye…!!!

    But the cliff hangar, it so getting up my butt like a very irritating wedggy…
    OMG what will happen tomorrow!!!

  33. Thank you for the fast recaps! Gosh, I was crying and smiling the whole time, couldn’t believe that felt satisfying.

  34. I don’t know! I mean, I always knew Dr. Noh liked her and from the scheduler’s remarks makes it seem it’ll be with Dr. Noh. I’m holding out for YK and him and JH/Kang. UGHHHHHH

    thanks again for the recaps!

  35. There are things that no matter how much we wanted but can never be ours.. and that love does not always end when your first love lost..there’s always 2nd chances in life..what matters most is how you live that life and the lives that you’ve touched…. that’s the lesson we refuse to admit yet so true.

  36. “What matters is how incredibly moving 49 Days has become, making me feel, think, and reflect in the most genuine of ways.”

    I had the same feeling. Watching the scene where YiSoo and YiKyung were reunited was a real tear jerker scene. I wondered about how great and miraculous it would be if anyone of us could meet our loved ones that have passed just once to say things that we never said when they were alive and how we should cherish our time with the ones we love. We should never be quick to judge or let anger overcome us and say or do things that we’ll regret.

    This writer is amazing. Some of us cry as we watch dramas after watching a sad scene or when two lovers reuniting, but I think for the first time as viewers some of us cried because this episode touched the deepest parts of our hearts and soul; thinking about the loved ones that we have lost. It’s hard to touch people that deeply and I think that the writer did it in the most creative way.

    This isn’t a typical Korean drama. It’s easy to just take a folklore, comic, etc and make a drama, but it isn’t easy to add your own spin and make it work so that the viewers like it. 49 Days is probably one of the best Korean dramas of 2011 hands down.

  37. “It would mean that Ji Hyun was always supposed to die, and the accident simply sped up her date with destiny, ergo she got another 49 days to put things back in order, but her time was up nevertheless.”……I think this is the accurate reason why at the end HK and YK will be together if JH does die. I really love you Unnie Ockoala for such a fast and wonderful recap. I’m always lurking here since Playful kiss time and this is my 2nd drama i love after PK..I started to love JHJ and LYW now hehe as i love KHJ & JSM.

  38. Thank u so much for the fast recap ockoala!!!!! I understand few words in korean so your recaps are as wonderful as reading the actual subtitles after watching the episode in raw mode…hahahaha…. I usually never cry while watching a drama but the YS and YK moments got me crying a bucket; my eyes are swollen and I got a headache from all that crying….. but I enjoyed every minute of this episode…….. it was truly heartbreaking but existential in a good way. I’m glad YS got to say YK that he loved her and got to say goodbye. Their goodbye kiss was truly “pulse-breaking beautiful”. On the other hand, I’m worried about JH… In my view if she dies it will be truly unfair and cruel yet nevertheless it can also be a fitting ending for this kind of drama since it isn’t about happy ever after but about living each day to the fullest, loving, and learning to live and die.

    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode seems endless!

  39. If Jihyun pass away at the end…..I just have to say:

    God must of love her so much, he wanted her next to him… to remind him everyday that there are truly human beings out there with a PURE HEART just like Jihyun.

    I love how Jihyun “asks Scheduler not to reveal the identity of the two people who cried for her. If she knew, maybe she’d live her entire life just loving those three people only.” Instead, she chose to not know & continue to love everyone.

  40. Thanks for the speedy recap 🙂 I cannot understand a single thing watching the raw clips but this recap just cleared it up 😀 The YK-YS scenes just breaks my heart but I was happy at the same time that they have cleared out their understanding. I felt bad for HK though because he thinks that JH doesn’t remember her.

    Anyway, whatever the outcome is, I’ll be happy. This drama has given so many twists and surprises that I’m just enjoying this ride! Kudos to the writer & actors:D I’ve never seen such well-written, well-acted K-Drama in a long time. I also agree that this drama is giving so many life lessons that one should remember while living. It’s not just some cute rom-com story (though I love those too).

    Can’t wait for Episode 20! Gosh I can’t do what I’m suppose to do right now because I’m thinking too much of what will happen next! This is just proof of how much 49 Days is so amazing… it doesn’t allow to function properly! 😛

  41. I also cried a lot seeing the Yi Soo & Yi Kyung scenes, they were so beautiful & so sweet together at the same time so SAD that they have to separate again. But I am happy that Yi Kyung can move on. So sweet of Yi Soo to think about her & to encourage her to live a happy life. Both LYW & JIW were AWESOME!!! Their great acting made their love story impressive & extraordinary.

    49 days is a great drama, thumbs up to the writer & PD. I enjoyed this drama & learned many things.

  42. Thank you for the recap. The ending is such a twist.

    It doesn’t really make any sense that the drama will put Kang and YK together. There has not being any romantic scene between the two, no history at all. The body of YK and Kang has being together, but that’s it. Kang was still dating Ji Hyun although in a bizarre way.

    I think YK and the doctor will be together. It doesn’t make much sense for him to be in almost every episode and only wanting to help YK but not have some feelings for her. Even the scheduler picked that up.

    Oh please don’t let Ji Hyun die…

  43. the ending of this epi is so unpredictable..

    earlier i hv predicted YK to end with NOH and JH with HK…
    but after watching this epi.. *i hv no idea at all*
    come what may.. and enjoy the last epi…
    49 days definitely made it to my top 3 drama list..

    p/s thanks again ms koala for the speedy recaps..

  44. I adore/love this drama from the beginning to the end… although I know some might find the pace was slow at first, all the interactions/speeches/relationships were necessary and meaningful.

    Even minho, despite his setup to destroy the company, I do have some sympathy for him.
    Injung ah, blinded by love but she turned around in the end.
    Maybe it’s just me, I find all the antagonists aren’t quite the commonly found antagonists in kdrama. They have flaws in their personalities. They act selfishly and they are not rare species or human beings that you often encounter in the real world. It’s never clear that one is bad or good. There is always a gray area. IJ and MH portrayed their characters quite well. They are not good like angels but they are extremely bad either. It makes even harder to wish them saying goodbye to all the good things.
    It’s been a nice and good ride. The story held together nicely…tomorrow is the last day…

  45. What???? They are long lost sister? “SOULS “He said She was just there to make sure she retrieve her long lost sister who believe she was being abandon by what she thought her real parents…sad:)Injung is an instrument to keep her sister get reunited with her family and and will a find true friend that will truly cherish her…and may become his new true love one day……too many twisted and real fairy tale ending.

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