Four Top Models and a Kim Jae Wook in the June Edition of Elle Korea Magazine

Do you see the Top Models? I don’t. All I see when I look at these photos from the June edition of Elle Korea are Kim Jae Wook. I think there are leggy ladies in the pictures with him, but I can’t pry my eyes away from him to confirm that. Kim Jae Wook attended a book release for the just-published fashion tome Top Model, which chronicles the high fashion industry in Korea. The same models who were featured in the book have been photographed with Kim Jae Wook for Elle Korea, and I’m not just fangirling when I say he’s the prettiest model in all the stills. I need him back on my TV screen sooner rather than later.

So the sly photographer keeps shoving Jae Wook further and further into the back, but that only makes me zoom in with more clarity to see him. Dude, your evil plan so backfired. Leggy vogue models are a dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Kim Jae Wook.

[Credit: Elle Korea]


Four Top Models and a Kim Jae Wook in the June Edition of Elle Korea Magazine — 20 Comments

  1. I love him so much Tooo, So sad she didn’t get mary but well it was Jang Geun Seuk after all sooo 😛 I hope he comes with a new drama soon Please 😀

  2. Oooh la la! Thanks ockoala! This is a real treat in this so stressful Monday! I never imagined that I miss the guy until I saw these photos (well, probably because there’s Jo Hyun Jae mwa ha ha, but now 49 Days is so over, will miss him too!).

    “Leggy vogue models are a dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Kim Jae Wook.”

    Hear! Hear! … So. True. =)

  3. Agree with you ockoala! Kim Jae Wook looks great at these pictures, and he is the one to look at. I loved him at M3, he did such a great job there! After my favorite Geun GeunC, he is the one who intrigues me. He is a great model, a singer and an actor, and it looks like he has a nice personality. After watching some M3BTS I began like him more and more.

  4. KJW, even shoved all the way in the back and not even looking at the camera, still has more charisma than all the other four put together. But to be fair, he’s been at it a lot longer than they have.

    But who am I kidding? KJW!!!! Please come back to us!

  5. have u seen his Hedwig pics? he can’t do a woman….not even with a 1000 operations … at least not in this century…. but Ohhhh my he’s the prettiest of them all as a guy….

  6. *delurk mode*

    woah!!! my wookie!!! 100% agree with you, ockoala…. and thank you so much for this. miss him a lot <3<3<3

    KJW…. FTW!!!

  7. I loved everything you wrote right there. Every picture.. First objective is to find Kim Jae Wook and then stare ~~ lol Seriously, I was thinking the exact same thing as he faded more to the background (stupid photograper, you can’t fool me/us.. pshhh)

  8. can’t see the top model as well.. my eyes zoomed in to KJW understated hotness…

    oh KJW, if only you weren’t sharing the screen with Geun Suk, I would’ve appreciated much more of you in MMM 😀

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