Sunny Happiness Includes Added Helipad Proposal Scene in Final Episode of TW-Airing

The final episode of Taiwan’s airing of Sunny Happiness is this Sunday night. I haven’t been keeping up with the TW-airing of SH since I’ve watched the darn drama three times now. I know there were cut scenes from the China airing that were added back for the TW-airing, most notably the entire wedding night scene, but now its been revealed that the final episode will contain a proposal scene that was shot at a helipad.

Apparently the proposal scene was supposedly to take place on a helicopter, which was scrapped because bad weather and permitting problems prevented the helicopter from taking off. Instead the scene was filmed next to the helicopter (see above where the lovebirds stare into each others eyes all wistfully), leading both Mike He and Janine Chang to pout because they were all excited to act lovey dovey in the air.

Raise your hands if you miss Yong Yong and Yun Jie. *memememe* I’m totally watching the final episode of SH tomorrow. Sadly I can’t add this cut scene to my completed recap. Or can I? *ponders*

Jeez these two are so perfect together. Never in a million years would I imagine hot-blooded Mike He circa Devil Beside You and Why Why Love would be a match-made-in-Heaven with cool and composed Janine Chang circa The Hospital and Black and White.

Sunny Happiness will bow with respectable and steady ratings. It led the Sunday night pack during the early half of its run, and only relinquished the crown when Drunken to Love You premiered. Looks like round 1 of Rainie Yang vs. Mike He goes to the little lady. For those of who not familiar with TW-dramas, Rainie and Mike are one of the most iconic couplings, akin to Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin.

Sunny Happiness will be followed by Love Keeps Going, which will star Mike and Cyndi Wang. I think round 2 of Raine vs. Mike will also go to Rainie. Heh, Mike won’t mind, he’s such a gracious gentleman. SH is the drama that Lie to Me could still be, if only that writer understood how to develop a believable romantic relationship between two leads in a contract marriage.


Sunny Happiness Includes Added Helipad Proposal Scene in Final Episode of TW-Airing — 21 Comments

  1. Haha, well said. I didn’t realize they had differences in the TW showing. Darn it, now I have to go back and try to rewatch and “new” version 🙂

  2. *raises hand* I miss them!!!! You can do a short recap of the scene, I think many (like me) will watch the scene/last epi.

    About ratings, I’m sure Rainie’s dramas are doing better but considering that SH was pre produced, I am glad it had steady ratings… And as more Love Keeps Going, it’s pretty lackluster fron the get-go it self.. So nothing today for that.

  3. I always asked here this scene would appear (since in the long preview it was showed and never aired on the c version) has also one scene where Yong yong is drunk and Mike carries her, but this didn’t appear on the c version, maybe in the tw version it appeared?

  4. You’re not the only one who misses them.

    ooooh and where one can watch the TW-aired eps, do you know? I think that viki will keep the other version. I really want to watch the scenes we’ve missed!

    And I still can’t wait for the dvds, omg!

  5. I would be all for a revisiting recap!

    Which makes me wonder: would you say the re-addition of scenes into the TW-version is solely for the sake of getting people to watch the TW version when it’s aired after the C-version (as opposed to bootlegs on the ‘net)? I’ve heard of other dramas doing similar, but it makes me wonder — are there cuts/uncuts that are also cultural? Frex, the wedding scene night — d’ya think it’s mostly just the teaser of “see more!” or is it related to Chinese censorship or social expectations of allowed-on-teevee?

  6. Where can I watch the Taiwan version?
    I think the versions on Mysoju, dramacrazy, epdrama and viikii are from china.

  7. no helipad scenee 🙁 where is it? which part and which timing? i re-watch it like 5 times already i still cant find!! 🙁

  8. Hi koala, been following your recaps for quite a while now and I must say we’re both addicted to SH and LTM! :)) Anyhow, can u guys tell me where to find videos of the Taiwanese version of SH? Been trying to find the videos but all the sites I’ve visited so far only have the 25-episode Chinese version. Thanks so much!

  9. Still trying to find the TW version. I want to see the scene. Anyone have any luck finding it, if you do please post. Thank you.

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