Love Keeps Going with Mike He and Cyndi Wang Premieres this Weekend and Releases 23 Minute Preview

This weekend sees the premiere of a new Sunday night TW-idol drama – Love Keeps Going with Mike He and Cyndi Wang, which is the successor drama to the just completed airing Sunny Happiness with Janine Chang and also Mike He. Mike and Cyndi have been making the promotional rounds all week (see above), and wherever they go, a loaf (or many loaves) of bread are sure to follow. I’m going to call LKG (the Chinese title is Mei Le, Go 美樂加油) the bread and music drama. Below are the last batch of previews for the drama, including two MVs released by the production team. These finally get my interest up for this drama.

I’m bringing you two extended previews (total of 23 minutes worth of the drama), which are all subbed for your viewing pleasure. In addition, in the first MV, Cyndi’s character narrates in the Hakka dialect in the beginning, and the song used is the first single off of Cyndi’s latest album. The second MV is the song that Mike’s character, a music producer named Han Yi Lie, composes and sings within the drama. Yes, Mike sings in this drama!

Love Keeps Going Preview 1 (with English subs):

Love Keeps Going Preview 2 (with English subs):

Love Keeps Going MV (narrated by Cyndi with English subs):

Love Keeps Going MV (Yi Lie’s song sung by Mike He):

This is the first time I’m slightly excited about this drama. Will definitely check it out tomorrow and let y’all know if it’s worth watching.


Love Keeps Going with Mike He and Cyndi Wang Premieres this Weekend and Releases 23 Minute Preview — 21 Comments

    • Yes! Mike He is so “shuai” here!!! I am so glad he got rid of that hair from Sunny Happiness!
      I am slightly anticipating it now…if only Cyndi Wang isnt the main girl…*sigh*

    • me too i want Rainie yang and Mike he Love team more <3 and i want to get rid of his hair!.. i want his Bull Fighting hair back!…

  1. What is going on with his pants? Er. o_O

    man, the bread thing can get old reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaal fast.

  2. wow, seems to be promising =). I wonder how many episodes were in the trailers above. I just hope that it will be a happy ending.

    Thanks Ockoala for this. Both are my fave TW actors.

    • i want a happy ending too, but i dont know after mike he was making that video it changed everything. I’ll still watch it to see whats the outcome of this drama.

  3. OMG but he is sick :(((( my heart aches even before watching this drama 🙁 but this drama looks cool! (Mike He is in it:D)

    I love taiwanese dramas logic, they will show you the most important parts even before airing (happy together scenes and KISS scenes) that makes you watch whole earlier episodes just to see those scenes:D I was patiently watching Jerry Yan’s Down With Love just to see the kiss in the openings*_*

  4. Cyndi wang is soo short. Nothing against short girls, I am one too 🙂 but Mike He towers over her even when she is in heels! I didn’t realize he was that tall haha

  5. I liked the preview, the two leads look pretty good together (even though Cyndi sometimes annoys me) It’s nice to see Mike again! so many kiss scenes in the drama lol it’s funny how some tdrama previews have all the plot twiss in there.

    I would have watched it for sure if not for the last scene abt death/cancer.. why?!? is it a tragedy?? I will wait for it to finish airing and then watch the whole thing.

  6. Looks promising, I was actually planning to drop the drama cos I though it will just be a cute Cyndi act again. But looks like she has slightly wider range than I thought. Although I hate it when they use the sick /terminal illness card in dramas, such a cliche plot line.

  7. It looks very promising and romantic, but it’s not encouraging that we already know that Mike He’s character is gravely ill.

  8. Thanks for the preview, but I have been spoiled by LTM kisses. Those preview kisses don’t speak chemistry at all. Looking forward to your review.

  9. after watching the first video I was convinced on watching the drama, then the second video revealed the sickness twist w/c is my total pet peeve,now I’m so torn between watching and not watching this drama T^T

  10. I loved Cyndi Wang in Smiling Pasta though she’s one of those cutesy actresses. Will watch this for Mike He. I’m hoping it’s good though. 🙂

  11. It is boring to see the bed scenes in every TV series consecutevily, Sunny happiness has it, DTLY has it and now since this TV series is the 3rd one comes out, bed scenes would have opposite effect to some viewers. DTLY has the girl who has boy friend betrays her, this one has similar case. DTLY is kind of talking about food and cooking, this one is similar. Guess that this TV series would have some disavantages in general but fans would support their idols anyway.

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