Love Keeps Going with Mike He and Cyndi Wang Premieres this Weekend and Releases 23 Minute Preview

This weekend sees the premiere of a new Sunday night TW-idol drama – Love Keeps Going with Mike He and Cyndi Wang, which is the successor drama to the just completed airing Sunny Happiness with Janine Chang and also Mike He. Mike and Cyndi have been making the promotional rounds all week (see above), and wherever they go, a loaf (or many loaves) of bread are sure to follow. I’m going to call LKG (the Chinese title is Mei Le, Go 美樂加油) the bread and music drama. Below are the last batch of previews for the drama, including two MVs released by the production team. These finally get my interest up for this drama.

I’m bringing you two extended previews (total of 23 minutes worth of the drama), which are all subbed for your viewing pleasure. In addition, in the first MV, Cyndi’s character narrates in the Hakka dialect in the beginning, and the song used is the first single off of Cyndi’s latest album. The second MV is the song that Mike’s character, a music producer named Han Yi Lie, composes and sings within the drama. Yes, Mike sings in this drama! Continue reading