Why Are You Watching Lie to Me?

Since I started watching K-dramas, this might be the third time I’m living through a bona-fide online K-drama watching phenomenon. The first was Boys Before Flowers in early 2009. Next came You’re Beautiful in late 2009. A few dramas got really close to be a drama crack craze, such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Secret Garden. Some just had a good-sized and devoted following, such as Playful Kiss and Mary Stayed Out All Night.

But the explosion of interest in Lie to Me in the last two weeks is something I’ve never seen happen so fast. LTM is currently the #1 viewed channel at China’s Tudou and Youku streaming sites, #1 at Viki and Mysoju, and the fastest-growing drama thread at Soompi. With that in mind, I’m curious about what’s so addicting about this drama (for you)?

This only reason I’m even aware of the extent of LTM’s popularity is somehow the playground got mentioned at DC Lie Gallery, as a US-site totally into LTM. Which, uh, is completely true. The next few weeks will determine just how strong LTM’s legs are, and whether this drama will snowball even more in the second half and leave us all completely unable to function for the next four weeks on days that aren’t Monday or Tuesday. So my question for you to chew over is this – why are you watching LTM? 😀 Share and discuss to pass the time, chingus! I’ll be back when SBS lifts the gag order and releases a video preview for episode 9.


Why Are You Watching Lie to Me? — 247 Comments

  1. Really. Since I started viewing dramas maybe it Pinoy, Korean and taiwanese. This is my first time that I am anticipating what will happen to the lead stars after every episode. Suprisingly, I have been looking for every site for previews, Thanks Koala.

  2. Because the OTP is INSANE. The kind you want to happen in real-life insane.

    Plus, the characters, even with their own personal quirks and such, act like I would have. Heck, even what I say in my head becomes a line of dialog. Which makes me wonder sometimes if there is some sort of psychic bond they have with us pitiful fools.

    I’d go on, but I don’t know how to explain drooling and staring (LIKING drooling and staring just sounds… wrong). 🙂

    • I totally agree mate.. I love her on screen!! she just rocks it, in every scene!! 🙂 also, her chemistry with KH is good!! It makes it so much better to watch!!

      • there really is nowhere id rather be when YEH is on the screen and nothing else id rather do than watch her act her guts out. Episode 8 sealed the deal for me tbh.

  3. Hey Koala…

    Thanks for the article… I love LTM and I am glad to see ur article. I find LTM fresh and humorous – tbh, i think its the acting that makes me want to watch it .. .I lauch like crazy whilst watching it..
    There have been alot of shows which are very famous, popular and hit which I cant bear to watch again!! But LTM is amongst those shows that are, simply put, fun!! 🙂

    Also, i like the pace of the show – its not too slow or too fast – the only episode that annoyed me was the one where she was looking for a house to do the party and it was obvious that she would land up in his house.. other than that – i am curious to know how the story will pan out … and i cant wait for it!! 🙂

    Am glad to know that the ratings are good.. Hope the wirters keep the momentum going for the last 8 episodes!!

    Thanks for your lovelly post. I enjoyed reading it. Post more of your thoughts as well!! 😉


  4. hmm, thats hard!! I wasn’t that enthusiastic about LTM when it first started but then the chemistry between the two leads just began to sizzle and before i know it… I was hooked!! I love the sometimes playfulness of ki joon and ah jung and sang hee although he has been mood lately. I just hope that this drama doesn’t drag out the conflict too long and ki joon gets his head on straight or else i might need to have to give him a good talking too!! >.< I think i will continue to suffer until tuesday and this episode comes out with subtitles, although i will undoubtedly resort to watching it without them, although i dont understand a word of korean, if the waiting becomes unbearable!! Moooooonnnnddaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t know why I’m checking every available site every 2 hrs for some news, any news about LTM; not even during Joseon crack was I like this and I was majorly addicted to Sungkyungkwan Scandal, but I was able to function somewhat on the days when SKKS wasn’t airing. Truthfully, LTM’s storyline isn’t the most original and the writing is subpar, but the reason I tune in every Mon /Tues is to see Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan’s chemistry. How is it possible that two people can see so well suited for each other? I think I’m going to need for them to date in real life and settle down with cute babies and I say this without an ounce of jealously or hatin’, that is how much I like these two.

  6. First I watch this drama because the leads are my favorite actors in Kdrama…n after I watch the drama I become addicted to their chemistry n their charming…I don’t see AJ n KJ here but I see YEH n KJH love’s life ^.^ this is the first time watching drama that making me crazy all the time…

  7. it’s entertaining and the leads looks so good together. when YEH cries, you can really feel her pain and when she laughs , you laugh with her too. she totally captivates you.

  8. well…as u said before, so I would say “I’ve breathing this week with LTM”
    For me:
    1. YEH & KJH really great being in one drama together (esp. the kissing, hohoho)
    2. The story…at 1st I would say we could predict where would it go…but after ep 8…there are so many storyline we could matching on it, so it makes me really curious where it would go
    3. last but not least is… I always love to see the guy would chasing after, struggle, and become ‘lil crazy also childish to get the girl (like in SG). In LTM cases I really hope it would happen in next epi.

    Maybe if I take my no. 3 reason, someone would say I also have to love seeing Best Love, but I don’t know why LTM is much more attract me then BL (however I also like BL)

    • Honestly, while I do enjoy the drama and like the OTP immensely, I really don’t see why it’s SO popular, so I’m glad you addressed the topic Koala (as I am in some severe need of clarification). I liked it in the first couple of episodes, but it just doesn’t have the same emotional pull for me as, for example, Best Love. I do like how the story’s at a huge climax now following the, (as m2 you kind of say yourself) quite boring/ predictable nature of the first 7 episodes. But apart from that, I found the kisses kind of, oh I dunno, sort of TOTALLY RANDOM. I get that they were in the whole moment of the thing and everything, but still, people, demonstrate some self-control! Your relationship is not developed enough (as can be seen with HGJ’s choosing of the ex-fiance over AJ) for two make-out sessions! (Not that they weren’t nice). And so, up until perhaps Ep 8, I really didn’t get why everyone was so hooked on this drama. It’s only now that it’s getting good… (And I mean, 1st on Mysoju? Really?! How the heck is Best Love at no 7 in comparison!?! >.<) Oh and btw, "lil crazy and also childish" is like Dokko Jin's middle name!! 😀

      • I know there have been a lot of issues with LTM, and to be perfectly honest initially I didn’t even see the chemistry between the main leads, in fact I though Ah Jung & Sang Hee had a far more intense attraction – but that all started to change by episode 6’s dinner. Did you see the preview of the 2 school kids featured at the ending credits of Ep 8, they are Ah Jung & Ki Joon – as per their name tags. Given the little tidbit of the 2 kids, I’m beginning to understand why in episode 6 Ki Joon stared at Ah Jung so intensely when they talk about her history. Why Ki Joon the uber stick in the mud, becomes so attracted to her that he throws down everything and kisses a chick he barley knows in front of a bunch of strangers, even though he’s still kinda inlove with his ex-girl. And here is the revel … its because she and him are the same, da da da! They both lost their parents when they were young; they both took on a lot of responsibilities early, Ki Joon more so than Ah Jung (He’s like Sang Hee’s father and she was kinda like a little mother). However because she still had had her father, she still had some fun. Also they both were very focused, hard working and responsible in their youth – and since they share a common history, she gets him and he gets her. Plus with eachother they kind of get to have that childhood they never got to have when they were young – that’s what Ah Jung brings to the table, she’s fun and she make Ki Joon fun too. I got hooked by episode 6 – feels like that’s when the writers woke up and everything started moving … before that I was thinking it was a shame that Ah Jung was falling for Ki Joon, cause she has so much more going on with Sang Hee.

      • PS: Love Best Love, it is a perfect show on every level. It’s just one of those shows that takes its time to sizzle but you know its gonna turn into an inferno. Its rating have steadily been increasing, its only number 7 on Soju now cause it releases before ‘Lie to Me’. Right after it releases it usually in the top 3, then LTM and all the other drama’s with similar release date are uploaded and BL gets moved down. There are a couple of days between BL to LTM releasing, but many days between LTM to BL releasing.

      • Oh okay, I totally thought the little kids were Sang-hee and Yoon Joo (on account of the whole childhood friends thing)! Oooh, that makes an interesting plot point. And thank you for clearing up the mysoju-ness! I realise that Lie to Me has a huuuuge internet/ international fanbase (as can be seen here) but I still didn’t get how Best Love, with it’s really good ratings and the fact that there are like zero faults in its storyline/script/actors/everything, could be so low down on the list, so it makes a whole lotta more sense now! 🙂

      • oh and, HOW CUTE IS SANG HEE. I was also totally invested in the Sang-line (lol, had to throw in a Best Love reference somewhere ;)) And probably still am I little bit, what with Ki Joon’s recent shocking display of bad character.

  9. i don’t even know how many times i’ve rewatched episode 8 while desparately waiting for episode 9. i think it’s the great chemistry between Yoon Eunhye and Kang Jihwan that made me fall in love with this show. they both are attractive and they make a hot couple!!! i am happy to see that a lot of people are addicted to the show.

  10. Well I think started to watch it for the sake of leads, coffee prince was my first k-drama and I loved YEH there and I was sure that she is/will be popular but actually I didn’t get to see so much from her after that, I think some bad luck for her and me didn’t watch Taking care of the lady (on my behalf)! So I thought she will be refreshing in a new drama named Lie to Me which is giving off the fake relationship feeling even before seeing it:D and yet the male lead is KJH, I didn’t get to see Coffee House to the end (on hiatus list for me) but I have close friends who are fans of Writer Lee^^

    So I started it and the first 4 episodes were mah! then found Best Love and thought OMG this must be my drama of all time, thinking that LTM should be just snacks for the time, actually it is still a snack drama for me, but with all the hype I take from Ockoala (lol) and the fans camping here, I kept watching it and it got better actually:D

    I think the time jump would be good for this drama’s plot, and the main leads are really compatible!!! So waiting for the previews! *roars to SBS

      • well Best Love is like all the best production bits come into one place:D best leads+best script+best directing! (actually since it’s not finished yet let’s hope a good ending not another 49 days please :P) A-must-watch! LOL ^^

      • lol, I’m totally pissing off the Lie to Me fans (not saying that I’m not one! *backs away slowly*) by continuing this, but I just had to say, OMG IF HE DIES I SWEAR I’M A GONNA HAVE TO KICK SOME HONG SISTER-ASS. Ok, I’m done. (And totally agree with you on the whole it-being-the-perfect-drama-thing)

  11. i dont why im hooked to this drama…

    i just can feel the love and heat all during the show…

    i actually can feel the chemistry between them….

    koala, i know u r one of us who r going crazy over this drama….

    this is my ever first time seeing u being like that…im happy though

  12. For me it’s pretty much just fun to jump on the bandwagon, plus I feel like someone needs to act as official defender of Sang Hee.

    Unlike most people, I’m not crazed for either of the leads. I loved YEH in Coffee Prince, but otherwise she’s not a favorite, and I’ve plain old disliked her character for a large portion of LTM. I’m not totally sold on KJH’s acting either, so by all accounts it doesn’t make sense that I like this show!

    I will admit that I adore Sang Hee, but unlike my normal cases of second-lead-syndrome, I’m not rooting for him to get the girl. The flashback scene of him crying about YJ is the only time I’ve gotten teary-eyed during this show (those second leads always get me).

    I guess part of the appeal is that I’m not always sure where this show is going, and it’s full of gimmicky hooks that totally work (such as 3 kisses in two episodes). This show may not technically be “good” but it certainly delivers in the romance department and throws our emotions all over the place.

    • LOL, reading your post, I just remember some quotes from another site, when some one wanted to kill every one, even Ki Joon, LOL

      [quote] vegaspink says:
      June 1, 2011 at 9:42 PM
      Here’s an interesting conversation by some Korean fans on DCLie:

      Lhay says:
      June 1, 2011 at 10:47 AM

      Koreans posts this @ DCLTM:

      useless yoonjoo!
      kill yoonjoo!
      yoonju isnt really the problem since she doesnt know, kijun is in the wrong!
      kill kijun!
      but what about ah jung?!
      oh…. kill sanghee, he gave yoonju hope!
      stupid yoonju why listen to sanghee?
      so we’re back to yoonju?
      kill yoonju!
      Link: http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/360480-drama-2011-lie-to-me-%eb%82%b4%ea%b2%8c-%ea%b1%b0%ec%a7%93%eb%a7%90%ec%9d%84-%ed%95%b4%eb%b4%90/page__st__2540

      I really think you ARE the only one defending Sang Hee!! LOL LTM what the hell you done to us??

      • This was post by vegaspink in A New Hairdo for One of the Male Leads in Lie to Me @ the playground! Sorry I don’t put that there!!

      • I don’t understand WHY I am the only one defending him!! I swear that everyone is blinded by the beauty of the OTP.

        AJ is petty and whines way too much.
        KJ is a jerk for extremely obvious reasons.
        YJ is the second female lead, which means she’ll show her spots eventually.
        SH decided to be nice and told his brother not-to-not date YJ on his behalf (even though he clearly still has YJ issues). He also helps AJ constantly even though she treats him like dirt half the time.

        How is SH the bad one?? HOW!! I think this show is melting everyone’s brains.

      • Well, I think if the characters are too perfect, if AJ is not whiny etc..we ordinary people would not be able to relate to it! and AJ is comical I believe whenever she’s petty, but I admire her pride on being a Civil Servant. lols

      • I do not like YJ. Though YJ is portrayed as a frail little thing, she is actually very, very, very stubborn. She can cause havoc in the next episode by being pushy towards KJ and also makes KJ feels guilty for breaking up their engagement years ago.

      • Then for the sake of our mental health, lets kill everyone!! LOL, NOOOOOOOO, this is what I want to happen!!

        1)AJ + KJ, work in their relationship, and get a vacation to the Bahamas
        2) YJ, get disappointed that KJ doesn’t love her any more an decide to move permanently to Timbuktu ( whatever that is ), where she meet a new totally HOT future boyfriend, some one international like Antonio Banderas or some one like that!!
        3) SH and Manager fall in love, and decide its time for SH to learn how to be the CEO of the hotel
        4) Secretary Park + the blondie who plays the guitar, get together and goes in to a few dates
        5)SR and JB, realize that despite they always try to kill each other, they cant live without each other!! LOL That’s insane!! Totally!!
        6) Aunty dates Chef
        7) AJ’s dad marry the lady friend from over 50 years LOL

        You see, my murderous phase is over, now I want a lot of love!!! And they all live happily ever after!! Te END!! Really!! Common!! Only me can think of that kind of story!! LOL

  13. It’s fun and easy to watch! Although I did find myself upset at the end of the last episode :/
    I think the chemistry between the leads is awesome too! I just want to see them be happy together. What initially drew me in wasn’t the plot but actually the casting and they have not let me down.
    It’s pretty fun to be a part of a craze lol. I would rather freak out about things (ie. The Cola Kiss) with other people, instead of freaking out by myself Haha

  14. I thought a day would pass by without any LTM stuff! So glad you posted something that is so important for my well-being mwa ha ha ha! Thanks!

    Well, dear ockoala, I am totally hooked probably because of the (1) actors, I love those two: YEH (since Goong), KJH (well, maybe since he appeared in the pictures and maybe a small scene where he ended up dead in More Beautiful Than a Flower , which I watched because of Kim Myung Min, totally depressing by the way, but KJH’s face stuck, then there’s this Fireworks something that I didn’t like but finished it because of that face, then Hong Gil Dong came along which I finally enjoyed) (2) their chemistry is one that is explosive that it’s almost dangerous to your health (3) that since this is a romcom, I know it would end up with a light note, meaning this OTP would finally end up together and so it will not leave me feeling depressed for two weeks such as after watching Kim Myung Min’s movies and dramas, (well, except for Beethoven Virus), Snow Queen, Autumn Tales, Mawang, and the like, (4) Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, (5) Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, (6) Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, mwa ha ha!

  15. YEH-KJH flaming hottttt chemistry, of course!!!!!!!!!
    They are unbelievable realistic, sometimes I wonder if they really acting!

  16. First Korean drama that I watched is Goong! YEH daebakk!Can’t wait for next episode,has been checking this blog for another updates of lie To me.Can’t wait! ><

  17. LTM is ok so far….I like it…but I hope that he starts acting like he really cares about AJ and not as much about YJ.

  18. I started to watch coz of
    1. YEH – After watching in Coffee Prince, i think she is THE best actress the country has, she can potray wide range of emotions with ease and discomfort that i do not find with ANY other leads actress. She will make you laugh with her and make you weep buckets in her sadness. I noticed that in CP when she wept her heart out when CHG rejected her knowing she was a girl , and then this episode where she made most of us cry with her acting, display of such range of emotions at this young age.

    2. KJH – I saw him in CoffeHouse first, I would be lying if i said i am here to see him, i think if he was in a show with no dialogues and no action, just make him stand there for an complete hour, i can still watch him, all day. Having said that, coming to other side of the story , he has good potential, sometimes is rough through the edges, has high energy in short bursts ( apologize , i always compare him to other lead Gong Yoo who i find having more ease and comfort in his role in Coffee Prince), his role here is uptight Owner of hotel group, with a dissolved engagement, runaway brother and overbearing aunt. He pulls it off really well over all.

    3. And then there is Park Hoon, to bring in the feel good factor. Though limited screen time, i really like him when he is on screen, was bowled by his expression when he wonders how he knows all of KJH sizes.

    4. Then there is So Ran, though the bitchy friend,she plays her part to its perfection, jealous, curious, flawed.

    5. I am not totally in love with the brother yet, except his voice, how can a kid of 20 yrs have such deep voice? Its so unfair.

    Well to round it all, the good story would have been a bonus and good direction in the first six episodes would have been icing on the cake, but i will still take the cake with YEH and KJH.

    Just Noticed that KJH are actually all side by side on the keyboard though reversed, just saying

    I watch CP over and over again, coz of the story line , direction , songs and its leads.
    Will i watch LTM even after three years over and again? Depends on how they take the show from here.

  19. i’ve been trying to join you wagon in this “going-addictively-insane” about LTM – even finally catching up till episode 7 when my final exam is (eeep!) next week …but not quite feeling it 🙁 the writing, to me, is really weak it drives me nuts. (…but on a more positive note i am following your thoughts about it and enjoying your excitement :))

    i’m still watching though and it’s really only because of one reason: Kang Ji Hwan.

  20. I started it because 1)i’m a YEH fan and a completist and 2)I think Kang Ji-hwan has fantastic comedic timing and is a good actor. I wasn’t so keen on the premise of LTM tbh cos it reminded me too much of Sunny Happiness. NOt that that is a bad thing, but it certainly wans’t a point in its favor. I also wasn’t sure if YEH and KJH would have good onscreen presence together (HA!); IDK, there was something about the pairing that just didn’t scream “instant attraction” or “sizzling hot chemistry.” Little did I know, huh?

    I stayed because while the plot is not insanely creative, the pairing is insanely hot. And awesome. And cute. And can keyboard mashing resume all that I’m feeling? Because yeah, there’s that, too. I can’t give you just one reason, it’s a number of little things that add to the whole awesomeness and addictiveness (is that even a word?) of LTM.

    Want to hear the whole truth? I had never thought that between LTM and Best Love, I would have found myself more excited about the former. Actually, I was thinking about this before I started ep 7 of LTM so basically then I had watched 6 eps of Best Love and 6 eps of Lie to me. My brain tells me that Best love is better (and I do love it) but I find myself giggling and smiling like an idiot, not to mention FANNING myself IRL when I watch LTM. Granted, I can’t say if things won’t change at some point in the near future, but right now? I can’t help it if I’m with Ki-Joon and Ah-jung.

    Long comment is long. Sorry chingu!

    • We talked about this before both dramas premiere. My koala-sense told me that I would somehow love LTM more than BL, all the while understanding BL is likely the superior drama.

      How insane is it that my last FOUR crazy-addicted dramas are all about contract marriages? O__O. M3, SH, DTLY, and now LTM. *clings to Sere* Please help keep me sane.

      • I cant help you with that unni!! I don’t have a brain anymore!! I’m stalking your site, and the freaking posts, sites and updates!! LOL, I’m like a hunter!! You see, I’m hungry like a wolf!! OMG that is a freaking song!! Not again!!

        And the songs says:

        In touch with the ground I’m on the hunt I’m after you
        Smell like I sound I’m lost in a crowd and I’m hungry like the wolf

        Artist: Duran Duran
        Song Hungry like the wolf


      • OMG EPIC FAIL! I missed this reply! :(((( I wish AKP had a “get notifs for this thread only” feature because look at this post? Sooo many comments. I don’t think I can handle so many emails in my inbox *is easily distracted*

        Chingu, I don’t know how to keep you sane. You were supposed to keep me sane or at least restrain me from getting TOO addicted to LTM! Haha. Let’s cling onto each other and wait for the next craze cos I have no doubt we’ll get addicted to something else soon. I kind of like feeling like this, don’t you? Though I have no idea how can you juggle all the recaps plus watching the eps and still sleep a couple of hours at night. Kudos to you! *offers comfort food and lots and lots of coffee*

        oh and tonight new DTLY, woohoo! FYI, I got another friend to watch it and she loved it! *pumps fist in the air*

  21. Thank you so very much for all your spoilers and info. on this series. The reason I am so totally hooked on LTM is I LOVE LOVE the CHEMISTRY between KJH and YEH they sizzle together.

    Thanks a million again I check your site every hour just to get my fix.
    Enjoy your day cuz you certainly make mine.

  22. Why am I watching LTM? OTP!!! From the beginning the OTP created buzz. Honestly, I was never a huge YEH fan.. and even KJH is a fairly new fav of mine. But the two together are really just awesome. If it weren’t for them, I would’ve just read blogs and not watched it to know the ending.. or may be not because i would watch it just to see KJH.

    So, for me it’s KJH and then OTP chemistry. And lastly, what the story promised to be. It means I liked the whole premise of LTM, it just didn’t have good execution.. But I still want to see how everything ends!

  23. koala…this is something i found for u….

    spoiler picture of ah jung after heart breaking…


    • She looks so cute with short hair. <3
      But I can't help it, her haircut reminds me of Park Shin Hye's in Heartstrings. Especially because of the similar hair color. xD

      • Sorry don’t get me wrong, and not because i hate psh.. YEH hairdo not like psh, and yeh hairdo right now like her other kdrama in My Fair Lady.. and i think psh more follow YEH in every her style coz i know she’s YEH fans too:)

      • Sorry don’t get me wrong, and not because i hate psh.. YEH hairdo not like psh, and yeh hairdo right now like her other kdrama in My Fair Lady.. and i think psh more follow YEH in every her style coz i know she’s YEH fans too like i do:)

  24. 100% for the OTP! the first 4 episodes were pitiful and i would have given up on LTM if it weren’t for the leads. things got better when the OTP had more interaction and of course the kisses helped too! =)

  25. Why am I watching Lie to Me? Oh, is that what it’s called? I just know I am watching a certain couple with an explosive, sizzling, totally electrifying chemistry!! Yeah, I think their names are Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan… and they are stuck in my mind. They are beatiful individually but once they show up together onscreen, you actually feel…heat, smoke, fireworks!! I think of them always together, playing, teasing, bickering, fighting, and of course… kisszzzzzing. Oh, by the way, I know there is a story here somewhere and I am liking the possibility that KJH should be chasing YEH in the next episodes. I can’t wait to finally see some passion from this guy.

  26. I think the characters are unique yet they appeal to the viewers sense of normalcy. All the characters don’t portray extreme sets of emotions that is usually seen in the k-drama world (well, except maybe SR). If we look at AJ for example, what she is doing at this stage in life is something most women can relate to. AJ is the single sister, the best friend, the acquaintance that we know about in our lives. Most of her reactions, impulses and decisions are something most women would have done in her shoes. For the first time, we have a female character that represents the modern woman of today. She is confident without being annoyingly aggressive. She is naive but not ignorant or stupid. She can behave immaturely but still have the emotional maturity to know her place and keep her pride. What the writer has given us are primary characters that we can love and secondary characters that we can forgive. Tied with a love story that brings about love of family, pride, forgiveness, and of course a happy ending for KJW and YEH, who wouldn’t be hooked?

  27. My reason’s why I am watching this drama:
    1. YOON EUN HYE- I had loved her since Goong.
    2. I am a huge fan of rom-com’s!! lol
    3. The chemistry between the main leads(Hye and Ji-hwan) are oozing with sexiness, appeal and cuteness which are jaw-droppin’, eye poppin’ and body shocking- the feeling makes me crazy!!! And makes me wanting for MOREEEE.
    4. Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan’s acting are top-notch!!!! Yoon Eun hye really knows how to generate your tears and open your tear ducts. And Ji- hwan has this captivating presence on him.
    5. The drama is simple and easy to watch without too much analysis- and it is so much fun.

    Honestly, this drama has already became a part of my ADL’s(Activities of Daily Living) and I can’t survive a day without checking out previews or news about this drama. And this is the only drama wherein I am refreshing Ockoala’s site for every hour!!!

  28. i watch lie o me because of the chemistry of YEH and KJH, they looks good together and they give so much life with the characters that you even think its real. Were very affected by what happened to Ah jung the pain, the happiness as well the situation of KJH orn between two gilrs (1 he loved in the past and 2nd the one who he begins to love which i think is much stronger than what she feels for YJ).

    AJA LTM (hope it will reach up to ep 20 crossfinger) hehehe!!!!

  29. Hold your horses there! Explain this to me!! [quote] playground got mentioned at DC Lie Gallery, as a US-site totally into LTM. [/quote] Really? You’re not kidding, right? Yeah? Nah!! Seriously??

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Wohoooo! AHA AHA we did it!! Oh yeah!!!!!
    *breath, just breath*

    Congratulations Miss Koala Unni, your hard work has been noticed and rewarded!!! A bizillion thumbs up!! =P

    Why I like and watch LTM?
    Honestly, at first, I wasn’t “in” the drama, actually, I was gonna read the recaps, and get to the next one, because, it doesn’t move me, but then I read recap of the episode 5 and when Ki Joon leans to kiss her, I was, mmmm something is cooking, and then when I read recap episode 6 when he drop the microphone, grab her and kiss her I say “estoy se jodio” = this just get f*c*ed!! LOL I have to see this. I saw only episode 6 final part, the ice cream/kiss part… And I was OMG I cant breath, he was so spectacular, how he stare at her like, when you ARE really in love, and doesn’t believe that the person, who steal your breath is at this precise moment in front of you!!! *OMG goose bumps* I say, to myself, self you need to see this from the beginning, so you can understand every little detail about it!

    I start to watch the episode and read the recaps again, back and forth, until I understand every single detail, every emotion, every tear, every laugh. And I become obsessed, not with the chemistry, but because, the story ( isn’t original) and how people, with totally mess up lives, can get together and get through with it. Really, Ki Joon, had an OCD, that only himself can live with him, ( I totally doubt that he can live with himself either), and Ah Jung, despite being a great employee and a professional, feels a total looser because, she is unmarried, plus the bitchy, NO GOOD friend So Ra!! OMG, I really wanted to slap her like, every 3 minutes!! Really, can she be so bitchy, jealous, envy and so freaking stupid?!? Really?? Those, people (the character, I can relate to them) Ki Joon, get this OCD, who encapsulate him, making him a loner, ( I’m like that, minus the OCD) his little brother who doesn’t have a clue what to do with his life ( my brother is like that), who doesn’t lie to get a job, or look good before your friends and family? Who doesn’t sacrifice your happiness for the sake of others? Who doesn’t loose a love, for the sake of somebody else? Who doesn’t screw big time, at work, at love, at life? Some how I fell them (the characters) real, knowingly they are just fictional!!

    Why I’m in love/obsessed with LTM? For the first 8 episodes took me by surprise and hook me, I’m in that bus, and for the last 8 episodes, I hope the roller coaster, keeps getting better, and better, if not, I think I’m gonna buy a ticket to SK, and talk to the writers, this ajhumma, don’t like bad things!! LOL

    LTM Fighting!! Koala Fighting!! =0)

  30. Because it is so easy to watch. No heavy drama and complicated conflicts. Simple gestures are shown to reflect reality. And the ,OTP is just pure perfection!

    • You totally Just summed it up for me. You got it perfectly with those 3 sentences.
      I was reading everyones comment and the word “Addict” and “Fix” pop up so many times it makes me laugh because its seriously true. I loved loved loved other dramas, I anticipated them, but never as bad as LTM. It seems like Monday is soooo far away and today is only sunday. Its like I cant get it out of my head. The YEH effect I say. I do so love her.
      Koala thanks to you too for always giving us a fix. And thanks for this post, cuz even though SBS is being stingy with spoilers…You found a way to see us through again. Awesome!!! Thanks.

  31. OMG why i ♥ watching this kdrama is bcoz im a big/huge fans of YEH.. I ♥ her since in Goong.. And actually i ♥ this kdrama LTM a lot because its do refreshing and the OTP so cute. I would say thenkiyu for YEH coz everytime she played in kdrama i become ♥ every her lead male hehehe…
    And right now i like KJH tooo.. Ooo he’s so cute and very gentleman. And i had this thought that i wish they become a couple/lover in a real life..cause i think they very good together and will be one of the stronger couple in Korea.

    And right now i think i’m cracy for wanting & waiting LTM for every monday and tuesday hahahahah…

  32. Why did I watch LTM? Because of YEH and KJH.

    Why am I still watching LTM? Because of YEH and KJH.

    They’re a really cute OTP (what the heck does that mean btw?) worthy of being entered onto my list of great couples in kdrama history.

    • Over The Pop? Obsessive Tire People? On The Parking-lot? Over The Pea? Only True Popcorn? One True Person? One True Pigeon? Only Trust Persists? On True Phase?

      I don’t know, I’m being asking myself the same question!
      Self what OTP mean?
      Self doesn’t know either!!

      OTP – one true pair. @ the Playground Glossary

      • LOL I’ve been wanting to know for like years now. I finally found out from a friend a couple of days ago (is it coincidental that we’re all finding out at the same time ? ?) and I totally would not have expected One True Pairing. It’s way more romantic-sounding than OTP.

      • LOL I’ve been wanting to know for like years now. I finally found out from a friend a couple of days ago (is it merely coincidence that we all decide to figure it out now ? ? -more likely, it’s ’cause Lie to Me commentators have used it so much lol) and I was actually really surprised. “One True Pairing” sounds so much more romantic than OTP, no?

  33. i’m totally into LTM! i can’t do or even think abt anything. before i hate mondays but now all i wish is that mondays and tuesdays are the days in a week. i hate waiting for another week just to watch my current fave drama.
    what’s good about LTM is we all can relate to the story plus of course the undeniable and intense chemistry between Hwan and Hye. LTM have a simple plot but that’s where the excitement begins. just like any cinderella story finding a prince and how everything would end up plus the twist and romance which makes it a blast.
    LTM for me is something i want or wish for in life. lol! i’m such a sucker for romance!
    plus being a Yoon Eun Hye fan since Goong, i’m always looking forward in anything she does.
    LTM is not just abt the story, directors, but for me a big plus for a drama to be a hit is the actors. because what the viewers first look for in a show are the cast. when you have a good cast then everything will just fall in places.
    koala, thank u for the good reviews abt the show. i’m always looking forward in reading all your reviews and news abt LTM.
    SBS, is such a killjoy for not giving away any previews for epi 9 and 10, coz they know that it will us to wait! hahaha! bummer!
    glad to know that the show is starting to gather a huge following. keep it up LTM!
    thanks guys for all the site i can visit and LTM spoilers!
    lets continue to support LTM! simply the best for me! love LTM! <3 <3 <3
    1 day to go and its LTM time!!!!

  34. 1. I’m fan of yoon eun hye. I have been watching Goong repeatedly. At first i doubt her chemistry with kang ji hwan,but after follow every episode of LTM, both of them have good chemistry. yoon eun hye is actress who can makes me cry. She’s so good in cry scene. Yoon Eun Hye is Queen of cry scene.
    2. Because i like cinderella story. I think most of girl like this story (sorry if you don’t)
    3. Because i like comrom drama.

  35. Hi, Koala. First time comment in your site but not the first time visiting.
    Well, I watch Lie to Me because I love the chemistry between KJW & YEH. It’s addicting and also I love AJ character. AJ is different kind of heroine. I already watch too many dramas but I never find this kind of character so it’s interesting and exciting to watch her. Thank you, Koala for the articles in your site.

  36. The reason I like LTM is primarily because of Yoon Eun Hye! I first saw her at MBC drama, Goong, and ever since then, I got addicted to K-drama and YEH started it all for me.
    Another reason is because of the chemistry of YEH and KJH which is undeniably strong! YEH is known for having a strong chemistry with her leading men and it shows here that clear evidence.
    The story itself for me is really good because I like the cliche where in it all started with a lie then in the long run, their feelings for each other is not a lie anymore, no matter how strong their denial is!
    The other reason I like this drama is because of the kissing scene (call me a pervert I don’t care!) because the way they do the kissing scene is very realistic and not the typical “lip-touching” because come on, in real life people do not “lip-touch” all the time!

    These are my reasons why I like this drama! (some might think it’s all shallow) reasons)

    • You are not a pervert!! In real life, people eat each other! That is why you yell, get a room!! LOL Really!!!

  37. First, thanks koala for providing this forum and for all your hard work and research. I enjoy reading most of your posts on various dramas/topics. Considering your taste in dramas, you’ve gained another fan and follower.

    I watch LTM with the viewpoint of someone willing to suspend reality in dramas for the simple sake of an interesting story or a female lead that is more witty, funny or strong and skilled than she is beautiful. In other words, I’m pretty simple-minded.
    (1) Initially watched LTM because of YEH and KJH previous dramas but was hooked after seeing their on-screen chemistry.
    (2) I enjoy the relationships drawn of YEH dragging along KJH to her pace, SH and YEH being light-hearted friends and how each person (YEH, KJH, SH, SR) is struggling to grow up and accept their own insecurities. There has been criticism for the writing of this drama, but I am happy that the formula isn’t the usual two leads struggling for love with the girl. I also feel like I understand the various characters hearts and motivations of their quirks more than in a usual drama and for each it’s not about love its about their own character.
    (3) In a shallow way, at the end of each week, I am left curious as to how YEH will deal with the situation: how will you deal with KJ, how will you deal with a fake marraige, how will you deal with extending the lie, how will you deal with owning up to the truth? While the first arc was expected, I hold hopes that this ending arc will be less than straight-forward or at least reveal depth or growth to each character. As much as I like the couple, I am enjoying the struggle of each character, including SR and SH.

  38. I love Yoon Eun Hye by herself. I love Kang Ji Hwan by himself. Put them together, give me this amazing chemistry coupled with great acting, throw in a cute younger brother for some brotherly love, comedy, the other woman who I don’t want to murder…yet, a dorky secretary who stands by his boss in a bromantic way, and an aunt that isn’t bent out to destroy OTP..yet, I’m golden. But take out everything and just leave me with OTP, I’m still happily blissful.
    YEH + KJH <3

  39. I think the reason I’m so hooked is because other people are. Peer pressure! …or something.

    Seriously, though, all the predictions and discussions and spoilering going on online make watching this show so much fun. Not only do you get a funny and alternately heartrending/warming show, you also get boatloads of witty, thought-out commentary, as well as pages upon pages of predictions of what will happen next (some crack-y and some actually logical). Also, the feeling of community that is forming between the fans makes one not want to miss out on this experience (watching and enjoying the show with literally millions of other people, all at roughly the same time).

  40. Oh gosh in my freaking waking hour I have been checking this site for any updates of LTM. I just waken and this is what I get and there were already millions of comments.

    You asked why am I watching LTM?

    hmmm. Good question. Frankly I only pick and choose K drama, Tw-drama and J drama (coz some are too heavy, my choice will be anything below 20 interesting one I don’t mind go a little further than 20 episodes).

    The main reason is YEH as I have watched all her dramas, I definitely does not know who KJH is?
    YEH is a daring actress, she will act her guts out for her role BUT she will not overact.
    So far the best chemistry she has with the lead actor is KJH and I love them together. SO wish she can be with him in real life.
    I just dont know when I fell for KJH in the drama but AJ really change and make KJ to become more human.
    I just love their interaction so much. Dont forget the chemistry between AJ and SH they are also good together but I go for YEH and KJH -OTP.
    Normally for each episode I will watch at least 3 times. (raw, chinese sub and then eng sub) coz my first language is eng.
    But for the last two episode I have been rewatching them to ease the addiction for next week’s airing.
    And all this spoilers and updates or anything on LTM will safe my days.

    TQ Koala.

  41. Interesting questions.I think the reason is because of the combo factors.

    1.The very first attraction for me to watch LTM is the combination of the 2 leads YEH + KJH.What more can you ask for..they are so hot as 2 individual and now combine…it’s promising…plus I love them too so I need to watch anything they are in

    2.The script and the way the movie is filmed and the whole cast.If I just the the 2 actors but their movie is boring then It’s hard to convince myself and thousands of ppl outthere to love and enjoy every minutes of it. I don’t feel it’s boring at the beginning..just a few flaws but I’m not a perfectionist, overall the movie is light, funny and while watching it I kept laughing my head off at the team of GAJ’s co-workers, the bitchiness that came out quite well for SoRan, the silliness of JB-AJ’s first love, the logical of how the women react when they are insecure, the scene when she made a big fuss in the hotel room in order to get the manager..I started laughing my head off even at the beginning not just til the interaction of the 2 leads are solid..(hope somebodies shares the same thing with me?)

    3.And now when they get me liking it and have to watch it when it is out, then I’m totally hooked with the 2 leads.I felt heart-broken when AJ’s sad and happy when she is loved…And now I can not even get off anysites to get further info on what is next…I have never done that before with CP (eventhough I love it) or any other movies…

  42. Yoon Eun Hye. Kang ji Hwan!Being fans of them both made me so excited when I first heard about this drama. heck I’d watch *anything* with them in it

  43. What first got me onboard was the premise of the story, a fake wedding and the interest at how the lie would be perpetuated. Having just come off an intensive obssession period of Sunny Happiness (which did quite a realistic and relatively take on contract marriage) , I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms I needed a fix and LTM was operating on a similar premise of a pretend marriage. Secondly, I’m a big fan of Kang Ji Hwan and Eun Hye Yun. Admitedly, the story and how the pretend marriage did not play out as great as I thought it would be but the unexpected chemistry between leads sucked me in further. Lastly, with the latest game-changing episode, I’m eager to see how things will progress even if the original premise that attracted me to LTM is no longer part of the stor.

  44. hahaa…why I like watching LTM?

    1. The chemistry shown between KJH and GAJ…it is like….magnet
    2. The romance and the story line, it is getting more interesting…I am eagerly waiting to find out what is going to happen next between those 2 main lead
    3. Their acting are very good….those 2 kissing scene are very hot……they made it so real….like that is the way how 2 people react when they fell in love…..( the other hot kissing scene I remember is from Prosecutor Princess, with Park Shi Hoo there……towards the end of the episode…..episode 14 / 15).

  45. i don’t really know why…
    but there’s something similar to secret garden..
    and that makes LTM addicting~!
    can’t wait for tmrw >..<

  46. Wow. Loaded question. But I felt I had to add my POV.

    I’m watching quite a few stellar dramas currently (which far surpass LTM in quality) YET… oddly… I find myself throughly addicted to this show. Even with its meandering, hole-y beginning I couldn’t just “drop” LTM. Nor could I explain to others my fascination with it. I was pretty ashamed of liking it as much as I did, seeing as it had nothing substantive to it. (Flashback to my MSOAN obsessed days… all the way to the bitter end =_= )

    But when it all comes down to it I think it all boils down to the sizzling chemistry between YEH and KJH. Its like a drug. I need to see more of it. Seeing them interact together is so… electric (?)

    I am also over the moon with how we’re starting fresh – no marriage contract, lies, deceit or other burdens (*cough* Sang Hee) in the way. I am so pumped to see how the drama will progress from here on out. *Fingers crossed*

    • I totally understand what you mean about feeling ashamed for liking LTM so much given that it’s not such a substantive serial, coz I TOTALLY feel the same way! but wat to do, YEH & KJH pairing totally has me ass-whipped ^ o ^

  47. The only reason I watch this show: Awesome OTP chemistry!
    Not going to lie, I was ready to drop the show after the first few episodes. BUT, I kept coming back ….simply because the two main leads are just too awesome. Who knew a few kisses here and there would results in such an obsession!

  48. Along with Lie to Me, I am also following Best Love and Baby Faced Beauty. And out of the three, LTM has the weakest plot and writing BUT for some unknown cosmic reason it is the one that I look forward to the most, and the one that I think about the most after each episode, the one that I go online searching for news update! I don’t understand it myself, but I find the YEH & KJH pairing so unbelievably hot & sizzling. The OTP pairing of Best Love is awesome too, but YEH & KJH brings out all the girly giddy giggly feeling in me! It’s so embarrassing that I have to watch LTM episodes in a corner hidden away from my hubby coz I will giggle away like a crazy little girl! hahahha… I think that’s what makes LTM so addicting to me. ^____^

  49. The OTP, of course. Especially Kang Ji Hwan!! It’s been a long time since his last K-drama. So I’m kinda dying to see him again. And, boy, you don’t disappoint me.
    Oh, except in the last episode with YJ…

    And the story, it’s a nice romantic story. Easy to digest, but has some certain depth that makes me curious. How they get together in the end.

    Last but not least, it’s the story that almost everyone want to happen in their life.
    Who don’t want to have an uber-hot, rich hotel president as your destined man?

  50. first, i was always been a big fan of YEH, and gosh the OTP is just sooo awesome! and im also a big sucker for romance-comedy…

  51. Its definitely the otp’s chemistry that make this
    addicting. I was watching sunset on my vacation, but still checked ur blog every time to see if there is any update… Like what u said.. I need my sanity back…
    Thank you for all update about LTM by the way..
    U are the best..

  52. Actually koala your site is often mentioned as one of the best sites for LTM info, so huge props to you! Great Job and Congratulations! I didn’t realize that LTM had reached BOF status in fandom! Wow.

    I don’t usually “ship” for K dramas, I like Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun but not like, for instance Meredith & Derrick (Grey’s Anatomy) or Castle & Beckett (Castle), but for this particular K drama, I find myself very much into the OTP (Some cosmic reason or I guess it just hits the right chord for me.) I am now on LTM watch daily…gahhhh go figure!

    • might be a lil’ off topic but…

      I almost spazzed when I saw your post about Castle and Beckett. HUGE “CASTLE” FAN RIGHT HERE!

      Can’t wait for the next season! haha =D

  53. In my case, at first because of YEH? i totally ship her! I love her from Goong days, and I love her acting and how she managed to make me laugh and cry buckets and until now, I was not able to get over JJH and YEH -Shin/CK and it’s been5 years! so i just watch ANYTHING with YEH on it! ♥
    I find myself being crazy about any drama of hers, I could remember i watched MFL for 16 hrs straight and gave me a fever afterwards due to lack of sleep. :)) now, she’s as comic as ever and their OTP, like what you guys are saying is sizzling! ^^ I find YEH very fearless in making kissing scenes and love scenes (if needed) and it really brings out the best in the drama. her professionalism is outstanding for me. So i know that whatever drama she has, it will be good enough for me bec. YEH had exerted effort on it!
    So I watch LTM because of 1) YEH 2) YEH/KJH Pairing 3) I wnat to know how the story will end up 4) I want to know if they will end up in real life. (But then again, I am a bit partial because I still love Joo Ji Hoon for YEH and I am just waiting for him to be released from military…) but if its KJH and YEH in real life.. I would still be happy~♥

    sorry, I am a hopeless romantic!
    YEH unni, AJA!

  54. Like most viewers, I watched this show because of YEH and KJH!!! I didn’t mind at first that the story telling was crap, all I saw was the intense chemistry of the OTP and the sizzling kisses just blew me away… But, when YEH cried at the end part of episode 8, I couldn’t help but cry with her too…Since then, I keep wondering how the story will unfold and how KJ redeems himself…and like my idol, ms.koala, i live, breathe and sleep LTM…i dunno how that happen but I just found myself visiting all blogs(but getting the most from this playground) for a week now, just to get me by… and mind you, I even read each and every comment of every post regarding LTM….gosh!!!!!

    Well, what more can I say???? I’m hooked and loving it!!!!

  55. KJH and YEH’s explosive on screen chemistry. It captivated me in such a way that I do not ever want to miss any interaction between these two even if the story is just so so. They seem so believable that they make me want to be a part of their journey of falling in love- cheering them on, crying with them, screaming in frustration.

  56. Awesome chemistry between the two main leads. Love the story line & the kisses was
    So natural and hot 😉 hoping for a happy ending …. Cant wait for ep 9

  57. Entertainment to be such must satisfy all the senses. The intellect by a solid and strong concept and script; visual- by a colorful and well orchestrated cinematography; tactile by the interaction of the actors; taste- emotional flavours; and of course empathy and so on…….. As most had pointed out- Best Love has a strong script and good actors (but why does it come off as “cartoony” no normal being will say things and act like the lead man. At the beginning it is new but the lead actors’ acting went overboard and tiring at this time.) BFB? Too typical, nothing exciting going just like Romance Town.

    Why do I watch and follow LTM with all vigour and intensity? Because it satisfy all my senses. It’s a rom-com for God sake why do we need rocket scientist lingo to deliver the message? Nahhh – the most charming delivery is all it takes (can anyone surpass YEH & KJH in that department?) And honestly, unless we are some kind of an AB Normal, we want to see beautiful people on screen and make believe they are us so we can escape in that beautiful reality at least in some moments of time (but now I’m actually stuck in it). Why do I watch LTM, let me start all over again……… Thanks KOALA! I am now a certified follower..

  58. Three words: Yoon Eun Hye
    Coz honestly, if Ah Jung were played by another actress, I don’t think I’d like Lie to Me this much.

    • I don’t see another actress who can do Ah Jung AND have the same chemistry with Kang Ji Hwan. It’s an either/or proposition IMO, except for Eun Hye fitting both profiles.

      Ah Jung is annoying, does get herself into mess after mess, does skirt at the edge of quirky. The only other actress I can see doing Ah Jung and being amazing is Moon Geun Young.

      LOL, I just picked two Baeksang winners, didn’t I? But Geun Young would have zero chemistry with Ji Hwan, just like she and Won Bin in the Basic House ads were just gorgeous uncle and niece. Geun Young and PIE in CU is probably the oldest leading man she can be paired with.

      This is the first KJH performance I’ve felt that he’s had genuine undeniable chemistry with his leading lady.

      • KJH’s chemistry with ham eun jung in coffe house i just horrible.. that’s one of the worst drama i’ve ever watch.. so boring.. n not my type of drama..

      • oooops i meant to agree on koala’s comment and that part about ham eun jung bleh chemistry with kjh…but i loved coffee house and the OTP there too…well, i just felt I had to explain…

      • i totally agreee… I have enjoyed all of YEH’s that I have watched and I absolutely love her acting… shes goergous as well in her own cute way.. Howver, this is the first time i liked KJH’s role and performance.. I was disappointed in the ending of coffee house before and i hated the chemistry between the leads – but here, in LTM, KJH is redeeming his lack of chemistry and i think we all know why!! 😉
        Thanks for the post koala!!

  59. because of YEH of course. i’m a big fan of her and i do love her natural beauty. this is my first time to see KJH and i find their chemistry just too awesome. so regardless how crappy the plot is, i’m so addicted to LTM…. i’m shallow anyway 😀

    • Ever since watching Coffee Prince, I could never picture YEH as a girl because she played a convincing tomboy/boy. The way she talks was also a bit iffy for
      Me too. But I saw LTM and decided to give her another chance. and then i stayed to watch because of KJH and their chemistry. And Sang Hee ain’t too bad to look at either. Haha.

  60. even enough said, I still can’t understand why I feel so dysfunctional without checking YEH.net and this blog. and from wed-sun, i am just plain crazy thinking of YEH. KJH. AJ/Hkj. this is insane. I think I need to go to a mental institution. >.<

    • Your not alone jingelbells. I feel the same way. All I can think about is Mon-Tues and tuesday is not even a good day for me because I have an annoying appt every tuesday!!!

      • Me too.. ALL I THINK about is LIE TO ME. It is my first day of classes tomorrow and I don’t feel excited as I used to be. I am just excited to read ockoala’s recap once I got home tomorrow.

        Scholarship?-just throw that away….

  61. Why am I watching Lie To Me?

    1) Yoon Eun Hye – she’s the one who got me addicted to K-dramas. The 1st kdrama that I ever watched actually was not a YEH drama, it was Full House. The 2nd one, again not a YEH drama, it was You’re Beautiful. After reading the comments about how people should watch Coffee Prince next, I did. And it was from there that I became addicted. She was so convincing in Coffee Prince that when i watched my 4th kdrama (Goong), I didn’t see Go Eun Chan anywhere.

    2) Yoon Eun Hye – again. I’ve been wanting to see her new drama.

    3) Chemistry – I wanted to see YEH’s chemistry with her next leading actor. Even before KJH was chosen.

    4) Kang Ji Hwan – Saw their videos together at Paeksang and knew that they had chemistry.

    5) OTP – They had the chemistry that even good/great dramas sometimes lacked. It was addicting.

    6) Story – it was very slow in the beginning and the side plots were at times irritating but after, I got very invested in how they’ll fall in love. And now, how KJ will earn back the love of AJ.

    7) IDK – I live and breathe LTM this days. I don’t do anything but search for anything LTM related. It’s my drugs.

    As for those individuals who are saying that they don’t get how LTM is more popular than the better written BL, maybe there isn’t a logical explanation. Yes, BL has better writing and dialogue but it just doesn’t give a lot of us the big pull that LTM has. I for one do not see myself relating to the characters in BL. The characters in BL are hilarious but I cannot connect with them. Besides, the story in LTM is more relatable and believable. A chaebol falling in love with a civil servant is more believable than a top star and a top class doctor falling in love with the most negatively known “F” class celebrity….

  62. its just that i love how the otp look good together and even if the plot is kinda…. um… idk, i still love it!! 🙂

    • lol, this cracked me up, in a good way 🙂

      after all the yeh, kjh, yeh-kjh, yeh, yeh, chemistry, story, yeh, chemistry, yeh etc etc, PARK HOON 🙂

      i like Park Hoon too, he’s a little cutie, always smiling and waddling along Ki Joon.

  63. Why am I watching Lie To Me?!!! Hhhhmmmm… of couse the sizzling hot chemistry between KJH and YEH… wanting to know how the characters will be together its driving me insane…maybe I need to have my mental state checked…

  64. Idk man. I was obsessed with My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho and Secret Garden. Like obsessed, because it was my first time watching a korean drama as its going on. But LTM, I liked the premise from the beginning because it sounded so cute. But It drives me crazy how much I love it. I am a huuuuuge Yoon Eun Hye fan but I cant say I watch it for her, because I didnt even find the least bit of interest in take care of Agassi. But LTM is just so in your face. It takes you and you cant do anything about it.

    • To Han,
      If you hate LTM, then you should not bother to comment on this page because you’re not answering the question. I don’t know you so I don’t want to hate you either. Just respect our love for LTM. Got that..

    • AFTER 115 POSTS you still don’t get the idea? anyway, we as well don’t get it much and we looooove the drama. so that’s the same for us. try to watch it. 🙂

      • Goodness gracious! You mean the airtime ratings is decided by only about 1000 households? Wonder how they did the samplings- random or with specific profiles….. Anyway we can leave the stats alone.. if that is the only number we are talking about. Now I can put this issue to rest. Thanks for the info.

    • Oh, unless you don’t read English or failed to read the comments above, you have an “idea”. You just don’t agree with it. Two completely different concepts, concurrence and comprehension.

      Also, people are not addicting to LTM, which would freak me out. If the drama were addicted to people, I might need to break up with it.

      Feel free to express an opinion, valid or not. I love opposing points of view. But please do so in a coherent manner. It gives me a headache to read a comment that I need to interpret so that it makes sense.

      • ^^ this comment just cracked me up lol

        why i’m watching LTM?At first because of YEH. i’m a huge fan 🙂 then the chemistry between YEH and KJH.. then coz it’s a romcom so i know it will have a happy ending..

        i have officially addicted to LTM just like i was addicted to CP.. every hour i have to check all the sites that has LTM post in it it’s driving me crazy!

        hope the 2nd half of the drama continues in a big high!

        thank u so much koala for the recap.. i don’t post comment a lot but visit your site for any LTM post ALL THE TIME..

        ps. i know LTM is getting bigger in the internet (tudou, baidu, soompi, etc), but how about in korea? do they know over there how much we love LTM? i’m asking because ratings wise, it doesn’t seem to be showing…

      • LOL so witty.

        roo in regards of the ratings, ratings are samples of households not a collective number of viewers. Ratings company takes suveys based on income, number of people in family, cable membership, sex, age, living area, and etc. From the suveys small sample household are chosen to receive ratings collecting machine. These instruments are attached to the TV. They will sample what show they are watching. then some ratings can be thrown out if the ratings agency feels it’s a tampered data. The number of machines are actually only a bit over 1000. So the ratings are a very small sample of the entire viewing population. It is lacking but it’s all that’s possible.

  65. I think for the past few months we have a lot of drama that are written well but they are so complicated that we are always left hanging and confused in every episode. Like 49 days, I soooo love this drama but gosh I think my brain cells died after this drama (since we have to think in every episode). I think LTM is a breath of fresh air since we pretty much know where it leads to. Its easy to watch and its a smooth sailing (not like a roller coaster ride like the other ones). Sometimes we just want to watch so we don’t have to think about the story much. Plus, the OTP have the greatest chemistry and of course the kiss (which rarely happens in K-drama land). Plus, the drama seems more realistic and its what we go through in our everyday life.

    • Oh and also I like love story where the girl has a strong character and a strong man falls for her cause she is different. I guess it reminds me of me..

  66. 1) chemistry between YEH and KJH 2) i prefer rom-com above anything else 3) kisses are hot, unlike those in other kdramas wherein the lead actress looks like a statue…

  67. (I know you missed me, Koala!) I was actually staying away from this drama because of the two leads. I honestly don’t know why I strayed away from Kang Ji Hwan (maybe because I was annoyed with his character in a Movie is a Movie?)…but for Yun Eun Hye, I felt like she became overrated after Coffee Prince. Anyway, what actually pulled me into the drama was the “fake marriage” storyline fad (I’m a huge DTLY fan), and I was curious to see if these two (YEH & KJH) could pull it off. Thank goodness by the time I started watching it the first 6 episodes were subbed, because I probably would have dropped it by episode 2 or 3. Anyway, long story short: their chemistry is just amazing; I really like Sang Hee’s character (actor bias?), and how relatable Ah Jung is to the audience. I just hope they develop Sang Hee, as well as the rest of the characters more, but still keep it interesting. Right now, I think the PD/writer(s?) are reeling the majority of viewers in by playing on the hormones, haha.

  68. I rarely watch drama until all the episodes are out.
    But I think I did this, just as I did with My fair lady because of Yoon Eun Hye’s reputation. Coffee Prince is an iconic drama in Korea. It opened many barista schools, specialty coffee stores, coffee prince cafes, sold gazillions of coffee books, and broke all the ratings for cable reruns. Having said that, I do believe I have to give her some credit for her role in it. So I do not think she is overrated. Simply because she has done it before.

    As for LTM, I may have began with too high of expectation. I was analyzing everything about the drama from episode 1. I didn’t enjoy it much. Then episode 6 started get me going. Episode 7, 8 was simply great. So I went back and re-watched from episode 1 without any anticipation and expectation. I watched it thinking it was an average drama.

    When I did that, I was amazed to find myself enjoy this drama from the beginning. I see many hints of Ki Joon’s feelings towards Ah Jung in episode 4. I got many funny scenes I had missed before, gestures from the characters and stuff. I must say, if I didn’t watch this drama with such a high expectation, this may have been better than any other romantic comedies. Because I seriously thought episode 7, 8 were the best.
    Even episode 4, which said sucked before, was pretty good. After 1 thru 6 was also much better now than I had originally thought.

    I think Yoon Eun Hye’s past accomplishments really took things away from this drama. We have a saying in Korea. “Whether you like it or not, Yoon Eun Hye dramas are fun”. This reputation led to too high of expectation for me.
    After re-watching from episode 1, I like the drama a lot more than I had before, and I loved episode 7 and 8.

    • On the spot there. I’ve done the same. Re-watched from Ep 1 to every current Ep and it never fails, my appreciation of LTM increases (every time I re-watched).

  69. I watched it for Yoon Eun Hye because I also really like her. She have a way of having sparks and chemistry with her leading men! I was rooting for Park Shi Yoon (wonder if I spelled it right, the lead from Family Honor). But KJW is doing great as well! Jiiang!!

  70. 3 Reasons why I’m nuts abt LTM: YEH, KJH and super duper hot kisses. I guess if the kiss is more then the reason got increase too hehehe;)

  71. The main couple 😀

    I love Yoon Eun hye and I LOVEEEEE Kang Ji Hwan. I was skeptical at first on whether they would have chemistry but my god… they are a match made in paradise!

    The writing is a little weak for me and the plot is…… at times. BUT the main couple helps me look pass allllll those weaknesses hahaha

  72. Are you sure about that popularity explosion, Koala? lol

    I honestly don’t feel the craze of this drama like I did with the more recent crazes such as SKKS and Secret Garden. But I guess the biggest pull of the drama would have to be YEH and KJW sort of like the pull of the Geun Geuns for M3. As f0r me, I haven’t seen an episode past the second one but I do realize that there is a fanbase for this like there was a fanbase for M3.

    As for me, “drama crazes” actually turn me off from watching the drama. I couldn’t finish BOF all the way through, My Girl annoyed me, I was addicted to Coffee Prince but the end kinda dragged, I watched You’re Beautiful but eventually got turned off because of the craziness. I’ve only watched 3 episodes of SKKS and as much as I love the taiwanese version of ISWAK, I couldn’t get behind Playful Kiss. However, of all the “mania dramas”, I’ve followed Kim Sam Soon, Dream High, Secret Garden and now Best Love (which I’m in for the long run!) are the ones I’ve finished and largely enjoyed.

    I guess my point is, different people have different tastes. Usually, if the plots gets weak, it’s our OTPs that we desperately cling onto.

  73. The chemistry between our leads…. need I say more?

    I have a feeling that this is going to be similar to Playful Kiss’s situation when it aired… Not exactly a hit ratings-wise but definitely a hit when it comes to online viewings, downloads, and devoted fans… To this day, I still can’t watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho due to my loyalty to Playful Kiss (because it aired at the same day and time)….

    • I thought it was cute, but playful kiss had no where the fan base of LTM. As for My Girlfriend is Gumiho, I personally liked Playful Kiss a lot more.

    • Plus, I don’t think LTM can get 4% in ratings. Even if story bombs big time.

    • Part of reasons behind Playful kiss was airing date. They should have aired it during academic holiday season like Dream High. Dream High would have recorded about 4~6% ratings if it wasn’t aired at the peak holiday seasons for little kids.

  74. I watch LTM coz of …YOON EUN HYE !!!
    I love her ,love her ,love her ,love her ,love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  75. im watching LTM because If its ROMCOM and YEH is in it, its a sure hit! A romCom is not complete without kissing scenes, and YEH is the only korean actress i know who make kissing scenes REAL ! Its so distracting to see in a drama a couple who is so much in love with each other and do STANDARD korean kiss, which is like kissing a dead person.

    and also YEH and KJH onscreen chemistry is so addicting.

  76. because it’s the first one to get translated by darksmurf among all mon-tues drama.

    it’s not that good, but i thin coffee prince is better in that it has more humor. may 2011 is a drama craze. but best love is the clear winner. city hunter and romance town are “surprisinly” good.

  77. I feel the chemistry between the leads but somehow am not as crazy about LTM as I was with M3. I found myself getting bored with the slow build up in the first 5 episodes and stopped watching (well…that was mainly b/c streaming LTM online was so darn slow on viki and mysoju. i should probably d/l them aha ). Episodes 6-8 are still on my queue to watch and i’m so glad to hear that the latter episodes are an improvement on the initial ones.

  78. because of the OTP of course.. KJH and YEH are just awesome! i think this drama wouldn’t survive if it weren’t because of these two.. the chemistry between these two are just undeniable.. i’ve been a drama freak for years and i’ve seen a bunch of drama with great plot and good-looking actors but this is the first time i actually going nuts over a drama.. i would check your website every single day for an update and checking the clock 24/7 waiting for Monday to come.. i know this sounds weird, but whenever Ah Jung is hurting, i feel like i can relate to her and feel the pain as well… i don’t care if the plot is crappy.. as long as these two are there, i would be the happiest person in dramaland! ^^

  79. i watched this drama because of the two leads. they have a great chemistry and nobody would doubt it. awesome chemistry.

  80. at first i watched LTM coz i got nothing to do n also wanna support KJH n YEH as i really like them vry much…as the show goes on..i just cant help but noticed the chemistry between them two n really hope to see whether there is not only acting between them *wink*

    LTM also give me the same kind of butterflies as PK whenever both of the OTP are together n i really like to be in this playground where every1 is voicing out their comment especially u koala…really like ur work …u r really Daebak…keep up the good job.

  81. I have 3 good reason for watching this drama:
    1st: Of course, miss Yoon Eun Hye! I love her acting, I hated her last drama I forced myself to watch because I thought that she deserved a chance (16 in fact).
    2nd: I loved the written concept of this drama. If the plot had been developed in the proper way, I think this would have been way better…
    3rd: Your playground kept me hooked on this drama, you were so enthusiastic about it, and wanted it so get better soooooo badly I thought that you’re prayer would be heard and it was… You’ve never disappointed me so far, thanks a lot ^^!

  82. Oh why oh why??? After the incident yesterday at my place (burned lunch – brain-wrenching fire alarm sounded off – angry hubby and panic neighbours …) I also asked myself why why why??? It actually freaks me out as I could not have a coherent answer which is scientifically sound and literally understandable… All I know is that I want to see more (and more and more and more) KJ and AJ interactions (kiss or not) as well as I want to see more (and more and more) of SH (either with AJ or with KJ or with aunt)… and why I am attracted to know such thing??? No idea… (*sign*)

    FYI, I am not KJH or YEH fan. But their presence somehow clicks in me… making me craving for more LTM, to the level that I signed up for a soompi account yesterday to stalk overthere too… Maybe I am going mad????

    Why oh why???

  83. LTM is also the most watched K drama on PPStream and they have been awesome in getting Chinese subs the same day

  84. i am watching this drama because i am a huge fan of YEH. even if the plot sucks/poorly written, as long as YEH’s on the screen, i won’t care about it anymore. i just love her and will be supporting her til the end.

  85. Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan have big fanbase already especially Yoon Eun Hye. So I am not suprised by the support of their fans online. Because frankly this drama feels useless and is just there for the sake to have KJH and YEH in a drama this year. I still thing YEH best chemistry is with Oh Man Suk and the sudden kisses between KJH and YEH is just there to bring audience (even the fans know that). Next time YEH must be more careful at choosing her project and she needs acting classes.

    • You must be kidding……….. Best chemistry with Oh Man SUk? Sorry but me thinks am the only one delusional but ain’t so……………..

      • No I am not kidding. I liked her a lot with Oh Man Suk. It felt really warm. After this is Gong Yoo and Mr Voice. But I am not in aw of her pairs with shin of “goong” or KJH. I feel the latter too forced. I guess the sucky plot plays a part of it. But I am not impressed by this oh-so-great-saving-the-drama couple YEH-KJH. The kissing scenes, namely the first one, were just there to raise ratings because frankly without that I don’t even think Ockoala will continue to recap it.

    • Oh gosh Oh Man Seuk are you effin kidding me?

      I’m sorry, but Kang Ji Hwan and YEH’s chemistry is just so THERE even without the kisses. The kisses didn’t raise the ratings, it was YEH’s crying in the car that did it. Read the korean news they all say that Yoon Eun Hye’s crying beat the hoopla about the kiss.

      • In my view OMS and YEH have better chemistry than KJH and YEH. As I said maybe this is partly because the plot sucks. I am not impressed by the latter couple. Everything feel forced about them. I think they chose the worst drama for them at least. And I feel somewhat bad for KJH (capital scandal is one of my fav kdrama) for being in this blunder.

  86. “Are you sure about that popularity explosion, Koala? lol

    I honestly don’t feel the craze of this drama like I did with the more recent crazes such as SKKS and Secret Garden.”

    I feel same too. And I will add I feel LTM is pretty much ignored by most of drama recappers. I don’t count devoted fans on topic threads or downloading as success. For me LTM or PK are average/ disaster ratingwise and this counts.

    • I think to put it in context, it’s only DB who chose to ignore it.

      How to you measure the popularity of a drama? It’s quite simple really…viewers. But you have two kinds of viewers: TV viewers in which LTM is objectively getting average ratings. But then the scope is only South Korea(I don’t know if this reaches North Korea).

      Online viewing, on the other hand, transcends the borders of Korea and spans several countries….

      Given the international viewing statistics, I think there is credence to ockoala’s post…the statistics speak for themselves actually. 🙂

      • Yummy bibimbap hahaha you really want North Korea’s rating, what for? do they push commercialism there? I wonder? 2 logic? People like to watch a drama when it’s good, and when it fails either way marketing is good, over expectation through an extreme marketing push is bad…. I love YEH so yeah waiting for ENG SUB…. 😉

    • What can I say, I’m one of the viewers who cannot wait till Monday and have to read even a negative comment such as yours just because I enjoy watching and reading about LTM so much!

  87. There are 3 reason I could think of why I keep watching LTM, first reason why I watch LTM is I love the two leads ( I can’t forget the two kdramas of YEH which are Goong and TFSCP and I love Kang Ji Hwan’s Coffee Prince), second I love rom-com, third if Koala is into it I know this something…^_^

    • Yeah liking actors and actresses and watching in pain as they get destroyed by ugly character is like suicide with a unsharpened bread knife…..but never the less we the dumb loyal fans love licking their wounds….Martyrdom I might say 😉

      • Hahahah… your description was totally true. If not coz of KJW and YEH in it, would not waste my time for this bad writing drama. In fact it even destroys and wastes their talented acting… once I ever think that who the hell person behind them that has chosen this script for both of them…

    • I second this! Never bored to see her even when she is in not so good drama! She has a way to make you want to watch her! I just love YEH !!!!

    • I am watching LTM because Yoon EH is my favorite Korean actress. LTM’s story is much better than her last drama. It deserves better ratings in South Korea. This is the first time I watched Kang JH and he is good. I particularly like the way he addressed YEH as “darling” at the coffee shop towards end of ep4. His move was so funny.

  88. Me 2 i love the leads & the chemistry between them .this drama has scenes that u don t find in other ones .it s unexpected bcause i really didn t know that i ll b so involve

  89. because i want to be entertained and this rom-com is entertaining! great chemistry from the two leads. i don’t want something based on real life, i got a real life already. a small lie snow-balling into something so big can only happen in dramas, not too bad when they throw in some eye candies (!). plus IMO everyone’s waiting for the next phase after the truth, What’s Next? that makes it addictive!

    and having lots of chingus analyzing and swearing to avenge AJ’s anguish, that’s lots of fun. i might not know all of you in real life, but i know i’ll have a blast when i’m at this playground. Til tomorrow 🙂

  90. AHH I love I love LTM. I dont see why people who dont like the show are commenting for. Its like they are trying to show everyone the err of their ways. Well its not going to work. But as you say, Koala, you welcome *grudginly* every opinion. 🙂 ehehe. Not that I dont, I so do too. But the constant BL is sooo much better, gets so tedious. Ppl can like more than one dramas. Diff dramas have diff appeal. Just as how I didnt watch PK, because IMO no one could do it like Ariel and Joe. But it turns out that alot of ppl liked it. So thats cool. I dont go around ragging on it though. I liked MGIAG, and DGCH, but I couldn’t watch YB. It just didnt appeal to me. So well written or not, ts what appeals to you. Lawks, didn’t mean to sound like *you know*, but the negative comments totally put a dapper on me reading about everyones excitement.

    • It just shows us that they feel threatened by LTM popularity on line. Or maybe they’re fans of some competing dramas on the same slot who try to belittle their opponent for their own gain. Who knows 😉
      But IMO people’s taste/preference can’t be forced. For now most people (internationally) love LTM more than the better rating & plot of BL. So they have to deal with that.

      • I do not think it is necessary to blame other drama for some “slightly” negative comment about LTM. It could be worst.
        I saw the first LTM ep with expectation over the top, its KJH… but I was totally in pain just to finished the first ep… Then looking for some PAIN RELIVER, I turned my eyes to BL, just wondering at the beginning, and then Booommm…. What can I say.
        I still continue to watch LTM though, only to satify my sight of undenied chemistry between the two leads… and thats all…

  91. definitely because of the OTP, i’m not sure if i’d be watching this if i didn’t like the actors/actress 😀

    is it monday yet???

    • Exactly. I wouldnt be watching it if it wasnt for the two main leads. Take them away and this drama will be just another…you know what.

  92. I think this drama has a lot of flaws, but it’s the actors that gives this drama dept. Their chemistry, oh my gawd, seriously? My whole computer almost crashed due to their amazing kisses, haha.
    BUT I’m not only watching Lie To Me because of the kisses (it’s a bonus though) but really it’s the chemistry and the interaction between the actors and such.
    I love the comical sparks in the first part of the drama and now I’m ready for some emotional stuff.
    So let’s bring it, Lie To Me 😀

    • I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I can’t help but share my 2 cents worth= since i’m not a writer nor pretend to be, or an aspiring one, when I watch anything I don’t look for flaws- only what i enjoyable and entertaining. And to me LTM satisfy those.

  93. I’m easy to please. :)) I don’t want to watch anything too serious / something that requires too much thought. I like a drama simply because it’s fun and the lead characters are endearing. The beauty of this rom-com is that although it may not be beautiful in the eyes of another writer, it’s cute enough to make the viewers gag for more. I don’t like to over-analyze a drama because it defeats its purpose – entertainment.

    The OTP is gorgeous. The OST is a gem. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s crack-tastic. It’s enough to make me keep watching to the end. 😀

  94. i love this drama because it is Kang Ji Kwan and Yoon Eun Hye!! their chemistry and the interaction between two of them is great!! I love the comical sparks in the first part of the drama too. very very entertaining so far…..

  95. Bloggers disregarding LTM? Don’t think so. I have seen many drama bloggers talking about it.

    Anyway, main reason for me is Yoon Eun Hye but my interest went so much higher when I felt the chemistry between KJH and YEH. You feel them and not many pairings can do that. The Korean TV ratings may not be as high as other dramas but since I am from another country, it does not really matter to me. Although I wish more Koreans will watch it. I have no doubt at all that international viewers will get addicted to it. Some people got some problem with the story but I am liking it. In fact, the wait is simply killing me. Just twice a week…but it is more exciting that way.

    Koala, thanks again for not giving up on this drama. I love your recaps!!!

  96. Well, I hate the story, I hate the plot, everyone except the two leader are annoying me (for example So Ran and Sang Hee – he is toooo young), story is so slow and boring, but the chemistry and the hot kisses…. I love them! 🙂

  97. Thats easy! great chemistry between the two leads, fun, romantic, not complicated and entertaining. I watch tv to have a good time, cry, laugh and be touched and LTM does exactly that. hmm, what else? oh yes, eye candy!

  98. i still love kang ji hwan with han ji min more. I loveeeee their chemistry in capital scandal. The first time i watch a drama because of the chemistry between the otp alone and ignored the plot.

    And i don’t feel the same way between kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye… I feel nothing. maybe it’s a matter of taste.

      • yeah, maybe I’m one of those weird people who don’t feel excite KJH – YEH on screen chemistry. We have different taste in terms of otp’s chemistry after all.

        I’m not blind seeing their on screen chemistry. just don’t feel excite about it

        cheers 😉

    • Then I suggest you go watch Capital Scandal again and just leave us all alone here
      I’m glad you are enjoying yourself………

      • Hii… I like Capital Scandal more in term of script writing and other things… heheheh… but KJH and YEH chemistry here is stunning. Makes me believe if they were couple in the real life, it would be awesome….

  99. 1.there was tons of advertising for the drama before it started
    2. The lead actors are amazing (i love coffee house and coffee prince and princess hours)
    3. Chemistry
    4. Fast moving (there was a confession in ep 8,how often does that happen)
    5. Funny, Smart funny (not the im doing something supid rite now, so its funnie)
    6. Cola kiss

  100. i agree about that explosion of interest in ltm, courtesy of the icecream and cola kisses. that drama was just humming along and when those two kisses were shown, downloads and interest suddenly shot up and here at the playground, a certain ms koala fed us with lots of juicy details.

    why am i watching ltm? kjh and yeh otp, period. the kisses were bonuses.

  101. i watch this because of Yoon Eun Hye Unni. I love her to death and watch all her dramas. If it is not for me, i will not be patient follow all the eps from the beginning. Right now, I hate YJ so much, but if EH plays YJ role, I will love YJ no matter what. Hehhehe EH unni, I am with you forever. Fighting!

  102. see it: 1 – I admire Yoon Eun Hye, since it is a great actress, which I convey emotions. 2 – It makes me laugh, and I LOVE history. Kang Ji Hwan, is an actor SUPER AND IS VERY HANDSOME. 3 – PARTNER tene an amazing chemistry. 4 – Love, whether these if called Kisses. 5 – I am super hooked on this drama and I like it more each episode. 6 – I just love the lie.

  103. I like Yoon Eun Hye. She has that girl-next-door aura which makes her very likable.
    Not to mention her having great chemistry with whoever she’s paired up with.

    That’s one of the reasons why I started to watch this despite reading comments on earlier episodes about how this series is poorly written, slow paced, and very predictable. Based on episode 6 recaps, I felt like the story somehow managed to pick up so I gave it a try. So from episode 6 onwards, I’m hooked. I prefer feel-good series like this in which people can easily relate to the characters.

  104. It has something that other currently airing dramas do not have (which at the moment I cant put a name on it) ^_^

  105. And about YEH crying raising ratings I say good. But admit the first kiss was randomly put there to rescue the “sinking boat” for example. The couple storyline was not well built and “pam” they put a kiss there. Yeah. That brings me to YEH acting. What a disappointment ! I felt for her during coffee prince days. But she didn’t take the opportunity to further her skills. Therefore when she tries to act something else than the usual annoying girl next door (take care of my lady) she fails. In this show one see that she has not improved. She may cries good but what else ?

    • The problem with people like you is that you overanalyze everything. I dont think the kiss was random at all. Ever heard of “being caught up in the moment?’ it happens in real life too.

      YEH’s acting a disappointment? You must be the only one saying that because even in korea they are saying that although the ratings for this drama is not good YEH’s huge improvement in acting can be seen as she displays a wide range os emotions.

      I just dont get why you are so hell bent on putting this series down and the actors and trying to ruin it for those who enjoy and love this series.

      We get it you think this series sucks and you think YEH sucks good riddance!

    • So the reason you are watching LTM is to complain about it? o_o
      Last time I checked there was no superior power that forces people to watch a dramas they don’t like. xD

      Sometimes Love is crazy and random. Not every couple has a big love story to tell, when they are asked “How did you meet? How did you fall in love?”.

      LTM isn’t flawless. I think everyone here knows that. That doesn’t stop people from loving it. For example, MySoju’s current Number 1? Right, LTM. Why not Best Love?

      • I agree Hime, it’s so weird how some just watch LTM just so they can bitch and whine about the series and the actors.

        What’s even worse is that the fans of other competing series have been going to different sites like baidu,,dclie and dcmbc and creating a huge mess like report some posts to be deleted.

        Whether they wanna admit it or not, though Lie To Me has it’s flaws and though the ratings are not high, it’s the series that they feel most threatened of cause it’s the most talked about and most popular than other May dramas. Then there’s others out there who haven’t even seen a single episode, yet feel entitled to say that it sucks just for the heck of it.

    • Random is such an abused term here… Just like your random rantings against the show and YEH in detail in the midst of all the support she is getting here. Though differences in opinion is generally acceptable personal attacks are not. SO please confine yourself to civilized mode, else, the angry Batallion of KILL KJ may turn their eyes on you……

    • Hey Lilly, why don’t you just stay away from this post coz it’s very clear that the topic is for those who love the drama and not for those who are disappointed or rather not fond of YEH just like you .

      “In this show one see that she has not improved” I guess, that’s a comment from someone who doesn’t want to praise a good acting from YEH just because she simply not your idol. But for your info, we are so many here that cried a bucket when YEH cried. So please just go away and comment on other posts that you like.

      Oh I’m really sorry Mz. Koala, I just can’t ignore this kind of comment. I have to fight for YEH. I just so love her and this drama. Thanks again

    • I beg to differ, I’m afraid I cannot agree with you. I find YEH performance improving every time she makes a new drama! And at LTM she is performing the best… this is my opinion!

  106. i like watching LTM because it makes me feel good and satisfied..the story is typical but the acting of KHJ and YEH are great…Kudos to them..i dont mind other people saying bad things about the drama…that’s their opinion, but as far as i’m concern i like it..or i must say im lovin it..like ice cream and cola…Lol..

  107. Why are you watching LTM ?
    It’s simple for me, for Yoon Eun Hye, since I’m a huge fans of her. But when the show’s progressing I’m become amazed by the OTP chemistry (and I also starting to like KJH). And curious by how the story will unfold. So now I’m not just watching it for YEH or the OTP but for the plot also. And IMO it’s getting better. Since it’s a romcom I’m sure they (the OTP) will ended up together, but I will really enjoy the process of it. Be it’s a happy, angtsy or romantic moments.
    So LTM Fighting !!!!

  108. I watch LTM cos
    – I feel like I’m peeking in someone’s life and wondering – O Crap!!!!! What’s going to happen now?
    – I’m invested in wanting to know whether these 2 people who are obviously attracted to each other can BE together
    – My heart ached at AJ’s sadness.
    – I got so angry at KJ – but am trying to understand that he is solicitous of THAT WOMAN cos he knows her far longer and he probably does not realise how much AJ means to him already!

    So yeah – I don’t mind that the story does not quite gel at times, or is far fetched, or unbelievable – what is appealing to me is that the OTP is so believable that I want to know more – I want to see more – I want to feel more – Vicarious it may be – but Oh So Good!

  109. Why I watched Drama(LTM)??
    1. Because I love the Lead. If I like the lead in that drama, I will watch their drama and if the drama turn out good, I’ll cracking my butt and my finger to find about their story. But if the story turn out bored me out(like M3) and I’ll drop it(no regret actually)
    1. Because the story itself. I love romcom. So, if the lead is my fave actors and summary of the story itself was good…I will give it a try=) just like My Princess. But still NOOO for action and thriller drama/movie although I love the lead(so NO for city hunter too)

  110. I like LTM because of the two leads who really makes it feel their chemistry and the build up to their love. We were there with them along the way. Who cares if they have the lowest ratings in their timeslot? their webfans are here to place them on top. I just hope this will not be the last pairing of KJH and YEH. A movie perhaps? and another Kdrama in 2012? Better yet, they should end up together in real life, wouldn’t you think so fellow LTM fans?

  111. The problem here because the leads are huge in Kdrama n very successful in their previous drama so everyone put high expectation to this drama…so when you watch LTM you try to analyze instead enjoying it…its light ROM-COM..the story is simple, entertaining,unrealistic n random…no use to analyze…so if you want to watch it…watch with clear mind n joy ^.^

    • And if you don’t- shoo . . . .. ………………………….. very far away………………………….
      Isn’t that what you are saying Nowhere? OOOOOOPPSSS!! My thoughts not yours. Cheers!

      • Hahaha…no offends Bo…I just try to make the haters understand that they watch drama just for analyze n not even enjoy the drama…I love LTM so much n I hope their love it too ^.^

  112. Hi Ockoala. Its my first time to let my presence be felt in your blog after silently stalking your LTM posts for a week. I have seen you a lot in Dramabeans and I believe we share a not so secret love and devotion for one Kimsunah – Chaseungwon drama.

    Why I watch Lie To Me???? I was actually late in jumping on the LTM bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong. I have great love for Yoon Eun Hye in Goong and Coffee Prince. I was not sure about Kang Ji Hwan (please don’t stone me to death ladies)… Moreover, I was busy ogling the hotness that is Cha Seung Won in Best Love. But then, I decided to check it out last week. I was suffering from Kdrama withdrawal symptoms (shivering, out of breath and psychotic tendencies) while in between Best Love episodes (the horrors of watching currently airing dramas) so to I was willing to try anything to get my kdrama fix (i’m shin mi rae and im a kdrama addict!).

    At the start, I was half sold with the premise of Ah-jung’s lie. Sensible me want to shout at Ah-jung to get over Jae Beom and move on with her life (he is not even cute!). Another part of me, the crazy part, understands her motivation for telling that lie. That underlying message to all the first love who dumped all the Ah-jungs of the world – “your loss for dumping me. look i have a hotter than you husband. did i mention he owns hotels. and what do you do again, you poor person!” and to all best friends con boyfriend thieves – “thank you so much for stealing first love from me because if you didn’t, i might be married to him and not to this hotter than hot of a man. did i mention he is richer than rich???” Oppps, too emotional??? too much channeling??? sorry.

    But then the premise is not enough to get cracked hooked in LTM. Ah-jung, the character, is threading on thin ice. Either the viewers love her and feel her pain and suffering or we find her pathetic for her inability to move on. So the actress to bring Ah-jung to life is crucial to make this drama work. She needs to make Ah-jung lovable and relatable. And that Yoon Eun Hye did. She does have great chemistry with Kang Ji Hwan (who ever thought Kang Ji Hwan can kiss like that and how hot was he??? – oh, all of you did.. its just me who was so surprised.) I love Ah-jung so much that right now, I really don’t care who Ah-jung ends up with as long as she gets her happy ending. Ok, maybe that stretches it a bit because I am still mad with Ki Joon for hurting Ah-jung in episode 8. I want him punished. Hard. I want to see tears. Buckets full of them from Ki-Joon before I even let him in near proximity to Ah-jung. And that Sung Joon, if he stands in the way of Ah-jung’s happiness then I promise to send Jin Pyo assasins (City Hunter) after him.

    So what was the question again????

    • Kekekekkeke….. after reading your reply… I forgot the question too… LOL…
      Anyway, dont care about the all reason behind this… since I only watch LTM to inhale some thin air between episodes of BL. I am totally with you in this…
      Out of the topic, but I am the only one amongs my girl group friends to watch Kdrama. For them its cheesy. In order to turn their head even only a little to accompany me watching kdrama, LTM sadly said should be put in the last row, before they change their opinion from cheesy to chessiest. But with SG and now we have BL… finally we manage to seat together… oke… not very long, but for a starting, it was enough… I am happy already..

      • I have similar problems. My friends are not so into kdramas, at least not as crazy as i am. the reason i visit these sites is to rant and rave and connect with kdrama sisters (or brothers).

  113. love ltm, i saw the previews dont remeber where but it ha me at firsrt sight. love yeh in cffee prince and i like her strong female lead character the kisses hot
    ithis is my first live waching if not i am watching it at work head phones and all

  114. I agree with everyone above who watches for Yoon Eun Hye. I adore her and her acting and watch absolutely everything I can of hers. And Lie To Me is just another confirmation that she makes the drama for me. (Though Kang Ji Hwan doesn’t hurt anything either -lol)

  115. because it’s KANG JI HWAN ! I was waiting for a drama of his , when he cancelled Faith, I was soooo sad that I could’ve cried, I’m just satisfied with seeing him and seeing his smile. And of course enjoying his excellent acting ! I adore him so much. A fan from MOROCOO.

  116. Koala, why am I commenting on this old post? Guess I’m still in denial post-LTM and have been reading your recaps as I re-watch the drama on our cable TV in Singapore.
    I watched LTM becos I really like YEH and have a good impression of KJH. I didn’t have high expectations at first cos the “fake marriage” plot seems to get recycled too frequently on k-dramas. But the first 4 episodes were funny and I was pretty entertained with AJ and KJ’s interactions and dialogues. And somehow, I started to feel that connection between our OTP – their body language, subtle movements, funny interactions all seemed so real to me. I started to watch the drama with my heart and thoroughly enjoyed it until the end. LTM is different from other dramas (even though I loved Secret Garden but HB and HJW’s love story never seemed real to me, it existed in my heart and mind as just another drama with 2 actors acting out a love story) cos it has the ability to touch my inner heart and it feels like watching 2 real people falling in love. Their conversations and interactions always manages to bring back my own memories with my hubby and that makes it feel so real to me. It didn’t look or feel like AJ and KJ (or YEH and KJH) were acting, it’s almost like they were being filmed by a hidden camera. No wonder we all became shippers for HwanHye 🙂

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