Drunken to Love You Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of Drunken to Love You harkens back to the tone and mood of episode 1. A combination of farcical slap stick moments mixed in with emotional angst in a now trademark DTLY way. The drama broke 5 in ratings for this episode, so this means we’re about to get Joseph Chang and Tom Price jumping into a pool. Good gracious, you can’t pay me enough money not to report on that earth-tilting news and bring you pictures. Heh.

It’s so weird how this drama is a bona fide success, though it’s got half the ratings of Fated to Love You, but I feel like it’s still so under the radar. While I appreciated the stark look at the anatomy of a marital infidelity in The Fierce Wife, which became a hot topic of conversation in Taiwan when it aired earlier this year, I personally prefer the dramas that celebrate love because it feels just so whimsically charming to watch. Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru feel so fun and real, I can imagine having a dinner party with these two and it would be the best time ever.

Cup 9 recap:

Jie Xiu tries to listen through the door at what Meng Jun and Xiao Ru are talking about inside her room. Xiao Ru mentions about “wanting to protect the baby” but Meng Jung shushes her and tells her not to mention the word “pregnant”. Jie Xiu goes back to his room to ponder. Meng Jun suggests taking Xiao Ru to a nearby temple that is extra lucky when it comes time to praying for such things.

Jie Xiu lays down in bed and thinks out loud about whether it’s possible Xiao Ru is pregnant. She doesn’t look like it, but her personality seems to quite suspicious lately. The next morning, Jie Xiu walks out and puts his ear against Xiao Ru’s door. He can hear her making a retching sound inside her bathroom. She comes out, and he asks her if something is going on? He tells her not to keep anything from him. Xiao Ru goes to work and Jie Xiu gets a call from Tony about doing a magazine interview.

Avril is filming a rape scene with Rickie and she freaks out. The director tries to get Avril to calm down and finish the scene. Rickie tries to approach Avril and finds her genuinely distraught. Avril’s reliving her almost-rape from college. She goes outside and Rickie tries to ask if he can help her in any way.

The director has them do the scene again, and when Rickie and Avril veer off script the director allows the scene to continue. Afterwards, Avril thanks Rickie for helping for change the scene and allowing it to be successfully filmed. Rickie suggests to go to dinner if she wants to thank him, but Avril declines because she somewhere to go. She makes up an excuse that she has a favorite watch she wants to get fixed. Rickie says that if the watch is broken, she should just let it go. Avril says she can’t let it go unless she tries, she thinks the watch can stay with her for the rest of her life.

Avril leaves the set and an over-eager staffer comes up to her giving her coffee and a snack. She declines and leaves, but it’s clear that he’s a little mentally unbalanced by her rejection.

Avril drives to Jie Xiu’s house and sees him leaving for work. She wants to approach him but she thinks there is someone weird following her so she calls him to try and get his attention. She asks him to get rid of the weirdo. Jie Xiu thinks this is her ploy, and he confronts her about lying that she was the one who spent the night with him at the resort. Avril thinks Xiao Ru told Jie Xiu, but he tells her that he’s exhausted with her lies and stories. Jie Xiu hangs up and drives off. Avril follows him, and we see the movie staffer following her. He vows to give her the food he made for her.

Jie Xiu follows Xiao Ru to a market and sees that she’s buying all sorts of supplements and supplies for expecting mothers. Meng Jun and Xiao Ru go to the temple and prays to the Goddess. Meng Jun gets really into praying, but Xiao Ru teases her for being so fake pious. Jie Xiu sneaks up behind the ladies and peeks at them. Suddenly the resort worker that counseled Jie Xiu back in episode 6 shows up, and she pretends to be sweeping next to Jie Xiu.

She asks Jie Xiu if he recognizes her, explaining that her main job is working at the temple and her side job is working at the resort. She tells him that her job is to allow babies to be born and continue the cycle of life. Jie Xiu imagines that he’s suddenly in period attire and he is called up as the prize-winner at temple. His prize is a baby, and he comes up collect the baby. But when he sees the baby, he just shakes his head and backs away.

The temple lady tells Jie Xiu that he’s here because he clearly took her words to heart from that night. She congratulates him on becoming a dad, but Jie Xiu is not sure if he’s about to become a dad. She tells him to calm down, and take his time to figure out what the woman in his life wants. She tells him to be a good dad and show her how he feels, then his wife will tell him the truth.

Before he leaves, Jie Xiu is told that his face has the look of a bad omen. She gives him a bowl of water with a burned seal inside. Jie Xiu gulps it down in one chug, but is told that the water was intended for him to take home and splash around the four corners of the house. LOL. I’ve done that before. Meng Jun and Xiao Ru leave the temple, and Jie Xiu quickly runs off. The temple lady watches Xiao Ru leave and she goes inside to pray.

Jie Xiu follows Xiao Ru to another place, and he walks inside to discover that he is at an OB/GYN. He’s too nervous to go in by himself since other guys go in with their wives in tow. Xiao Ru is inside asking about how Peggy is doing, and is told that her near miscarriage has been stabilized and she’s doing fine. Xiao Ru asks the nurse to to give her some supplements, but the nurse asks Xiao Ru to speak with Peggy directly, and we see that Peggy is right there.

Xiao Ru flashes back to when she met with Yi Xian ton discuss the menu for their wedding banquet. Yi Xian asks Xiao Ru to prepare a shrimp dish, because Peggy likes shrimp. Peggy sees Yi Xian sitting close to Xiao Ru and immediately reaches the wrong conclusion. Yi Xian tries to explain but Peggy refuses to listen. She runs off and then doubles over in pain, and we see her bleeding. Xiao Ru wants to leave now, but Peggy asks her if she’s willing to stay and keep her company.

Peggy tells Xiao Ru that she’s afraid of her, Xiao Ru is like a landmine in her life. But now she realizes that Xiao Ru has no intention of ever taking Yi Xian away from her. Peggy thanks Xiao Ru for everything, explaining how she’s never been this happy before. Xiao Ru tells her that Yi Xian changed because of Peggy and how much she loves their baby. Xiao Ru gives Peggy a necklace with she got from the temple, asking Peggy to wear it to protect the baby.

Jie Xiu is still lurking outside the OB/GYN and he finally sees Xiao Ru walk outside. She’s behind a post with another expectant mother who’s last name also happens to be Lin, so when the nurse runs outside to give Ms. Lin her mommy book, Jie Xiu naturally draws the conclusion that Xiao Ru is pregnant. He goes to work and is in a stupor. When his boss asks him to pick a crib, Jie Xiu screams that it’s too early. But his boss is asking him to do it for a client. Tony asks why Jie Xiu suddenly has a headache.

Jie Xiu gives Tony some money for coffee and accidentally hands him a paper from the temple. Tony immediately asks if Xiao Ru is pregnant? Jie Xiu says no and walks away. Tony picks up Jie Xiu’s phone and it’s Jie Xiu’s mom calling from Hawaii. Tony lets slip that she’s about to become a grandmother, and Jie Xiu’s mom immediately says she’s calling off her own wedding and coming back to Taipei right away.

Jie Xiu is getting some coffee. He watches a dad talking with his daughter and imagines that it’s him and his daughter. Okay, raise if hand if you think Jie Xiu will make the worlds BEST daddy? He runs off without getting his coffee.

At the hotel, the manager receives a call that the new restaurant manager has just arrived from the US. We see Daniel (played by Xiao Gui) run into a bakery asking to buy the small criossant. He’s told another customer just bought the last bag, so he follows the man who is walking his dog through the park. The man sits down to eat his croissant and read a newspaper, and he sneaks up and steals the box of croissants, splitting his pants down the middle. As he’s walking away, a nice lady wants to tell him that his pants is split in the back. He thinks she’s trying to steal his croissant and insults her as a dinosaur girl who ought to go back to the Jurassic period. She tells him his pants is split and huffs away.

Tony finds Jie Xiu browsing in the bookstore for baby books. Tony teases Jie Xiu for working so hard to welcome a new family member. Tony says that Jie Xiu clearly hasn’t done enough. He tells Jie Xiu to take expectant mother classes. Jie Xiu immediately drags Tony with him, and Tony laughs that he can’t go because he’s not an expectant mother.

Jie Xiu walks into the expectant mother class with Tony dresses like a woman. Jie Xiu treats him very roughly and all the other couples stare at them. Jie Xiu uses the lure that he wanted to allow Tony to start designing some small spaces next month to get Tony to agree to stay and accompany him. Tony immediately pretends to be a woman, but he freaks out the instructor. She hilariously says that society needs to welcome alternative parenting in the future.

They start la maze classes, and she reminds everyone to pay attention. Tony and Jie Xiu hold hands and face each other. Jie Xiu immediately daydreams that he’s holding hands with Xiao Ru. She asks to rest because she’s tired. He tells her to hang in there, and she asks him if he wants a girl or a boy. Jie Xiu says either is fine. Tony is suffering but Jie Xiu is totally into it. Jie Xiu immediately enrolls today, telling Tony that he needs to take good care of Xiao Ru because it’s the only thing he can do for her right now. The intructor comes back and tortures Tony some more with yoga poses that have him screeching in pain.

At the movie set, Avril has her assistant confirm that the weird staffer won’t be around today. But the guy is lurking and hears Avril dismissing him. When Avril is practicing with Rickie for a scene, he walks up to Avril and stabs her. The assailant is subdued and Rickie picks up Avril and rushes her to the hospital.

Xiao Ru is at work and checking on a pot of stewed chicken feet she is cooking. Daniel arrives and immediately checks Xiao Ru’s locker. He opens it up and laughs when all her belongs fall out. He remembers back when they were at the orphanage together, and he opened up her locker to give her a croissant because she was hungry. Daniel peeks at Xiao Ru inside the kitchen, telling himself that he will make her pay for her mistake.

Avril is making a fuss trying to check out of the hospital. Everyone wants her to stay, but Rickie confronts her on why she needs to leave right away. When they are alone, he tells her not to use her life as a joke and go running off to Jie Xiu. He tells Avril that he will help her once she gets better.

Xiao Ru comes home and finds Jie Xiu having bought so many things. He asks why she’s home so late, and she apologizes. She likes to stay in the kitchen when she’s bothered by something and needs to think. She tells Jie Xiu that she’s confronted by the biggest problem of her life. She doesn’t know if she should keep it or get rid of it?

Jie Xiu tells her to keep it, he’ll be by her side through it all. She laughs and tells him that he doesn’t understand these things, but she’s touched by his gesture. She asks him what he bought, and he says everything is for her. They go inside and Jie Xiu first proffers Xiao Ru a cup of herbal tea that has healing properties. He urges Xiao Ru to drink, but she’s not terribly loving it and has to pretend it works like magic. Jie Xiu says he had to wait in line for two hours to buy the tea.

He then whips out a leg massage machine that he wants Xiao Ru to use everyday. Xiao Ru thinks the machine might be good for losing weight. Once Jie Xiu turns it on, Xiao Ru wiggles because she’s so ticklish, spilling the tea on his pristine carpet. Jie Xiu’s OCD almost flares up but he restrains himself. He decides to give Xiao Ru a hand massage of her legs, and she writhes in comfort because it feels so good. Jie Xiu confesses that he’s been too mean to her in the past. He thinks it’s comfortable living with her, and has decided to treat her better from now on. Xiao Ru thinks her temper is worse than him.

Xiao Ru asks what’s gotten into Jie Xiu recently since he’s behaving oddly? Jie Xiu asks Xiao Ru to be brave like he is right now. He tells her to be candid with him, and he will accept whatever he says and undertake any challenges with her. Xiao Ru whips out some stewed chicken feet and munches on it, confessing that she does have something to say. Xiao Ru stammers until she finally tells Jie Xiu that she was deciding whether to use star anise in her stewed chicken feet recipe for Yi Xian and Peggy’s wedding banquet. But star anise causes constipation for pregnant women. So today she made the dish without the star anise, but it just didn’t taste right.

Xiao Ru says her biggest challenge today is whether to take the stewed chicken dish off the menu. Jie Xiu gets upset and yells at Xiao Ru for claiming that her big issue involves chicken feet. He calms down and asks her if there is something else bothering her and might affect their relationship. Xiao Ru thinks Jie Xiu suspects they slept together that night at the resort. Jie Xiu takes her hand and tells her that he’s thought everything through and he can accept whatever decision she makes. Xiao Ru says that he’s overthinking things and the only problem she is facing right now concerns this chicken feet. She then hilariously runs upstairs like her ass is on fire. Jie Xiu watches her run away with a look of frustration.

Rickie is still at the hospital keeping Avril company, but his manager convinces him to go home and rest. During the night, Avril sneaks out of the hospital once her manager has fallen asleep. Jie Xiu is making a pot of chinese medicinal soup for Xiao Ru when he gets a call from Tony who is going to put their pictures through a computer program to determine what their future baby looks like. Jie Xiu hangs up and turns around to find Avril lurking outside his window. He freaks out but opens the window, asking her if she’s gotten into the habit of randoming popping up in his life.

Avril asks for his forgiveness as long as he’s willing to let her stay by his side. Jie Xiu says that is all in the past. Back then, everytime Avril saw something nice, she wants to share it with Jie Xiu. But he can’t accept that anymore. The only thing she can do for him now is just to stay by his side as a friend. Jie Xiu is about to confess to Avril that he has feelings for Xiao Ru when she walks downstairs and asks Jie Xiu why he’s talking to himself. Jie Xiu tries to explain but they find Avril collapsed outside with her wound bleeding.

Jie Xiu puts Avril in his bed to rest, asking why she’s not at the hospital and is here? Avril looks up and sees that her picture is gone from where it used to hang over Jie Xiu’s desk. Xiao Ru walks out to get some water. Jie Xiu says he’ll take Avril back to the hospital or her place. Avril grabs Jie Xie’s hand and asks him to stay by her side. Only if he is by her side will she not feel afraid. Avril tells him that she was hurt by the strange man who was following her before, who turned out to be a staffer on the movie set. Jie Xiu apologizes and says that he should have believed her.

Avril says she doesn’t want his apology, she just needs him. She came here because this place has him, and only here can she rest in peace. Xiao Ru walks in to hear this conversation. She brings water over and sees that Avril is still holding Jie Xiu’s hand. Xiao Ru offers to take turns tending to Avril during the night but Jie Xiu tells her to go to sleep.

Thoughts of Mine:

Let’s get the bad but necessary plot diversion out of the way. Yi Xian and Peggy – I wished they just moved to another hotel or another planet and left the show. I was happy that Xiao Ru got her candid closure with Yi Xian last week, but I do not for a second buy that Xiao Ru is immediately cool with doing their wedding banquet and is all sad and happy for Peggy’s almost miscarriage and save. I’m sorry, but speaking from personal experience, there is no way that Xiao Ru, who loved Yi Xian to the core and was betrayed by him from left field, could be that emotionally fine with it in such a short period of time.

I can accept Xiao Ru falling in love with Jie Xiu (my God, which woman wouldn’t!), but the writer is forcing Xiao Ru to be too cool with Yi Xian and Peggy at the expense of more relatable emotional logic. I’d be still curled up in a ball of pain if I were Xiao Ru, and occasionally emerging to make out with Jie Xiu.

I find the Avril storyline just puttering along. She really doesn’t annoy me too much as a clingy second lead because all her tactics have thus far been epic fails with Jie Xiu. The button switcheroo was immediately sussed out, and her attempts at emotional guilt trip continues to just get no response from Jie Xiu. I wish she could move on, because I don’t see how she loves him in an unselfish way. Everything she says is about how much SHE needs him, how much SHE wants him. She doesn’t care that he wants someone else now, and that she is the interloper. She is the text book definition of selfish love, and even Rickie can see it and keeps counseling her to wake up and smell the roses.

While it’s clear as a cloudless day that Jie Xiu is falling in love with Xiao Ru, I love how the drama refuses to make it so convenient that she is falling in love with him as well. I think he affects her, she can see how amazing he is, but she’s neither ready to start a new relationship nor is she allowing herself to start it with Jie Xiu because of Avril. So Xiao Ru is in a statis, and I think the drama needs to push that storyline along. I love how decent she is, but I also wish she would show her decency to someone other than me-first Avril. I think Xiao Ru owes Avril nothing, and she ought to open her heart to Jie Xiu and see where it takes her.

I found the Tony and Jie Xiu go to maternity classes segment just adorably wacky fun, nothing to be taken seriously except to showcase how much Jie Xiu is emotionally and mentally readying himself for welcoming a baby with Xiao Ru. But am I glad Xiao Ru isn’t really pregnant, because that would be skirting way to close to the Sunny Happiness storyline for my taste. DTLY is livelier and sillier than SH, and has it’s own flavor and flair. Watching an episode a week every Sunday is like curling up with my favorite book and a glass of scotch. The OTP is like the finest aged whiskey, developing a love story that the viewer can feel in our gut is going to last them a lifetime.


Drunken to Love You Episode 9 Recap — 46 Comments

  1. I have been following DTLY from day one and your recaps too.Thank you, I find this episode is quite slow. I have to agree with you Xiou Ru is too kind for my taste too. I just want to see more loving moment from the 2 main character just like LTM in episode11.

  2. Thank you so much for the recap!
    I absolutely adore this drama. JX is too precious for words and I can’t wait for these two to get it together for life!

  3. Thank you in Abundance for the recap, now I can go on my flight tomorrow solely focused on Lie to Me having my DTLY fix dealt with 😀

  4. Awww..thank you so much for this recap. Believe it or not, I actually felt teary watching this ep. Must be the combination of my LTM disappointment and general swooning of Jie Xiu’s awesomeness but yes, I got really emotional. Especially towards the end when he was holding Avril’s hand (who seriously needs to get a clue and move on…grrrr!) while looking back at Xiao Ru with an expression that says “I’m sorry I can’t be with you, I really want to be with you but there’s this bleeding girl and she needs my help right now.” *sigh*

    I agree with you regarding the whole Yi Xian-Peggy fiasco. Like you, I’ve been there and yes, it will take a looooong time to get over such heartbreak. But I guess Xiao Ru’s situation hits a little bit closer to home for me and I can also see where she is coming from, especially because Peggy is pregnant and for someone like Xiao Ru who grew up in an orphanage, I think she is willing to set aside her heartbreak because the most important thing for her right now is for baby to have a happy family. So yeah, I can totally see why Xiao Ru is doing what she’s doing.

    As for our Jie Xiu, I wrote this in a previous comment. He is surely the awesomest dreamboat to ever grace our tv/computer screens. Like you said, he is so well-written and very REAL. Not only is he smart, intuitive, sensitive, and sweet..I love that he has his shortcomings, his temper, his quirks, his dorkiness… gah, I can go on and on. I’m obviously smitten. Haha.

    And oh yeah, while you think you can have dinner with these two, I’m afraid that’s not a good idea for me. I might have to steal Jie Xiu and we don’t want that to happen, right? 😉

    • Totally agree!! But I can’t buy at all that awesomeness and forgiveness from Xiao Ru, she most being feeling like tearing apart!! I understand her background, but egghhhhh!!! Something doesn’t seems right to me!! Damn you Yi Xian!!! I hate you!! Even if you are handsome, and tall!! I HATE YOU!! I don’t forgive you for the fountain/trowing thingy!! No, no sir!!

  5. I hold you personally responsible for my addiction to this drama! Brat! I even found myself SQEEing throughout the entire episode. Hmph. I’m to old to SQUEE!! By the way, is it Sunday yet?

  6. Been waiting for this recap, and somehow find this episode a bit… disappointing. Avril is annoying, sure, but her role in the story is getting tiresome. Thankfully the leads (esp the male) are still endearing, and I hope the story picks up in the next episode.

  7. When I first watched this drama, I was surprised that the director didn’t choose a more evidently handsome lead actor. But Joseph just grows on you, and now by Ep. 9, I was wondering how could I ever think this man is not attractive when I first saw him He really is such a good actor and also his character is exemplary. As I’m also watching Lie to Me, I compare JX with Ki Joon and find the latter very much wanting in decisiveness and clarity in knowing what he wants. JX is so focused on which woman he really wants, and he’s ready to put a complete end to the unsatisfying relationship with the selfish b***h AW, even though XR is trying her best to make him wait before finally ending with thex-girlfriend. Apart from the ma-in-law from hell, I’m afraid XR will be too decent and will have too empathy with AW (remember she’s just lost her love to Peggy in a rather brutal fashion) to start any meaningful relationship with JX, who is clearly falling for her more and more day by day. I think there’ll be a somewhat brief separation between XR and JX before XR has recovered enough from her broken heart and put time and space between JX and AW for her to begin a deeper relationship with JX comfortably. This woman won’t be ready to jump into bed with JX even though she may have fallen in love with him eventually. So, I don’t know how 13 episodes will do justice to the storyline which is so realistic and credible. JX has already been disillusioned time and again with AW, and so we can’t fault him when he decides to terminate the desultory relationship. But XR is too raw emotionally from her abrupt breakup, which hits her with no warning, and she needs time to recover her emotional equilibrium before she can enjoy truly falling in love with JX and have a meaningful relationship with him. She may not ask for a divorce, I think, just for time-out, before she finally returns to him. So, we do need much more episodes than the current 13 as scheduled.

    • Yeah, 15 at last!!! We need to see Jie Xu, once again trying to get her or no, no better!! This time, Xiao Ru, is the one who need to get her game gear, and make Jie Xiu fall in love with her!! Because, he already do that!! He was with her, he try to fulfill her needs, and she is just pushing the brakes!! That is a NO-NO, lady!! He is in to you, and you are obviously in to him, so jump the bridge, because, the one who is going to catch you, that man is totally different from the one you had!! Hell Xian Yi, told you that you even find someone who give you happiness!! So, he gets it!! Damn you, woman!! Be strong, and make your decision!!

    • I share your views on JX – the character and the actor:
      – I also thought Joseph is not good looking enough to be the lead but he does grow on you. I had the same feeling for when I watched Yoon Kye San in Who Are You, but he grew on me and he’s now one of my favourites.
      – I also like the development of the JX character. When he decided he wants XR, he’s going for it… no dilly-dallying like the other leads in some dramas. The worst thing a lead cna do is to to-and-fro between girls… so annoying and frustrating.

  8. Raise hand! Jie Xiu will become world best dad, after my Papa of course!! LOL

    I lurve DTLY is my other cure for the LTM madness! LOL I don’t get the silly self sacrifice of Xiao Ru!! I hate that thing from her! She obviously know, that Jie Xiu, decide to move on, without Ai Wei and all her stupidity, selfishness and everything in between!! God Lord All Mighty!! He even take the photo out of his room, meaning, he doesn’t want her in his life anymore!! I get it!! Why the hell, Xiao Ru, doesn’t get it?? I understand she is afraid to love again, and love Jie Xiu, is like playing russian roulette, because, until yesterday he was head over hills for Ai Wei. I do understand Jie Xiu, disappointment, and how his love die. Damn, when you are in love with someone so selfish like that, the love that you feel, eventually, died. Little by little, the love just left, without a warning, without and orchestra playing, the titanic is sinking, but it doesn’t matter, whatever you feel, it doesn’t there anymore. I know Xiao Ru, is being cautious about how Jie Xiu feels, and hell, he doesn’t tell her how he feels either, so we can blame her. They just need to be honest, and open with what they are feeling.

    Xiao Ru, you better don’t feel guilty about loving for Jie Xiu, because, that relationship, was sinking before you get in the picture. Okay, okay!!! The new guy what the hell is he doing there, and what the hell is wrong with his hair? Seriously, looks like an UFO, landed in there!!! Ai Wei, please buy a ticket to the Bermuda Triangle or to Calypso and disappear, hell take Ricky with you, he seems lo like you, I really don’t understand why!! Peggy and Yi Xian, please get an early honeymoon to Calypso or Bermuda, and get the HELL out of the story like NOW PLEASE!!! And mommy dearest, don’t you dare to come, 80 years later, after leaving your son motherless for all those years, all worry for the future happiness, please that role doesn’t fit you!! Get it!! Okay, okay!!

    **Seriously!! Writers, don’t try to choke me with all that crap that Xiao Ru, is so, so , so wonderful, and forgiving, that she is even taking care of Peggy!! Common!! Only in drama land, the x girlfriend, become “friends” with the OTHER woman!! I don’t buy it!! Do you?? Don’t try to sell it to me, please! I am to old for that crap!! Common!!

    • I understand your frustrations cos i feel that way too when i was watching ep. 9 – then the rational side kick in and we realise that without these twists and turns in the plot, we wouldn’t have our bums glued to our seat, our unblinking eyes staring at the lcd screen, ears perked to catch each conversation for about 1 – 1.5 hours every Sunday 🙁
      P/s No offense to Xiao Gui’s fans, i find his hairstyle atrocious here – spoils his otherwise quite cute-looking face.

      • That thing is his head is an UFO, right? Is hideous!!! Ewwwwwww!!!! LOL

  9. I really enjoyed ep 9 overall but I do find that XR is going soft on the whole YX thing and I just wish that they would put an end to the whole Peggy thing. I don’t know… it’s not really interesting anymore. I was really interested in seeing Xiao Gui appear and am looking forward to that. I haven’t seen him act in a drama since the one he did with Lee Wei many years ago.

    Avril – yeah, bleck! She and YJ (from LTM) seriously need to get together and learn the “move on ladies cause you’re wasting your time with guys who no longer love you when you could be so much happier with someone else”. Urgh – Avril & Samantha (JX’s mom) in ep 10 preview give me the hebe-jeebys. I am not liking Jie Xiu’s mom at all.

    Jie Xiu – he’s just so funny and his sidekick is even funnier. I like Jie Xiu because he’s the right amount of balance between a guy who knows how to man up and one who also has a softer side. I also love his random awkwardness and looks.

    Joseph & Tom in the pool – oh yea!!! Looking forward to that clip. Go ratings!!! I like this sooo much better than FTLY.

    Btw – even though this is not about DTLY… I have now listened to Cyndi’s “Don’t Cry” about 100 times upon reading the Mei Le Go post. I am totally prepared for ep 12 of LTM as the song kinda fits that series too. And I couldn’t resist to take a peak at ep 2 and the DTLY’s competition. It’s not DTLY but better than I thought it’d be.

    • *oops – I mean “peek” not “peak”.

      Is this series really only 11 episodes? Does that mean there are only 2 more episodes? Or is it 13 – I forget – just remember that it’s really short.

  10. I’ve been watching this drama faithfully and reading your recaps, thanks for all the fun discussions on this blog.For my part. although I loved some bits of this episode, I was mostly dreading it as showed the beginnings of the usual WTF-ness that seems to invariably infects TW dramas, i.e. the Peggy-Yi Xian storyline, then the incursion of Daniel (like, what for?) and the fake pregnancy plotline that all just serve to extend the storyline only to allow for a 360 turn at the very last. Why do they keep doing that???? *vents*

  11. Agree with everything u guys say n think…DTLY has its brilliant and less than brilliant moments particularly in XR’s character development esp her forgiving and magnanimous nature where that Pregger Peggy is concerned…n hey,she’s preparing a wedding banquet for a thousand guests,does a bride even eat the food at her own wedding banquet?hence the unnecessary bother over Peggy’s tastebuds n what’s goes into the baby,for chrissakes!!
    Still,XR n JX r so adorable,one can rarely fault them in any way.And I don’t know why that Ah Beng Xiao Gui is being written into the plot,seriously,can or will he pose any threat to our charming JX in any department?Still,that whacky,zany scene with him ripping his pants in pursuit of the croissant was rather comical.Is dat hairdo to provide us comic relief as well?LOL
    JX’s quirky assistant is a natural comedian..I find myself smiling in amusement each time he n JX’s boss appear on the scene.Their exchanges are usually bawdy but so very funny n witty.
    Yes,Joseph Chang exudes charisma and charm and a natural spontaneity,absent in many TW drama actors,wc is why he is so watchable n grows on each of us as each epi unfolds.He is really into his role here.
    For reasons known only to myself,I find DTLY more engrossing,riveting and exciting than FTLY or any other recent TW idol drama.Geez…not since AC,have I been so totally obsessed with a TW series.Sigh..my life’s gonna be empty when it ends but the void can thankfully be filled by K-dramas n this wonderful blog.

    • OMG..have I started an uproar?sorry,guys,the comments about his appearance were not related to Xiao Gui personally but to his character,Daniel in the drama..no offence to Xiao Gui’s fans out there.Gulp…

  12. Re: Peggy/Yi Xian and Ai Wei. YES, THANK YOU! Exactly what I think.

    I really need to see more of Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu together, but honestly? The writers need to put Xiao Ru up to speed with Jie Xiu. They’re both awesome, but he’s like 10 steps ahead of her in the omg-I’m-in-looooove phase. I loveloveLOVE the way he is written. He’s mature even when he’s being silly (omg his segments with Tony? Hilarious and sooo sweet!), he’s ready for a story with Xiao Ru and he deserves to be loved back the way only Xiao Ru can. I was frankly disappointed when Xiao Ru saw April holding JX’s hand and misread the situation yet again. He told Xiao Ru to go to bed cos he was concerned for her health and the fictional baby’s (and you could tell he could tell Xiao Ru thought he was clinging onto April) and aaahhhh *is frustrated*

    Random thoughts

    1)Jie Xiu will make the best daddy ever, you’re right! *clutches heart*
    2) April doesn’t deserve Rickie imho. She should spend some quality time by herself and think if she’s happy with the person she is now. She totally needs that. And only when she’s changed and is happy about herself, only THEN she can begin another relationship. Because if she starts one now, it’ll be Jie Xiu all over again which just isn’t good. For her. Or for her love interest.

    And speaking about Avril, omg, we will have to see her again? Teaming up with Jie Xiu’s mom on top of everything else?!? I’m NOT happy about that! I prefer when the problems for the otp stem from the otp itself. That kind of conflict rings true and feels more real to me than anything else. It resonates more for me (think about the way Han-kyul reacts when he finds out that Eun-chan had lied to him in Coffee Prince? Man, I always break down when he gives the whole “why couldn’t you trust me?” speech). For example, I would have liked if Jie Xiu had confronted Xiao Ru about the reason she had lied to him cos I figured he’d feel betrayed. He had come to trust her like he has never trusted April (or, well, maybe he simply gave up on April since she kept putting herself before him) and IDK, if I were him, Xiao Ru’s lie would sting even if it was April that forced her to hide the truth from him.

    I’m curious about Daniel and I’m not quite sure if his storyline -whatever it may be- can be a good thing for DTLY. DTLY seriously needs more Xiao Ru/Jie Xiu-are-falling-in-love moments.

    • Y_Y why? Why you make me remember that scene!! Why????

      Han-kyul reacts when he finds out that Eun-chan had lied to him in Coffee Prince? Man, I always break down when he gives the whole “why couldn’t you trust me?” speech

      I cried like a little girl!!! Y_Y, OMG I am crying now!!!!!

      WHY you are so cruel!!!! Y_Y

      • I’m sorry! *hugs* I thought it was a fitting example of the conflict that stems from within the couple vs conflict created by external sources (ie clingy exes, relatives opposing the marriage/relationship, etc)

        And I hear you! That’s one of the saddest yet most poignant scenes I’ve ever watched. Coffee prince is one of my favorite kdramas ever for a reason! 🙂

      • He is an extraordinary actor, because, if you can feel what he is trying to communicate, damn, he do on hell of a job!!!

        That said, he make my cry!!! He break my heart!! I was OMG, why you lied woman, why? Why you didn’t tell him the truth!! You evil, lying woman!!! Y_Y

  13. Dear Koala,
    You are truly amazing. Don’t you need your beauty sleep like the rest of us ? (Not that I’m complaining!) I’m totally exhausted today. Stayed up all night trying to watch LTM Ep 11 live in vain. Then, lo and behold, was the baby recap, followed by the recap. To top that, the DTLY recap appeared! I take my hat off to you.How do you do it ? Anyhow, many thanks from the bottom of my heart. You’ve made my day!

    • And, my translation for it…

      Between TAW & SJX:

      唐艾薇 : 杰修,拜托你不要赶我走,好不好?
      TAW: JX, I beg of you, don’t turn me away, ok?

      宋杰修: 你待在我身边唯一的方式就是做回我的朋友,普通朋友。
      SJX: The only way you remain by my side is to return to being my friend again, normal friend.

      宋杰修: 我再也不要跟你玩什么暖昧不明的游戏。你到底喜不喜欢我?
      SJX: I don’t ever want to again play any ambiguous, unclear games with you. Do you actually like me or not ?

      Between SJX & LXR:

      LXR: SJX, I beg of you, don’t continue to ask again, ok ?

      宋杰修: 你要逃避什么啊?我都鼓起勇气跟你讲.你为什么怎么胆小阿?
      SJX: What do you want to evade/hide? I’ve plucked up all my courage to tell you. Why are you so timid?

      LXR: What timid ? Do you think, bearing a conscience, snatching other’s things is very courageous ?

  14. yay for recaps! Thanks Koala!

    So much happened and I’m glad that DTLY keeps going with the formula they’ve used throughout the episodes so far with the crazy hilarity and poignantly thoughtful emotional moments. Did anyone else notice that Xiao Gui’s character was added to the opening sequence and that new scenes which we’ve yet to even see in previews were also added? With the amount of stuff happening plus the addition of Samantha’s mini arc, there is no way they can cram that into 2 cups efficiently…Or maybe thats just my wishful thinking that it’ll be at least 13 cups haha

    Ugh..is it really only Tuesday? Its gonna be one long week…

  15. Thanks for the recap, ockoala!

    I’ve finally caught up with Drunken to Love You after marathoning eps 2-9 within the last two days. I totally forgot that it airs one episode on Sunday and didn’t think that it’d be so good and addicting coz then I’d wait to for it to finish airing and watching this baby in one go coz the wait is sooo long.

    Ahh, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu… they make me giddy with glee.

  16. I have one quesion though…Why haven’t they divorced yet? They obviously don’t need to be married anymore for Avril’s sake (not that they did in the first place), but they were going to divorce when she asked for the favor; so why are they still married. Is this just a ploy to keep them together?

      • I wondered as well.Guez,it’s becoz they have a three month contract n the fee due to XR at the end of that period.Nah…on 2nd tots,it s more becoz they just wanna stay married coz they ‘complete ‘each other …epi 10 will confirm this as JX confesses his feelings for XR and declares that he’s decided to fall in love with her…..OOOOOO…Sunday can’t come any sooner..

  17. Thanks for the great recap ockoala – just had to read all your recaps after watching to make sure i don’t miss a single detail. Ooh… i’m getting frustrated with XR too, she’s taking the generous thing a bit too far i sometimes feel like strangling her. The only one lovable character throughout is SJX…… i don’t swoon but i guess i just might with him. And all his cute antics makes me laugh out loud while watching ppl think i’m mad. Now i know that a man can be macho and cute at the same time.

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