Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Nam Joo on Rotating Covers for InStyle Korea’s 100th Issue

Three lovely Korean actress have been honored to grace the cover of Instyle Korea Magazine for its 100 issue anniversary edition. Moon Geun Young represents an actress in her twenties, CF queen Kim Tae Hee is the envy of every woman in her thirties, and getting-hotter-by-the-year Kim Nam Joo dazzles on behalf of all the ladies in her forties. Instyle will publish the edition using all three covers, so fans can grab the one they desire.

These are just the cover shots, but the magazine will be an epic edition loaded with photospreads from many more K-actresses. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous pictures and hopefully interesting interviews in the magazine. The tag line for this editions is “What’s Sexy Now?” I think Geun Young’s talent and sincerity is sexy, Tae Hee’s natural charm and intelligence is sexy, and Nam Joo’s classy grace is sexy.

[Credit: Instyle Korea]


Moon Geun Young, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Nam Joo on Rotating Covers for InStyle Korea’s 100th Issue — 63 Comments

  1. I love all three actresses and think InStyle have done a great job of choosing representatives of those three decades. I can’t think of any others that would be obviously and unarguably more suitable. Good job!
    I wish I lived in Korea, I’d be getting all three covers. Although I have to say I’m not a fan of MGY’s hair, especially compared with the other two’s, but I’m loving her dress.

  2. Great representatives to celebrate an awesome achievement! These three women are amazing at what they do, but I’m sure the decision was a tough one with so many great actresses out there. The covers look stunning!

  3. I think Ms Moon looks lovely. I agree that long hair suits her face better but she is representing 20 year olds so her fresh face is all that matters (in my opinion). She is only 25 and has achieved so much in those years that to me (a feminist) she is very sexy.

    • Nah, there are a handful of top A-list actresses from each of these age groups that could easily have been selected. Purely an editorial choice.

      For example, I could easily make this swap:

      Moon Geun Young ———-> Yoon Eun Hye

      Kim Tae Hee ————–> Ha Ji Won

      Kim Nam Joo ————–> Go Hyun Jung

      Don’t read too much into who wasn’t picked as a cover girl.

      • Go Hyun Jung and Ha Ji Won replacing the formers are cool…not so sure of YEH replacing MGY, acting wise.

      • Since YEH and MGY are back-to-back Baeksang Best TV Actress winners (YEH actually giving MGY her trophy), I’m not sure where the disconnect would be. And I was merely making a purely theoretical replacement above, with zero implication that it ought to be done that way.

      • I wouldn’t replace MGY with YEH even though I have been a longtime fan of both. MGY’s acting is heaps and bounds above YEH and her charitable activities in her civilian life make her probably the best representative for the actresses in their 20s at least for me.

      • agree with hapacalgirl. YEH has star power and charisma, but i still find her lacking in the acting department . of course, to each his/her own.

      • I also agree with ping. YEH is a pretty decent actress but MGY is the Go Hyun Jung of her generation. She is the stronger actress imo.

      • May be i havent see the shows that the other actress were in i am not their big fans. I will probably be killed, but i like YEH more than KTH, i think she is more popular, but i quite did not like her in IRIS or My princess(how could i when there was SSH standing right there).

        Anyways, i love YEH, i think the reason we feel chemistry between her and the co-star is because of her and nothing to do with the male lead. When i watched Coffee Prince, i was very disturbed for the first few days as my mind hurt why GY was not dating YEH in real life. But i think its the way YEH potrays her characters.

        I watched CoffeeHouse, roughtcut, some other love story movie, Hong Gil Dong, but i felt this was the only show that KJH had chemistry with the leading lady and i think all credit goes to YEH.
        Coffeehouse, i think he had better chemistry with his assitant than the lead lady.

        sometimes i feel the reason he is looking so handsome is because he is standing beside YEH, and he look so romantic is because he is looking at YEH.

      • agree on all three…

        isn’t Go Hyun Jung one of the best?!

        and YEH is more beautiful than MGY

        tho, can’t choose between HJW and KTH. both rocks!

    • Hi Ping.. no offense meant but do you think MGY can surpass the acting that YEH put on coffee prince? That’s a big “NO” for me…
      Just my opinion since you were putting down YEH’s acting.

      • You should watch MGY in Painter in the wind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee prince but YEH even in that drama is nowhere near MGY’s acting ability and this is coming but a fan of YEH since baby Vox. If you watch all of MGY’s work , she is easily the Go Hyun Jung of her generation so I agree with Ping. I mean YEH was great in coffee prince and that has been her best performance to date. But her range is very limited outside of the romcom genre and she hasn’t given as great of performances since coffee prince.

      • Also MGY has always been good, if I would put a current comparison, Kim Sae Ron (ajusshi with Won Bin) reminds me a lot of moon geun young when she was a child actress.

        YEH is awesome and I absolutely adore her but on skills alone and resume, she isn’t even in the same league with MGY.

  4. It’s a great idea to do and they definitely chose the right representatives. Something similar to that has been done by the German Cosmopolitan. They celebrated their 10 year (? I’m not really sure.) anniversary and had Heidi Klum beeing on three different covers.
    Anyway, while we’re talking fashion. Would somebody please be so kind and explain the abbreviation “CF” to me? It’s only used in connection with Korean stars/actresses/models and I figured out that it has something to do with being the face of an advertisement campaign. Or something like that. But the exact wording would be awesome. ;D
    Thank you all in advance!

  5. Hmm, I’m not trying to be bias here. Cuz hell I really love Moon Geun Young. But I think Yoon Eun Hye is a fabulous actress, also. In the roles she’s done so far, I think she encompasses her characters well and really breathes life into them. Moon Geun Young is the same. The point im making is, I dont think its a fair assessment to say that YEH is not of the same caliber as MGY. Because frankly, YEH hasn’t chosen any kind of projects out of the regular, which I dont mind, whereas MGY has. I do think if YEH picks a project where she is really challenged, she would do it exceptionally well. Because YEH has the aptitude to put herself out there. She can pull forth all sorts of emotion out of her if she wants. But anyways: Preeeeettttty cover!!! Kim Tae Hee is just soo pretty its like you have to do a double take. Like she looks so sweet and cute. Surprisingly it doesnt annoy me. eheheh. I guess cuz its natural

    • Yess I totally agree with you. When I see Yeh on the screen, I connect with her, she makes the characters real. I don’t have that with MGY.

  6. As a total package of IQ, EQ & AQ(Acting ). Mgy could easily be Head of the pack.She’s The Best Choice for me. Her au naturale sweetness transcends print.
    If we’re talking Sexy only, as mag front page suggest….hmm, I could think of quite a horde of doctored faces & bodies as suggestions.

  7. They are so pretty….. but the sexiness of oneself maybe the title is for MGY only….. her sexiness is within herself, not her physical appearance but the pureness of herself which you can see by just looking in her eyes… a full package of a LOVELY LADY. Nice choice of the magazine cover.

  8. They are so pretty….. but the sexiness of oneself maybe the title is for MGY only….. her sexiness is within herself, not her physical appearance but the pureness of herself which you can see by just looking in her eyes… a full package of a LOVELY LADY.

  9. Moon Geun Young is the prefect choice for her age group. She is fantastic inside out. She touches tons of people with her sincerity and everyone that worked with her is full of praises.

  10. I think they’re purely chosen coincidentally. Comparing with the WHY/HOW is akin to comparing kimchi/cheese. No matter how you dispute their taste, in the end each has its own unique taste. If you look at Kim Tae-hee, I personally think that in-terms of acting, she will still loose to MGY’s. Same case with YEH. Some people may argue that she’s not in par with MGY, but I do feel that YEH is excellent in a wider range of talents (She acts, sings, models, dances and btw, she also does charities) I do think that InStyle has chosen a wise decision in putting MGY as their covergirl. I adore but actresses 🙂 Both represent the successful women of twenties and that is sexy!

  11. All I gotta say is…I can’t believe Kim Tae Hee is in her 30s!!

    And Kim Nam Joo! Getting hotter every year is totally the right description for her.

  12. Moon Geun Young and sexiness?? I don’t see it, she looks like a 12-year old (boy) and if anyone other than 12-year olds thinks that is sexy, isn’t that illegal??? Or immoral?? Or…

    • yes that’s kinda strange that people here call her sexy ! she looks a bit fresh but no sexy at all! sexy has it’s own defenition , she doesn’t have any curves and isn’t feminie … I think Yoon Eun Hye can pull off sexy concept perfectly but Moon geun young NO! I have nothing against her but atleast in this photo she is not even as beauty as kTH and KnJ…my opinion.

  13. maybe what prompted the comparison is the thought that YEH maybe sells more (not sure about this) because she’s so charismatic…not that I don’t like MGY in the cover for this, she deserves to be in it as much as the next korean star

    although I must say, Kim Tae Hee is sooo pretty here (seriously, she’s in her 30’s?). Kim Nam Joo looks good too

  14. MGY is not pretty and not sexy to me, in fact too skinny to be called sexy , but she can act well especially the crying part. She can be voted as the crying princess. YEH would be more appropriate to be called sexy, and she is also pretty. For 30 something Hallyu sexy actress, I would go for Han Ye Seul.

  15. How the heck did this thread even have anything to do with Eun Hye? Please cease the comparison of her and Geun Young. I love them both. I find them both talented, hardworking, sincere, and absolutely sexy. Period. It’s not an either/or choice.

    Also, while Geun Young is considered the undisputed best actress of her generation by Koreans, that doesn’t mean Eun Hye isn’t also a phenomenal actress herself. They both won their Baeksangs doing a cross-dressing role (I give the edge on difficulty to Geun Young since PoTW was a sageuk, but I think Eun Hye nailed the role of Eun Chan and had the male mannerisms down to a pat).

    It’s inane to even have a discussion about them other than to compliment them both for doing so well at such young an age.

    • Hi ockoala,

      I apologize if I have offended you on comments about MGY. It is just a matter of taste and opinion. I am an international fan and I love K drama very much, that is why I am here at your playground. I am a supporter of K drama, K actors and actresses and I have purchased lots of their DVD for my personal collection. Since I am not Korean maybe that is why I cannot admire MGY like how other Koreans did. I do agree she is a good actress. BTW I like Kim Tae Hee, too. I am her fan since she starred in Love Story in Havard , Hotelier and Stairway to Heaven.

    • I stand my ground! Moon Geun Young IS young, is even younger looking, and has 0 (that is a ZERO) sex appeal unless you are into children. It has nothing to do with her talent, simply her looks. She looks pre-pubescent, and no one should think pre-pubescent looks are sexy. Or have sex appeal. It is like those weird beauty pageants for children where they dress them in evening gowns and put make up on them: WRONG. And that is what she looks like on that cover: a 12-year old in an cocktail dress. But she’s 20-something.

      • Hi Watchumlots,
        I think we are the only 2 who share the same opinion but got shot down by many. After this incident I will not like K drama the same as before. It is a bit difficult to stomach all the harsh and rough words against those who do not share the same opinion. My perception on the Koreans at my place will not change as they are very nice, down to earth, very polite and refined people. I respect them, too. Those Koreans friends (chingu) that I met at international conferences are also very nice and amicable people. I guess this is only a once – off unfortunate experience for me.

      • @Spicey:
        Hey, first at all watch your mouth first before you think people “shot you down”. You act like a victim of harsh and mean comments. Look! You are the one who gave a very harsh and mean comment about actress Moon Geun Young. I’m a lady and adult so i don’t want to argue with you, I let you voice your mean, harsh opinion because after all a mean person will show how mean , arrogant and how “bitchee” they are through that person’s comment.
        Don’t act like everyone attacking you and you are nice???? hehehehe
        Don’t cover that girl.
        Many fans here know it, but they want peace, happiness to Koala’s blog, they don’t want war. You hear me !!!!
        For your information, Moon Geun Young great acting when she acted as a girl disguised as a guy in Painter of the Wind drama. Koreans loved their little sister, but they started recognizing her as a great actress through that drama . To know more about why, watched that drama and you ‘re sure will see what I am talking about.
        Be nice to people girl ! Then people around you will be nice to you too.
        If you are a mean person, you will meet many people that are meaner than you.
        That’s all i want to say.

      • I don’t know what was said that was ‘mean,’ but everyone is entitled to their opinion. It happens that I don’t think MGY is attractive, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a very good actress. A very good actress at a very young age. I am merely remarking about her physical appearance, she is very young-looking. She looks barely 14 or 15! She looks like a little girl, which will have its advantages and disadvantages. I also don’t think Yoon Eun Hye is as attractive as she was in her earlier projects. But this article wasn’t about YEH, who is also a very good actress, and apparently very popular, it was about the three in the magazine cover. The other two actresses are quite well-known for their appearance, but they have a more mature appearance; they look like women. Young women, but women.

    • Come on you guys, why must you all compare YEH and MGY, Look beauty is the eyes of the beholder. Infact both are pretty in their own ways and their acting is also superb. Love them all = do not keep on comparing – just be happy with the Instyle choice and be happy that one of your favourite actresses is being chosen ok

  16. I like all three of them.. well actually MGY and KTH.. coz i don’t familiar with Kim Nam Joo.. XD

    I love YEH too though.. but i think it’s an editorial choice.. MGY have many qualities that is commandable and admiring.. She’s a good role model for many people.. She is a perfect choice..

    I hope Instyle will also featured YEH in their next edition.. ^^

  17. Well, I just read yahoo news about what 10 things guys love the best about the girls/women.
    In general, guys love women with no make up, long legs, cute personalities, having right curves, confidence and being yourself on the top of the list.
    So, to sum up you don’t have to have big boos, big hip to to sexy, girls!

    Moon has great legs, great waist, minimal make-up, cute personality, and self confidence. So Moon has almost top best things that guys love about women.
    All so needs to do now is putting on more weight to have great chest curve.
    That ‘s it .

    • btw, I am working out to have great legs and tiny waist right now heheehe … It’s summer and want to show up my legs and waist to my man.

    • btw, I am working out to have great legs and tiny waist right now heheehe … It’s summer and want to show off my legs and waist to my man.

  18. i couldnt think of a representative for the 30s better than KTH! (though she could definitely pass for the 20s!) Not familiar with KNJ and MGY is ok for me.

    • I do too agree. KTH is voted as the most natural beauty in Korea now if I am not wrong. The girl is pretty side and front profile, which ever angle, she just can’t go wrong!!

  19. Beauty wise – KTH [she wins hands down] Acting talent – it has to be MGY – I have yet to come across someone who actually tug my heartstrings with her portrayal of any role, the girl can heck it anytime, no doubt!

  20. I would said that the three of them is the best choice of all. I’m not really know about KTH and KNJ, so, i will not said anything about them.

    But, the thing is why you all want to argue about MGY and YEH ?? I am a fan of both actresses. I love MGY since her young act in My Little Bride which have become a hot wave to Japan and I love YEH since Coffee Prince. But, if you want to said who is better acting, i would said both of them is the best but because MGY have so many range of acting so, she is more talented and bestest actress of all. For me, YEH is good too but seeing her in Coffee Prince and Princess Hours doesn’t have any lot differences in her range of acting. And I watch a preview of Lie To Me, still it reminds me of her in her previous works but it doesn’t mean she is not good in acting. I think it because she do a lot of comedy acting so her acting doesn’t look any different.

    While MGY, i suggest you should watch her in her movies A Tale of Two Sisters, My Little Bride, Innocent Steps/Dancing Princess and Love Me Not. If you see, she brings a lot of different characters in her previous movies and not one of them is the same. For dramas, you should watch her in Autumn in My Heart, The Painter of The Wind, Cinderella’s Sister and Mary Stayed Out All Night. All of them have different characters which make her more good in acting.

    For appearance and looks, MGY and YEH have different beauty and identity. Appearance is something subjective. You cannot said MGY is not pretty. If not why she always become a lead actress if she not pretty ?? It’s not logic if you said she is not pretty. I dare to said that she is very pretty enough and we can’t predict someone beauty only in photos until we meet her in person. From what I see and read, people around (especially in her university) always compliment her saying she is so beautiful and cute. Not only that, her good personality is her bonus marks.

    Maybe from singing aspects, I dare to said YEH is more good in singing than MGY. But, both of them good in dancing.

    Overall, both of them is multi-talented !

    • If you said MGY is not sexy enough. Please search and find her photoshoot for INSTYLE 2010 April issue. Then, you can compare her sexiness. Again, sexy is very subjective thing to talk about…

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