Sweet Kisses and a June K-drama Poll

La La La, this is a nearly incoherent post. Unlike esteemed Daheefanel and her gut-busting drunken posts (which are literally works of art), I don’t do drunk posts, even on days like this when I am totally wiped out mentally and physically. Food, what is that? Rest, where art thou? Sanity, come back here. But I am still able to type. So I guess, yay for having very resilient fingers? I also don’t do polls, but Thundie does! So another yay for Thundie learning how to use Poll Daddy (it befuddles me) and constantly entertaining drama fandom with her illustrious polls.

We’re at the halfway mark for the year, so that means Thundie is back with her Mid-Year Report Card Poll. Click here to vote. Like I told Thundie, it amuses me to no end that Lie to Me is leading (by far) in nearly every single category (except for the second leads ones). It’s both the runaway best and worst drama? o__O – see this is making Koala even more brain hurty. Oh hells no, on both choices actually. But hey, y’all have fun clicking buttons (ooooh buttons be shiny) and we’ll see in a week or so how the final votes tally up.

Personally, my pick for best drama of the year is currently President, who about only a dozen or so people watched. It was magnificent. My pick for worst drama goes to Paradise Ranch. And my pick for best OTP goes to, who else, my beloved, wonderful, perfect Ki Joon and Ah Jung (Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye).


Sweet Kisses and a June K-drama Poll — 95 Comments

      • that’s the title also given to me by nowhere but i can’t find the song. is it included in the ost of lie to me? halata po ba na addict na rin ako kc even my ringtone is “lovin’ ice cream hehehe

      • san po kya ako makakapag download ng kanta na yun. i will really appreciate it ms connie if u can help me with that. tnx at sensha na po sa abala.

      • di pa daw yan narelease kaya siguro di mo pa ma download…yah me too addict din..pati kids ko lovin’ ice cream na din kinakanta with matching pouring rain.. I’m also looking for the pouring rain lyrics..*sigh* I’m gonna miss this so much…

      • kya pla cge po tnx balitaan nyo nman po ako pag meron na at try ko rin makuha lyrics ng pouring rain nyo. ingat.

    • hi again kabayan, taga saan nga po pla kyo? sana po irelease na nila yung amutgodo. sa koreandrama.org din po andami ngtatanong eh hehehe. i shared your answer po sa knila ha. sana po pag meron na ishare nyo po skin. tnx po ulit.

  1. huhuhu…i cant watched the mv..it was blocked at my end…but had done with the voting..hope LTM will win in the OTP category

  2. Anyone can tell me what is “OTP” I basically know that’s the lead role actress & actor, but the meaning I want to know also???

  3. I can’t have enough of both of them…. Another drama for them… or simply a book 2, a continuation of their love…

  4. What to do Koala I was supposed to be out (tomorrow for sure) but I can’t help it.

    How is it that we picked the same drama from the choices? I fully agree on the President (this I’ve seen) being the best (though I would have chosen the Lady President-DAEMUL but not included ); then Paradise Ranch – the worst (dropped at 2nd half of ist ep) and of course LTM COUPLE -BEST of the best. Signing out . . .

  5. love LTM for it’s sweet, lovey dovey OTP
    love Greatest Love for the acting
    love Dream High for the newcomer actors! So Fresh… ^^
    love 49 for it’s unique story
    love Romance Town for it’s cute OTP

  6. I finished ep 15 & read your recap on ep 16. I love LTM like everyone else I love KJH & YEH. The on & off screen chemistry is fantastic. Sometimes I wonder if they feel anything when they kiss. The feeling of something real….I wonder!!!!!

  7. The greatest love for best drama.
    worst drama lie to me.
    where is drunken to love you recap.I kept checking only for that

  8. just voted.. LTM’s in the lead..all thanks to the best LEADS ever.. except for that second male lead poll, lol ^___^

    i still miss our fave OTP :'(

  9. Koala, agree with you about President. The husband/wife team of Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra was a pleasure to watch. The on-screen chemistry was fantastic, especially when the sparks were flying. Wow! I can see why it didn’t appeal to most, tho’. Jay Kim was good too in his 1st (?) dramatic role. The writing was great, although I smelled extension possibilities. Dirty politics, I love it! Recommend this highly to anyone out there with more than half a brain to enjoy during the dog days of summer.

  10. I’m now at a lost…

    I was enjoying my drama sabbatical after dream high.. when LTM suddenly hit me like a big yellow school bus.. and then there I was again, craving Mondays and Tuesdays..

    ..and now it’s gone.. the emptiness is beginning to turn me into a melodramatic fool.. that i’m so not.. lol

    i really miss them … and im still hoping for a special episode

  11. so sad I couldn’t see the video, it’s block in my country, hiks…hiks…. Would u kind to upload it again or maybe give me a link to download it? Please…please… I need all those kissingggggggg…..

  12. As I said at thundie’s entry, I haven’t watched 3 or 4 key dramas (ie President. Gisaeng etc) and I feel my votes right now wouldn’t mirror what I’d feel after I’ve watched all of them. If wordpress polls could let you change your votes until the poll closes, much like Livejournal/Dreamwidth’s polls, I’d vote.

    I think atm, the only vote that woulnd’t change no matter how many dramas I watch is the one about the opt

    • and that is the same song played when ah jung is explaining matters to the ministry officials, right? i will really appreciate it ms. koala if you could give me the title of that. tnx in advance.

  13. Whahaha I wanna vote blindly have not watched the 3 but hmmm Best Love?
    πŸ˜‰ ODI???? Most romantic but not Comedy Lie to Me???? Jareso!!!!

    • same here with me , i just voting for YEH…. πŸ™‚ … i miss LIE TO ME DRAMA….. and our OTP i think i could not forget them… πŸ™ hope that there is LIE TO ME season 2 or pherhaps LIE TO ME special edition, story about their marriage life and children… hehehehehhe :p…( that just my hope….)..:)…. god bless you all …. πŸ˜‰

  14. The MV! MMmmm delish! Great breakfast treat!!!!

    Thanks Koala !! πŸ™‚ (erm… could I ask… how do u want to be called?? I’ve seen quite a few variants.) Koala-sshi??

      • @peipei … .I might be back end aug / early sep. Sure I’d love to meet!!!! I might visit my friend in Jkt / Bali when I’m finally back in Asia!! (How I miss it all!) It fundamentally all depends when my labour of love is done. Arghs. It’s such long labor but I’m not regretting it. Just that when it is done, I’ll pass out soju, cola and ice-cream. Heck, I will even go learn a pole dance routine or do something wild.

        @Mulan – ROFL. A cheeky answer would be – cos I’m happily holed up (indoors) with a super duper hot ecologist who happens to dance like Rain, sing like JunSoo, and looks like Keanu Reeves. Not to mention is madly in love with me and thinks I’m the finest specimen he’s every found. LOLs. That would be the reason for me living in Alaska. But I’m not. πŸ™‚ Instead, am in WI, where we have four seasons:
        Winter, Still Winter, Not Winter, Almost Winter . πŸ˜€

      • Lynx,
        Alaska?? What r u doing there?? LOL…ur 4 own seasons…. Hey, if I meet a man just like ur hubby, I will do the same thing like u…
        Eerr…ehh..eemm….can u ask ur hubby to introduce me to one off his eligible bachelor ?? Well if its work we can be next door neighbours…hahahahah

        Back to my plan to sing, I’ll be in sing from end august to 1st sept, in case we can’t make it to each other, we still can meet during ur visit jkt…I’ll be glad to be ur host…:)

      • Sure. When that dude finally appears, I’ll make sure to sell… i mean introduce his male relations to my chingus too. hahaha.

        Yes yes, will leave that possibility of meeting (sg/jkt/wherever) open then! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lynx,

      I read your comments in recaps 16 posts… r u planning to visit Korea in April 2012?? me too!!
      we can meet πŸ˜€ …yay!! and go to the cherry blossoms tree … I’m so expecting maybe we can try to visit KJH management office?? is it possible for us to meet him ? *yeaa..like that easy*… but who knows?? hahahaha

      • lols. I would love to be in Korea anytime of the year if you really ask me except maybe winter (I am now at a place where winter can last 5-6 months. aigoo). Anyways, I can’t make plans for travel till I’m back home sometime in Sep. (Am gg back to Sg if you’re curious) πŸ™‚ Hehe

        Totally liking idea of gg with KP-mates to travel. You already made plans?? Or is making plans?

      • I’m still planning hehehe… but seems 80% confirm, am a bit worried with the Visa…yea, indonesian should apply visa to Korea.
        anyhoo, i dont have other problem except that stupid visa..as soon as I get the visa I’ll be flying off to Korea..
        what’s sg ? is it singapore? I’ll be in sing in end of august haha..we can meet there if you want to..

        MIZWEEENGG… would u like to join? meet in korea or in sing? I really wanna meet the pervert halmony looks like..and bring along ur sweet son *don’t worry i wont eat him*..if possible πŸ™‚

      • OMG Lynx you can clone people now with awesome genes….actually I have a few list on my hand, but I don’t think Superman will be contributing, the needles don’t work on him LOL πŸ˜‰ I’m glad your happy!!!! Check back on me on April Korea is great in spring!!!! Hmmm Chingus you all rock!!!!

  15. considering that i am a huge fan of KJH and YEH, i’ll give my bias vote and voting for LIE TO ME nothing follows…

  16. Ok I voted already.

    I don’t know if it’s me or my imagination, but when I watched the video above, at time track 6:03, where KJ supposedly has his eyes closed on AJ’s lap and AJ is going in for a kiss on the lips, I saw KJ (“cough” KJH “cough”) he was somewhat extending his lips a bit towards AJ’s (“cough” YEH “cough”). Can someone please confirm that and that it’s just not me?

    If it’s really not just me, then I guess they did that scene for quite a few times already, or else he wouldn’t be doing that now would he? Someone please explain! LOL.

      • I swear they make us think they really have something between them. But when you look at the party pictures on yooneunhye.net, they act like there is nothing between them. So confused. Are they or are they not together? It seems like they are really ACTING in real life than in the drama itself. Hmmm mm….. What do you think?

    • I saw him pouting his lips reaching to received our princess’ kiss too. :). Did you see his ears are red at the last kissing scene? And the way he lifted wuri eun hye off the ground in that PG rated KISS FINALE?? Wow, he’s really ravishing her now! Hahaha

      • sighs…I kinda dissected the finale kiss, i wished it was all au naturel… but i thought they anticipated the moves because there was synchronisation for the finale kiss. (though the part where he half-lifted, half-melded their bodies together, it was kinda basic instinct) hehe.

        But the ‘chaste’ bedroom kiss? That’s totally ad-lipped I’m sure. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ yes… that was lip-smacking good too. πŸ™‚ hehe πŸ™‚

  17. greatest love / best love – 2011 best drama, well-written, solid acting & cha seung won is H O T
    dream high – close second 2011 best drama, (surprisingly) well-written, inspiring
    49 days – intriguing, touching

    lie to me – worst drama

    dokko jin & gu ae jung – OTP (panty scene, charger, too many cute, funny, touching, kilig moments)
    jason & pil suk – second best OTP
    dokko jin & ding dong – third (they just click)
    shin ji hyun & han kang – fourth
    dokko jin & jae suk – fifth

  18. 49 Days hands down the best drama so far for me. Its been a long while since a drama moved me as much as made me think. also if jung il woo doesn’t get a proper male lead after this i may need to hunt down thease PDs.

    • You are not alone 49 Days really is my FAV from ALL of them, though City Hunter is quietly but quickly climbing up, 49 Days is one that seriously HIT me that I prayed and went insane for Weds & Thurs to come sooner!!!! I obsessed over it maybe even broke the repeat button on the OST every so weeks ^-^ I’m one of the minority here in AKP that didn’t really like Lie to me :S *oh KJH & YEH are beautiful together and fireworks go off like the 4th of July every time they touch or kiss* but the drama didn’t really do it for me.

  19. best drama there are lot of best drama it depend mostly on the actore and the writers ….. the best rom com writer for me are the hong sisters almost all there works i love them all …. best love are best for the funny and cute moments but dokko jin is still best for kim sun ah in city hall and go yo jin still best for chef in pasta for me …… but for the best drama even if still not finish goes to city hunter …. full packed .

  20. lie to me is not the best script written ever , but it have the best actors with a great chemistry that pull u in , making the reel like real , making the silliness of watching it into an addiction and the lie into a parallel world of truth

  21. Dearest KPlaymates,

    I’ve a not so random question (something that I’ve wondered and reflected) so I’d thought I’d ask this here and hear from whoever could chip in your comments. No restriction to age, country, race, nationality, kdrama preferences!! But just really hope to hear your thoughts..

    How important is love to a marriage? I’m contrasting that to a relationship that’s built on love / chemistry but is held up by responsibility and commitment mostly kind of marriage. (Well, there’s love/chemistry I suppose, but it’s not the same kind.) Anyways.

    Sorry so totally random a post here… but just throwing a pot shot here in the dark. Hope your week goes well everyone!

  22. I see very few actors/actresses look beautiful, attractive, act well, make even a worst written script look better because of their charm and acting skills. I find Yoon Eun Hye has this quality. Whatever she gets (script worst or best, co actors good looking or not, screenplay worst or best) I find she puts her heart into making the overall play look good.
    Though there are many dramas/movies with good script but no good lead actors, it is not enjoyable watching those and I find better reading the recaps or story.
    My vote is for Lie to me – enjoyable watching – kiss.

  23. Pfffffffffffffffff, I feel so depressed and so sad ….
    I still can’t believe that they really end LTM in episode 16!!
    From now on monday and tuesday will never EVER be the same …..Can we make a petition for a second season ?

  24. Imagin SBS added a new branch to it’s 2011 reward as BEST KISS ,then asked the winners to kiss each other like what MTV is doing every jun ….what would happen ? BURNNING
    kang ji hwan would DO it gladly for us …He is really good at this …
    damn kiss her MAN …not any lips ,they are yoon eun hye’s !!
    I have already voted …LIE TO ME IS # 1

  25. yeah, i would definitely join you guys if ever you would make a petition for second season just couldn’t get enough of these two….i m sure they will gonna win being number 1…Lie to Me fighting aja aja aja…

    thanks a lot ms K…..please do keep us updated whether they are dating for real or just for reel…..love to see them both again in another kdrama…hopefully soon!!!!!

  26. thanks for the video. love the video! super kilig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t want LTM to end. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • agree, and i like the picture too miss koala… hehehe :P…… all the best for koala playground… hwanhye fan forever here ;)…. :P…

  27. I’ve just re-watched the whole drama, with objectivity in mind and blanking out all outside influence e.g. reviews etc. Simply adores it! At the end, I’ve fallen in love with it. Love the comedy, chemistry, the progression of the relationship, minus all those typical, nasty revenge and evil elders’ interference … it’s a sweet romance between two people who come together. Sometimes, that’s just what viewers want! (although, the editing I feel is not as smooth) – but worth every minute I spend drooling at it. Plus, the body language of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, especially KJH is so awkward at the end/casts/production party – that it is telling something is up … nice! Thank you for a site like this too!!

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