Playground Year End Poll Part II: Favorite and Least Favorite 2014 K-drama Couples

More 2014 year end polling fun for everyone! And this one is more up my alley as a K-drama can often be sunk or saved based on OTP chemistry alone. So who are your favorite and least favorite OTPs (one true pairing) of the year? A good story is a rare treat indeed but let’s not delude ourselves into seeing the majority of derivative K-drama romances as anything other than a common canvas to showcase trite but satisfying romance tropes.

What works can often be sold by the chemistry of the leads more than the plausibility or effectiveness of the romantic narrative. Flaws can be overlooked and a delightful kiss can smooth over storytelling blips. A good drama can produce lackluster couplings and truly crap dramas may be salvaged by a memorable pair of lovers. 2014 remains notable for all the reunion couplings of former costars working together again. Even if none garnered the ratings, more than one couple was a repeat success. Continue reading