DC Lie Gives Presents to Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye

Alright ladies (and perhaps the occasional gentleman): I already promised a HwanHye forum (like the GeunGeun forum) for you guys to go crazy in, and it’s forthcoming. So calm down, and um, stop asking me for updates. M’kay? You guys know I bring it when I see it. Until the forum opens, I suggest mass re-watching Lie to Me, and this time without any worry about whether our OTP will get together, whether dizzy pig will get in the way, whether Sang Hee will suddenly pull another guilt trip, and whether Aunt will turn into Joo Won’s mommy in Secret Garden.

I guarantee the time will pass quickly when all you do is bask in the warmth and love that is Ki Joon and Ah Jung. To spread some more cute around, bringing pictures of the gorgeous presents the fans of DC Lie to Me Gallery created for wuri Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye. Everything is a pair, so that means they each get the exact same present as the other person. Seriously? I love you DC Lie fans!

Neither of them need a snuggle stuffed animal. They can just snuggle with each other. All day long. Oh, and definitely all night long. 😛

Earphones to go on incognito dates.

Wow. Wedding cakes already?

Does Ji Hwan and Eun Hye blush when they see pictures and video of all their kissing scenes? Because I sure as heck blush for them. Lastly, Ji Hwan and Eun Hye’s signatures for DC Lie fans. The top one is Ji Hwan’s, and the bottom one is Eun Hye’s.

Signature experts, do your thing. Husband and wife signature styles? Compatibility scale of 1-10?

[Credit: all pictures from DC Lie to Me Gallery]


DC Lie Gives Presents to Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye — 307 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala!
    So cute these DCLie fans…

    So the vcd contains only the kissing scrnes? LOL.

    I just saw some unverified rumors about wuri OTP on Baidu EunHwan bar…
    Have you seen it?

      • hey madqueen where are you…. your killing me with it……. is it a good news or the other way around? tell us plsssss…..

      • Hoping soon the unverified news becomes official. Dont want to get my hopes up but DAMN, my poor beating heart was bursting with happiness reading this

      • wow super happy hahahahhaha…. hoping that would be official hahahhaa….. hey madqueen can we be friends…… im so envy to you coz you know how to read their writing…. you dont know how happy i am thank you so much

      • happy happpy happppppyyyy…. if that’s true….. hopiiingg…. if that happened … thank you god… :D…..

      • reading this stuff makes me sooooo happy..but wait, the photos showing the hand while texting..I don’t think it belongs to YEH because the shirt she/he is wearing is different from what we saw in the video ..geee how I wish these are true

      • thanks for the news madqueen…..you became our James Bond here…..hehee….really hope things will work out well for our OTP.

    • ahhhhh feels like heaven… madqueen thanks for this juicy bits even if we have to pray hard that it should be true…hehehe

  2. Squee.Cute.Very cute.

    I am starting ep 1 again.I am actually a bit shocked at how KJH looked in ep 1.Oh wow with the hair and his cold expressions.

    Do we have the same guy?His eyes were just so soft and lovey dovey and passionate the last 8 episode.My system is saying not compute.Do we have the same person?

  3. Whenever I check in , the LTM headers just melt me. I still am in deep withdrawal, is there a LTM-olic that I can check myself in?? Please help!!!

  4. Thanks MaM…I hope U not bored see my comments..I will stay here forever hahaha…( ♥͡▽♥͡ ) the stuff so cute…is that OST CD cover?? Cola kiss pic?? I’m sure will be sold out lol!

    • Nope, it’s not the OST cover. This is it! 🙂

      I assume that’s a dvd with a fanvid and the cover was designed by whoever edited the vid.

      • Oh..thanks Sere…I really love that picture…n the cake cherry blossom so cute…I want that for my wedding cake someday lol!

      • Anyone know where can I get the last song by Just? Still haven’t that one downloaded yet.

        In my country, the HD cable TV is currently running LTM..

      • @Roz…the full version not release yet but some friends here already grab the song from drama n post it somewhere(I forgot) or you can check it at yooneunhye.net

  5. Ah-jung stuff animal? I want it! *feels 12 all over again*

    I’m no signature expert so I can’t tell you the compatibility, but whoa, YEH’s unreadable! Honestly, I can’t even read what she has written in the right corner. *squints and tilts head* I am hopeless with hangul handwriting, but I’ve never been this confused before! LOL

    Wedding cakes! *giggles* The cherry blossom scene!!!! fans are SO awesome!

    • Her signature is actually the most creative that I’v ever seen… She makes a face with her name. Maybe it’s just me being a huge fan of her but I see it. She spells out her names with letters and not characters…

  6. It is a habit now to check the playground once or twice. Why?I am not really sure.But one thing is true everytime i see that heading photos i smile so thats the mood iam in the rest of the day.
    Thanks again Miss Koala for all the recaps of Lie To Me.Watching that drama became more enjoyable.So even IF what KJW and YEH shown were just supposedly good acting or just doing a job if ever they might say. I will still blindly hope that finally KJH meet the girl to marry and YEH a future hubby.
    To all HWAN YEH people its nice to have met you all.Have fun always.HAPPY THOUGHTS.
    Che Rowley

  7. omg thanks koala for the update! Honestly every time I check your blog, I’m hoping there’s a post about our HwanHye couple and here it is! I just can’t get enough of these two. I’m wishing they’ll end up together in real life. :”> Your post totally made my day 😀

  8. hi koala and gals…

    I was back from being the silent entity since my last post here in the playground and jumping back and forth with the available forums. Silently looking up for any new juicy bits for our OTP. Even at work I just couldn’t hold back and check again intermittently if time allows. After a sleep deprived 12 hours night shift, energy was low and was checking other forums which only made me more blue with all the posts I’ve read.

    Suddenly this thought came to me: ( please don’t bash I am a Hwanhye shipper LOL )… What if all that we’ve seen between our OTP was really just plain acting and we were all fooled by our own hearts to see them together for real? After all KJH was not able to act for 2 years due to his ban, and, YEH after the negative comments made to her since her last project; both of them wanted to prove to the people their acting prowess?….

    this thought really bleeds my eyes and my heart. 🙁

    • They’re both good actors, but some uncontrollable reactions (YEH’s blushing for example), the ad-libs and their chemistry, all that can’t be just acting imho. I don’t know, I’ve watched countless kdramas before and I’ve never seen this level of chemistry before. It felt…too real? Like they were genuinely attracted to each other.

      Mind, if it’s all acting, kudos to them!

      • @ sere… I’ve seen that too , it’s just that maybe I was forced to see the other side of the story due to reading posts from other thread.( some bashing there) … if it has been all acting they truly are effective but my shippy heart is still hoping that something wonderful will happen between them.:-)

      • @sarang

        Don’t mind what others say. What you think and what YEH/KJH made you feel is what’s important. Haters will be haters and fans will always be fans so of course we’re all bound to see two different sides of the same story. But think of this: haters and lovers, did we all watch this with an open mind and without prejudice? Did we give this OTP a chance? You can tell from the comments what’s the truth.

        Me? NGL, I assumed I was going to love Best love and simply enjoy LTM (for some reason I thought KJH and YEH would have little chemistry together. Boy, was I ever wrong?). Turns out I wasn’t as obsessed with BL as I thought I’d be and I got addicted to LTM despite its maaaaany flaws. Besides, the chemistry between YEH/KJH is something I’ve never seen on screen before.

        A number of things, little and big, lead me to believe that YEH/KJH have something going on, maybe they’re just friends, maybe they’re attracted to each other, maybe their characters bled a little through RL and/or viceversa, who knows? I only know what they made me feel. When I saw them onscreen, I really thought I was seeing two people attracted to each other and then fall in love. If it’s just acting, whoa, kudos to them!

        I’ve seen many of their projects before (I’m a YEH completist. I’ve watched everything she’s done) and lots but not all of KJH’s and yet, the difference between the chemistry between them and the chemistry with their old colleagues is palpable. Take for example Coffee Prince, which is one of my favorite kdramas of all times. Eun-chan and Han-kyul were wonderful together, they were cute and they made me feel like the characters loved each other soo much, but I never, not even for one second, doubted that it was just Eun-chan and Han-kyul I was watching. With LTM, there were instances when I was confused and I thought I was seeing glimpses of YEH and/or KJH.

        IDK, this is what I see. If others don’t agree with me, fine, everybody’s entitled to their opinions. I only want to see YEH and KJH happy, together or separately, that’s beside the point. I just want them happy. Is that a crime? BUT if they are really dating, NGL I’d squee like I’ve never done before!

        Whew, long comment is long.

      • @ sere… totaly 1000% agree with you…I watched all YEH’s dramas n her chemistry between the leads so great n all just acting..but this time I was confused..Is this AJ or YEH..cause her acting so real imo!! I just want them to be happy period

      • @ sere…. LOL that was a long one. 🙂

        Well my foolish heart is really hoping for their love story to prosper 😉

      • @sere

        I absolute agree. We all know they’re great at their jobs and the PDs love them for really throwing themselves into their roles, seriously investing thmemselves in their character… However, as someone who went to undergrad for film and theater and has been an avid watcher of both actors in their projects and BTS/interviews, I feel like there were too many moments during the latter half of the show where both actors fell out of character or their reactions were instinctual and real rather than their character’s reactions.

        It’s undeniable that they are attracted to one another. YEH is very private, but she’s also incredibly sincere and quite transparent (just see any of her variety shows or interviews). KJH is alsoa very friendly and open person but he’s never broken character on screen without an NG/retake. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to his acting. It’s too obvious there is real attraction… But whether or not they’ve done anything yet is all speculation and our hopes flying only.

        What is certain is that they definitely enjoyed that final kiss. HD videos make it pretty obvious they got lost in those kisses. Even if two professional actors kissed that way onscreen,they would have to be made of wood to not have enjoyed doing it with that much hunger and passion. It’s just upto them to pursue each other… Then tell the world.

      • @ Best Luv – That was the thing that confuses me most – the passion of that KISS. They may be really one of the best actors in town – BOB where did that passion come from? Did they internalize their role too much to the point they themselves were confused if they are interacting as their characters or their true selves?

      • am i nuts? but I so love this subjective yet objective in a way analysis of Sere & BestLuv.

        I think it makes for a better drama viewing – dissecting it, spazzing it a little (or lots), and then holding out that it’s not a lie.

        To believe there’s nothing – is the real life to ourselves.

        But we’re also clear on this – just because there’s chemistry / attraction – it doesn’t necessary lead to the big M & the follow-up B. (marriage and babies if you wanna know). hehe. 🙂

      • @Best Luv, @Sere

        I agree with you guys! Best Luv, I felt the same way. For me, it’s not their onscreen chemistry. That’s a given because of their strengths as actors. It’s the moments when the cameras stop rolling in the BTS vids or those moments in actual show where you KNOW it’s YEH reaction (playing with her hair and looking at the camera/PD at the airport and drunk scene) or KJH reacting/enjoying his adlib and YEH’s reaction too much.

        I obsessively watch BTS videos because I love to see how people work and you always know when KJH and YEH are working, they’re serious business. But compare those to the Cola Kiss BTS???

        See for yourselves — Google Coffee House BTS vids from the Japan special and compare that to the official BTS Lie to Me video of the Cola Kiss. Watch their reactions and compare that to YEH’s MFL kiss scene BTS.

        YEH – MFL kiss scene BTS

      • @bo

        As actors, they probably set out to make the scene give a kind of finale-gung ho kiss. That kind of passion is more common in western movies and dramas or asian melodrama movies, and I’ve only really seen few actors in asian rom-coms that are able to get so much in character that they can do a kiss like that just for the screen, then shake it off as just working without a problem (not confusing it with their real life).

        One actor like that is Gong Yoo. His kiss scenes with co-stars YEH, Kim Sun Ah, and Im Soo Jung have that hunger that the character was feeling and he was able to do it for the camera. I think KJH can also pull it off as an actor, but he’s normally been more subdued and just right for the character and the moment.

        I feel like the final kisses in LTM, and even that soft sweet kiss in the bedroom scene by YEH, had a point where they got very into it. When the camera starts to track around them on the cliffs of Jeju, there’s such an intimacy to it that felt like they were kissing and were getting lost in the kisses. And then that scripted bedroom kiss where YEH lands a soft one on KJH, he kisses back ever-so-subtly while smiling to himself (you’d have to watch the apples of his cheeks) where normally, the actor/actress will receive the kiss then smile after for the up close reaction shot.

        Meh, these are my observations. I get that they’re actors and that YEH and KJH have always been great at investing themselves into their characters. It doesn’t even surprise me that they both ad-lib a lot since KJH is known to do that, and just watch YEH’s BTS video from Goong as a rookie actress. But it’s the reactions that would’ve normally been NGs that I hang onto as a shipper. I’m almost certain their PD is a shipper too.


      • @Sere
        Standing Up and Clapping!!

        Well said – totally agree. Could not have said it any more eloquently.

      • @anon

        So they got themselves into the “role” then lose themselves in it? In the end it’s good acting that got them both carried away at some point. I guess I can understand that. The feelings they bring into the act can’t simply be turned off like a faucet when the PD says cut!! The question is how they channel these residuals.

        I checked the scene when YEH landed a soft kiss on KJ lips with his eyes closed and somehow logic gets in the way. What I see is KJ enjoying himself teasing not only YEH but including us voyeurs because he knew we would be watching them closely and be thrilled by it. I’m impressed that KJ is a really good actor pulling all the right strings to keep us wondering what his intentions are. I have no complaints though I just want to gain more insight as to their possible relationship and where it is likely going. We would have a field day if unedited BTS really appears so all can dissect it.

    • haha it’s beyond my control if this is the case… But I don’t know man… I’m willing to take this gamble and ship them… To be honest, I’ll be very disappointed if it turns out the other way but life still goes on lol cheer up!

    • @ Sarang – I am experiencing the same sentiments. That’s why elders say “snooping” is bad for our health. But after LTM what more can we do to satisfy our hunger for more. . .

      @ Sere- luv the way you put us back on tract . . .

      @ Madqueen (above) – thanks for the unverified info – blood flows again in my brain

    • @HwanHye Shipper and @Best Luv

      I totally agree with you, guys!

      Uhm, I have seen non-Western shows where kisses were very passionate. That doesn’t happen to often in jdoramas (the only one that really surprised me was in Buzzer Beat between the leads), but in kdramas and tw-dramas there have been lots of instances where the kisses were really hot.

      As for Coffee Prince, aw! CP has some of my favorite kisses ever (the “Whether you’re a man or an alien” one just to name one) and they were sweet, but it was all acting. They were touching, but still 100% acting. If you checked the BTS, I remember many times when Gong Yoo was red in the face and awkward. Like, the BTS for the kisses of, uh, their night together. I remember giggling when I watched that vid!

      Then I watched LTM and…there was a certain pull between the actors or the characters, idek what, but it was so there! It was something I’ve never seen before.

      Compare any of the LTM kisses with, say, the Coffee House one

      • Hi y’all guys! 😉 was out for the day and when I checked this post there’s lots of comments already LOL.

        Thanks to you all for the wonderful insights. 🙂

  9. These past few days I’ve been nursing my mind vacuum n restless soul yet I haven’t succeed to get over L2M..

    Try to detach myself n move on by re-watching 1st ep to end ~ didn’t do any good.. It worsen my longing to this lovely OTP..

    Anyone know how to overcome this incurable feeling?? Help!!

      • nice advice che rowley your so funny hahahahaha i’ll do that this afternoon hahahhaahaha

      • Ahaha…. thanx! Will do that… and end it w/ tomato juice to remind me of him carrying her around the hotel…

      • Cola Floats! (Ice cream and coke instead of root beer). I’ll always think of KJH & YEH whenever I have this summer time treat from now on… 🙂

  10. I love it. It so cute. i started watching LTM again. I miss it so much. I check your website everyday to see if you have some more information about them. I really want them to get married or work together again. I like their chemistry. I don’t want to watch any other drama.

  11. the wedding cake is so cute!!!!! they should make a cake for the ending kiss too hahah, i would love to see KJH & YEH’s reaction when they see that cake. =)

    • i first thought there’s only one cake and find it so dfference why it’s written yen and kang ji hwan in different pictures…i see there’s 2 of it,so sweet to have identical present and that they r going to brings lots of memories……hahahaha =) wish they really comes real to became wedding.where’s the pictures that shows he’s smsing?thanks all for sharing.it’s been amazing for the ietome mania! hwanhye fighting!

  12. thanks koala for the update….. i’m so happy and i will stay here forever as long as you will update us…. ohhhhhh thanks a lot koala…..

  13. Yesterday the actor Park Hoon leave message at DC Lie forum. Today the director Mr.Kim also leave a message at DC Lie forum. He thanks everyone for the gifts and support. so sweet. 🙂
    I saw some Korean fans asking for Director’s cut DVD from him..hahaha
    Hopefully we can get the DVD soon. 🙂

  14. Stalking and camping here became my habit. Every morning im here and before i go to sleep im here. it is a compulsion that i seemed cannot break even though the drama is over. Hoping to see any tid bits of our OTP news/updates. Im also re-watching all YEH’s drama plus here cameo in Personal taste. As for KJH, nahhhhh, im only watching LTM. He has good dramas but it doesn’t appeal to me (i tried watching but bleh) (I wonder why?).
    Ok the present are cute and very thoughtful. Kudos to those people who contributed and prepared for these stuffs.

  15. Imagine them watching the vids separately and talk on the phone while doing it and decided to reenact the scenes. “My place or yours?” Tehehe. Thanx for keeping this place alive motherkoala and fellow republic of Lie to Me

  16. omo i’m back here again! so happy to see another LTM related post… i’ve been lurking in eunhwan baidu bar and the people there are also very observant.. they always have interesting findings which keep me occupied while waiting for their updates. lol anyway, i always love the gifts from korean fans, they’re so nicely and creatively decorated.

    • did you donut happened to understand the writing in baidu? im so happy to know that coz i really can’t understand the writing over there…. hope you can update us here….

      • hi ali! yup I understand chinese. So far in Eunhwan baidu bar, there’s many posts on speculations and observation on our OTP (like what we are doing now haha)… oh and the rumours which madqueen had posted.. i do hope they’re true!

      • can we friends too? coz i love this couple and i want time to time for an update…. so happy that i know you donut…… and hope madqueen will be my friend too hehehehe so happy guys….. its nice to meet you here…..

      • haha sure =) I will try to share them here as often as I can if there’s updates.. nice meeting u here too!

  17. OH WOW SOMEONE IS AGGRESSIVE IN MARKETING my head is beaming in amazement :-0 ….could some please close my gaping mouth….LMAO I hope that cake still exist on my wedding day! 😀

    • I’m gonna change the message on that cake “DON’T LIE TO MEH YOU” 😀 😉

  18. I think coming to this place is my addiction now.still lurking n reading the post of this girls. I’ll just leave all the comments to all my LTM chingus. this is my cup of tea every morning makes my day happy n grinning all the time. thanks Ms. K for ur wonderful playground.

  19. Ms K.. thanks for the goodies!! How are you??

    Hey there gang-mates!
    Quick question, Do you guys know if KJH smokes? I know, I’ve seen a lot of photo shoot of him smoking.. I know most Korean men smoke…

    • yeah I’ve seen a few too. Think Lee Min Ho does too. Someone should clean that part up of the industry. chimneys. not cool. 😛

      • So does he smoke??? I know few Korean celebs who smoke, but I m not sure about KJH.. Just need to confirm something….

    • I’m good. Tired, but very happy. ^___^

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Ji Hwan smokes. Almost ALL the male K-celebs smoke. It’s a cultural thing. Same with J-ent.

      That being said……if he smokes, he wouldn’t smoke around wuri Eun Hye. That’s all I have to say.

      This is the oppa who gives her his heat pack in the duck boat to make sure she’s not too cold. Who fans her when she’s giving an interview. Who keeps helping her up when they filmed the first meeting fainting.

      I know why you’re asking tho. 😉 Yes, let’s just wait for the good news, no?

      • Now. I figure. Are we thinking the same thing here Ms K???? If so, KJH WOW me big time to pulled a stunt like that. U know smoking is some form of bad addiction. Something must have hit him really hard. Bull’s eye…Wow!!! he’s turning me into a jelly. This dude is a treasure. You will feel safe whenever he’s around. Love him more and more.

      • So does that mean that if he used to smoke in the past and suddenly stops, it means he has someone who many prefer to be Yoon Eun Hye?

      • Must be why he used bottles and bottles of mouthwash for them kissing scenes. I love that he admitted doing that in anticipation of the noraebang ice cream kiss.

        Why? Is there news of KJH giving up the ciggies?

      • @ hwanhye
        not only that…he did not not even eat!!! i knew i read that somewhere and it really tickles me pink to think of a guy who won’t eat because he is anticipating to lip-lock with with a girl!!! and when you are this thoughtful to a person means you are into her!!! so adorable— that KJH!!!

  20. Visiting the playground is now a priority on my daily TO DO list. I also started re-reading your recaps and the comments…its interesting to see how the HwanHye Gang evolved … it’s really nothing short of amazing. I luvet!!! Thanks Koala! I really appreciate your efforts. Oh and as you suggested, I will start with my LTM marathon this weekend.

  21. Thanks again ockoala. You are such a good mother koala, weaning your pesky, rowdy brood back to sanity. It might take a while… I for one am still very much addicted. I haven’t even begun the process of letting go. This has never happened to me before. All the other dramas are still waiting for me to go back and give them some love. I can’t!!! I’m hooked to LTM ! My heart is still with them. Wake me up, please!!!

    • It looks like they were reacting to whatever is being said by a random speaker? Unless prior to this cut KJH or YEH mumbled some sweet nothings without looking at each other.

      Shucks aside from being snoopy, now we need to be expert in body language and probably learn lip reading as well.

  22. me n friends will marathon LTM on 55w screen lol spores n all, don’t want to miss a thing! lol n like before we do freeze n replay countless times lolling over! oh dear ms koala, u certainly influenced my routine. now I view ur playground b4 I check my work e-mails. big thanks to everyone sharing finds, ur all awesome in my book! now waiting news about D-cut dvd to buy. KEH n KJH, my addiction.

  23. i think that the person who kang ji hwan txt is not yoon eun hye….. because the dress that the person wearing is diff. from what yoon eun hye wear….. sooooo sad

      • yap i mean its too far to recognize if that’s really a phone that yoon eun hye holding…… and if that kang ji hwan really txt her….. cross finger hope they go on dating after this drama love them both…. hope they can do another drama…..

      • well you know, the rumor said that 5 second later YEH check her phone so it might be a coincidence.

    • where can i see the different person? really eager to learn…does he really had a girl friend already? ……..but both said they will single…..but……..yes, these may be just lies i recall…..Andy lau.
      lie about al in front of tv and fans.u know, it is normal that u carries a family and web in real life .we like u, not because u r marry or have a relationship or not ,we all happy for u.but not lie.

    • So there is that first picture on Baidu of KJH texting. But that second picture upclose of hands, a b&w check shirt and a cellphone is Park Hoon (check it against the party video).

      If the picture’s what they’re basing the claim that kJH texted YEH during the dinner… then that’s wrong. But from the message saying that YEH checked her phone 5 secs later, it sounds like someone observed it who was there. If that’s the case, how adorable! But it can also be that YEH was getting texts from her friends and previous co-stars since she stays in touch with everyone.

      I hope it was KJH and YEH texting from across the room. It’d be so adorable.

      • oh, nevermind. I see the other pic of YEH looking at something… you can’t tell what it is though.

  24. oh boy , i went to biadu,and find these breathless kiss……..which would u enjoy the best? l love the way ki jun pull ah jung to and kiss ,all of a sudden and it happens to be so sensation.my goodness…….l am crazy…..just breathless…..and wonder why is the rate in korea real or not , for such a great drama with great person.so unbelieveable! enjoy the kisses….

    • @ MISS KOALAS…i can’t stop for looking about our OTP latest news…. hehehehhehhehe :)….so that i want to said thank you so much for giving us a latest news about our OTP eventhough the drama had ended…. thank you…… thank you….. thank you…. soooooooooo muuuuuccchhhh… hope could see their latest news :p ……
      @ RAINBOW….thank you os much for sharing’ this to us, miss them so much, everytime i done with my daily activity, i just opened my laptop and open my fav. website koalas playground just to see is there is a new news about my fav OTP hehehehhehe :)… hope KJH and YEH watch this video and see is there any feeling for each other between them, and if there is, pherhaps they should considered to start dating hehehhehehhhee….. (just my hope 🙂 )… anyway thank you so much for sharing this video to us…. happy happy happy happy day just to see them again, im starting to watch LTM from ep 1 now…. if they not having a realtionship in real life, at least i could see my OTP on screen :)…

    • yupp yupp yupp…. me too, im very curious , does he text to YEH or someone else … plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz miss koalas… if could, but if couldnt it’s ok … thank you GBU 🙂

  25. it is 1.28am now…and I am still stuck here……thanks for the picts Koala…those gifts are really cute……

  26. It would be strange if their love life would (have to) start with a lie, just like in the drama.

    It’s good to see what they’re doing, but I’d be sorry if they’ll need to hide and lie for the sake of their love life.

    • My wish also! But I know YEH will be busy after this..she will have a cf with Ethan Ruan, promotes Beyond..maybe more..I hope she take a short break for now, and I don’t think she goes to those shows anymore..

      • Bo – Ethan Ruan – TW actor / Model – won golden horse award this year. Fantastic acting in Monga – a film about gangster and turf fighting but also friendships in 50s TW. Should watch it. Google it for online streams 🙂 hehe.

        He acted in the HUGELY popular Fated to Love You – the 2nd of the series in TW drama (DTLY which Koala is recapping now followed from that).

      • @ Rainbow @ Lynx Thanks a lot. That helps. I’ll check Fated to Love you and Google of course. First time I hear he collaborates with a Non Korean, am I right?

        There’s this Asian actor in the Green Hornet which would approximate the physical requirements of YEH ideal guy Not sure about the age though.

    • I think YEH and KJH are too hot in their respective careers right now to do We Got Married… and for some reason PDs have usually chosen couples who haven’t worked with each other before… at least I don’t think so.

      • how i wish kjh and yeh will be selected in that movie love to see them again and i surely will watch it…. oh how i wish jeju island is near…. so that i could go there…….

    • They both are not WGM-kind of level entertainers. If you look carefully which kind of artists participate in that particular show, you’ll know what I mean.

      • @ JULIENG….. ethan ruan is a man who played in one of TW DRAMA the title is ” fated to love you” and his girlfriend is playing in one of tw drama too right now the title is “drunken to love you” but her girlfriend played not as first lead female star, but as the second female star on that drama….

      • you scared me!…I though I trigger fire in someone..haha..I watched FTLY he was good and funny too and the bed scene hot! he has been dating Tiffany Hsu..she is a 2nd lead in DTLY..but he is skinny guy..like JJH.!!1

  27. Ms. Koala thank you for the update. DC Lie people really work hard to give so much to our OTP and to cast and crew as well.

    There are so much posts about the kissing scene in the final episode. This episode was shown during the wrap up party where all the casts members were present, I was wondering what are the reactions of the other cast members when they saw this very passionate kiss?

    • in the wrap up party, did you notice that kjh and yeh is not talking to each other like they don’t know each other? owwwwhhhhh i can’t take it…..

      • watch the video again and you will notice that they are speaking with each other but very discreetly. observe the movements of their eyes, hand, head and lips and you will see that they are talking to each other but they don’t want others to notice them.

      • Also, you just need to watch the first BTS vids and interview YEH and KJH did to realize this is a complete 180-turn from how they normally were with one another (and I would argue how they are with their co-stars in general).

      • well marie i really think they are not talking and i feel bad…. and to hwanhye shipper… where can i find the bts your referring to….. i want to watch that

      • I see the wrap party video completely differently. All the small whispers and gestures indicate they are fully aware of the other person and purposely making an effort to pretend they are not talking. As opposed to simply not being affected by each other. They did whispers a few times, you’ll need to watch carefully.

      • really koala? i could that see it because the camera is always moving hehehehe…… where can i watch it aside from here? coz im dying to see that…… thanks for that info…….

      • from wrap up party, you could see them whisper at minutes 1:11, after YEH took a picture. Hope this help 🙂

  28. thank you madame K… how sweet of the fans to prepare these stuff… am really amazed on how far they would go to show their love to their idols… and to all of you who gave the links to all pics, thank you… you make my peek here an enjoyable experience…

  29. Some people use the elimination method to find the truth (I’m not qualified since I haven’t watched all the Kdramas or C drama for that matter.) Let’s ask this question: Have you seen a better/more real/chemistry exploding couple in drama-land? Have you seen a more blinkless kissing scene?? Once you can name a few couples, ask, have they become a real couple after filming ended? Then maybe we can feel more secure that this is definitely a fantastic love story turn real. 🙂

    • p.s. I can only name Mike He & Rainie who in “Devil Beside You” set the bar for T-drama in chemistry/kissing scenes. But even them could not come close to our Lie To Me couple.

      • Your are correct 100%, I think that was the only good drama with good kissing scene for MH too! His later dramas felt flat for me…

  30. i also conclude here the way kang ji hwan kiss yoon eun hye has a feeling you can really see in his eyes…… so obvious….. oh i wish i’m not blinded because of i want them together…. hehehhehe but i really sure its not acting….. they are so real….. the way they kiss…..

  31. are they (SBS) going to release a bts for lie to me? because what i found in the you tube is only the bts is the episode 1-8 only,….. how about the later episode? i just wanted to watch it….. plsssss SBS post it or you can do that for us MS. KOALA….. cant wait for that…..

  32. Because I love you HwanHye sweeties.

    I was wondering why Eun Hye would wear a random oversized t-shirt to the WP, even though she does dress casually in her downtime. It could simply be just a T-shirt. And then I came across this. You guys can analyze all you want, ranging from size of the shirt, to the same rounded collar, the same drape, the same grey texture patterns.

    It looks like the same shirt. Emphasis on the looks like, of course. Still, makes one think? YY? (@Sere, PD Pyo killed my eyes on Heartstrings 1-2, I need your eyes here).

    The top picture is of Ji Hwan on the set of Coffee House. The bottom picture is of course from the LTM wrap party two days ago. Have fun sleuthing.

    • HAHAHA, I think the’re keep fooling us. 😛 Of course it’s his shirt and I just love them more!

      I was wondering the same, but I’d never have guessed that! You’re killing me Koala!

    • I considered myself a shipper but I don’t think it the same shirt… the neck area is way too wide for it to be KJH shirt.

    • hahhahahaha funny…. i also think its different t-shirt hahahahaha….. well i just wonder…. in wrap up party…. why are they not talking to each other…. wherein they should be the one to do a lot of talking because they are the main actor here….. am i correct…… it seems that they avoiding to talk or even look at there face…… fans mentioned that you can see in there eyes that they have a feelings….. me myself has an experience with that….. my cousin is with me ang i do have a crush…. and i don’t have an idea that they are looking at me…. the way i look at the guy…. then out of nowhere they ask me…… maybe you have a crush on him….. hehehehehehe and they ask them no…… and they say…. we can see it in your eyesssssss so don’t deny it to us…. so funny i just recall that when i was in college…. i know that they have a feelings (yeh and kjh) maybe time will tell if they are really meant for us other…. i personally believe in destiny that destiny is in our hands….. you are the one who will make your destiny……. hope that they will work on it….. best wishes….. so crazy about this couple….

    • Slap me silly Miss Koala is YEH wearing the same shirt KJH was wearing on Coffee House???
      Oh my goodness!!!! Granny Goose Yehey!!!
      Che Rowley

    • So lil miss innocent is not THAT shy anyway having a sleepover at her oppa’s place. And forgot to bring change clothes and had to borrow his. Didn’t they come together to their wrap party along with their pd? They prolly asked the guy to tag along with them as a cover up.

    • It could be the same shirt: it’s the same gray, the same pattern, the same collar. To be sure, one should take a closer look at the seam on the shoulder. If it’s the same….laksjdlsfgfdkjgh omg, guh!

      PS: after a few hours, I’m still feeling sea-sick. *facepalm*

      • I’m still dizzy after 24 hours. Anyhoo, I can care less if it’s the same shirt TBH. What’s adorable is that it looks like the same shirt, making it so if you combined YEH-KJH’s outfits it’d be the same one Jin Soo wore in CH.

        Okay…..don’t kill me…..but up to where I got in CH before I bailed, I thought KJH had zero chemistry with Eunjung. I’d never ship writer-nim with assistant. Not that PSY was any better.

      • its totally a different shirt the pattern is different when looking at yeh’s shirt

      • IKR!

        No blood will be spilled, I promise you. I didn’t actually see much chemistry, either, but I thought they matched better? Like, PSY’s character (and I totally forgot ALL of their names, hahah) had kept writer-nim alive, but just barely. When assistant came along, he started living again. You could say it was a combination of things: her showing up in his life, pushing his limits, time healed some wounds and yada yada yada, but the timing was suspicious imho. That’s how I see it. Besides, he had most fun with her (and I’m not talking when he was actually torturing her, but later in the series). I can see why PSY’s character was supposed to suit him better, but…*sighs* I never jumped ship, not even when the kisses happened.

        BTW, LTM has ruined me for all future kdramas kisses to come because there is no way there’s going to be the same…tension between two actors again. I can hope, but…yeah, not raising my expectations.

      • Different shirt. YEH’s WP shirt doesn’t have shoulder seams of the tshirt Jin Soo has on. I’m pretty sure he was wearing a normal shirt in that scene. YEH is wearing the poncho-style oversized jersey shirt that’s popular these days.

      • Was he holding a cigarette?? I drooped CH, Like when I was in EP 6… But I loved his WANNIE role in Capital Scandal… I watched all the CS BTS, nothing suspicious at all..

    • OMO!!! BF’s TSHIRT!!! whhaaaaatttt!!!?????? That makes SENSE (to the highest level!) btw, did they arrived together?

      yeah i think he is smoking..with the 1st pic 🙂 it shows..it’s a little orange type of stick in between his fingers 🙂

      • That’s actually a pencil. In the scene from Coffee House where Jin Soo finds a pencil sharpened the way he likes and realizes it’s his secretary next to him using lines he used on her.

    • Wow!! BF’s Shirt!!! Whaaaattttt??!!! Died again!!! :)) Did they arrive together?

      Btw, he is smoking..you will notice on the 1st pic..an orange stick in between his fingers 🙂

  33. sorry, but i don’t think it’s the same shirt.. can u imagine YEH wearing a guy’s shirt to a public event? i don’t think she’ll do that based on what we know of her.. just being realistic..

    is that a pic of KJH smoking on screen or real life?

    would love for them to get together but i think i’ll wait until i find more evidence before i ship them in real life.. their actions while filming is hard to evaluate coz they are in front of the camera. it’s obvious that there’s attraction (esp on KJH’s side) but we’ll have to wait and see if they will do something about it now that they are no longer constantly together filming.. but yeah, hope they will!!!!!!!

  34. I think that I am claiming myself as an insane person because of LTM. I have never addicted to this couple and it is making me nuts. I read everyone’s comments on anything about my the favorite couple.

      • MD & Nowhere,

        I am with you guys! What did HwanHye give us??? This is incurable! I want to be cured but at the same time, want to hold on to any bit of memory/gossip about our wuri HwanHye until… FOREVER!!! I want them back onscreen! Offscreen would be even better!

      • @foxy n Md…this is too scary….I can’t even control myself to camping here 24 hours…LTM cursed haaaaiiizzzz!!!

      • I’m afraid there’s no cure for this LTM (read : wuri OTP) addiction.
        So let’s enjoy our ‘suffering’ together 🙂

    • i’m with u all too.. i need fast rehab coz i can’t control my addiction to LTM & out OTP so badd…

      need fresh air to breath… and koala like always u make me smile with every single LTM news…

    • i’m already become a Zoombie.

      It was a “Cheeryblossom-Storm-of-May/June” theme for me.
      and starting from July, it becomes -> “Zoombie-gonnabe-until-YEHandKJH-Officialy-Together” theme for me.

      • lol..telaat aq dah jadi zombie sejak bulan kemarin…hai mell…let be zombie together…even its over but I’m still suffering haizzz…..no cure….start watch LTM again!!!

      • @nowhere
        kakakakakak come on siss (err- sis? or bro?), we spread our Zombirus (Zombie-virus) all over the world. The cure is just one: “JO YOJA SARANG HAMNIDA!” said KJH, tightly held YEH’s hand.
        Hell, yeah.

        I’m become friend already with Peipei on fb, where’s yours darling? Yuuuhuuu, itwill be madness when we all could meet.

  35. So asked myself many times why I am this insane after watching LTM. it is clearly because of this couple. I think that I would or will love anything they acted together. 🙂

  36. Thanks for this Ms. K…I’m dreading for the day that this two will finally come out on the open and admit it all but if at the moment they choose not to, its okay as long as the will keep us speculating to keep the LTM gang wild over and over again…

  37. Thanks Koala for updates.
    Lie to me mass viewing party is on-going in my office right now. Discussion of your comments part of the fun. LOL! Can’t have enough of lie to me!

  38. Back to the wrap up vid – I don’t know about you ladies but – I know that both So Ran (don’t know her real name) is also standing slightly behind KJH – but it’s basically her arm which gets blocked mostly.

    YEH on the other hand is standing in such a position that one slight shift and KJH would be touching her “intimately” – I personally do that with Yobo – cos you know, he’s Yobo – so if the contact is going to be intimate – it’s all OK. With other men in group photo – I tend to make sure that not so much contact happens boobywise. If you know what I mean.

    Does that mean YEH is all comfortable and fine no matter where and how she comes into contact with KJH – I hope so.

    • lols. we’re still dissecting it eh. 🙂 🙂

      Who was it that posted the finer points of distance? 0.1-0.5m was it for closest acquaintances? hehe. Well. 🙂 Look at how those arms touched after JB’s shortest speech … or shall we say question of the night! 🙂

      • hi mizweng…

        i miss you too… i have made plan to meet with Lynx in Sing, would u like to join?

      • really? wow i wish i could… oh well… that would be a blast!!! my friend from the US and I planned to go to Sing too but we can’t just find the time… oh dear…

      • mizweng…

        the plan is some times in end of august – 1st sept.. or maybe u visit indo ? actually i really wanna go to SK next april to see cherry blossoms… join?

      • @ peipei…..are you serious want to go to SK? OMO….Can I join? hehehe….

      • @ roweina

        of course!! the more the merrier…

        anyone else? we can make own tour schedules…

        omo..this is exciting…

  39. thanks koala,very funny what made ​​fans of dc…
    was not just me who are addicted to this drama,I hope the sbs release in cut scenes.I’ll wait for the latest news from the KJW and YEH because I loved them both from the koala’s playground..^^^

    • That’s what I saw even at normal speed. They were sneaking glances, almost like they couldn’t help themselves despite the fact they were putting in so much effort to be casually distant with each other. Thanks for the gif confirmation, sweetie~

      The first time I saw the wrap party video I knew there was such frisson of energy between them. Way more than if they talked to each other or even playfully teased each other. This was a mutually agreed upon ploy to deflect attention. But it failed. Mwahahaha.

      With age comes experience – when I see them cutting the cake it totally screams “we’re pretending we don’t know each other”.

      • Hahaha! So true, ms. Koala. Oh these two, they are done for. They think we can’t see through their act… pleeeezzz … You can’t hide LOVE especially when it’s coming out of your pores!

      • hahaha so true madame K… I saw and felt the same thing the first time I saw the vid…but i admit I scrutinized the vid after the initial look and took into consideration that i might be blinded by the intensity of my “wanting for them to be together”or because of my aging eyes ( i used different eyeglasses, mind you, which brought intense headache after a day of looking at the vid) but then again, still concedes that my eyes are not playing tricks with me at all and the initial vibe i got stay true…

        Just the same crazynight, thank you for finally putting seal to my objectivity… whatever others may see, it’s plain and simple to this halmoni’s beautiful eyes that KJH and YEH are (at the very least) attracted to each other… where this attraction or how far they would go about it is entirely their business and I shall be rooting for them as always…

      • Why though? Is it because the love is still new that they want to keep it hidden or keep it private? Or they are still not sure that they want to discover their true feelings first? Oh the poor lovebirds! If thats the case please do.Date away and when you are ready to tell us tell us.
        Che Rowley

      • @Che Rowley
        YEH knows first hand the unpleasant things that happen as an actor who gets embroiled in romantic rumors/scandals like losing CF opportunities immediately and the media hounding them.

        KJH normally doesn’t care and often laughs the rumors off with the co-star, which is why deliberately ignoring YEH at the wrap party and heading for the opposite side of the room is suspicious. On top of that, KJH is at the point of resurrecting his abruptly vacationed skyrocketing career so he also has reasons to keep rumors at bay.

        I’m more than sure that KJH at first chose LTM (despite his character being a bit boring in the synopsis he read — something that kept him from choosing characters, even his Rough Cut character, in the past). But the fact that he knew YEH was a strong rom-com actress AND how in the past has guaranteed ratings above 15% was a matter of career choice. They both looked happy to work with each other normally and this kind of body language now is so obviously deliberate when YEH can’t keep sneaking puppy-glances at KJH.

        Ice-cream kiss BTS

        Subbed interview.

    • Hey… i saw something at 3-7.gif. he swayed his hips ever so slightly towards her … hehe … Interesting. Some natural responses you just can’t hide…

      *waiting only for the verbal ‘confirmation’*

      So who’s in the *I/We/All-knew-it* party when that finally happens??? Hmm. Is it appropriate to pop a champagne / moscato / soju cocktail here????? We promise not to get too drunk if anyone’s monitoring. hahaha

        Thank you for answering. I am from the old school who believes in fighting for love.I completely forgotten that the two are working actors with careers to consider. Then okay I am with everybody here who is convince that YEH and KJH are into each other. I dont want to rush them.I want them to do it when all is sure,secure and stable.I just want YEH to have a hubby and KJH a girl to marry.
        Che Rowley

    • hahahaha you’ve got an eye of an eagle you know that 1crazynyt….. hope that koala will always update us with something new with our couple…. hahahhahaha now i will tell that its really obvious…… can we guys create our own baidu and our leader would be koala? who’s with me?…….

  40. Let’s demand a season II of LTM!!! Let see if our couple can last another 16 eps without totally melting into so much love that they can’t deny it much longer. hehe.

  41. darn it..what’s going here??? i am supposed to get over this drama for 2 days ago just like as i always do after watching dramas i like and never watched it again for awhile..but this one makes me wants to watched it over and over again and i found myself checking madam koalas websites every freaking chance i have may it be on laptop or ipad…i can’t help it….please please please some one help me with this madnesss…i am about to watch again and then go back in koalas playground for more comments i can read ……someone ??? anyone???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • so am i. i think i lost interest in other dramas after LTM. and i keep checking if koala has any news or anything new about LTM.

  42. mz ockoala thanks thanks thanks you know our addiction and you tried ur best to assuage those sweet yearnings for our OTP i really really miss them so much

  43. Even though we are only half way through 2011, I want them to win an award or at least be nominated. I want to see whether or not they’ll walk with someone, together, or alone. The only time I’ve seen YEH walk with someone was with Kim Jeung Hoon for an award ceremony in Taipei…

  44. KJH’s twitter acc is @kimminhoo! does he knw how to speak in english???..cos a lot of his tweets are in English! anyways..he doesn’t seem very active but he did tweet on June 15….so we might see him in action again! And NO ..he is not following YEH at the moment…lols

    • Are you sure? the facebook link he put up is not the one manage by his niece, I’ve been to that facebook page before and it said his niece in the states is the admin or something like that…

    • is it really originaly him?
      He’s only following one person, when i checked one second ago. and… the guy is from Indonesia? (i know it, its language of my country) LOL.

      I…. well, is it truly him?
      i’m already excited and fly to heaven when i could follow YEH on twitter. it would be nice also if KJH join in it. Curious though ^^

      • If that is his twitter acc then it is freaking weird lol he should have a few friend in the Korean entertainment industry to follow on twitter.

    • i don’t think he had twitter account..
      Anyone know he have Korean cyworld or not? He seem no use these social network websites. 🙁

    • she prolly wants to finish all pending commitments since late last year so by next year she can focus more on her love life. same with the other guy who seems to be jumping from one project to another perhaps in preparation for something big next year. besides if one of them will be out of job for a year or two then one has to work hard to bring in the money.

      weeeeee that is my shippy heart talking.

      as for the wrap up party vid, wahh maybe NOT in a serious relationship yet BUT definitely in a relationship. those little gestures are very much submissive GF and protective BF to me. need i elaborate more? nahhh we all can guess and imho, most of our guesses are correct anyway.

      • Notice that during the cake-cutting scene where Eunnie was taking pictures, KJH mumble something behing the cutter and eunnie then put away the camera..

      • Together with you, madqueen… and lots more … that vid – if it was to be annotated, would become a 10min clip. LOLs.

        Shall watch for that when I edit the vid tonight.

    • @Moonchoo !!!!! That’s simply beautiful. Any idea about d/l links? (I’m not quite a navigator of tudou / baidu i just read it for news. 🙂

      MMm.. which PD have you known that ever puts these things out??

      hahaha… this is promotion for Dir Cut right????!!!! MMmm… A PD thats a shipper…. ^^

      • Sorry Lynx, do not know how to dl from tudou with mac.:(

        Anyway a pc of info:
        转自 尹恩惠中文网 版主tomatodeng

        The above vid is uploaded by PD金秀龙 on 1st july. This vid was transferred from Eunnie chinese website.

      • lols. You know some people were saying that this is a fan-made mv. And some say its from the PD?
        .. well, .. PD Kim – his surname translated into chinese spells – jin. But if you say ‘jini’ – it’s weird for a guy to self-address as that.

        Also…. I’d think professional ethics wise, he can’t do this without sending the whole fandom into spasm. …

        so all in – THIS is one BEAUTIFUL MV. That’s all we can agree on. Isnt it 🙂 🙂

        where it comes from, whether this is real or not…

        LTM – gave everyone room to dream. Of love, and being honest with each other. 🙂 🙂

        So… that’s all i’m gg to say. 🙂

  45. heyy guys wuri YEH twitted an hour ago..I tried goggle translatation for her tweet but just can’t get the exact message..anyone care to traslate it please? 🙂

    • dun trust this… but i tried to piece what the individual words / phrases means..

      so its something like
      greetings. first time meeting. click. feeling shy/bashful
      매너좋은 원경천님과 찰칵! 부끄러웠어요~~@^^@

      Then the two pics.
      (can i just say. —- u can see the 0.5m distance :P) hahaha

      • Ok tis the translation. LOLs. I only got the last line right.

        Shooting with good mannered Ethan-Ruan-nim. Feeling shy/bashful!

  46. MS. KOALA, helloi am camping here again……can’t get away like other k-drama, when end it end ……I am keeping on redailing the # for lietome.
    gong ah jung and heung ki jun….love love forever. yes, i am crazy already!

    • nau, net gor ya? means be my woman?
      =0 WOW! cum dun nim ,loves the falls of flakes ,floats like sakura effect. who sing the song? does director knows something is going on and trying to hint the fans? if that was going to on a movie , count me in .i will sit in the movie house watching it.I went to a cd house today , trying to see if there is the lieto me sound trck available but cannot find ><

  47. Hi everyone LIE TO ME LOVERS and DC admin of this page,
    i am a non asians foreigner fan from Belgium Europe,
    and me and my friends from secret garden open another group
    for LIE TO ME PERV CLUB II because the first was secret garden!
    I am writing on this page because of Melani Dee Wibowo who asked me
    to introduce to my fanclub, (i did not now koalosplayground sorry how could i find it i am glad i know now) the reason why is because of SBS asked me who of the foreigners friend of mine also wants to buy LIMITED PROMO GIFTS like mugs, ice cream sarang song (which i am buying), … and i will count all of you too but sorry i can do it only on facebook thats the way i work i hope you wont be mad do click on join and i promise i will join you if you do quick because after that i will close the group no new entering sorry here is the page how is interested you have time till next week wednesday after that sorry guys i will close and count the members how wants the limited promo stuff from SBS LIE TO ME here is the link to our group http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_223207444371423
    so Melani Dee Wibowo i did what i promised from fayrouz secret garden!

  48. Stuff animals, wedding cakes, kissy-kissy videos? Those fans are AWESOME!!!! I want one of each!! Did you accept visa or mastercard? Did you do overseas delivery? Did you do overnight delivery? LOL I want them so bad!!!!!! Y_Y

  49. If you guys really want to see how KJH and YEH ‘communicated’ between them at the party go to LTMsoompi page 328 ..after I saw these gifs(from Andjoo posted) I think they had a secret together..I hope am right!!

    • here!!

      I’ve been busy last weekend…:( so i just randomly read K’s post ..
      and today is Monday in here…tons of paper to be done … *sigh* welcome to reality… but I’ll be in here soon!!

  50. Hi! I am one of the million fans of Lie to Me, I am not a Korean
    but I am so crazy of YEH & KJH’ relationship. I love this two
    lead stars & I read all your comments, it sounds that what I feel
    & see that their acting in LTM is so lovely specially their kissing
    scene @ the last EP, its a kiss of a people who really in love & miss
    with each other. So base of all your comments it means to say that
    YEH & KJH has a relationship? for REAL?, I need someone to
    confirm it!, or someone who can reply me please!… until now I can’t
    get over this drama, specially to their real relationship. Please….
    Thanks very much…


  52. i hope someone will write or tell the DIRECTOR or PRODUCERS of LIE TO ME to have PART TWO …Because millions are requesting of it…
    i really really love this drama…super…
    please GMA Network give way of this
    YEH AND KJH i love you both….

  53. i hope someone will write or tell the DIRECTOR or PRODUCERS of LIE TO ME to have PART TWO …Because millions are requesting of it…
    please GMA Network give way of this
    YEH AND KJH i love you both….

  54. i hope someone will write or tell the DIRECTOR or PRODUCERS of LIE TO ME to have PART TWO
    please GMA Network give way of this
    YEH AND KJH i love you both….

  55. well i would like to see them in a Hong sisters drama:D LOL well it doesnt have to be hong sisters but wish we could see them in a drama as leads or they should announce they are a couple and materialize our wishes:D LOL

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