Mike He to Guest Star in Olivia’s New MV

Dude, what is that on your face, Mike He? Since I’ve not been watching Love Keeps Going, I’ve naturally been a little out of touch with what Mike has been up to recently. Turns out the drama is a solid number 2 in ratings, though pretty far behind Drunken to Love You, and Mike’s now got to back-to-back drama successes under his belt. He’s been busy preparing for his upcoming photo journal, and stepped out today with luminous songstress Olivia to announce that he’ll be starring in her upcoming MV for the lead song of her new album. Olivia belongs to the same agency as Mike so this is clearly a pinch-hitting endeavor, but she’s got an amazing set of pipes and is a true singing talent so I’m thrilled to see Mike lend his acting talents to her sure-to-be awesome new song.

Olivia (last name Ong) is a Singapore-born singer who is fluent in both English and Japanese. She’s released albums in both languages, and has a genuinely soulful and pristine voice that is a pleasure to listen to. The MV with Mike will be for her song “Until the End of the World” and will chronicle and everlasting romance. I hope Mike shaves his goatee for the MV, because it just looks weird on him. Like some hair crawled over from his head and landed on his face. The man needs to be clean shaven. I’ve linked to an Olivia song below, so have a listen and enjoy the lady’s gorgeous pipes. Looking forward to the MV when it drops.

MV for “A Love Theme”

[Credit: Yes news]


Mike He to Guest Star in Olivia’s New MV — 19 Comments

  1. Is it just me or Mike looks…different. I don’t expect him to look like the boy we all know and love…but he looks kind of old. and round. Guy is my favourite- first TW actor I googled in my life but here he is sweet and strange. Who knows- maybe is just me before morning coffee 😉

    • I agree. He still looks good but he looks less “dangerous” now. I miss the way he looked in Devil Beside You look. Maybe it’s the hair???

  2. aaargh so sad. I can’t watch the video in Germany due to some copyrights…so not fair!!!

    Anyway is this the same olivia who sang on the NANA Ost???

  3. And what about the pants? It’s like he rolled out of his bed, decided to paint something and then ripped his pants and then just changed his shirt thinking that nobody would notice the pants. Sigh, can’t he just wear his Sunny Happiness clothes?

  4. The girl certainly has a voice! May have to hit iTunes later today. And Mike? Well, he’s adorable – clean shaven or not. He just needs to smile and I go into ICOMYM mode…

  5. I almost clicked off after hearing I love you 9 times. But I was curious to see if the writer had use any other words….I like the song. Her voice is very nice & she’s pretty. Look forward to their MV. Eh…Mike in mustache/beard…I kind of want to see him in a historical drama. I think it will be cool.

    all these years, Mike fashion style is not to my liking and I’m not into his dramas lately. I keep waiting & wishing there’s a break through and he will be that same Mike in Devil Beside You….

  6. I love Mike He but for me it seems a little awkward to see him mature… Ahh he will always be the lovable kid in Devil Beside Yo for me… oh dear!!! this Olivia has an awesome sultry voice… am excited to see the MV…

  7. So I do like my fair share of really stupid dramas that just for some reason capture my heart at the moment that I’m watching them. One such show is Love Keeps Going/Mei Le Go! I am anticipating each episode, and I’m not even anticipating DTLY (I know DTLY good already and I love it but it doesn’t have that inching to watch it during the week for me). Maybe I’m just surprised that Cyndi and Mike have some good chemistry together.

    Anyhow – I think it’s the “half there, half not” facial hair that makes him look so strange. It’s like it’s not really fitting for his baby face. But he looks like he always does in LKG.

    Xiao Mei Jia You!!

  8. I thought it was Olivia Lufkin at first! But this girl did not look halfcaucasian at all so I really got confused. Thanks anyway for introducing me to a different Olivia. I love the song!

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