Jang Geun Seok to Guest on an Upcoming Episode of SMAPxSMAP

On a special episode of SMAPxSMAP to be broadcast on July 18th, Jang Geun Seok will be a special guest on the show’s “Bistro SMAP” segment, cooking and goofing off with KimuTaku and co. A few K-stars have appeared on the show in the past, and it’s a testament to Jang Geun Seok’s sky-rocketing popularity in Japan that he gets to hang with the Kings of J-pop. Apparently it’s a very cute and funny segment, and Jang Geun Seok confessed to having a lot of fun filming it. Below is a teaser preview.

Preview of Jang Geun Seok on SMAPxSMAP:


[Credit: Baidu Jang Geun Seok bar]


Jang Geun Seok to Guest on an Upcoming Episode of SMAPxSMAP — 39 Comments

  1. Ahh!! I want to watch this, even though I’m not sure if it’ll be possible to find it subbed.. But I might watch the segment anyway…. 🙂

  2. ahhh my son my son…you’re so pretty!!!! oopsie why can I post a comment here but not at Hwanhye discussion forum? waughhhhhh am doomed!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing. He’s way too pretty. I need me some manly JGS! His smile is the only accessory he needs. sigh.

  3. was this the sow that had Katy Perry singing California girls with Kimu Taku and the rest of SMAP?..well that was hilarious and this looks funny too

      • They actually had a segment with KAT-TUN where they all had to say good points of SMAP…one of them said singing and the buzzer went off…and one of the members (i forgot who) was like oh yeah nope we’re not good at that

      • Thank you Ms Koala for posting this.
        Really nice watching Katy Perry singing with the Japanese guys. East meets West and it was fun all the way…… Great show, but can only understand what Katy was saying.

      • hahaha can’t help but laughed out when i read your comments.

        yes as much as i like seeing their show on TV everytime i hear them sing (esp. a certain Nakai) i simply rolled my eyes…

        i think they are just very comfortable in admitting their weakness, since this is well-balanced off by their still skyrocketed popularity in Japan in general.

        And i was in Japan a bit earlier… ppl there are quite crazy about Jang. Like when i went to a bookshop a whole STACK of books are about him.

      • the classic (poor kid) is with Taylor Swift. I just wanted to apologize to the poor kid the entire time.

      • You mean this doozy, momosan?


        Taylor looked so massively confused, and a little like “am I on an alternate universe?”

        And why is Shingo wearing the world’s longest trenchcoat and looking like a pedophile/flasher when working with a little girl like Taylor?

        And Nakai? OMG, is he wearing a patchwork quilt that got recyled into a suit? O___O

        But oh god does KimuTaku look fine.

      • That’s the one! Kimutaku and his mane of glory are in full force, but poor Taylor Swift looked so confused. momochan just saw that for the first time and kept saying “oh, that’s just wrong…..”

      • i love the SMAP boys so much. They’ve been friends for like 20 years? I saw a video of their funny game competition with KAT-TUN. the younger boys can’t quite compete because they are so in awe with the SMAP boys who sometimes cheats, hahaha =).

      • You ladies are so funny!!! 🙂 You all made me giggle like the little fangirl that I am for these guys. KimuTaku – the man is freaking fine. Looks good all the time. I haven’t seen a SXS in quite some time but I do remember seeing LBH on it and I think CJW. Then of course a bunch of my favorite HK stars and of course, Takeshi Kanoshiro. The Hollywood stars on it are always fun. So it’s really awesome that JGS is on it – and all by himself! Too bad he couldn’t go on it with MGY. 🙂 🙂

        I recall the singing segment with Black Eyed Peas! HAHA. I actually thought that one wasn’t as much of a disaster as it could have been or compared to other artists. The Beeber was it on too. Pretty much the singing is terrible all around for them. LOL

        I’ll always remember the Michael Jackson segment – they were such cute fan boys!! 🙂 And so surprised.

  4. He is just too cute and beautiful for words.
    Thank you Ockoala for the beautiful banner. My heart skipped a few beats when I saw it. Missed them so much! 🙂

  5. Thank you Ms Koala. The banner is awesome. I loved when JKS looked liked that and Ms Moon of course is always beautiful.

  6. As much as I love to make fun of SMAP…their variety show is just ridiculously entertaining and awkward. Especially when they break out into the Numma Numma song…

  7. I am a Smap’s fan since 2005 and I happened to know Jang Keun Suk since mid last year and became his fan ever since then. I am looking forward to see this. It’s an honor for Suk as a guest and being served with their delicious dishes in Bistro Smap, the main segment from the whole SMAPXSMAP show.
    I always love watching Bistro Smap. Since 1996, Smap never failed in entertaining and serving delicious food to their guests. There are so many famous celebrities, not only Japanese celebrities but also overseas celebrities came to Bistro Smap such as Madonna, Will Smith, Whoopie Golberg, Richard Gere, Cameron Diaz (she came twice), and recently Lady Gaga, and many more – if I continue it will be end up in a long list.
    I love how they cook the dishes and serve the dishes to their guests with such a beautiful presentation. While the four chefs cooking for the guest, Nakai, the bistro owner, will interview the guest with “smap way”, with his funny and entertaining way and make the guess feel comfortable. And after the chefs finish cooking, Nakai will introduce the guest to the chefs. From here we can see the interaction of Smap with their guest, most of the guest are really entertained with the goofy, funny, crazy, silly act of Smap. With Jang Keun Suk’s cheerful personalities, I can imagine how amusing the interaction between Smap and Suk.
    Despite of their weakness and their title as a boyband, I always consider Smap as an extraordinary entertainer, which I never found in any other entertainer (imo). One thing that I love most from Smap is their bound. They’ve been so many years together , they bound like brothers. When they’re together (in concert or television), they’re always in synchronize, there’s no individual spotlight. Even with KimuraTakuya, he is the most famous one, and he is the most talented one in the group, when he is together with smap’s member, we can’t see the mighty Kimura Takuya. We could only see Smap.

    That also the way I feel about Jang Keun Suk. Despite his weirdness, he never failed to entertain me with his cheerful and goofy personalities (and his talents).

    • Totally agree and thank you for giving a run down of the programme content. Already made up my mind to watch the show, no matter WHAT! Going to scour and search the entire internet universe until I find it post broadcast! Love SMAP and Keun Suk. Think they will be absolute fun given their carefree and sporting natures.

      LOVE the Geun Yong and Keun Suk banner, ockoala!

    • quite same w/ you @cuteGIANT^^ i’m a BIG FAN of Kimura Takuya since Junior High school and i always watching smapXsmap ….until lately i have another Little Bro who i adore which is>> Jang Geun Suk. FINALLY ! my 2 Top meet on one screen HOORAY 😀 😀 Jumpin’Jumpin >>>>

    • wow thanks so much for the content…
      i’m also looking forward for the eng-sub of this show..please someone kindly hearted doing the sub quickly ^^ and upload it in HQ video..haha (am i asking to much..?)
      SMAP is the idol of my idol. i don’t know why, some of my idol also love SMAP! so.. Suk also one of SMAP fans, so he must be very happy to be part of this show…!

  8. Dear Koala, you knew that I like JGS a lot. But I cann’t stand with his hair style. I do not think you like it either. What shoul we do???
    I like his hair style from “You Are Beautiful”.

  9. Now to comment on JGS… 🙂 Wow – I know he’s known for his sensational wardrobe styles, but boy – you look good looking like a man. I also like I have a shirt that looks kinda like too, but it’s just not white in color. I wish he’d cut his hair – however, even looking like this – he’s got lots of fans!! So something is working 🙂

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