Latest Trailer for My Kingdom and Official MV of Theme Song Performed by Han Geng

We’re a few weeks ago from the premiere of one of the potential C-movie blockbusters of Summer, My Kingdom starring Han Geng, Wu Zun, and Barbie Hsu. The goodies keep dropping, and I’m more and more excited to watch this movie. Han Geng, whom many folks know from his being in Super Junior for a few years, recorded the theme song for My Kingdom. It’s called “Like a Dream” and it’s not what I expected at all. It’s not a fast-paced traditional song or even a moody ballad – it’s a lovely mid-tempo modern piece with a very breezy and theatrical vibe. I LOVE IT. Han Geng’s voice is that wonderful mixture of soulful and gentle. Watch the official MV below, which contains tons of scenes from the movie itself. In addition, the international trailer dropped last month, so also have a watch with English subs.

MV for “Like a Dream” – song and lyrics by the director of My Kingdom Gao Xiao Song (man is the dude talented):

International trailer for My Kingdon (with Eng Subs):


Latest Trailer for My Kingdom and Official MV of Theme Song Performed by Han Geng — 14 Comments

  1. Oh I like the song and yes, that director is multi-talented!

    Btw, is it only me or Wu Zun gives off some SSH’s vibes? I mean, not in the acting, but there’s something in his eyes and the way he moves that reminds me of SSH. Maybe I’m hallucinating…

    • Uh, not hallucinating at all. Years ago I said this in OT during a convo with belleza…….. Song Seung Heon is to Wu Zun is to Yamapi.

      They are representatives of Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, respectively, in the ridiculously chiseled faced + dead fish eyes acting. But I still LOVE them.

      • DEAD FISH ahahaha RLOF you got it right….but I think I saw a few intensity somewhere from CHUN in the fight scene and Hangeng keeps his Chin down so no eye contact LOL ;-P

      • So glad I’m not hallucinating! The good thing is, the three of them are actually getting better at acting, don’t they? Huh!

  2. Watched the trailer and now I want to see this movie. It looks like a movie that could do well in the West…violence- check, badass awsomeness- check, heavy metal riffs- check, opera- check, a girl named barbie- check! I think I kinda love this movie. 😀
    I wonder if it will be released in the US at some point even on dvd or limited release.

    • My Kingdom is slated for a worldwide release, hence it’s English title is so generic, since the Chinese title is Da Wu Sheng (Top Male Warrior Performer).

      Tee hee, “a girl named Barbie”. Heh, cute. Da S will be pleased.

    • Me too! Me too! Can’t wait for the US release.

      Do wish they could be a little more original/specific with the English titles though.

  3. Wu zun and Hangeng looks so much alike, it’s mind bogging. Hangeng is really talented. I don’t know about his acting but it can’t be any worse than Wu Zun. Wu Zun has got some serious competition. Though i do love both of them dearly.

    Not a fan of Barbie but i’ll still check it out anyways.

  4. A definite watch. The song…he sings it soft, as if lacking in chi. Wu Chun, I like him and I hope he will improve on his expressions.

  5. Han Geng is definitely a lot more talented on the musical front, but not sure about acting. I highly doubt that he’s any worse than WC. 🙂 Should be interesting to see even though I’m not a fan of any of them.

  6. You know what I will be looking forward to…. is analyzing the script of this movie making it operatic will not make it a good epic somewhat misleading movie….hmmm cause Harry Potter Finale is getting a bad feedback but hitting sales is it inversely related? LOL I’m not sure but it has something to do with Sales strategy and it’s a long talk….I don’t wanna get into it and make people here nose bleed….I’m turning into the elusive and very critical Ms. Piggy!!!! LOL!!!!

    I’m going into dumb mode… LOL 😉

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