Mike He to Guest Star in Olivia’s New MV

Dude, what is that on your face, Mike He? Since I’ve not been watching Love Keeps Going, I’ve naturally been a little out of touch with what Mike has been up to recently. Turns out the drama is a solid number 2 in ratings, though pretty far behind Drunken to Love You, and Mike’s now got to back-to-back drama successes under his belt. He’s been busy preparing for his upcoming photo journal, and stepped out today with luminous songstress Olivia to announce that he’ll be starring in her upcoming MV for the lead song of her new album. Olivia belongs to the same agency as Mike so this is clearly a pinch-hitting endeavor, but she’s got an amazing set of pipes and is a true singing talent so I’m thrilled to see Mike lend his acting talents to her sure-to-be awesome new song. Continue reading