Ghastly with No Min Woo and Han Eun Jung gets Ready for Premiere

We can’t have the Summer movie season in Korea without a requisite horror movie to scare the ladies into whimpering on their boyfriends’ shoulders. Ghastly (Korea title is Parasite), starring No Min Woo, Han Eun Jung, and T-ara‘s Hyomin, held a press conference today and the movie is coming out in early August. I confess to being a horror movie junkie as a kid (Elvira! I love your……sense of style), but have since then completely lost my stomach for the genre. While I still love a great psychological thriller, like The Tale of Two Sisters with Im Soo Jung and Moon Geun Young, but straight horror I leave to the youngsters to enjoy. Have a look at some stills and the trailer for the movie. No Min Woo plays a detective investigating a murder that leads to a orphaned child potentially being possessed by an vengeful spirit. I’m sure the movie is less about the story making sense but about all the moody camera tricks to scare the living crap out of everyone. 

Trailer for Ghastly:


Ghastly with No Min Woo and Han Eun Jung gets Ready for Premiere — 11 Comments

  1. i’ve heard this movie will be on 3D. XDDD how scary that could be… despite the presence of no min woo… i think i don’t wanna know. =p

  2. Ahh! No Min Woo! I hate gore horror too but I can’t wait to see this (it’ll be awhile) in the US. Just like Sector 7 cause I got to see the Eng Sub trailer and love the monster. Yay for Korea, for making some awesome movies.

  3. I am in no way a fan of the horror genre but I am willing to have the daylights scared out of me for No Min Woo. I am shallow that way. Or he is just that pretty.

  4. I like horror movies and I LOVE No Min Woo, so yeah, I’ll probably watch this, if just for him….haha, I’m a sucker for pretty boys

  5. I hate gore, but I’m all for psychological thrillers too. Still, NMW? I need to watch everything he’s in so I’ll probably watch this when it gets released on dvd

    • I like psychological thrillers, too. I rather watch the kind of horror that messes with your mind and keeps you guessing rather than what most horror movies are these days – gory, fake blood everywhere and lots of screaming. It gets boring, the same thing over an d over again.

      The movie sounds interesting and No Min Woo is definitely a plus.

  6. I love Noh Min-woo, and I generally like to watch everything he’s in, but nope. Horror and I are not on speaking terms; in fact, I rather loathe it. But only because I’m a huge scaredy cat. But still…Noh Min-woo! Why couldn’t you have done some happy rom-com?? ~mourns~

  7. Ockoala.. have you heard about new drama after Heartstring following by the tittle “Can’t Lose” ? will be play by Choi Ji woo and Yoon sang Hyeon, the drama is about a couple who went through divorce but they both also a divorce lawyer.. I heard its a rom com genre, maybe you can share with us later?

  8. I really Really wanna watch Min Woo in a lovely drama tt can showcase some of his many musical talents & where he gets to SMILE , gets to LIVE
    & gets to end up with a GIRL he LOVES
    ( I know!I know ‘bt his inclination but tis acting,right? I can dream!)
    SO, this horror flick is a bummer for me. I so do Hate Horror shows so, I’m just gonna whizz in & out after getting my taster portions of Minnywoo!

  9. I love No Min Woo too; but I just can’t watch horror movies anymore. The only thing that I haven’t watched of JKS’ work is Chakushin Ari 2:(

  10. itz not like I hate horror movies. but seeing dat. my pretty nd gorgeous No MIN WOO iz dere, I’m sure dam gonna watch d movie. wow dat guy iz jst like a beautiful angel

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