Kim Rae Won is the Lead for Thousand Day Promise with Su Ae

Kim! Rae! Won! *incoherent screaming* The man with the million-watt smile is getting released from military service in early August, and I knew he’d be a hot commodity. What I didn’t know was exactly how hot – Kim Rae Won has been just confirmed as the male lead for the upcoming Kim Soo Hyun-penned weekday melodrama. Formerly called Forget Me Not, it’s title has apparently changed to Thousand Day Promise, and the female lead was confirmed two weeks ago as Su Ae. This was the drama that was in talks with Song Seung Heon, but my Heon oppa’s asking price was just too high so it was a no go (me sad), but I cannot wait to see Kim Rae Won back onscreen.

Kim Rae Won’s last drama was Gourmet back in 2008 with Nam Sang Mi. I liked it but didn’t love it. To be honest, I like Kim Rae Won way more than I have ever liked any of his projects. Hopefully that’ll change with him taking on a Kim Soo Hyun drama. He’s totally perfect for melodramas, don’t you guys agree? I hope he has great chemistry with Su Ae.

Kim Rae Won said he thought long and hard before accepting this drama, centering around a man’s deep love for a woman. He promises to show that love to the audience and touch their hearts. Thousand Day Promise will air on Mon-Tues on SBS after Warrior Baek Dong Soo on September 26, 2011.

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Kim Rae Won is the Lead for Thousand Day Promise with Su Ae — 37 Comments

    • I believe that was Love Story in Harvard with Kim Tae Hee…then there was Which Star Are You From….loved him in both dramas. This is a great news indeed! =)


    Kim Rae Won is definitely one of those actors almost every woman loves. He has this natural charm and charisma that simply exudes out of him in just about everything he does so I’m soooo excited for this. He tends to have good chemistry with his co-stars so I’m looking forward to seeing him and Su Ae together. xD

  2. Sort of raised my eyebrow at the reason that SSH didn’t take on this drama was because his asking price was too high. The man may be good-looking, but his acting still has a long ways to go, and it might have been a good move to take this drama, even it meant taking a pay cut, just so he could stretch his acting wings. Then again, I guess this means we can now look forward to a drama with excellent acting from both leads, yes?

    • That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Given that rom coms seem to be his forte and melodramas aren’t this is probably for the best.

    • you’re right, because if ssh only looked over the money part, he’ll make it all back especially with a drama like that. I’ve learned that in the past there’ll be times that you’ll have to take that step back, but in the end, you’ll be so much ahead of the game in more ways than one, won’t see it right away but it’ll be there. ssh may regret it, krw will be much remembered for a long time, his film record will reflect that. so i’m glad that he signed the deal for this drama, would love to see him, will cheer him on, good move.

  3. O-MO-NA! (big squeal)
    I love KRW to death. I’ve been wondering when he’ll be returning because it seems he’s been in the military forever.

    i cannot wait to see this. I don’t like to watch melodramas, but for him, I definitely will.

    thanks for this.

  4. I luv this guy too, but I didn’t care for his crybaby act in Attic Cat and Say You Love Me with Yum Jung Ah…
    I want to see him in a confident, manly character.
    Can’t wait to have him back!

  5. Somehow I think Kim Rae Won will have better chemistry with Su Ae than SSH… just my personal opinion…

    so I’m kinda looking forward to it, although I’ll see if I have the appetite for a melodrama during that time (depending on the ending of Scent of a Woman and how it affects my mood, hmmmmm)

  6. @Sarah My Oppa Gong Yoo just finished a movie so he needs a little bit of rest. I’m excited to see KIM’s work which I know he will do well in cuz he’s just that good of an actor. BTW I like your name Sarah, mines close just with an F instead of an S.
    Cya around the playground y’all 🙂

    • Tht was my first thought why not GY i thought he was at super ease in CP giving equal performance as YEH but he just wrapped a movie so we have to wait

  7. Is he the same guy as in love story in harvard? He looked heavier in there may be loose wardrobe he looks hot here i love SA from athena , will give this a try , bummer SSH didnot get this if its money or something else , would love to see him in another show soon

  8. I really like kim , I think he acts better that SSH, His smile is electrifying . His hugs to his partner is a high tension volts, . So happy for this, just last month , I keep waiting what would be his next project. So thankss… I hope Ms. Koala you will update this drama.

  9. i’m dying to wait august and wondering what kind of drama or movie he will choose after finishing his MS…….and now i’m very happy cuz i can see him soon……..hwaiting oppa ^________________^

  10. Hey…anyone noticed that he did something to his eye? I could be wrong but i do remember that only one of his eyes had double eyelids….could it be that he had surgery to balance up the other eye??!!!

  11. Yes, he’s perfect for a melo!

    I’m both sad and relieved to know SSH is not going to be the lead. Self, make up your mind already! LOL

  12. I have been waiting patiently (tap, tap, tap)…….for his military service to be done with so I can see him once again in a drama……proud of him…he’s done his duty… he can get on with his life 🙂

  13. Oh wow. He sure looks great! He’s one of those actors who look so good even when crying, and I have a thing for those guys who cry like he does, you know, the one that you really feel what his character feels. He’s one of the best Korean actors out there, among my top 5. Thanks for the update ockoala unni!

  14. I’ve been counting the days since he left for the military (a long wait) and very very excited to see him back. He’s my idol. Gourmet is now on Philippine TV.

  15. love this actor, what a talented, natural, young actor who has the most charming smile, happiness in his eyes, so sincere and genuine is what i get out of watching his performances in any drama. i am a huge and admirable fan of his and will remain so for the rest of my life. hope to see him in more film projects, he’s more than worth his weight in gold, it’s all about his heart, thats even more valuable, his heart and soul. i can’t say enough good things about him, he’s over the top for me. wishing him all the best, stay happy, stay healthy, stay in touch, much continued success, good luck.

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