Ki Tae Young and Eugene are a Happily Married Couple

A big Koala applause and well-wishes to Ki Tae Young and Kim Eugene on tying the knot. After dating for a year and a half, starting almost immediately after they finished filming Creating Destiny, Eugene and Ki Tae Young held a family and friends church wedding in Seoul on the afternoon of July 23rd. The guest list was surprisingly low key, since the celebrities they really did invite are their genuine close industry friends, such as Se7en and Park Han Byul, Seo Ji Hye, Shoo, and Bada.

You’d have to blind not to see how in love these two are, and it just warms my heart they found their happily ever after together. On a side note, I really don’t like Eugene’s dress, but that’s besides the point. She looks radiant, and a truly beautiful bride. The happy couple are headed almost immediately to Europe for an extended honeymoon.

[Credit: all pictures of the respective news agency as marked]


Ki Tae Young and Eugene are a Happily Married Couple — 39 Comments

  1. thank you madameK for these…been refreshing your site waiting for the latest news on the wedding…Eugene is such a beautiful and radiant bride and KTY is such a handsome groom…My heart overflows with emotion as I look into these photos…congratulations!!!

  2. Wow! Such a lovely couple! They really look good together. It’s like their faces match. I feel happy seeing them this happy. I can’t help but wish to see Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye end up like them too…then I’d be ecstatic!

    • Wow,Eugene n Kty look really great n glowing in marital bliss.Hoping that Joseph Chang n rainie will end up this way as well.

  3. Ah love…well yup she could have a more flowing sophisticated gown like Kate….but then I really like simple gowns, smooth not the flowy and yes small churches and close friends only….a solemn wedding….nothing grand 😛 😀 best wishes to both of you guys Blessings!

  4. I wish them both happiness and love forever…It’s great to see korean stars that made it through the end…*sigh* I pray that my ship will make it to the end as well…

  5. i can their faces glowing…wish them both a lifetime of happiness…love them in creating destiny … i hope yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan will have the same path as them quietly dating and then announcing their marriage….

  6. When I heard these two were getting hitched, I just had to watch Creating Destiny to watch their budding romance.

    Eugene is blindingly lovely and the groom is so affectionate. Awww.

  7. she finally found her forever with her “creating destiny” co-star and they created their destiny in real life..awww ;))

  8. HH shippers are inherently romantic by nature. That is why this rare event in k-drama land is treasured – it is a priceless gem! Our hearts continue to hope that the bliss and happiness spread to others in similar situation – read, been paired in a drama … I am happy that KTY and Eugene found the courage to make it real. They indeed created their own destiny. I like Eugene and I pray for this couple love eternal and joy forever.

  9. I like this couple since I watch creating destiny a year they are cute,gorgeous and lovely couple that makes me want to soon get married.

  10. Eugene is really beautiful and I think any kind of dress suits her best. However, she could have chosen better dress…. Anyways I wish her happiness!

  11. I always think that the dress that the bride chooses is always the most beautiful. It’s their special day and no one looks more radiant and gorgeous as Eugene does. 🙂 They look so cute together. I wish them much happiness and joy as they travel this new path together. Congratulations!!!!!!

  12. I watched the drama they did together in the net…but since it was a good drama I decided to buy the DVD in remembrance of their wedding….Thanks Ockoala.

  13. Wishing the best of everything on their blissful weddings and blissful life together. Certainly they created destiny from reel to real life.

  14. Congratulations to Ki Tae Young and Eugene – May they have a blessed marriage!

    I love that KTY is always taking Eugene’s hand [as in covering hers with his – their announcement and engagement pictures too] – it feels like “my man is looking out for me” – how romantic is that!!

  15. What a lovely couple .. Very sweet together .. Hope their marriage last forever

    <3 Ki Tae Young and Eugene <3 Creating Destiny !!!

  16. haha its ironic how the drama they acted in is called creating destiny. It really was destiny afterall for this couple 🙂 i really loved the drama and i loved this couple!

  17. they are really meant for each other, they’re such a perfect couple!!!
    they really created their destiny, wish them all the best, i’m so happy for them 🙂

  18. i just finished creating destiny and they are really good together.. i was not satisfied with the ending of the series but now well i feel satisfied knowing that they ended up together in real life.. i just hope that they won’t divorced 🙂

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