Video Preview for Episode 7 of Spy Myung Wol

Now that we’ve all had a week to digest “the slap”, those of us who can’t stomach a male lead who does that have jumped ship, and the rest are just waiting to see how the drama reconciles such a wretched gesture with the decent Kang Woo we have spent six episodes getting to know. Starting from this episode another writer has joined the Spy Myung Wol team, which apparently has 5 screenwriters at this point. Not sure if this will be like too many chefs in the kitchen, or a well-organized routine where each writer adds something substantive to the mix. Still keeping my hopes up for the week’s new episodes, because once again I’m cheering on an underdog drama that tries so damn hard.

Episode 7 preview:


Video Preview for Episode 7 of Spy Myung Wol — 16 Comments

  1. Been stalking around for this video preview!! Thanks Koala! ^^ I can’t wait for the actual episode. LOL I’m one of those who had sleepless nights trying to understand Kang Woo. Kidding! LOL =))

    I haven’t jumped ships though cause I’m still waiting for Ryu to do the moves. About the screenwriterssss, yea, they’re too many. >.< I hope having too many writers can bring out the best from this drama although I have some doubts. ~.~

    • Me too! Not jumping ship yet as I enjoyed MW and KW chemistry better… both being eye candies are a plus point as well.. HYS is one gorgeous lady!

      Can’t wait for epi 7!

      • I love their chemistry too… 🙂 Maybe once Ryu softens up, who knows which ship I’ll get into. Haha! So far I love his cold personality… XD

  2. I’m hoping that “Myung-wol” having five screenwriters doesn’t end up giving the show an identity crisis in the later episodes. We’ll have to see. Preview looked cute, though!

  3. this is completely off topic but could you consider recapping The Princess’ Man?? I’ve seen 4 episodes and it is so much better than i had expected.

    • It’s okay to ask. I’m really enjoying TPM as well. Episode 4 was amazing and the story is really ramping up. But I really don’t have the urge to recap it.

  4. Yay! Looking forward to this week’s episodes, especially to see how Kang Woo explains the slap. Thanks for the Preview! 🙂

  5. I have dropped this one for now but not because of the slap. I think this is one that I would follow better if I saw the whole thing at once when it finishes airing. Even though they are scrambling with the story line and what not, I still think it has a really interesting premise and who doesn’t like a spy theme mixed with a little bit of luuurvvvee. 🙂 Still reading the recaps – TY for them and for the preview. Watching the previews keeps me reading the recaps.

  6. i’m glad this drama seems to be getting better. It seems that most of the dramas I’m watching now are taking off. It’s gotten me hooked now although I have to admit that the last 2 episodes of Heartstrings really reeled me in. I was surprised. Judging by the trailer episode 7 of Spy myung wol looks like its gonna be good! Thankyou for the recaps Koala, they are the highlights of my days filled of work and study. Looking forward to the next recap! ^_^

  7. The drama is really dragging. It’s already the 6 episodes past and I still do not feel that tension between In Ah, Myung Wol and Kang Woo. It feels like they just added her (In Ah) there just because. That other screen writer hopefully will get the story moving.

  8. I only understand abit from the part where Myeong Wol cook for Gang U..
    Gang U: What’s this? then he said “Where should I go?” Not sure it refer to what and later he scream “GET OUT!”
    And Mweong Wol asked “What should I do?” while holding toilet paper and on phone..
    Then at last Gang U said “Perchance, could it be I and Myeong Wol..we..?”
    Sorry, if my rough translation is wrong. My Korean is still below kindergarten level >.< But I still wish that my rough explanation help others abit (if there is no mistake 😛 )

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