Lie to Me Releases Kang Ji Hwan and As One Version of “Lovin’ Ice-cream” for the Japan OST

It’s with a bittersweet feeling that I bring you the final released song from the Lie to Me OST – Kang Ji Hwan and As One‘s version of “Lovin’ Ice-cream”. This version is exclusively part of the Japanese OST for Lie to Me, which makes sense considering how insanely popular Kang Ji Hwan is over there.

While I love hearing Ji Hwan sing this song, it’s just not the same without Yoon Eun Hye‘s alto voice blending with his rare soprano. *wails, sniffle, sniffle, blows nose* I miss my Ki Joon-Ah Jung so much, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get over them. If anyone wants to rip this and upload it, feel free to drop the download link in the comments section for everyone.

“Lovin Ice-cream” with Kang Ji Hwan and As One:

Just for comparison sake, here’s the Ji Hwan-Eun Hye version below. Supposedly Eun Hye chose this song for their karaoke duet in episode 6, and the lyrics and her love of ice-cream (and his professed desire to open an ice-cream shop for the girl of his dreams) makes the song ever so fraught with underlying meaning for the HwanHye shipper in me.

“Lovin Ice-cream” with Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye:


Lie to Me Releases Kang Ji Hwan and As One Version of “Lovin’ Ice-cream” for the Japan OST — 92 Comments

  1. I’m sad that for whatever unsurmontable reason, our Cola ice-cream OTP version could not be released. Well, JH oppa’s version will have to do, then. At least something is better than nothing. Anyhow, you’ve made my day. So, thanks once again, Captain K!

  2. Waaaaaahhhhh…. miss my Hwan-Hye OTP. Where are they? Why are they so quiet? When are they finally coming out to tell us what we have been patiently waiting to hear?

    Thanks for this post, Cap. I know… you keep on telling us to rein in our fantasies. Might not be forthcoming at all. But this just made me miss the couple more… and revived my dream. Oh well…*sigh*

    • Link to d/l a ripped version (hopefully it works for you guys):


    • thanks for the link..u’re the best!!!
      I prefer KJH n YEH ‘s “lovin Ice Cream” cause their voice really match n cute…huhuhu….I want that version…why they not release that???gggrrrrrr!!!

      • Me too! I prefer KJH & YEH version of “Lovin
        Ice Cream”, cause its cute & lovely that their
        voices blend together… KJH one version is good
        as well… I really miss “HwanHye”… Any news
        from the two lovin Ice cream couple?… Please
        share it to us!… Thanks

      • same here I like the version with YEH but then again this is better than nothing…thank you madam K for always giving us goodies about our beloved OTP… oh dear miss them much!!!!

      • @cebsjc98….no news bout them…only their professional works….
        mam K…love the header..hope they can work together again sighhhh…..

  3. thought of having a “blind test” of both versions with guests n predictably the Hwan-Eun Hye version came on top as preferred. their voices blended well. this ‘Lovin ice cream’ song is more meaningful n swoon worthy to us bcoz we know the story behind. Thanks a bundle Ockoala, you’re the best captain.

  4. thanks for this Captain! miss our OTP!

    the hwanhye version of lovin ice cream is still the best for me! 🙂

    maybe Japan would request for the hwanhye version too, who knows! hehehe

  5. I just can’t get enough of KJH & YEH… i keep wanting for more. I really wish they’re together in real life (♥_♥)

  6. ~ pouts ~

    why is it so hard to release the version with both of them singing together, aigoo!

    it’s so weird hearing Kang Ji Hwan’s voice and not Eun Hye’s… but thanks for this, at least, I’ll get to hear KJH singing over and over again.

  7. woah! Thanks captain! 🙂

    I wish this was YEH-KJH’s version of Lovin’ Ice Cream. I prefer their version. Their version’s still my phone’s ringtone. I miss them so much. :'(

  8. Yup! You’re right ockoala unni. It’s not the same with the two of them singing. I only like the second one – where both of them are singing this cute song. Gosh, I miss them so much. I hope the Lie to Me DVD would not cost me so dearly. I wonder when it will be released. I’m so tired of watching them through streaming vids. I want my own DVD and watch them as often as I want without the distractions of buffering and stuff. Love them to bits!

  9. Fairy godmother K like you said it’s not the same without YEH singing with Jihwan. Even if they ” tried to make it sounds like her” nothing beats the music they make together. Just wonderig why they are not doing a “together” promo in Japan given Ltms popularity there.

  10. Here’s another version of wuri OTP’s Lovin Ice-cream!
    They sound much much better together…my apologies to the original singer but this song is clearly meant for YEH and KJH. They not only look good together but their voices blend as well….awwww!

  11. It is just not the same without YEH!
    They have the best chemistry that even their voices are in sync with each other.

  12. Thanks Mrs.K……yeah, like always, special for Japanesse, hehehe…
    Sorry for the original singer, for me KJH-YEH version is much better.
    But have KJH sing alone is better than nothing.

    btw, “his rare soprano”? hahaha…..I thought soprano is only for female voice, hehehe…..

    Really2 hope, they can do promo together & they can sing this song.

  13. Thanks Captain! Hearing the song made me miss our OTP more.

    Subjectively, KJH and As One’s version has been beautifully arranged as this is the official studio version but, my shippy heart still prefers the KJH/YEH version though. 🙁 … It’s much sweeter to the ears and make our hearts beat faster than the usual knowing that there is an undercurrent of emotion that is waiting to explode. HWANHYE fighting!! 😉

    • I agree, YEH balances KJH’s voice so well. There’s a disjunct in the As One version because it just sounds like they took the original recording and put KJH’s recording along with it.

      *sigh* all those times together practicing with each other… at least we know LTM used their recording throughout the filming.

      • Yes, that’s our only consolation. I’m still hoping though that someday they would release our OTP’s version.

    • you’re awesome @HwanHye Shipper, hats off for a very well made vid, clear n crisp, loving the selections of scenes! thank you for sharing.

    • thank you for this video. i think i was smiling while watching the whole video. i can’t seem to get enough to these two! i just love watching them.

  14. Nothing really beats a morning with a new post about LTM! Thanks Captain! It’s a cute version, but I prefer KJH & YEH’s. I miss them a lot. 🙁

  15. I miss my Ah-Ki couple!!!!
    I played it for my friend over the phone and she says the second one sounds better, and then she promptly asked me to stop listening to songs like these eheheh. So that was an unbias voote right there.
    Today was a good day indeed. I marathined LTM and now I come on the playground to find another postabout LTM. So cute. I wish YEH and KJH had ddone promotions for LTM in japan. Sigh

  16. YEH isn’t in this is because of profit sharing disputes with KJH’s company. YEH’s company wanted a fair 50/50 but Kang Ji Hwan’s company wanted more than her company which I think is total BS because everyone knew that it was YEH’s idea to use the Ice Cream song by As One. So she didn’t participate.

    This isn’t the first time KJH’s company low blowed YEH, the first time was when his company demanded that his name be placed before hers on the credits.

    If KJH and YEH will have conflict in their relationship or future relationship, its not because of them but because of their companies feuding.

    • oh no 🙁
      didn’t realize it was about that… if that’s true, that really sucks. KJH’s korean agency is larger than YEH’s own company but she still has a larger name than him and she is technically his sunbae in the industry.

      I guess we shouldn’t expect them to promote LTM together anytime soon, huh? Does that mean it’ll cast a shadow on potential future work together, too?


      • @HwanHye Shipper that’s the advantage of being in a big company like KJH cause they will agressively push things for their talents career.

        YEH’s thehousecompany and YEH herself is too relaxed, when she built her management agency she said she wanted it to be a home like/family like atmosphere wherein people working for her will feel at ease, but they are way too relaxed in my opinion.

        I remember many people went beserk when KJH’s name was written on the credits first, espescially coz everyone in the entertainment industry knew that YEH has been chosen first and she accepted Lie To Me as loyalty towards Verdi Media the production company that she was supposed to do the drama ‘Love Song’ with, but fell through cause of Park Yong Ha’s death. So when KJH’s company pushed for his name to be written first, many, even non YEH fans thought it was absurd and a lot of people didn’t like that YEH just let it happen.

      • Sigh…so many drama behind the drama. Thanks soraya for the information. At first I thought that the dispute (of lovin ice cream song) is between the producer/song writer and YEH’s co., never thought it will be between KJH’s & The House. It’s really suck. Will this incident be a hindrance for the two actors to work together again in the future ? I hope not, cause IMO their chemistry on/off screen is really good.

    • Potential stumbling block on the horizon? With YEH owning her company and KJH’s company ‘twisting her arm’, so to speak, surely that’d adversely affect their relationship, working or personal, to some degree ?

      I still hope not, particularly not to the point of their cooperation terminating with LTM. Yeee…can’t even bear the thought of that happening!

      • @Teratai not just potential stumbling block, it is a stumbling block. Yoon Eun Hye’s father and brother are working for her.

        Possible future son in law’s management company VS. Possible future wife’s company and family not reaching an agreement over even just an Ice Cream song is never good.

      • @ Teratai @ Soraya
        Frankly, I’ve been mulling over that management disagreement regarding the ice cream song for quite sometime now. Just don’t want to discourage some HH shippers but I was also wondering why the nego for that recording seemed to be fierce as opposed to the blooming relationship between our OTP. BTW I understand this is a three way nego (YEH & KJH agencies and the writer/singer). Here’s hoping that this is really just purely “between management to management disagreement”.

      • It so sad, if because of the management disagreement they can not be together! arghhhhhh!
        kill the maagement!

      • It so sad, if because of the management disagreement they can not be together! arghhhhhh!
        kill the management!

    • @soraya

      Surely, when their respective management companies were locked into battle, both KJH and YEH could have opted to exercise their right to veto their own company if they really want to push through with the deal UNLESS they have waived any rights of decision making (in their contract) in behalf of their respective agents. Sad that they had to be caught in the crossfire.

    • does this possibility for YEH and KJH to promote LTM in Japan, together if there are some issues regarding their agencies/companies?But i hope and wish they will.

      • I don’t think they could promote together in Japan if it hadn’t been any issue whatsoever. They are represented by different agencies in Japan and that could be really complicated on business deals if they have to do the promotion thing together.

    • conflict occurs between a company’s management of Yoon, Kang, or related to the management company of As One, please give me more information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Based on soraya’s post, it was between YEH and KJH’s management agencies. I think the reason was clearly explained by her.

  17. And they call that singing? Sorry though I like Kang Ji Hwan his voice is a bit cringeworthy…dont know what they were thinking…

    I will quote what people from dcltm said when the news broke out that only KJH will sing “we will listen to him singing the song, but we wont be buying it”, “the song Lovin Ice Cream became popular not because its a great song but because YEH and KJH’s voice meshed perfectly together”

  18. I ripped the audio after the episode aired and made it into an mp3 format just for my own personal use on the computer and ipod.. lol if anyone is interested let me know I can upload it. I mean it has the dialogue at the beginning, but it’s still cute.

  19. To: Ms. Koala & HwanHye Shipper’s, thank you very much for giving us
    the updates specially to HwanHye… Hopefully that KJH & YEH will promote
    together the Lie to Me drama in Japan & to the other countries… Wishing
    KJH & YEH to be a REAL COUPLE… all the best!…Fighting!… Cheers

  20. Fans love drama LTM and KJH, pls kindly vote for KJH . version), Seoul International Awards
    KJH is nominee as best actor for Coffee House. He is now in third place.
    KJH facebook confirm that the epis 16 —— is the idea between LTM
    PD and KJH
    Please fight for KJH
    By the way Coffee house is good, but the lead actress is not as good as YEH
    KJH is good and the story is lovely. Lots of kissing scene – not as good as YEH. KJH is the lead role actor, he is very cool and cute, look good(shoot
    in 2009), love story without tears, happy ending.

  21. Oh! Lovin ice cream is not the same without YEH on it!!!!Why no YEH’s voice?!so is much better if both of them are the one singing!Love YEH and KH’s version…

  22. Kang Ji Hwan… I adore you… A LOT… BUT… your singing… omg… my ears… I’m hoping it’s just this song that you sound quite cringe-worthy it.

    Is he really popular in Japan? I had no idea. He’s one of the actors that I have watched most of the works of (not necessarily finish). I don’t look for projects by him, but I end up watching them lolol

    Anyways, I really like the song since it’s adorable and fluffy 🙂 Plus, it’s about ICE CREAM <3 I also like As One, but YEH & KJH sounded better. He sounded a lot better in the drama version with YEH too.

  23. hope this is an isolated case with our OTP. It’s a bit sad that KJH agency is making unreasonable demands on YEH’s agency over a song.

      • hi @astral, sorry just noticed ur post. I believe there was a post from okoala on ‘lovin ice cream’ song (between our OTP) not getting released is simply an inability for two companies to reach agreement. It is not a contract dispute, but simply two companies unable to enter into a contract to begin with.” n it’s just this song, we get to watch/listened to YEH n KJH’s version in the net anyways.

  24. no question about it KJH n YEH ice cream version is much much better of course without YEH’s voice it’s nothing really it’s kind of flat and uninteresting

  25. same here i prefer the voice of KJH & YEH. why cant they just leave the two along to do the recording….. so sad about this news but i hope it will not affect there relationship. thanks koala for this info.

  26. So NOW, there is a LITTLE POSSIBILITY for them to promote Lie To Me TOGETHER in Japan. And yet the REASON is not of their own doings. ‘Hope that that PROFESSIONAL disagreement between their management agencies won’t affect whatever relationship (professional, personal) they have before, during, and after the filming of LTM… Sayang naman ang pinagsamahan nila…

    Everyone must have heard already the version of KJH… and the NOW pop OST (?) is ‘not complete’ without the voice of YEH (who personally chose the now ‘controversial’ song)…and IMO, it doesn’t sound ‘charismatic’ anymore without the voice of the ‘other half’…..

  27. i don’t know why….but i am beyond help when it comes to this extreme chemistry couple on the show..they both are such talented actors who played their characters really well that we, the fans, are wishing for them to be a REAL deal in this REAL world….could such man exist anyway?????aigooooo……

  28. I prefer KJH & YEH version of “Lovin
    Ice Cream”, cause its cute & lovely that their
    voices blend together… KJH one version is good
    as well… I really miss “HwanHye”… Any news
    from the two lovin Ice cream couple?… Please
    share it to us!…Movie with you together. Thanks

  29. i don’t know why, but i just cant get enough of Lie to me and hyeon gi jun (HE IS EXTREMELY HANDSOME!!!! aigoo! ).. eun hye and ji hwan’s chemistry is incomparable… its like they’re real life couples.. ohmygod, im not fond of korean dramas but lie to me is making me crazy… lol… i watched it several times and still counting.. wish that they will make a part 2, i wonder how they life would be as husband and wife, and what happen to sang hee and yun ju afterwards…

  30. Maybe that is the reason why LTM was a flop in Korea, because of their company’s dispute. Another reason is the billing. Nevertheless it was a success in our country, Philippines, because that rumors didn’t reached us.Is it possible for Ji Hwan to switch in another company? That’s what our actors & actresses do if they are not satisfied with the one who handles them… when will his contract be finished in his current company? That co. is quite greedy, ooppss sorry! Thanks anyway to you K capt’n, thanks to hallyu eun hye too for uploading many videos of YEH… She’s adorable.

  31. Surprised and blown away by KJH’s singing voice. Love it, he sounds so pure and heartfelt, and sincere and soft. If some director with vision would cast him in a musical movie, that would be amazing. I can see him in something like Moulin Rouge.

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