Seven-minute Teaser Released of Happy Michelin Kitchen with Cheryl Yang and Blue Lan

Wow, was not expecting this. A seven-minute sneak preview of Happy Michelin Kitchen (Chinese title Happy Three Stars) is out. First off, the English title is exceedingly dorky, I much prefer the literal translation of the title as Happy Three Stars. Second, I’m not partial to the leads’ looks – Blue Lan with his weird moppy hair in some scenes, and Cheryl Yang pulling a mannish asexual pretense.Β That said, the drama actually looks good, and the leads chemistry is pretty fricken incredible.

Which is hilarious because word on the street is that the leads hated each other prior to filming (becaue Blue apparently badmouthed Cheryl years ago as being horse-faced and not his type and she’s hated him ever since – see TW-gossip is pretty juvenile, isn’t it?). Supposedly Blue has apologized profusely to Cheryl, but it actually took them filming their first intense kiss scene that made Cheryl melt and broke the ice between them. She complimented Blue as being quite a kisser, and this from the lady who made out with Ethan Ruan all over My Queen. The preview after the jump.

Click here to watch the seven-minute preview on Sina video.

The upside is that my boy Li Yi Feng is back as Xian Yun Chao in a guest-starring role. The music is cute with a very peppy cinematography. Not surprising, it’s Cheryl that has me riveted to the screen, once again displaying absolutely pitch-perfect and effortless acting. The various disguises she dons to help Blue get rid of unwanted matchmaking dates may have been done before in other dramas, but was still pretty darn funny here with Cheryl’s impeccable comedic timing.

Now for the downside – this drama looks to be an exact Coffee Prince remake with some slight variations, swapping out the coffee shop for a restaurant, and changing the secondary leads relationship vis-a-vis the leads. Blue is going to be the only person who doesn’t know Cheryl is a woman and looks to continue that way for quite a few episodes until he wises up. This is just a teaser, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic until the drama airs in February 2012. What do you guys think?


Seven-minute Teaser Released of Happy Michelin Kitchen with Cheryl Yang and Blue Lan — 16 Comments

  1. Cheryl Yang, horse-face? Wah? She’s one of the prettiest actresses I’ve seen. I really like the MY QUEEN TW drama that she starred in with Ethan Ruan. πŸ™‚ That was cool.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the share on this.

  2. ROFL! She’s right, of all the TW dramas I’ve seen Blue is the best kisser. His kissing scenes are … incredible. MUCH better than Mike He or any of the other TW actors. This guy knows how to kiss. πŸ™‚

  3. i like it…any rom com with food…yum! the OTP … amazing chemistry, shall await patiently

    btw, mdm koala, hv u watched “scent of a woman”? i’m curious to hear ur first impression

  4. That’s actually pretty funny, as far as gossip goes. It’s like pulling her pig tails. Hmmm, funny she was that easy to win over. Or is he really that good, Cheryl? (o;

    • Hahaha, it’s immature, but Blue was kinda an arrogant jackass when he first debut, part of his charm for the ladies. He’s matured a lot, and his acting shows. I’m glad he apologized for being a louse back then, and Cheryl let it go.

      I agree with @tessieroo, word on the TW-ent streets is that Blue Lan *can* kiss, and his leading ladies are all in alignment. He might just be the best kisser amongst ALL the leading men in TW-ent. I don’t mean the kiss looks great on TV, I mean he supposedly turns his leading ladies knees weak when he kisses them onscreen.

      Heh, those are some high praises indeed.

      • *heehee* Exactly what I meant, in every kissing scene I’ve seen with Blue, his leading lady looks like she’s literally melting into him. Cracks me up. Yep, the man can kiss. Almost makes me feel sorry for those leading ladies who have to kiss him? How on earth can they not blush like mad and be all flustered after the scene is over?

      • Ummm…I totally just went to YouTube and looked for his kissing scenes. Does him being that good mean he’s practiced a lot, or was he just born with an innate talent? A question for the ages.

        Is his background 100% Chinese? Because he looks like he’s got something else mixed in there. From some angles he almost looks Hispanic to me.

  5. No hate plz. But I think I like Cheryl’s version more than Yoon Hye’s. There are differences, seeing as Cheryl’s sassier. But I’ll wait until I see the drama to make a decision on which version I like more.

  6. Oh gosh, it does look very Coffee-Princey. And Cheryl, she looks absolutely…different form Defeated Queen.

    Might give it a short, purely for Cheryl’s sake, becaus I’m not a fan of Blue.

  7. i saw one of his show .ps someyhing relli liked the beginning but couldnt finish the show .he is alrite kissing wise but definately check out wilber pan kissing,he so effortlesss.ezpecially check out the behind the cuts

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