Spy Myung Wol Episode 11 Baby Recap

My sane decision to drop watching and recapping the increasingly bizarre (storywise) Spy Myung Wol came up against the (real life) insanity of the drama’s behind-the-scenes spectacle this past weekend, leaving me feeling a sense of compassion for this beleaguered drama and everyone involved with it. I watched episode 11 to see how the heck the story was going to proceed in light of so much uncertainty. This story continues to be 55 minutes of circular plot movement, with the last 5 minutes actually moving the story forward.

At this point, if Han Ye Seul does return (as she has expressed her intention to do so), then the story is in a good place with respect to the OTP. SMW will never regain any momentum with me since the middle episodes were so plodding, but at least it looks like it might be able to salvage what remains and produce something entertaining for the remainder of its run. As for me, Eric baby, I still adore you, but your character sucks and I’m pretty much building a brick house in Team Ryu.

Episode 11 baby recap:

Myung Wol confesses that how she behaved towards Kang Woo was genuine during their time together, and then shoots herself in the head with her prop gun and falls to the ground. Kang Woo grabs her and cries in agony. The PD calls cut.

In Ah prances over to chide Myung Wol for changing the script by herself. The PD feels otherwise, deciding to use that scene because the emotions felt real to him, he’ll just cut out the moment when Kang Woo called her by her real name.

Kang Woo’s taken off in his car, muttering to himself that he must be going crazy as he wipes the residual tears from his eyes. Myung Wol is still dazed from the emotion of that scene, and when Ryu finds her, she leans her head on his shoulder, asking to just let her remain like this. Yes, Ryu, I second that motion wholeheartedly.

The spy parents are informed by Dae Kang about the very emotional scene that was just filmed. Ryu is off brooding when he gets a text from Myung Wol asking if the mission must be continued. He texts her to forget about it today, and then goes to jog around a track to relieve his own frustration. He thinks to himself that in the future, he’ll treat even Myung Wol’s tears as a form of betrayal.

Kang Woo asks In Ah to just beat him up to relieve her anger towards him so they can end it. And he’s willing to let her use him. In Ah correctly surmises that he’s doing this for Han Myung Wol. Kang Woo threatens to go public, but of course will take the fall for everything. In Ah warns him things won’t go according to his wishes.

In In cries to her granddaddy, who goes to ask Kang Woo what the hell happened. Kang Woo apologizes and said he told In Ah the truth that he didn’t love her. The Chairman wants Kang Woo to pretend this didn’t happen, but Kang Woo is determined to end it. The Chairman threatens Myung Wol’s future in the entertainment industry, forcing Kang Woo’s to agree to continue dating In Ah.

Kang Woo informs In Ah that he will do as she wishes and stay by her side, so In Ah needs to leave Myung Wol alone. In Ah is even more pissed that Kang Woo would sacrifice himself for Myung Wol, who In Ah still suspects is very fishy, what with always hanging around Kang Woo, now wanting to be an actress, and even showing up at his Singapore showcase. In Ah tells Kang Woo he needs to end it with Myung Wol, which Kang Woo agrees, if for Myung Wol’s sake.

Myung Wol gets the lead in the drama, which pleases her and Agent Kyung, who was surprised to find a hidden talent like Myung Wol. Kang Woo asks Myung Wol be moved out into her own agency apartment. Kang Woo and In Ah go on a public date at a coffee shop where all their fans can see them put on a couple drinking coffee show. Choi Ryu gets more leads on the Four Books, which point to a mysterious figure called The Goblin.

Kang Woo goes home and tries to eliminate all traces of Myung Wol from his apartment. He ends up going to her new apartment, but can’t bring himself to ring the doorbell and ends up leaving. Kang Woo and Myung Wol film for their drama. In Ah finds out that CFs have replaced her with Han Myung Wol. LOL, this must be the most meteoric rise to popularity in Korean entertainment history.

Myung Wol walks into the dressing room where In Ah and Kang Woo are already getting primped. In Ah chides Myung Wol for arriving later than her sunbae In Ah, and for not greeting her with the proper level of respect. In Ah starts trash talking Myung Wol, and even Kang Woo throws in a few digs at her. Myung Wol walks outside to prep herself. Ryu finds her and puts up a screen and stands guard over her as she applies her makeup.

Kang Woo and Myung Wol film a CF where they are totally awkward with each other and have to be coached to act more loving towards each other. Myung Wol looks very subdued and she confesses that she’s exhausted. In Ah comes by and gets annoyed with Myung Wol (as usual) and tries to get slap-happy again (as always).

Ryu goes to Myung Wol’s apartment to leave her some food, talking to the door as if it’s Myung Wol, telling her to be strong and not cry anymore. He sees Myung Wol coming home and fainting outside. [Or, he sees part of a head from around the corner fainting which looks like Myung Wol]

Kang Woo can’t get a hold of Myung Wol so goes to her apartment. He finds Ryu walking out, who informs Kang Woo that Myung Wol is resting and not feeling well. He tells Kang Woo not to let Myung Wol hurt anymore. Kang Woo tells him to move aside, and Ryu says there are things one cannot move aside for. The men stare down. After Choi Ryu leaves, Kang Woo crouches outside Myung Wol’s apartment.

Kang Woo is informed by the Chairman that he’s invited potential overseas entertainment honchos to attend his showcase tomorrow. Kang Woo is warned not to let this prime opportunity, which he has worked towards, to pass him by because of one woman. In Ah tells Myung Wol to scram, as her presence is the cause of Kang Woo potentially flushing his career down the toilet.

Kang Woo goes drinking to consider his options. Myung Wol thinks about her current situation. Drunk Kang Woo runs into Choi Ryu, who asks Kang Woo not to keep behaving like this because it’ll make Myung Wol feel worse. Drunk Kang Woo tries to punch Choi Ryu, who easy deflects. Choi Ryu advises Kang Woo to look at what his heart truly wants. Kang Woo throws the same words back at Choi Ryu, who concedes it but says not everyone loves the same way. There is nothing Choi Ryu can do for Myung Wol, but that is not the case with Kang Woo.

Kang Woo goes home and takes out his precious daddy baseball and appears to make up his mind. Agent Kyung and Dae Kang can’t locate either Kang Woo or Myung Wol. Choi Ryu asks Hee Bok to find a person, nicknamed The Goblin. Hee Bok thinks about it and finally connects it to the same person Kang Woo asked him to look for. Ok Soon says she got a text from Myung Wol saying “I’m sorry” and now she can’t reach Myung Wol. Choi Ryu runs to her apartment, which is empty, save for a note from Myung Wol apologizing for leaving.

Kang Woo finally shows up at the showcase. He stands before the media interviewing him before the performance starts. Kang Woo informs the media his background given in the past are all just lies. He takes out his daddy baseball, which he brought here today to give him the courage to be honest. His dad is not a doctor, and he’s not some heir to a chaebol. He’s just an orphan living a false life.

But he doesn’t want to do that anymore. Kang Woo goes further and says that his relationship with Joo In Ah is also a lie. He takes off his sunglasses, saying that he doesn’t want to lie to his heart anymore. Kang Woo addresses Myung Wol, asking if she’s watching. He tells her “Han Myung Wol-shhi, I love you.”


Spy Myung Wol Episode 11 Baby Recap — 32 Comments

    • I doubt anyone in their right mind would agree to destroy their own career over the 6 remaining episodes of a drama that tanked. I personally enjoy the drama very much and I am really glad it will get to continue with its original cast. Too bad Ryu isn’t who MW will end up with, because I’m super shipping them. I still hold that there was more to this scandal than a hissy fit but I guess we’ll never know.

  1. LOL i had dropped this drama and deleted the files already but:D that confession in the end, i wanted to see it now:D LOL every confession in a story deserves to be read/heard or watched right:D

  2. Thanks for the recap Koala. <3 I think they did a good job with the progression of the story and plot considering what's happening or rather with what happened. I'm glad KW has not only realized his feelings but has revealed them!(About damn time! Normally we would be there already.). I'm really hoping the next couple of episodes are more on the cheery side, I want more of KW & MW moments. Save the "I'm a spy from N.Korea sent to bring you back" for later please.

  3. i was surprised to see episode11 because i thought a special was still going to be aired last night.

    well i guess, after HYS has made known her intention to resume the drama, they’ve decided to take her back because the current development of the plot tells us Myung Wol lived after that epi10 ending. I mean, if they wanted to kill MW or justify a change of face, epi10’s ending was already the opportunity to do it. Well, unless in MW’s disappearance she suffers an accident or the like, hahaha.

    thanks for the baby recap.

  4. I would be sincere….for the previous episode, i was all serious about the story but for this episode, i couldnt help being SARCASTIC…..I tried listening to every conversation intently but i just wasnt interested. Thank you koala for the recap. I believe this is the only way i am gonna finish this drama

  5. Why do I get the feel of a Best Love de ja vu? Though Kang Woo’s confession is a pale imitation of Dokko Jin’s.

    Was it only I who noticed that Myung Wol’s words after her disappearance echoes those of HSW herself?

    Anyways, I am enjoying this drama, and now that HSW is returning to the set *crosses fingers* I hope the production progresses to its finale with no major snafus. And that there is peace all around.

    Spy Myung Wol, fighting!

  6. Thank you for the recap even though I am no longer going to watch the drama, I like reading about it. Man they look tired.

  7. I thought it was a publicity stunt also. It would have been fine in the US (i.e., LiLo), but these kind of antics don’t fly in Korea. It would would be cool if writers did a meta. Like Myung Wol got overwhelmed with the instant fame and needed a sabbatical…

  8. haha wow, i wasn’t expecting this recap… or that an ep 11 would air! thanks for the recap koala!!!! i dunno if i can bring myself to watch the episodes anymore due to all the drama that took place bts… O.O; thanks again!! 😀

  9. Poor Eric. He got royally screwed by this drama. All the crazy BTS stuff aside, he really doesn’t have an appealing, or even a not-appealing-but-crazy-enough-to-be-sympathetic-and-gradually-work-towards-appealing character. Worse, his character is badly written and has no depth. After a misfire with Poseidon and the craziness of Spy, I hope his next drama is a hit of epic proportions.

    On a tangent, I wonder if Spy’s ratings for today’s episode went up from everyone tuning in out of morbid curiosity.

  10. Wow, more drama within a drama within a drama…art imitating life and whoaaaa, also the the other way around!

    Glad to see Choi Ryu again!

    Since this drama has gone on full meta mode in reel and real sense (sans the amnesia, though still possible who knows), they should just get these two N. Korean spies together.

    Thanks Koala!

  11. this new layout was a surprise for me. i kinda liked the one b4 it though…but still good. 🙂 i don’t care as long as i get my intake of koalas blogs 😀

  12. lets just continue supporting them.in the first place we loved watching all their past episodes.we enjoyed all of it.,,,we dont know exactly what happen.so just 4 now we just wait and be excited for their upcoming episodes…our support will always be there….

  13. Thanks for the recap.

    New layout! It usually takes me a while to get used to change, but one thing I did want to suggest: is there any way to darken the comment font? I found myself squinting, realizing only at the end that making out the words was somewhat challenging because of the font color.

    That’s it. I hope you get a lot of positive feedback on the new layout.

  14. Maybe its just my insane choices of dramas but i never really felt bored or just like became uninterested with this drama since it has started. I really find the story cute in a way, epecially when I saw the trailer wherein they talked in english. That was really awesome. I mean no offence but not most of the korean pop. could speak really good english. I was really happy when I heard them talk.

  15. I know what they are doing now! First they don’t have time to film ep 12 so they made HYS the bad person so they send her to LA cause this is an advantage to let all the crews to have some sleep after many days of filming then use this as an excuse for publicity since the rating is low. Making us hate HYS so they successfully draw our attention to watch this drama ending up the lead attress didn’t change and the rating is rising up cause most of us went very curious about this drama!

  16. yay! i thought i read in your previous post that ur going to give up the everything about SMW baby recaps etc coz ur simply sick of it. LOL. thanks anyway!:) btw, i love your new layout.. MGY is soo adorable!!. 🙂

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