Protect the Boss Episode 7 Baby Recap

So now everything is out in the open in Protect the Boss, and still the plot development churns forward with so many uncertainties and issues. I’ve been so excited that Ji Heon found Eun Seol to help him get over his deeply rooted issues that I never considered that she might become a crutch for him. A safety blanket of sorts. I think the drama is aware of this already and will address it when the time comes. For now, the Cha family dynamics continue to provide so much mirth and warmth while the romantic developments are moving forward without a lot of fanfare or grand moments. The writing in this drama is so good, it makes the snappy and intelligent dialogue feel so effortless, when I know it’s not.

Episode 7 baby recap:

Eun Seol confirms that Moo Won’s declaration was indeed of a romantic nature, as he confesses that he likes her. He genuinely has feelings for her, much to his surprise. He wants to see where it can go, and asks her to give him a chance. Eun Seol flashes back to Ji Heon’s declaration to her in the car (that she’s a rock lodged in his brain), and has to shake her head to clear the confusion. Moo Won doesn’t want her to give him an answer now, asking her to consider it and let him know later.

Eun Seol leaves and runs into Ji Heon outside, who immediately enters the restaurant to confront Moo Won. Moo Won plainly tells Ji Heon that he likes Eun Seol and told her as much. Ji Heon offers to give him the company, his inheritance, everything so long as Moo Won stays away from Eun Seol. Ji Heon explains sincerely that he likes Eun Seol and desperately needs her in his life. Moo Won refuses, because he needs Eun Seol, too. The two cousins stare down devolves into a pushing and kicking match, and finally into a hair-pulling wrestling match on the ground. Eun Seol runs back into the restaurant to stop the boys but they are going at it.

The Chairman’s secretary is informed of the situation, and he (along with Moo Won’s secretary and the other secretaries) all run to the restaurant to do damage control. Love how this drama shows that the bosses need the secretaries as much as the secretaries need this job. Eun Seol has covered the fighting Cha cousins in a table cloth to prevent further pictures and videos to be shot by the other folks in the restaurant. When the boys are dragged back to the office, the Chairman confronts them as fighting over work. He kicks both boys in the butt in the elevator, but whispers to Moo Won not to tell his mom that he got kicked.

Moo Won and Na Yoon’s mom meet to bicker and discuss what to do about their kids, and about Eun Seol. They agree on sending her to Japan for the foreseeable future. But Grandma suddenly summons them both, and warns them to leave Eun Seol alone otherwise she will spread rumors about them. Ha, Grandma is such an ass kicker. She tells the moms to keep this from the Chairman as well. Moo Won is rather pleased about the fight, liking that fact that perhaps he’s finally step outside the confines of his comfort zone. Na Yoon gets called to meet the Chairman, who thinks the boys are fighting over her. Na Yoon is pissed and yells at Moo Won and Ji Heon in the elevator for using her as an excuse for their fight.

Eun Seol confesses to Myung Ran that she was a little thrilled to have her Moo Won God confess he likes her. But Eun Seol won’t reveal how she feels about either guy. Moo Won keeps avoiding Eun Seol at work, thinking she’s going to give him an answer to his declaration and turn him down. The press gets wind of the fight, leading Moo Won’s mom to join the Chairman in community service and the Cha cousins to act all lovey dovey for the cameras, all to show the pretense of getting along. Grandma schedules a family dinner to force her brood to get along, and decides to make it weekly going forward.

Moo Won goes to Ji Heon’s room after dinner and the boys bicker again. Moo Won thinks it’s amusing that they actually like the same girl. Moo Won’s mom is annoyed that the Chairman doesn’t know the truth about why the boys are fighting. The Chairman tells Ji Heon to manage a chain of cafes. Eun Seol, goes coffee tasting to take notes and Moo Won accompanies her. He arranges dinner with her this weekend to hear her response.

The Chairman schedules a lunch with Ji Heon, Na Yoon, and her mom. Ji Heon confesses that he can’t be with Na Yoon, and it’s not because he’s angry with her or blames her for the death of his brother. He can’t be with Na Yoon because seeing her will always remind him that on the day his brother died, Ji Heon left his brother to run to the airport to try and see Na Yoon. So on that day, the two people he loved the most abandoned him (Na Yoon left and his brother died). Na Yoon thinks Ji Heon is just using this as an excuse but he calmly tells her he isn’t.

Ji Heon goes back to the office and stares at Eun Seol, saying that he’s very upset but looking at her makes him feel better. He asks for a hug, and hugs her tightly. He asks her never to leave him, and she agrees so long as he doesn’t fire her. The Chairman gets a hint from Na Yoon’s mom that perhaps the boys aren’t fighting over Na Yoon. He finally connects the dots to Eun Seo. He calls Eun Seol in to see him and she confesses that she is the reason for the boys fight at the restaurant.

While Ji Heon liking Eun Seol isn’t a surprise, the Chairman is shocked that Moo Won likes Eun Seol, since he’s usually so proper. He asks how she seduced them? She says she didn’t seduce them, and has been firm in telling them no. The Chairman tells Eun Seol that he also likes her since she’s a great girl – he took a liking her from the first time they met, she’s like the daughter he wants. But she must know that she can’t be with Ji Heon. Eun Seol knows that, and won’t accept Ji Heon’s feelings. But Eun Seol has a hard time promising the Chairman that she doesn’t have any feelings for Ji Heon. The Chairman grumbles, wishing Eun Seol didn’t play so much growing up, and perhaps made more of herself so that she can be someone who matched up to Ji Heon today.

Eun Seol takes Ji Heon hiking for the physical exercise and asks him to make a public speech at the top to the other hikers. Ji Heon is nervous and out of breath, but he closes his eyes and says that one day a rock named Noh Eun Seol hit him, but the rock was so pretty that he wants to rock to stay with him for the rest of his life. With Noh Eun Seol by his side, he thinks he can do anything. Eun Seol listens with her eyes slightly moist with tears. Moo Won calls Eun Seol and reminds her that they agreed to meet this weekend, so they set up dinner. Eun Seol vows to end things with Moo Won quickly.

Moo Won gets dressed for dinner, and takes a watch from his drawer as he heads out. Ji Heon is with the Chairman in a car when he thinks back to Eun Seol acting weird earlier, reminding Ji Heon to keep exercising and public speaking when she’s not around. The Chairman wants him to stop relying on Eun Seol so much, but Ji Heon thinks everything will be fine because Eun Seol will always be with him. He gets out of the car, but doesn’t have his wallet and keys. The Chairman calls Eun Seol and tells her that Ji Heon jumped out of the car without any of his personal items with him.

Moo Won is at the restaurant waiting for Eun Seol. Ji Heon walks and gets nervous, but remembers to clap his hands like Eun Seol taught him to allay his fears. He flashes back to the time when he got kicked out of the house and he left without any of his belongings, and how Eun Seol jumped out to scare him after he called her name. Ji Heon now calls out for Eun Seol, and suddenly he hears her respond. He turns around and Eun Seol is standing behind him. She asks why he keeps calling for her? Ji Heon smiles brightly when he sees her.

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Protect the Boss Episode 7 Baby Recap — 39 Comments

  1. Thanx for the recaps… Wow, you are fast!

    Love this bizarre love triangle so very much.. Am hoping this funny n wacky “disharmony” would continue till the end..

  2. Wow, you’re lightning fast, Capt K! After reading your glowing comments on PTB, I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon. Really enjoying it. Thanks for recommending it. Still feeling the LTM withdrawal effects, though.

    On your vacation, did you say? Not that I’m complaining, but do check out of here, let your hair down and spend some great quality time with your loved ones, ok ?

    • yes. We love that you keep these posts coming, but we do hope you’re also having a great time vacationing with your loved ones. Thanks, captain koala.

  3. You are one amazing Koala bear! I might start calling you Koala God. In megaupload less, twitter less Shanghai, Your recaps and uTorrent are my only connections to the civilized world. Thank you so much for taking a little time from your vacation to do this.

  4. Wow you’re super fast, I thought you’re on holiday! I just watched the episode and came here straight afterwards! This ep was so entertaining, I couldn’t stop laughing and clapping my hands when the boys were tussling like little kids and when the grandma was being such an awesome badass. LOVE how childish almost everyone in this drama are!

  5. I would probably find Ji-heon annoying and controlling in real life, but that’s why this drama is so genius – despite that, I’m totally smitten by him. I love the relationship that he and Eun-seol are building. Right now, Ji-heon really is using Eun-seol as a crutch, and that’s obviously going to have to be addressed, but his continued instance that he can’t live without her is so charming to me. Perhaps it’s that, unlike kdrama heros like Tae-hyung and Joo-won, Ji-heon has no qualms about sacrificing his pride to persuade Eun-seol to like him, and no “I’m so awesomely upper-class and you’re beneath me!” hang ups preventing him from being honest with himself. That’s refreshing to see.

    The fact that everyone knows everything now, by episode seven, is incredible. I hope other writers will take note of this fact, that conflict can exist in the absence of lies and scheming machinations.

    Gah, I love this drama. I love it so much.

  6. thatnk you so much for taking time to do baby recap in the middle of your vacation. I was worried how i was going to satisfy my PTB addiction without your recap for the week!

  7. what i want to know is when the screencap at the top of moo won and ji heon takes place because i read the recap and couldnt find any mention of it…

    Btw, i am totally into moo won/ jaejoong(?)!! LOL

  8. That’s a bts picture. It is not part of the episode. They’re so cute! Studying their lines/the script during the scruffle 😀

  9. You are totally awesome Ms Koala! Thank you for your baby recap during your vacation! You haven’t abandoned us, after all!!! Sending much love your way for a grand time on vacation!

  10. With all these revelations, and all these funny, light moments, I can’t help but think we’re heading to angstville soon. Eun Seol is a crutch for Ji Heon now, and for the character to grow and break free of his comfort zone, the crutch has to be removed at some point. Will MW become more of a villain in the future to provide more conflict? Or will the writers surprise us? The thing is, I can’t predict what will happen in this drama – and that’s awesome 🙂

  11. i could’ve sworn that lee heejin was cast in a secretary role for this drama. maybe there will be a point in time where eunseol has to leave jihun’s side – which leads to heejin’s character being brought in as an (inadequate) replacement? hmm.

  12. Thank you so much Ockaola-san!
    All my deepest appreciation for your recaps during your vacay!! Really, I watched this last night and only understood some parts but at least now I know roughly where things are moving and why!!
    Although the viewership rating has dropped a little (maybe due to Yoon Sun Hyeok’s love comedy drama debut?), I think this drama and this episode has again, jumped forward so fast that everyone and everything always make sense and on the same-page! I hope this speed continues coz like everyone mentioned here, we really can’t predict what the scriptwriter has in-store for us and the curiousity is killing! We are at episode 7 and already so much has moved forward! What is next? What CAN be next?
    I’m not really sure and don’t really think angstville is up next coz there should be some other ways to move the story forward without the angst. Well, some angst perhaps, like jealousy or the 2 moms planning evils etc…. But overall I think this drama is still going to rock with depicting the family ties, the underlying love between the Cha family members, and how they resolve internal issues. It’s a love comedy YES, but to me its more a FAMILY love comedy! So whilst we have the 2 couples, we have the Grandma’s love, PAPA Cha’s love (even he loves Eun Seol!), Mununim’s mom’s love for her son (and perhaps something between her and PAPA Cha? lol) and even Na Yoon’s childish (forever crying zzzz) love for ATTENTION.
    I love Ji Heon, a lot, for his straight-forward, no-frills declaration of his feelings… He is an uncomplicated drama hero, who is very easy to understand and very easy to love. He is clear and doesn’t beat around the bush with his heart.
    I love Mununim (aka Mu Won God) a lot too, for his courage to step out from his comfort zone (where everyone thinks he is a GOD and always respectable and the cream of the crop) and go for something/someone that totally surprises even himself. How many such gorgeous (like Ockoala-san said INSANELY PRETTY) and powerful guys are willing to do that? AND be dorky out in the open at the same time? Even FIGHT in public!??? NEVER! Whether he gets Eun Seol or not, he is an admirable boy-at-heart within the Cha family.
    Now Eun Seol. She is just soooooo HER still! She just wants her job, she just wants to do what she thinks is right (maybe giving up Ji Heon since she knows she cannot have him), she wants to make sure Mununim is being rejected ASAP coz she doesn’t want to hurt him etc etc. She is still funny and cute, and yes although she is now the crutch for Ji Heon, actually she is the crutch for the entire Cha Family! Look at what her presence brought to the family? Conflicts, love, fun etc. Without all these, the Cha clan will still remained as the Cha clan in episode 1, with everyone biased against Ji Heon coz of his seemingly childish behaviour and incompetence. Mu Won will still be Mu Won God, cold and capable with no REAL human feelings disclosed. I don’t want and don’t think she needs to be taken away as the crutch for Cha Family. She just needs to know where she fits-in. The entire Cha Family needs to learn how to fit her in.
    Tonight we shall see what happen when Eun Seol rejects BOTH gorgeous guys!
    OKOK so I’m writing long love, AGAIN! But this drama is so great that I simply can’t just write one or two sentences! I simply MUST declare my love for it here!
    Thanks again Ockoala-san!

  13. Thank you for your recap even though you’re on vacation.
    I am liking this drama more and more.
    It’s so different and refreshing. The comedy is seriously hilarious and not the silly slapstick type that really put me off. Cant wait for tonight’s episode 8.
    Enjoy your vacation and make lots of sweet memories! 🙂

  14. I have a feeling that after Eun Seol rejects Mu Won tonight, the latter will turn the evil other guy, and the angst will come soon. But I am keeping my fingers that the awesome writer will not conform to the usual norms and leave Mu Won be himself as he is now. I don’t know, since their kiss in the car, I actually like Mu Won with Na Yun.

  15. i totally agree. This drama always unpredictable. I thought Chaiman Cha will get angry on eun-sol after finding the truth over the fighting between two cousins. But instead, he admits that he he also likes her since the first time they met. hahaha..Even grandma tries to protect eun sol.

  16. Haven’t watched this episode…
    but I too, have the feeling that Eun Seol is a crutch to not just Ji Heon but also Mun Won.
    For Ji Heon, I do think that he does have genuine feelings for her and may truly have fallen in love with her, but she is also someone whom is very much an emotional crutch.

    For Mu Won, I actually do not feel that he loves her but certainly there could be an attraction because Eun Seol brings him out of his comfort zone and hence is a “crutch” in that way… Na Yoon remains he’s true love, the one that he wants but still unable to have.

    Just random speculation… the angst may not come in the form of a triangle or square but from Eun Seol and Ji Heon themselves? Dunno why, but somehow I don’t think the rivalry between JH and MW will become the central issue… JH is even willing to give up everything for ES, that’s how bad he needs her. So the angst will probably be from ES herself.

  17. Thank you so much for your recap 7 !!!!!!! i just watched this ep raw and was dying with curiosity on what’s happening….!

    thanks so much for doing this recap while you are on vacation! please enjoy your holiday! kamsam-mida!

  18. I am sooooo in love with this drama. One of my top drama of all time. Well written drama that goes smoothly without overly crazy character. It’s like one things ties to another. I can’t wait for your recap Koala.

  19. Our Captain Koala, you are making us love you so much with your care and attention even when you are supposedly having a ME-time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now go back to the beach with your umbrella-in-a-stick and coconut drink. Kick up those heels and let your hair down. And oh by the way, give your loved ones tight big hugs from us. We appreciate them sharing you with us. Be safe and have fun! Mmmmwwwaahh!

  20. You are supposed to be on vacation , enjoying yourself and not doing recaps! ( not that I didn’t enjoy your recap). Thank you for being so nice to us and not letting us wilt without our fix.
    I don’t think the two guys like Eun Seol as a girl, Ji Heon who is emotionally retarded and has the emotional quota of a five year old, clings to her like to a mother, seeking shelter, guidance and warmth . On the other hand, Moo Won, finds her a refreshing change from all the girls who swoon around him and admire him with calf eyes. He would never give up his social position for somebody like her, it’s more like opening the window for a breath of fresh air before you go back to your air conditioning.. I see Ji Heon leaving everything for her but out of need , not real love. Well, we’ll see what happens in the end! Thank you again, Koala!

  21. Thank you for the recap!

    Ji Heon’s character is annoying me a bit at this point – he’s so territorial about Eun Soul and is treating her like his property. He’s simply in love with her so he doesn’t even acknowledge the idea that she might not like him back – and that’s a good thing. But his behaviour is similar to that of many chaebols in other dramas after they realize they’re in love but the girl refuses them. I know it’s just a phase and he’s like that because he really likes her but I personally hate when male leads do that. I’m not sure if I explained correctly what I mean….sorry I but just wanted to rant about that.

    I loved the episode, the grandma kicked ass 🙂 Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  22. Thks a million for d ‘toddler’ recap ^_^ – they r so descriptive I wud hardly call it baby recap … I sincerely (ok – tiny litlleeeeee bit hopeful that u wud recap – sowrryyyy) hope u r still enjoying yr holiday, it’s sad dat we’re out thr to enjoy time out w/ our fam but feel like dysfunction away fm our beloved ‘crutch’ laptop – i am d same … Technology … *sigh* anyway back to PTB – i cant wait to watch it n tomoro Hope to watch raw version though wudnt understand much just to c How Eun sol going tp handle the boys – I too think Mon woo ‘thought’ he loves eun sol but in reality is ‘security blanket’ for him – he doesn’t hv to prove anything to b w/ her – he can let her guard down … Ji heon on d other hand is d same except dat his heart is actually beating for her so dats something else … Thks for letting me ranting on … He4x …. Koala Hwaiting !!!

  23. I am on Moo Wons side and my heart is breaking for him. I really loved this episode and also find JiHeon starting to annoy me. What a thick-headed dad but am glad the lights finally came on for him.

  24. Cha family is awesome lol. God I love Moo Won and Ji Heon’s bickering so much. Their pillow fight is so cute and adorable at the same time haha.

  25. Love both boys and the story is so entertaining,it does not take it self too seriously, and love all the character, but the guys are my faves. Thanks for the recaps.

  26. omg when you guys watch this episode you will find it pretty damn hilarious. When I heard that they were going to fight, i didn’t realise it would amount to a ……………………… [spoiler alert!!] bitch fight. HAHAHHAHAHA. no punches, just hair pulling and kicking.

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