Kim Rae Won Discharged From the Army After Completing His Service

Ha! He thought he could sneak back into the real world without me noticing. Not bloody likely. Kim Rae Won was discharged from the army on August 23, 2011, after fulfilling his mandatory two years of military service. *throws confetti*

Congrats to him, for doing his duty in such a low key way, which extended even to his discharge. Normally entertainer enlistments and discharges are fan affairs with the media present. But Kim Rae Won quickly snuck out and then his agency released a statement that it was “no big deal.”

Up next for Rae Won is the Kim Soo Hyun-penned melodrama Thousand Day Promise with Su Ae. I’ve been a little leery of the pairing until I realized that my favorite Su Ae performance was her friend-turned-lovers turn in 9 Ends 2 Outs with Lee Jung Jin, where they had phenomenal chemistry with each other.

Since Lee Jung Jin gives off very similar vibes to Kim Rae Won – manly in an approachable way, armed with a mega-watt disarming smile that turns knees into jelly – I think this new drama couple should be just fine. Bearing that in mind, the drama looks even more promising to me, and I can’t wait to watch it. TDP follows Warrior Baek Dong Soo on SBS Mon-Tues.

Above is the first look at the just-discharged Kim Rae Won, who left a short video message for his fans. He pretty much is excited to jump right into filming a drama, is looking forward to working with Su Ae, and hopes the fans support his return to acting as he will give it his all. I support you, Rae Won!


Kim Rae Won Discharged From the Army After Completing His Service — 30 Comments

  1. ohh!! so he was discharged y’day? cool.. was wondering when it would be.. Su Ae is a great actress and so is KRW.. cant wait for the drama to start airing.

  2. omona, i’ve been waiting for him! yey, so happy!

    Thousand Day Promise is a melodrama, right? I don’t usually watch melos, but for him, I definitely will.

    thanks for this!

    • From what I know, its about the girl slowly losing memory while the guy stays by her side. Overall, a melodrama..

      I really don’t want to see another female lead dying in a drama. Scent of a Woman is enough… but I really want to see Kim Rae Won onscreen!

      • darn it…this synopsis does NOT seem like my cup of tea…but im conflicted because i rly like kim rae won too!

  3. Did he do something to his eyes? Back during Attic Cat days, I thought he only had a one sided double eyelid…..anyone else noticed this?

  4. Hey am so happy Kim Rae won is back on track, I miss since Gourmet, looking forward for his future projects. Welcome back KIM RAE WON…

  5. was he the one who acted with Lee Jung Jin in Love Story in Harvard with KTH?

    I really liked Lee Jung Jin 🙁

    (Love KJH waking up Tshirt with YEH on it)

  6. Hey, aren’t you on vacation mode? you are certainly putting up lots of articles. =) Hope you are having fun. FYI, at the very beginning, your precious furball was on my “never going to invite to my house list”…it has some what improved a bit….we will see. Anyway, enjoy the sun, the breeze, the resort…..

    • I wouldn’t post as much if someone with me wasn’t on one conference call after another requiring us to halt all activities for said person. I got 1 call from work, he gotten 20. I am not exaggerating. Anyways, I’ll buy you more presents please don’t disinvite the fur ball. But we are managing to have loads of fun still!

  7. YESSSSSS!! Such great news! He’s been missed these 2 years but thank goodness he has a drama already underway.

    He looks smokin’ in that Cosmo pic btw! I suppose that he’s gonna have a bunch of CF and photo shoots wanting to get a piece of that new body of his…wait, that came out wrong…

  8. Yay! Oddly enough, this has made me realize that I’ve only seen him in movies. I have yet to watch a KRW drama… I guess this means I’ll have to check out Thousand Day Promise.

  9. I am so excited for KRW to be back in action! His smile alone is worth watching for hours and hours, so I can’t wait to see what’s next! ^^

  10. Thank you Miss K for putting KRW’s new picture cause I am dying to see his face after he finished his MS.Although he looks as handsome as usual but I dislike his new hair. Sorry oppa!! However, i will wait your new drama & hope that Koala will review every little thing about TDP like she did in LTM,Please,please,please ^_______________^

    • He already has a movie with MGY. Called “My Little Bride”, at first I was a bit creeped out, but I fell in live with him after, and the creepy was all in the past. ^__^ it’s a cute movie.

  11. Thank you for putting this out there. I have missed him in my dramas and am sooo glad to see him already working! With Soo Ae no less, another favorite.

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