Lee Min Jung in Paris for Instyle Korea

Gah, I’m running out of superlatives when so many talented K-actresses turn models and drop gorgeous photospreads one after another. Lee Min Jung was in Paris recently for an Instyle Korea shoot. Min Jung is such a pretty baby, so effortlessly stunning. She doesn’t do haute couture poses well (unlike Han Hyo Joo who has a knack for going against the same cute girl next door face but making it edgy), but she completely owns the frame in every picture with her lively presence. Next up for Min Jung is the movie Wonderful Radio with Lee Jung Jin

[Credit: Instyle Magazine]


Lee Min Jung in Paris for Instyle Korea — 13 Comments

  1. Lee min jung is so pretty. @_@ I love the jacket in the last picture.
    And in the picture with her raising her arm, wow that’s a very white arm. Probably because of the lighting. But it made me giggle. ^______^. Thanks for shaaaaaaring~

  2. Everytime I see her face, another one virtually shows up before my eyes: Jang Ja Yun’s. Because of Penthouse Elephant (quite a sickening movie) and the latter’s suicidal note depicting some ugly events/”habits” behind the curtain. And I’ve often wondered if Lee Min Jung in particular, since they both were casted for that film, or any other actresses have hidden similar horrors behind their smiles.

  3. How I wish she will have another drama and her leading man is No Min Woo….their chemistry in MIDAS is so good. When that time comes…it will be the happiest day of my life.

  4. I feel so bless just by looking at this gorgeous girl >.<
    I esp love the one where she play the piano, classy..

  5. I’m totally in love with the coat on the last picture!!…she looks great..she has become one of my faves leading ladies, hope we get to see her soon on the small screen.

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