Joe Cheng Pairs up with Cyndi Wang for Nadia Sportswear

The Taiwanese entertainment is comparatively much smaller than either the Japanese or Korean counterparts, so A-list actors and actresses are pretty much always playing musical chairs in terms of pairing up for dramas and endorsements. The latest pairing puts Joe Cheng together with Cyndi Wang for the Nadia Sportswear Fall Collection.

Of course, we all know Cyndi is currently heating up the bed sheets in the drama Love Keeps Going with Joe’s BFF Mike He. Even though I don’t like that drama, Mike and Cyndi actually do have chemistry with each other. Joe and Cyndi? None whatsoever. But I miss Joe’s boy-smirk since he’s currently between projects, so these pictures will have to do.

[Credit: Nadia Sportswear]


Joe Cheng Pairs up with Cyndi Wang for Nadia Sportswear — 11 Comments

  1. Argh, no, they really don’t have chemistry. Her palour really contrasts with his tan, but I don’t think that’s it (skin-colour doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on chemistry XD). She’s really cute, but her expressions are very similar in each picture! Like her, though ^^ And they seemed to be having fun, anyway, or at least they’re really great at conveying that feeling XD

  2. how funny that actually Joe was ordered to play in Love Keeps Going while Mike in Channel X
    did you watch Mike sing birthday song with Cyndi to Joe Cheng? they’re so funny there xD

  3. Wow wow –im taking that from Ji Sungs “Ji Heon” Character. hehe
    But my gosh why is Joe Cheng so hot. He’s always hot to me. I bet–lets not go there. But hes so gorge and i wanna him…

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