Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young Perform Mary Stayed Out All Night Drama Concerts in Japan

While Koala was on vacation this August, my GeunGeun babies took a working vacation to Japan as well. Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young, along with some of their Mary Stayed Out All Night co-stars, headed to Tokyo and then Osaka to put on a M3 drama concert for the fans in Japan. All together, the two concerts brought in 60,000 fans in the audience. The show combined acting and singing, with the actors re-enacting scenes from the drama and singing most of the songs from the OST. Geun Young’s agency has just released a few official stills from the event, otherwise there has been only audience shot pictures available. Everyone supposedly had a great time. I only wish I could have watched the show. *pouts*

[Credit: Namoo Actors]


Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young Perform Mary Stayed Out All Night Drama Concerts in Japan — 26 Comments

  1. omg was waiting for you to cover this 😀 the story was an epic fail to me but damn i’m still secretly hoping they are dating in real life (though the busybee that JGS is is making me worried he’s not even getting enough time to just breatheee).

    Hope you can post more pictures if they surface Koala, thanks so much 😀

  2. Thank you for the pictures Koala!!

    “On Marry Me Mary Live Show at Osaka, Moon Geun Young cried while re-enacting the scene when MuGyul sings My precious to her. While Jang Keun Suk is performing, Moon Geun Young still couldn’t stop crying. Jang Keun Suk tenderly wiped Moon Geun Young tears away and gently pat her head in the interlude of the song.”

    I’d love to see that!

    • Yessss.. i’m so excited to see that part of the shows.. there’re many gestures there where suk and moon really showed their care towards each other.. Such as Suk helps moon to sit, and along My Precious song, he held moon’s hand tightly.. and also the gentle pat in the head and wiping the tears.. Gyaaahh!! i can’t wait to get a dvd!!! XD

  3. Thanks so much Captain Koala! 😀
    To think there was a total of 60,000 fans who watched their 2 concerts is mind-boggling.
    I too wish I was there to watch their fabulous performances and be part of what appears to be an awesome experience. (*^__^*)

    A SPECIAL MESSAGE to K-drama producers: Please bring JGS and MGY together again in a new drama with better plot and story writing. Their tandem is a sure winner as evidenced by their 2 MSOAN concerts in Japan. Thank you.

    • o bashful u r so right . Pls K-Drama Producers – yes yes pls pls bring JGS and MGY together again as said by Bashful. I bet the awards will be = they will be the best and loving couple, best actor and actress, best director of the drama, best drama and whatever especially when they are acting together as they are the de best loving couple(so natural) and adorable with great chemistry . Like the above msg by Bashful , they are sure a winner as evidenced with the Japan fancam concert. so pls pls k-drama or movie producers pls bring them back together again and again as they are de best, and we of cos love them so much. have been watching their drama m3 for more than 10 times and still is becos we miss them so much, and even if ppl comment that the drama is useless, but we love it becos of the best great couple .

  4. Just looking at the pictures above shows how compatitable & sweet they’re together. Praying that Moon would be selected to be the female lead to “Love Rain” the new drama with JSG. That would totally make my day..sigh.

    Also, how come there so few pictures of the fan meetings. I read about so many sweet moments (JSG wiping away Moon tears, them holding hands during JSG singing My Precious and etc) between the Geun Geun but nobody has pictures or videos of them.

    • Hi twinkelfan, yes i agree with u watching them with their sweet moments in the japan fancam was wonderful , yes can some one sent a video on these geun2 lover love them and missing them.

      Attn Mr. P.D.Yoon – pls pls pls Let MGY be the leading ladin in love rain and of cos we hv vy high hopes, you will definitely win the best director/producer of this show becos of them and they in turn will win the rest like i said in my msg with Bashful. so pls agree to it Thank you in advance on behalf of our geun2 fans/lovers
      u know we are missing them so much that we still watch their dramas daily.

  5. Captaiiinnn Thanks for reporting the Geuns News in MMM Japan.. The 18th and 23rd of August really the happiest day of my lifeee!! i’m so happy seeing them together again.. *sniff*

    I really really hope and wished we’ll see them again together in a series/movies.. My Best Couple GeunGeun.. Hwaitinggg!! <3 <3 <3

  6. Wow – 60,000 fans – that is so crazy impressive. 🙂 And really great for them, especially since the show was such a hot mess. I even decided to give it another try since it was pretty popular but it still drove me crazy. I love the 3 leads a lot esp the Geun-Geun pair. They are so fitting for each other. I agree that they should be given another chance to act together. Darn hurricane has me checking for updates every 2 seconds, otherwise, I’d be enjoying a good drama tonight. Too distracted. Hope I have power tomorrow and Monday so I can check the playground.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this Captain.. Thank you so much.. Our GeunGeun Babies are the best.. 🙂


  8. Oh, please if this sucky drama aired before you’re beautiful would this be a hit in japan? It’s all because of JKS star power!!!

  9. Thanks a lot Captain for this post. I know there were few pictures that been uploaded cause the Japanese are so strict when it comes to taking pictures & videos. Let us just wait for the DVD to come out to see the whole MMM Event. 🙂

  10. Yay thanks Captain for this post! There are so many eye candy from GeunGeun we’ve read and heard and i can’t wait for the DVD of this to be release and get a copy!

  11. i want that green dress!!!!!!

    re-enacting some of the scenes from the drama – goes to show that JGS and MGY have some amazing talent!

  12. can’t they just be together in real life? haha *that would definitely be a dream come true for me*

    yahh i agree.. they should be in another series that has a better story not the common ones.. a story that would captivate millions of people. they’re really my fave couples in Korea right now *sigh*

  13. hope to see jks & mgy to make a classic movie that will last forever on everyone- a movie that can make both of them as best actor/actress for their role…. will wait for that one even it takes a long period of time… just have faith !!!!!!

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