Protect the Boss Episode 9 Recap

A housekeeping item first – I won’t be going back and doing full recaps for episodes 7/8 of Protect the Boss. I want to, but a lack of time and the feeling like it’s homework after my vacation makes me elect to enjoy watching this drama more than feel like I have unfinished business with it. So onwards to episode 9, which picks up right where Ji Heon planted a kisser on Eun Seol to help her confirm her feelings for him (man or child).

I so appreciate that what makes PTB so moving isn’t just about the romance, but the drama deftly weaves all the emotions that are present in our everyday lives and remind us that love isn’t the only feeling in the universe. The friendships and the familial affection move me just as much, and make me care even more about all the characters. Our four leads are getting more involved in each other’s lives, reaching out to each other in ways big and small, and I couldn’t be happier.

Episode 9 recap:

Eun Seol confesses that he’s also in her mind, but she doesn’t know what that means. Ji Heon surprises Eun Seol with a sudden kiss as his brilliant way for her to ascertain the nature of her feelings towards him. Does she see him as a man or as her child/burden? Eun Seol pushes Ji Heon away after a few moments, both of them quietly assessing the situation.

He asks if she’s certain now that she sees him as a guy? She says it’s not that easy to figure out. He thinks if she’s not sure, they can keep doing it (kiss) until she’s sure. She uses her finger to push his head away, telling him if he keeps doing it, it’ll just confuse her more.

Ji Heon notices her heart is beating fast. Eun Seol’s brain may be trying to confuse herself, but her physical reaction to Ji Heon doesn’t lie. He takes her hand and tells her to feel her own rapid heartbeat. She doesn’t think that means anything, and she doesn’t want to confirm anything right now.

She’s got a hurricane inside her right now, and she doesn’t know what to do. He asks if she intends to run away from all this. She apologizes but she can’t continue this conversation. Ji Heon is fine with calling it a day, since they made a lot of progress already. He doesn’t know if tomorrow they can make as much progress, but each day he’ll keep pushing forward with Eun Seol. For as long he’s lived, he’s never learned patience. But now he’s summoning all the patience he has for Eun Seol. It doesn’t matter if Eun Seol is confused or trying to run away, he’s never been happier than right now with her. He’s planning to savor this happiness.

Ji Heon asks Eun Seol for a good night kiss before she leaves. Of course she’s about to say no way but then he grabs her hand since he just wanted to kiss her hand. He gently places a kiss on the back of her hand in a gentlemanly way, before walking away with a jaunty step. He turns and tells Eun Seol that he hopes one day she will like him more than she likes her employee badge. He uses his hands to flash her a heart symbol before leaving.

Ji Heon happily drives home, telling himself he’s gotten so much already, he shouldn’t be anxious for more. He starts humming a song with the lyrics “Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she precious….” When he sees the security guards outside the house, he shakes their hand, and then he grabs them each for a hug. What a huge breakthrough for formerly OCD Ji Heon who couldn’t standing any form of physical contact.

The Cha elders are having an awkward dinner. Grandma asks if eating dinner with her is like dying, what with the painful expressions on their faces. HAHAHA, I love you, Grandma. The Chairman makes the excuse that he’s tired from working and doing community service today. Moo Won’s mom thinks it’s not fair the kids get excused but they have to eat with her. Grandma tells her to zip it, she wants them to have dinner with her. She gets called away to answer the phone, reminding the two old kids not to fight.

The Chairman asks Seok Hee why she looks so wan? She doesn’t think he looks so hot either. He sighs and asks if it’s because of Moo Won? He concedes that because she’s a mom raising a child, so that’s why she’s so worried lately. She bemoans her Moo Won never once giving her a headache until recently, acting just like his Ji Heon. She wonders how the Chairman dealt with it all these years, having a problem child like Ji Heon to deal with? The Chairman sighs and says it’s not anything he can express with words. They both offer each other more food.

Ji Heon comes bounding home all happy from his encounter with Eun Seol. Ji Heon’s so visibly happy that his dad immediately suspects something happened because Ji Heon is so weird. He figures out that it must involved Eun Seol and chases Ji Heon to demand to know what happened. Moo Won’s mom overhears and is happy that her Moo Won “lost” already. But then she shakes her head, wondering if Eun Seol needs to get her eyes checked because she picked Ji Heon over her Moo Won. LOL forever!

Moo Won and Na Yoon are having dinner. She wonders why she helped Eun Seol, and now she can’t go home because her mom will kill her. Moo Won gets ready to leave, telling Na Yoon to be stronger and get used to being alone from now on. Starting from finishing her dinner by herself.

Eun Seol is sitting in her room, thinking about how she told Moo Won that she plans to dump both Cha boys. She bemoans her situation to best friend Myung Ran, feeling really guilty towards Moo Won. And she feels guilty towards Ji Heon as well, not being able to like only him. He heart is so confused. Myung Ran says the heart has two chambers, so she can like two guys. Eun Seol laughs at Myung Ran’s odd attempt to cheer her up.

Eun Seol has already promised the Chairman, plus she doesn’t want to get involved into the whole Cha family mess, getting yelled at by the moms as well. She wants to have a simple romance, not get involved in a relationship that comes with so much baggage and complications like succession of a company. Myung Ran tells Eun Seol to clear her head and start over from scratch. Eun Seol has tears in her eyes as she wonders if it’s as easily done.

Moo Won calls Eun Seol out to meet with him on the stairs. He’s come to apologize for what the moms did to her. She tells him not to apologize. He immediately senses that she’s upset right now not because of the moms, but because of something else. And his instinct tells him it involved Ji Heon. She confirms it, but there are other things as well. He asks if she’s being squeezed too tight between the two guys? If so, he apologizes, and will go warn Ji Heon to give her some space. Eun Seol tells him not to do it. Moo Won laughs at being chastised by Eun Seol, confessing that every time he sees Eun Seol chastise Ji Heon, he gets envious. He takes off before she has a chance to say anything more.

Na Yoon tries to sneak home and immediately gets chewed out by her mom. Her mom is pissed Na Yoon berated her. Mom thinks Na Yoon is a mess – dumping Moo Won who likes her, pining for Ji Heon who doesn’t like her, and getting drunk on the street with “that girl”. Na Yoon doesn’t think she got drunk on the street. Mom raises her hand to Na Yoon, who reminds mom that violence is bad manners. Mom confiscates Na Yoon’s car keys and says she’s under surveillance from now on.

Na Yoon sticks with her principles and pride and decides she’s running away from home rather than live like this. Poor mom gets pushed off Na Yoon, who takes off her high heels and fights her way out of the house. Mom hilariously tries to remind Na Yoon of her upbringing and good manners. Na Yoon runs away as her mom tells the security guards to get her back. Na Yoon checks into the hotel but realizes that the concierge is in contact with her mom and calling her mom. Na Yoon refuses to stay at the hotel. She goes shopping for clothes and calls Moo Won who doesn’t hear the phone ring.

Moo Won’s mom comes to tells her son that Ji Heon and Eun Seol are moving forward so Moo Won needs to halt his pursuit of Eun Seol. Moo Won says he doesn’t care, he doesn’t want a loveless marriage like what his parents had. He will do his best to win Eun Seol, and he doesn’t think she’s that easy to win her over. He likes Eun Seol for her liveliness and honesty. Moo Won tries to get his mom to divulge exactly what Ji Heon and Eun Seol did?

Eun Seol comes to the rescue of Na Yoon, taking her home like a little lost kitten after Na Yoon explains that she ran away from home because she was standing up for Eun Seol. Na Yoon bought tons of stuff since she doesn’t know when her credit card will be cancelled. Na Yoon is all fine in front of Eun Seol and Myung Ran, until she overhears from Myung Ran that Ji Heon and Eun Seol have kissed.

She then runs off to the bathroom to cry with the shower turned on to drown out her sobs. She calls Ji Heon a bad guy and Eun Seol a bad girl. Awwwww, Na Yoon, you are just so adorable in your pain. Suddenly she realizes that the shower water turns hot and cold alternatively. She cries some more, wondering why even THE WATER is mistreating her this way. I dies. Ji Heon sits at his desk and thinks back to Moo Won saying he also like Eun Seol. He sighs and thinks that there was once a chance his relationship could get better with Moo Won.

Na Yoon and Eun Seol lay in their beds and have some girl bonding talk. Na Yoon asks if Eun Seol likes Ji Heon back, so maybe Na Yoon needs to give up Ji Heon now. Eun Seol says she doesn’t know. Na Yoon huffs that Eun Seol is making it seem like she’s giving up Ji Heon for Na Yoon’s sake. Eun Seol says that’s not it, so much is going on and she’s just so confused. Na Yoon says she knows what that feels like, a long time ago two guys also liked her at the same time. Rather than now when both guys dislike her, she liked it so much more when both of them liked her.

Na Yoon changes the subject and is happy that she gets to sleep over at a friend’s house, something she’s always wanted to do. Eun Seol is surprised Na Yoon has never done it before. Na Yoon says it’s pretty cramped here, but she likes it. It reminds her of going camping when she was young. Myung Ran is upset Na Yoon is comparing her apartment to the size of a tent. Eun Seol shushes Myung Ran.

Eun Seol goes to Ji Heon’s house to pick him up for work, and the Chairman watches her go upstairs to get Ji Heon. He won’t wake up and instead pulls Eun Seol down for a hug. She’s trying to break free when the Chairman opens the door and catches them. They immediately break apart. Everyone drives to work together, with the Chairman making a concerted and uncomfortable effort to sit between Ji Heon and Eun Seol.

Moo Won runs into the entire gang in the lobby and everyone gets into the elevator together. The Chairman looks between his son and nephew with a concerned expression on his face. He tells his secretary to hurry up and finalize Eun Seol’s transfer to another office. His secretary wonders why the Chairman doesn’t look so happy, and the Chairman yells back “what’s to be happy about, when I’m forcibly breaking up my son and the woman he likes!” Oh Chairman, I lovelovelove you for being such a practical yet decent person.

Ji Heon and Moo Won are surprised to find each other at the bench when they thought they would be meeting with Eun Seol alone. Eun Seol meets with both Ji Heon and Moo Won and tells them her decision. She thought all night, and her decision is to be with someone ugly and lowly ranked at the company. Moo Won immediately understands what she is purposely saying.

Ji Heon says Eun Seol confesses he was in her mind already. Eun Seol hits her head a few times and tells Ji Heon that she just punted him out. Ji Heon asks if she’s going to be so mean about it. She says yes and then walks away. Moo Won chides Ji Heon for causing this by pursuing Eun Seol too hard, while Ji Heon thinks it’s Moo Won’s fault for interjecting himself into this courtship. Eun Seol jumps back and tells them to stop fighting.

Ji Heon and Eun Seol head off to work, sampling coffee as part of Ji Heon’s new project. Ji Heon tells Eun Seol that he’s going to pretend that he didn’t hear what she just said, because he knows what inside her heart. When Eun Seol goes to pick up Ji Heon the next day, he’s wearing a sexy all black suit and has gotten a new hair style. He asks if she thinks the new look is more manly? She refuses to answer and just hurries him.

At the coffee and food tasting, Eun Seol just chows down on the food in big bites. Ji Heon thinks other girls eat daintily but Eun Seol takes big bites like the food is so delicious. He loves seeing her do that. He notices other men speaking with their girlfriends in banmal, and he goes to the bathroom to practice calling her Eun Seol-ahhh. On the drive back to the office, Eun Seol keeps talking about work and Ji Heon can tell she’s using avoidance. He asks her to go somewhere with him and he’ll tell her how his phobia started.

The Chairman tells the two-timing Director that he doesn’t want to do anything to Moo Won’s mom at this time. He understands why she’s been working so hard for her Moo Won, and as a parent to another parent, he’ll let what she did slide. He tells the director to provide assistance if Moo Won and his mom need anything. The Chairman asks the secretary about Ji Heon’s medical records, and it’s clear the secretary forgot. The Chairman yells at his secretary for forgetting something so important.

Moo Won’s mom comes to work and runs into Eun Seol’s dad outside the office. She recognizes him and tries to run away, dropping her cell phone in the process, which he picks up to try and return. She tells the guards to stop that man, and Eun Seol’s dad ends up subduing the guards easily. She runs into the elevator and grabs onto Moo Won, confessing that she doesn’t know why she’s scared or running away. The Chairman comes down to see all the commotion, and the two dads finally meet. Yay!

Ji Heon’s dad and Eun Seol’s dad sit down and have some daddy discussion time. The Chairman asks why he’s here to meet him? Eun Seol’s dad says he’s not here to meet the Chairman, he’s here to see his daughter. The Chairman assumes he heard about Ji Heon liking Eun Seol, which is news to Eun Seol’s dad, who immediately says he won’t allow it since he does not approve of the Chairman’s son.

Eun Seol dad says that no parent in the world will accept the son of a gangster chairman, apologizing for being so blunt. The Chairman says if anyone ought to object, it ought to be him. Eun Seol’s dad is incensed, it’s not just Ji Heon that is precious, his Eun Seol is precious, too! He wants her to marry into a family that loves and appreciates her true worth. The Chairman mutters that Eun Seol was a former little delinquent herself, to which her dad says Ji Heon is a well known loser chaebol heir daddy’s boy.

The Chairman thinks Eun Seol’s dad needs to temper his words, since he’s the man running the company that employs Eun Seol. Her dad thinks she works hard for her employment. When she went to visit him not long after starting work, she was so skinny she lost half the fat in her cheeks. Clearly the job is sucking her blood dry. Eun Seol’s dad takes out a hankerchief manufactured by the DN Group and says he’s paying for her job anyway by buying DN products. He puts down Moo Won’s mom’s dropped cell phone and leaves. The Chairman realizes that Eun Seol got her stubborn temper from her dad.

Suddenly Moo Won’s mom’s cell phone rings and the Chairman answers it. It’s the director, who thinks he’s speaking with Moo Won’s mom. The director tells her to just listen to him, and reveals the Chairman isn’t going to do anything to her prior to her buying up more shares of DN Group (to orchestrate a takeover attempt).

Eun Seol’s dad runs into Moo Won and his mom in the lobby. He tries to approach her about her cell phone, but she mistakes his overture for trying to cozy up to her as a potential in-law just because her son likes his daughter. Which is also news to Eun Seol’s dad, who asks if another guy likes Eun Seol as well? Once Moo Won finds out the man is Eun Seol’s dad, he’s immediately polite and respectful towards his hopeful future father-in-law, announcing that he likes Eun Seol. Which is when Ji Heon and Eun Seol walk into the lobby and she recognizes her dad.

Dad sits down with both Cha boys and gives them the once over. He directly asks both guys what it will take for them to leave his daughter alone? Neither guy answers. Na Yoon’s mom finds out that her errant daughter is crashing with Eun Seol and didn’t even go to work today. Na Yoon and Myung Ran are doing face masks in the bedroom. Myung Ran asks ice-cream girl when she’s planning to leave.

Eun Seol comes home with her dad and yells at her dad for interfering. He yells at her for getting involved with those chaebol heirs. She yells back that she works with them, and this is the job she’s worked so hard to get. Eun Seol’s dad apologizes a bit for that and is worried that she might have gotten fired. Myung Ran and Na Yoon come out, still wearing face masks, and say hi to Eun Seol’s dad. Na Yoon’s mom arrives and starts chasing Na Yoon. Eun Seol’s dad stops her, saying this is not the right way to treat one’s child.

The Chairman meets with the traitor director. Once the director leaves, the Chairman yells at himself for getting old and not even realizing when his subordinate has betrayed him. He asks his secretary never to betray him. If he did, then the Chairman will have no one left around him. The secretary says he’ll never do that, and then gives the Chairman Ji Heon’s medical records. The Chairman reads it and learns that Ji Heon has a phobia.

The Chairman runs home and starts yelling at his mom, demanding to know if she knew all along that Ji Heon had a phobia? Grandma’s face answers his question. He wants to find the best hospital for Ji Heon. Grandma says Ji Heon is working hard to overcome it, which is why she didn’t tell her son because she doesn’t want him to overreact. The Chairman starts to sniffle. Grandma says Ji Heon has done well so far, and will continue to do better. They have to believe in him. She pulls her son in for a hug, and my heart just burst. What a caring family.

Eun Seol sits at home and reads about her impending transfer. She thinks about calling him but doesn’t. Suddenly she hears Ji Heon calling for her. He calls “Eun Seol! Rock!” She opens the door and he comes in bearing a present for her dad. Ji Heon sits across from Eun Seol’s dad and proffers the present. Her dad suddenly makes a fist at Ji Heon, who reacts in shock. Her dad thinks Ji Heon’s reflexes are slow and weak. Eun Seol chides him for treating a guest poorly.

Eun Seol’s dad says another reason he doesn’t like Ji Heon is because of Ji Heon’s dad. Ji Heon thinks that a lame reason. Eun Seol says the Chairman’s a great guy and her dad just needs to get to know him better. Eun Seol’s dad asks her if she’s planning to marry this guy then! Eun Seol says that’s so far-fetched, to which Ji Heon says he does plan to marry Eun Seol.

Eun Seol suddenly gets a call from the Chairman, who knows Ji Heon is at her place, but calls her out to meet with him privately. Eun Seol lies and runs out to meet her friend “Uncle Bong”. The Chairman quietly asks Eun Seol to sit down, and asks if she can explain to him more about Ji Heon’s phobia. Eun Seol is quiet for a few moments, and then starts with Ji Heon explaining that when he was small, one day his mom ran away. So little Ji Heon ran out after his mom, looking for her. He ended up alone at the park, surrounded by people passing by him.

It likely started from then, his fear of crowds and gatherings of people. The person who knew about his condition and always stayed by his side was his older brother so the condition remained under control. When his brother died, Ji Heon fainted in public. He believes that his brother’s death was caused by him, so he now feels extreme guilt, and his condition has come back in full force.

The Chairman tells her to stop now. He can’t believe he never knew any of this. He apologizes to Eun Seol for changing his mind, and asks if she can stay by Ji Heon for longer. He asks if she can do this? If perhaps she can help him conquer his condition. Eun Seol confesses that she really wants to do this, but she’s already promised that she won’t return Ji Heon’s feelings. The Chairman holds back his tears and gruffly says this issue can be discussed at a later time. He turns and walks away.

Ji Heon comes home to find his dad sitting in his room hugging his stuffed animal Dooly. Ji Heon is shocked, asking why his dad snuck in all quiet. The Chairman gets up and walks out, apologizing and says he won’t do it ever again. Ji Heon wonders why his dad is so docile all of a sudden. The Chairman tells him to sleep since it’s so late. Ji Heon grabs his Dooly and wonders why it’s so wet. He thinks his dad drooled on Dooly when he fell asleep on the couch. The Chairman stands outside Ji Heon’s room and keeps choking back tears.

Eun Seol sits in her room and thinks about what the Chairman said, asking her to stay by Ji Heon for awhile longer and help him. Eun Seol researches a TV program called Undercover Boss which has bosses working in secret with employees. The Chairman has the traitorous director’s phone tapped. He tells the secretary to start working on acquiring all of Moo Won’s mom’s stock in the company. From now on, anyone who poses any threat to his Ji Heon, the Chairman will not let it slide.

Ji Heon wonders why Eun Seol’s dad doesn’t like him. He says he’ll working hard on changing himself. Eun Seol suggests he continue changing, and tells him about doing an Undercover Boss type assignment by working part time at a coffee shop. Moo Won watches Eun Seol drag Ji Heon off on their new project together. Eun Seol thinks it’s a great opportunity – Ji Heon can serve guests and learn how to earn money with physical labor. He agrees – even though Eun Seol keeps avoiding confronting their emotional situation, he’s agreed to keep changing for her, so he’ll do it. He asks for an encouragement kiss, to which she blows him off.

Ji Heon gets turned down from coffee shop after coffee shop for being too old and having too much education. They decide to have him working part time at one of the company coffee shops incognito. Ji Heon puts on his uniform and is welcomed by another employee. Turns out it’s the same guy who was working at the amusement park, that Eun Seol asked to hold Ji Heon’s hand when she went on the ride. Love the continuation of even this small detail.

Moo Won’s mom bemoans their lack of funds to buy more stock, and worries they will lose the battle for succession. She tells him to be nicer to Na Yoon, who apparently has been going on mat-seons (matchmaking dates) lately. Moo Won meets with Na Yoon, who bemoans none of the men match up to either Cha. Moo Won wishes Eun Seol could think the same way, to which Na Yoon yells at him for once again being so dismissive of her.

Her mom has placed Na Yoon under tight surveillance and she reluctantly gets up to leave because her free time is over. Moo Won walks her out and she gets into the car and looks at him all sad and mopey. Moo Won sighs and drives after Na Yoon. He calls her, asking if she wants to make a jailbreak? She says of course! He tells her to jailbreak the Na Yoon way, by getting out of the car like a lady and getting into another car like a lady.

Na Yoon gets out of her car and into Moo Won’s car and they take off. Moo Won hands Na Yoon his credit card to help her hide for the time being. She thinks she’ll get captured soon again. Moo Won says she can keep escaping each time she gets captured. Eventually her mom will give up. He wonders if all women like surprises? Na Yoon says she likes it, but she doesn’t know if Noh Eun Seol likes it.

Moo Won does research in his room. His mom wants him to help at the hotel tomorrow but he cuts her off. Tomorrow is his day off. He’s worked like a dog all week and tomorrow he’s taking a day for himself no matter what his mom says. He pushes his mom out the room. HAHAHAHA, I love new and improved Moo Won.

The Chairman finds Ji Heon leaving the house early on a weekend and asks where he’s going? Ji Heon says he’s going on a part time job, per Eun Seol’s suggestion. The Chairman tells Ji Heon to work hard then. He wonders what’s going on with his dad’s sudden change in personality. Is it because he’s sick? The Chairman yells, asking if Ji Heon is cursing him to die early! He tells Ji Heon to just accept if he wants to treat his own son better.

Eun Seol calls to make sure Ji Heon is headed to work at the coffee shop. He mutters that he is, but if he is unhappy he might ditch work. Eun Seol tells Ji Heon that he better be at work, because she’s headed to check on him. On her walk down the street, one street vendor after another stops her to give her completely free gifts like sunglasses, flowers, and a teddy bear. Eun Seol gets upset, thinking Ji Heon ditched work and did all this to make her happy.

She takes off running to look for him. Suddenly Moo Won walks out from behind a wall and smiles at Eun Seol. Oh my squeeeee. I approve. It’s time for this cutie pie to get his day with Eun Seol.

Thoughts of Mine:

This drama does such a magnificent job of humanizing every character, and creating moments where any one character can shine and make me care about him/her. Ji Heon and Moo Won’s pursuit of Eun Seol is open, decent towards each other, and ultimately always done in a positive way. It’s not about undermining the other person to get the girl, it’s always proving to the girl why each is the man for her. Which is plenty drama enough, as Moo Won’s gesture at the end of this episode proves. Totally swoon worthy, yet ultimately completely too late already. Because the first thing that popped into Eun Seol’s mind was that the gesture was from Ji Heon.

I’m glad the drama is making Eun Seol and Na Yoon friends, developing their connections little by little. And even Myung Ran gets in on the fun, spending a dad beautifying with ice-cream girl. It’s clear that Na Yoon is upset she lost both men, but not vindictive, bitter, or insane about it. She’s dealing more with her controlling mom, and trying to find some happiness of her own. Which includes finding friends as well, since she’s so lonely. In my perfect ending, Ji Heon marries Eun Seol and Moo Won marries Na Yoon. And both ladies ditch the kids at home with the two dads and run off with Myung Ran for girls night out on a regular basis.

The Chairman owned this episode, I must say. His sadness at finding out his beloved son suffers from a debilitating mental condition, and his guilt at never realizing it until it was pointed out to him. When he cried in front of his mom, I think my heart swelled until it felt like bursting. And then he continued with the awesome by asking Eun Seol to stay awhile longer besides Ji Heon, and then crying into Ji Heon’s beloved Dooly stuffed animal. I love how much he loves his son, a love that is not about spoiling Ji Heon, but about doing everything he can to make Ji Heon succeed in life.

This drama makes all the characters and their interactions so vivid I can almost see a world after the story ends. Like the two fighting dads getting to hang out after Ji Heon and Eun Seol get married, maybe with weekend in the mountain hunting wild boar together and getting into sparring contests. The world of PTB feels complete in a way very few dramas manage to do, and I simply can’t find any weakness in this drama. The directing remains excellent – brisk and lively, with very gorgeous cinematography that alternates light and dark scenes with dexterity. The OST keeps dropping one beautiful song after another. If this drama continues to be this brilliant, I worry that PTB just might spoil me for future K-dramas for a long time to come.


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      His relationship with his secretary reminded me of Na Yoon, in that both of them are so isolated by their wealth and status that they are bereft of friends.
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    I love how JH kiss ES hand, it show not just JH love ES so much but it also show us his affection to her. In other scene we see JH miss the old MW, even right now they fight for one girl, JH see this is a chance for him to be close again with MW. All the romance, bromance, and family romance in PTB is so great, I like it, crave for it, and love it so so so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

    Btw, I think Mr. Cha senior will support his child to get ES coz now he know how ES understand JH and she makes JH complete.

  8. Man, i lovelovelove this drama, this is the best drama of the year so far if not all the k-drama i’ve watched before. its just so amazing, and i agree with you, i can’t find any weakness in this drama at all. all the characters are very interesting and unique in their own ways, and i just hope they could extend this a bit so i can continue watching the fun.
    JAejoong is hot and sweet, makes me wonder how he is in real life (i heard people saying he’s very blunt/straightforward/speaks his mind, which gets him in trouble sometimes). He is very handsome and cute, but he is way too pretty, prettier than some celeb girls. he really impressed me with his performance in this drama, he got lucky for landing a really good drama project. for all DBSK members, i think JYJ has been the most successful in terms of acting in a drama/(musical for Junsu). anyways, i can’t wait to see the sub episode this week. gogogogo PTB!! keep us entertain.

    • I enjoy your comment especially about how u impress about Jaejoong. As TVXQ n JYJ fans, let me give you some little info about Jaejoong, he is a blunt/straightforward person indeed but he is the most warmhearted n takecaring members, when his members sick, he is usually the one who take care and cook for them. He is the most members who has the most celebs friends, maybe his blunt personality made other people know him as a open and honest man and finally they feel comfort with him. This little thing i can serve for you. PTB fighting!! How i fall in love so much w/ this drama!!^^

    • I enjoy your comment especially about how u impress about Jaejoong. As TVXQ n JYJ fans, let me give you some little info about Jaejoong, he is a blunt/straightforward person indeed but he is the most warmhearted n takecaring members, when his members sick, he is usually the one who take care and cook for them. He is the most members who has the most celebs friends, maybe his blunt personality made other people know him as a open and honest man and finally they feel comfort with him. This little thing i can serve for you. PTB fighting!! How i fall in love so much w/ this drama!! Awesome!

  9. Sigh. What a great episode. As much as I like Eun Seoul, Ji Heon, and Moo Won, I’m not terribly invested in either romance. When ES is with JH I’m happy. When she’s with MW, I’m happy too. But what keeps me coming back (and obsessing over) is everything else in this drama. I guess in that sense it’s more like an American sitcom or drama. We’ve got our romance, but it’s not about the lead characters and then the secondary characters. It’s just that PTB is an ensemble. Everyone has their role to play and everyone is important.

    The scene between the Chairman and Grandma was just awful in the best way possible. I was choking back tears, and then they came out fully when the Chairman was just sitting in JH’s room crying into Dooly.

    I’m really enjoying Na Yoon, and how she’s trying to figure out the real world and where she fits in it. The scene with her and Moo Won breaking out of jail was adorable and hilarious. I can *almost* see them as a potential couple, but they’ve both got a lot of growing up to do.

    I also wanted to thank all of the lovely ladies for putting TVXQ links. You were all right. Jaejoong’s voice is beautiful. I especially liked the Japanese song that was linked–I listened to that one a….lot. You all totally proved me wrong, and I’m happy to know that he’s more than a pretty face (and what a pretty face it is!).

    • i really like Na Yoon too, particulary when MW was walking her to the car, and she sits inside like a kid and gives the sad expression from her car window like a kid. love it.

      I would not feel bad if Eun Seol does not end up with either of the guys, coz rest of the casts make up to recieve my love, including Na Yoons mom.

  10. This story takes giant leaps every episode, love the pace, there is never a repetition of any kind, and all dialogues(i understand sub titles) seem sincere and in daily conversations.

    I love the father, love him more after hearing his real life story.

    I love MW, he is awesome, cutie pie, and the second lead Na Yoon is someone that we fall in love with as much as the main lead, infact i like her more than the main lead i would say,may be may not , but she is so unlike Yoon Joo , that we hated our guts.

    i wish the bring back the director of old age home in first/second episode, he is YEHs colleague in LTM.

    Every character in this show gets enough screen time for their character to develop and move the story forward.

    Writer dugu aa?

    • I kind of miss it too. Jihun still looks like an overgrown kid even though he has a change in style clothes wise and hair. But him taking on a new job and working hard with Eunsol at least shows he is trying.

      But I have noticed in this drama once the guys change hair styles it is here to stay. Muwon fell asleep and woke up with perfect hair. He wear’s a bathrobe and still perfectly styled up hair.

      Guess broccoli head is dead xD

    • He’s growing up and becoming a man, so we have to think of him
      as a brother or son and be proud “the baby’s not a baby anymore”.
      This drama definitely rocks and I love not feeling angst. It is such
      a smooth ride that I watch th episodes over and over again just to
      feel good inside. It makes me happy because Eun Sol is teaching
      a lesson all mothers want their kids to learn; “nothing is free in life
      and you have to work hard and from the bottom up in order to be
      successful. There is not one character I dislike ’cause even the
      gossipy moms are not mean, they just want the best for the younguns.

  11. I’ve been reading your recap, but now I have to watch the drama. It’s so different — everything is pretty much out in the open, no hidden motivation.

  12. Have I ever told you how much I appreciate your recaps(regardless of it being baby recaps or the full ones). IT’S SO GOOD AND SO FILLING! especially in the morning(since it’s available in the morning where I am from) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUUU!<3

  13. Ji Sung – the man dressed that awesome all black suit is simply so handsome and sexy and hot! OMG – I am in total fan girl mode. Ji Heon is such a delight. I expect nothing less from Ji Sung… love his acting always.

    JJ as Moo Won – well, going into it… I had my reservations and kept my expectations really low cause even though I’ve always love those boys a lot for their wonderful and impressive singing/vocal talent… the “acting” part has always left something to be much desired. JJ has surprised me and his hard work has paid off… i think he’s doing a good job in his character and definitely even made me feel a little sad for him not getting Eun Seol in the end. MW and JH’s fighting is just tooooo cute. I can’t get enough of it. MW is just too cute… a darker MW would be nice too but I am rather enjoying the cute one. JJ – fighting!

    Eun Seol is really sweet and I like just how real she seems. Her dad was great in this episode. I really think she could be really great friends with MW and JH – a cute trio – or a cute quad with Na Yoon. I love the grandmother — she is the best. I can’t imagine my grandma being that cool.

    PTB has rocketed up there in my list of very well-loved kdramas – I will miss this very much when it ends!!

    btw one of my favorite dbsk songs is “Love in the Ice” – doesn’t get old for me. 🙂

  14. Aww, watching this episode was incredibly moving because of how the Father projected his sadness, his self-anger, and his love for his son. I think he feels like he’s wronged his son for not understanding the reasons why his son acts the way he does.

    I must say, I find Ji Heon’s character really admirable. In some ways, I think the drama does a good job at balancing his character, edging away from highlighting the more serious aspects of his phobia. I wouldnt say that it downplays them or anything… it just doesnt use his illness as a character crutch (or a sign of lazy writing). He’s growing, he’s interesting, and I can watch him emote all day ’cause his face is just so awesome!!!

    Most of all, I love how even with all the rivalry, there is still so much connection between the characters.

    I’d say that the most classic of the conflicts in this drama, the company issues and the love rectangle, are handled very freshly. It’s fun to watch 😀

    Thanks for the recap!

    • Also, I’m really curious as to what kind of relationship Na Yoon had with the two brothers (Ji Heon and his brother… Ji Hyuk?)

      What kind of emotional angst caused the onslaught of emotions?

      If someone can help me out- wasnt there are T-drama where the main hero lost his older brother in a car accident? Ever since I heard that Ji Heon in this drama had an older brother, I’ve been getting flashbacks lol.
      There was also a drama where the rich girl (or someone about to get married) who crashed with her friends…

      🙁 I need to write these things down lol. Categorize them or something haha

      • In Kim Sam Soon, there was a car crash with an older brother.

        In Summer Scent, a bride dies in a car crash, but I don’t think she was rich.

  15. Every week this show surprises me with how good it is. I love how this episode was all about the parents– their love and aspirations for their children. 🙂

    Ji heon’s Dad loves him so much. I was really moved by him this episode.

  16. Hi and thanks Ockoala-san! As usual very fast and detailed, and really pinpoint the gist / important points! Luv ya and really thank you!
    I was cracking up, rocking back and forth holding my stomach, at how Mu Won God went to the rescue of Na Yoon and the 2 little kids (yes they DO need to grow up) escaped from “jail”…. OMG! Almost cried laughing…. How cute is that?? Mu Won is given more and more screen time and he is no longer the all-so-perfect damn-I’m-so-cool Mununim. He is now a flesh-and-blood naughty cousin of Ji Heon who is the calmer and more “adult” of the 2. And we see more of Ji Heon wanting to be closed to his prettier-than-prettier cousin now… I can’t wait to see more interactions between these 2, always at odds with each other but secretly yearning for each other’s company while fighting! Can we have a hug scene sometime SOON please? I am so on Ji Heon high that I definitely want the prettiest person in the drama (er, sorry Eun Seol and Na Yoon, you gals are not as pretty ha ha) to show LUV for him!!
    Broccoli or not, Ji Heon rocks in this drama! His showing of affection for Eun Seol with that hand-kissing gesture just melts my heart… WELL, anyone’s heart for that matter! How can a guy be so cute and yet so gentle? Gaaaah Ji Sung! You have me now! You are awesome! (coughs, coughs, GREAT BOD too! Coughs more)
    Eun Seol, the ass-kicking righteous gal gets to be more mellow and softer now… Its obvious to ANYONE that she like Ji Heon > Mu Won (at this point) yet she refuses to take a moment to understand herself and her own heart. This is so like a GUY! The writer is excellent in the sense that Eun Seol is written with a guy personality more than a girl’s, and it works with the superb acting skills shown by CKH. I luv this actress, she is really really good especially in depicting emotions with her eyes and mouth. Her chemistry with Ji Sung is so good that you wonder if they can never be a real-life couple!! Both of them are so good!
    The STAR of this episode: PAPA Cha, for sure!! I luv a GROWN boy (er, man) who can and is willing to show real emotions outright in front of his onma! Now how many guys can do that? Have you seen many, real-life or drama? NOPE! RARE and really rare! His genuine concern and love for his ONLY son (now) to succeed in life is so heartwarming… He is angry/irritated etc because he luvs his son and not because his son disobeys him! This is such a great successul rich business man! And he definitely DESERVES to have a great family and life! Of coz he has his flaws…… but he has enough goodness to cover all those flaws! Grandma Cha has raised him well! KUDOS to Grandma!
    Mu Won and Na Yoon really make a great kid-couple and I agree with some of the comments here too that I really don’t mind which guy goes with which gal, as long as everyone is happy and finds his/her own career/love along the way. I even want Na Yoon’s mom and Mu Won’s mom to find their own happiness! The drama is THAT good people! Go watch it (if you haven’t already)!

    Last but not least, can I DROOOOOOOOOOL over Jae in that BATHROBE now???? Can I???? I mean, WTH!!!! The director and producer sure know how to make FULL USE of Jae’s presence in the drama! Yes production crew!! Add in more SKIN here and there!! Collarbones too please!! Although it is tough to show his upper bod (Jae has got tattoos both on his left chest and his right shoulder at the back) but can we have MORE I-see-it, I-see-it-not moments??!! Kyaaaaa and MAJOR kyaaaaa!

    *Final word: its NOT the viewership rating that matters! (yes yes I know it matters in some sense but) Its the entire drama production (fabulous casts and definitely the crew), the way it makes us viewers STICK to watching it wondering what will happen next (unpredictable!), the way it will leave in Kdrama history a significant mark as one of the most interesting and funny Kdrama ever (point me to someone who doesn’t laugh watching the drama), and the way it provides wonderful entertainment to all of us watching it every week! Way to go PtB!!

    And I rest my case.

    • i approve bout revealing more MW skin.. LOL XDDD
      but we all know it is impossible since jj got many tattoos in his body…
      btw PTB rocks!!! i love jihun n he is sooooo sweet… nayoon is too cute n innocent..
      i like chairman cha, he is d only old actor that makes me like him.. XDDD

      btw i hope n really3 wish someday JJ will act with YAMAPI n SHIROTA YU.. 3 hot bff acting together it will be d bomb!!! <333

  17. I love the emotional richness of the drama.

    Ji-Heon father broke my heart today.

    And I do believe that Na Yoon might be my favorite female second lead.

    The one thing that made me nervous was the Ji-Heon wasn’t featured in the last scene. For my money, No Eun Seol belongs with Ji-Heon and anything other than that will disturb the orbits in my universe.

    I’m not on the Moo Won band wagon at all, but there was one shot today while he sat at this computer where I caught a glimpse the hotness everyone has been fanning themselves over.

  18. Protect the Boss is the first episode I’m actually watching live over the ‘net. I never ever bothered with another show before. And I’m in Hong Kong on top of that. I’m supposed to be working! LOL. (Don’t tell my boss.)

    But what a show. I’m really, really, really touched by the Chairman’s reaction. He is absolutely upset that he never knew that his son had such a debilitating condition. This drama surprises me at every turn, because if he was a typical kdrama chaebol dad he would’ve been a) embarrassed about his son b) thrown him in the hospital whether he liked it or not or c) sent him off abroad or something.

    And despite him not liking the idea of Eun Seol and Ji Heon together, he opts to allow ES to stay by his son’s side for his own good. What a dad.

  19. Thank you for the recap. Yes I agree with you that this drama has a quality that is not found in any other drama that I have seen.
    Actually I am no longer watching anything Korean except movies. I had to marathon Bones to get out of the hell that SOAW put me through and thank goodnes and God for David Boreanaz.
    This drama is really Americanized cause daughters and sons talking back to their parents? oh my! LOL. Parents actually loving their children and caring about their feelings, unheard of. I am mean I know but when I started watching Kdramas I never expected to be so involved but here I am hoping that the industry gets better.

  20. I haven’t read the actual recap because I haven’t watched the series yet.. but I read the last portion 🙂

    I like that Na Yoon known it’s her fault that she lost both men.. she doesn’t go blaming others or irrationally hating the girl they like just because she couldn’t get either one of them. She will probably be my favorite second female lead.

  21. Koala, as usual, I always love reading your after-thoughts. Thank you so much.

    “Like the two fighting dads getting to hang out after Ji Heon and Eun Seol get married, maybe with weekend in the mountain hunting wild boar together and getting into sparring contests. ”

    THIS. I can totally picture it happening.

    • That can be a family vacation in the mountains, with the moms, dads, granny, kids and grand kids all together hunting wild boar and learning martial arts!! LOL Now I can picture that!! LOL

  22. Thank you for the beautiful and excellent recap once again.

    You are so right, Ockoala!

    This is the best ensemble cast, production and story in a rom-com/kdrama that I’ve seen so far, too. One cant help but love and relate with all the characters.

    Btw, who are it’s writer/director? And what are their other works? Now I’m curious to watch those, too…

    Because of PTB I found Choi Kang Hee as a wonderful and lovely actress which got me interested to watch her 2010 rom-com movie with The Voice, “Petty Romance”, and I was in for a pleasant surprise. That movie is so funny and hilarious! I was banging my bedroom wall while laughing my head off with all the crazy I thoroughly enjoyed the story and loved the superb acting as a whole. And the graphic touch was really cool!

    I might just watch “Royal Family” or another work of Ji Sung after this, too…

    • The writer, at least, doesn’t seem to have done anything according to, and the director has done a few other dramas, but they’re all ones I’ve heard aren’t great. Hm.

  23. PTB rocks y socks off!!! And thats a pretty damn big feat, seeing as how I only wear knee highs. Heheh. But Koala I agree with all your thoughts about this drama. Every single thing. Especially about the chair an and his love for ji heon–I cant get over how great that is, kinda like ah jngs dad in LT but way better since its a chaebol we’re dealing with and this has never happened before in any k-drama for me. And also about how you can see this show continbuing even when it ends. too true. And most specifically about how it ight ruin you for other dramas. This draa is too too good. none of that crappy shit. Its just so trueeeee and no bullshiting. heheh i love everyone, even moo wons mom.

  24. I just love this drama so much that I even wait until is uploaded before reading your recaps, I usually read your recaps first and then watch the drama. Today’s episode didn’t disappoint. It’s such a light drama that I don’t even mind that the romance is not in full effect quite yet. They managed to find the perfect pace to the story, and have kept it highly consistent. And what can we say about the father? I just love the guy. My favorite scene was when he was hugging the stuffed animal. I felt for him.
    Off subject: I wanted to thank you for being so active during your vacation. And about the “baby recaps,” I just wanted to say that the baby recaps were amazing. They were very detailed and to the point. Thank you for your commitment to this blog and us readers.

    • By the way, I just love Na Yoon. She is one of the best “bad” girls I’ve seen in a K-drama. You just root for her and there are times in which you want to hug her and tell her that she can do better than that.

  25. Thanks for this really nice recap ^^ !!
    And I totally agree, romance is only just one type of love that even isn’t necessarily more important than the other types in the world of PtB. Even though the characters act in such comical ways at times, they all nevertheless come across as very real people with very real emotions that I can’t help feeling & rooting for everyone of them =) I look forward to the eventual reconciliation of the brotherly bonding between JH & MW as much as I look forward to the two main couples getting together, and I also very much looking forward to the entire Cha family “reuniting”, as well as a booming friendship between NY & ES. Actually one of the most intriguing ‘relationship’ in the story for me is between MW’s mom and JH’s dad… the way he calls her first name, and that she & MW’s dad had a loveless marriage (or, a tiny little lover, per MW’s mom, hee!). If THESE TWO end up together, it’d be the most shocking, hilarious ending ever in rom-com land XD !

      • Yep, I’m rooting for CJH and NES – plus CMW with SNY. If the four oldies end up in two pairs – ie. JH’s dad with MW’s mum, and ES’s dad with NY’s mum – I’d be tickled pink!

  26. PTB is suuuch a good drama!!! OMG!
    It’s the best one I’ve seen in a loong time and I love the fact that everything is quite realistic, and everyone is so relatable and truthful!

  27. I enjoy your comment especially about how u impress about Jaejoong. As TVXQ n JYJ fans, let me give you some little info about Jaejoong, he is a blunt/straightforward person indeed but he is the most warmhearted n takecaring members, when his members sick, he is usually the one who take care and cook for them. He is the most members who has the most celebs friends, maybe his blunt personality made other people know him as a open and honest man and finally they feel comfort with him. This little thing i can serve for you. PTB fighting! How i fall in love so much w/ this drama!^^

  28. Thanks for the recaps koala ^^
    Instead of the traditional rom-com, I think PtB more suit as famiy drama. I love the adults relationship in here.
    Can’t wait for tonight episode.

  29. “In my perfect ending, Ji Heon marries Eun Seol and Moo Won marries Na Yoon. And both ladies ditch the kids at home with the two dads and run off with Myung Ran for girls night out on a regular basis.”

    YAY! It would be heaven if the ending would really come to this. Add to that, Mu Won and Ji Heon being best buds.

    I am a Ji Sung fan, and he is as good-looking even with the brocolli hair. Totally, a JYJ fan, especially JJ, gah! he just looks so cool and he’s acting is improving so much since the start of the drama. Really, really handsome, gorgeous and HOT.

  30. you have mentioned all the reasons why I love this drama so much! i love all the characters in this! This episode sealed the deal of making Na Yoon my most favorite 2nd female lead ever. In-hee-bot, who??? That is forgotten!

    ” The friendships and the familial affection move me just as much, and make me care even more about all the characters. “– i agree!! I feel like a lot of korean miniseries rom-coms are weak in this area. This drama rocks!!

    I love how JH’s dad is sympathetic to his mental condition, especially since most Asian parents aren’t sympathetic to mental illnesses and will yell at their kids to stop being a baby and get over it.

    “In my perfect ending, Ji Heon marries Eun Seol and Moo Won marries Na Yoon. And both ladies ditch the kids at home with the two dads and run off with Myung Ran for girls night out on a regular basis.”— that would be my perfect ending too!!!

  31. If I didn’t already love PTB to pieces, I would have fallen crazy over it at this point, right here! This episode ROCKS!!!! Ji Sung already owned me from the get go. And soon after, Jae Jung and Choi Kang Hee creeped into my heart. But today, Omo! Wang Ji Hye! I thought you were just a pretty face and an effective, easy-to-hate evil nemesis in Personal Taste… but now, wow! You are awesome!!! Am loving this girl.

    WJH’s portrayal of Na Yoon is so child-like, and sometimes childish too – she is just hilarious. She is the antithesis of the oh-so-common evil, scheming, hateful second lead. I love it when she and her mom kept reminding each other about the “power of education” to keep their cool. And the sobbing bout in the shower! LOL! I am with Koala and am totally enjoying watching her find herself and her role in this menagerie.

    I want Na Yoon and Moo Won to end up together. I remember MW’s expression in the earlier episodes when they were together, so I know he has feelings for her. But in the end, I agree with most of you that I just want to see everyone of our beloved characters end up being happy, fulfilled and all “grown-up”.

    The other reason why I think this is the best episode of this already fascinating drama is the Cha-dad! How refreshing, how rare (or is it that I have not seen enough?) and how endearing to see the likes of him in a korean drama! I actually teared up when he was crying over his failure to see his son’s illness all this time. And when grandma Cha gave him a hug, awwwww, wasn’t that so sweet?

    But those two characters being fleshed out at this point are just icing on a very delectable, rich cake! Kudos to the writer, PD and all the actors. I love this show!!!

  32. This is changing everything I knew of K-dramas!! It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s like a cold shower in a very hot day with the hunky 1rst and 2nd lead !!! I’m so greedy! Yes I am greedy! I want them all!! LOL

    Just joking, I’m just loving this drama so much, that I’m speechless! I mean, I even love the 2nd lead lady, who always is the biatch who can’t let go, and Na Yoon is doing one hell of a job, letting go and all, and trying to get her place, without mommy dearest telling her what to do!! Even Moo Won is doing the same thing, telling mom, hey back off, is my life!!

    And the song says:

    “It’s my life
    It’s now or never
    I ain’t gonna live forever
    I just want to live while I’m alive
    My heart is like an open highway
    Like Frankie said
    I did it my way
    I just wanna live while I’m alive
    It’s my life ”

    Artist: Bon Jovi
    Song: It’s my life

    As Miss K, I wish Na Yoon and Moo Won, end up together, coz, he didn’t like she was getting “blind dates”… I think Moo Won “likes” Eun Seol, but really loves Na Yoon… He is just confuse…

    Papa Chairman is a great dad, even with the beatings and all, he didn’t know what to do with his “lousy” son, but not because he was a bad dad, just he didn’t know his son was sick, he was so focus on his son’s failures, that he didn’t realize why was the reason of that failures!

    Eun Seol knows the answer of her own heart, she loves Ji Heon, but she is holding back, coz, she promise Papa Chairman that she ain’t gonna get “involve” with his son! She is helping him, not only to overcome his phobia, she is helping him become human. She is opening a whole new world to him, where he can be in touch with his feelings, and letting them show. He was someone who didn’t care of anything and now, he worries, he is even changing his hairstyle! LOL, he is growing up…

    Every character is growing up, right in front of us, and that is true life, and that is what hook me of this drama. That and the emotion and funny things that happen every 5 minutes! They are just awesome!!

    Miss K, love you, ALWAYS!!!

  33. Eunsol didn’t call Chairman Cha Uncle Bong. She called him Bongsuk (girl’s name) because he told her to pretend she was talking to a friend. His real name is Bong-something so she made up the name Bongsuk and Chairman Cha was like “Did you really have to call me that…” It’s like calling a man named Harry Harrietta or Patrick Patricia, but Bongsuk is a really old fashioned uncool name.
    Sorry to nitpick. But I thought that that Eunsol calling the Chairman “Bongsuk” was simply hilarious so couldn’t help commenting.

  34. loved it thankyou…its about now…monday..that im feeling the withdrawal pangs the most, so after rewatching I’m rereading everything

    And it so true what you said…PTB is totally spoiling me, the standards been raised and anything less than awesome would be unbearable to watch

  35. i really really really love this drama’s production team for making flashbacks in a drama as meaningful and useful as in this one!!!! kudos!!!!

    and in this episode, how cute it was for JH to try out calling ES as Eun Seol-ah in the toilet!!!!
    and NY is certainly becoming my ultimate example for a 2nd lead should be:D just adorable:D (i had never thought i would use the word ‘adorable’ for a 2nd female lead and even an ex-one! LOL)

    and also another ‘thanks’ for the team as for making the characters with brain:D LOL when she run away from house she take care extra notice that her cards would be cancelled, yeah that is the thing you should do if you are a smart chaebol daughter, right? 😀 LOL NY is lovely!!! I hope her to be real good friends with ES and MR!

  36. Dont know if u guys still read this topic but i want to know the instrumental on episode 9, in the beggining. The instrumental starts at 1:56~3:00, plzz help me, i rlly need this song, its totally stuck in my head!! ahahahah ;_; thnks

  37. Do you know what it the ringtone of Na Yoon please ? :/ In the epsiode 18 they have her ringtone phone but i don’t know the song 🙁

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