Written Preview for Episode 16 of Spy Myung Wol

The written preview for episode 16 completely took me by surprise. My jaw dropped, in a good way. If this plot development actually happens, and isn’t just another runaround feint (sadly I think it is), then imma going to give Spy Myung Wol props for having the guts to go for broke at this point. C’mon drama, you can do it! And no, this latest supposed development isn’t the fanfiction y’all been writing about Myung Wol pregnant and a baby coming to hunt down Kang Woo in twenty years. But that was indeed ridiculously funny.

Written preview for episode 16:

The North Korean spies plan to take Kang Woo back to North Korea has failed. Just as Choi Ryu takes Myung Wol to task for her failure, Kang Woo shows up and proposes marriage to Myung Wol in front of Choi Ryu. Myung Wol turns him down. To get Myung Wol to change her mind, Kang Woo repeatedly tells her how happy it is to live in South Korea, how free and peaceful it would it would be if she started a new life with him here.

Myung Wol is thrown back into a state of confusion with Kang Woo’s proposal. Choi Ryu once again grows distressed because of Myung Wol. One day, a drunk Choi Ryu confesses his feelings to Myung Wol and proposes to her. For her comrades and for her country, Myung Wol accepts his proposal and the two of them arrive at the pier…..

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Spy Myung Wol bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 16 of Spy Myung Wol — 68 Comments

    • the catch is “pier….” those dots….. things may just turn around again. Choi or Kang… i cant wait for the next epi i really think this series is great!

  1. Wow…I picked up on this drama when the whole “real drama” went down. I’m actually liking it. Might go back to watch the beginning.

    I really just can’t understand the North Korean ways…

  2. Huh? Does the second male lead ever get the gal in kdramaland? No right? I bet KW will intercept them at the pier… There are still three episodes to go…

      • which drama was that? The guy from The Prosecutor Princess and the Princess’ Man? He was second and took the girl home?? If there is true what is the name of the drama? PLEASE!!!

  3. i’m with team RYU but i doubt if they would be able to make it… for sure KW will surely show-up just in time to foil their plans. 🙁 but if the drama gods decided to hear my prayers, i’ll dies of happiness. 😀

    btw, i’m confused… how many episodes are left?

  4. Hello! Where are Choi Ryu and Myung Wol going to live? Don’t they die if their mission fails and they can’t take Kang Woo back to NK? What have I missed?

  5. what?! sorry. before I really didn’t care if she was gonna end up with choi or kang woo.. but but.. im rooting for the male lead. i’m really annoyed, what’s gotten into Myung Wol’s head? she really is crazy.:))

    • Hello! Hello! Hello! as Lin Xiao Ru would often say in DTLY. What do you mean by asking if the preview is really true? If you mean it to be as an imagination or a dream, well, we hope so. Your question could mean some other things and for an avid fan of this blog, I find it off.

  6. if that is kind of dream or Ryus imagination, i will be pissed, but if RYU does gets the girl, i love it. I think he needs to take In Ah also.

    Gooooo Team Ryyyyyyuuuuuu

  7. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please Please Please let Ryu get the girl. Pretty please. I’m worried though. This could just be the basic wrench in the way of the main intended couple.

    But I’ve always thought that this drama could go second lead if they wanted to, unlike other dramas there is something different in the way they’ve shown Ryu’s and Myung-wol’s relationhip.

    Oh, and despite her telling him that he’s like a father to her (which I’m pretty damn sure is to deflect him since she sort of knew after In-ah’s outburst), there was a that hug well before she fell for Kang woo.

    What she said was, according to the subs, he can’t do this, they’re on a mission. She never actually got freaked out and asked What are you doing, etc. And she definitely felt something. Watch her face till he he explains that there was a car coming. And even after he explains it.

    That being said, I wouldn’t bet against Kang-woo, because dramas almost never take the non-main lead/couple path. And especially after all that Kang-woo has gone through.

    But I shall keep hoping against hope. Please please please please please.

  8. Huh, why does MW must marry CR for her comrades & country? That sounds forced to me. Does CR threaten her with the Spy parents or something with this proposal?

    In Ep.15, if MW failed taking KW by force with them to the North, CR & the spy parents still can do it right? CR threatens to kill KW does nothing but sabotaging the mission AND endanger the spy team’s life. Even if it may be an empty threat from CR so MW could go return to the North with him in exchange for letting KW lives, it’s just not logical and MW should see through it…. though it’s hard to think straight when her love one is in danger by a guy with a loaded gun near by…..

    CR isn’t the sharpest spy but he’s been consistent about his loyalty to the country, his fellow comrades and MW so I really hope he won’t use the spy parents (or comrades) for MW to marry him from the sound of the written preview. Don’t turn bad on me CR!

  9. Ooooooo, the plot thickens. Shame it’s probably not going end up all sunshine and roses for the Myung-Ryu shippers out there. :/

    In my potential ending (WARNING: It’s LONG), when Ryu and Myung-wol head to the pier she insists to Ryu that she’s fine, that this is the best way, but Ryu can see she’s struggling with her feelings and it tears him up inside. Brokenhearted, Ryu decides that Myung-wol should stay in SK with Kang-woo, so he tricks her and ends up trapping her on the pier somehow. Myung-wol is confused and panicked but can’t manage to free herself, so she sits there wondering what Ryu is up to. Ryu tells her that it isn’t right to bring her back to NK with him, that her feelings have been compromised and she wouldn’t make a very good spy anymore. (Alas, poor Ryu! Breaking our hearts always and forever.) As Ryu leaves, he calls Kang-woo and tells him where Myung-wol is, asking him to take care of her and warning that if Kang-woo ever makes her cry again Ryu will kill him himself.

    Meanwhile, In-ah has decided she loves Ryu and has followed him to the pier. Overhearing the conversation between Myung-wol and Ryu, she realizes that they’re NK spies and freaks out a little (okay, a lot), but somehow finds herself stowing away on the boat. Because she’s nuts. (Okay, I have no good reason for it. This drama lacks in consistency and logic to begin with so let’s not get hung up on little things.)

    Kang-woo arrives on the pier and frees Myung-wol, who tries to remain firm but gives in when she realizes that Ryu has left her here for good. They kiss and make up and he promises she won’t regret staying here with him.

    Ryu heads back to NK in defeat with the Spy Parents, and when they arrive he is shocked to see that In-ah is on the boat with him. (How she managed to remain undetected to everyone else but him is a mystery, but let’s ignore that.) He asks her what she’s doing there and tells her it isn’t safe for her in NK, but In-ah ignores his questions and confronts him, demanding to know if he’s really a NK spy, if his mission was to have Myung-wol seduce Kang-woo and bring him back to NK. When Ryu confirms this, In-ah preens a little and gloats that she always knew Myung-wol was up to no good (in a why-doesn’t-anyone-ever-listen-to-me sort of way like the princess she is). Ryu tries to convince her to let him take her back to SK quietly, but In-ah makes a big scene in her protest and gets discovered, so Ryu is forced to take her to headquarters with him.

    In a startling display of conscience and humanity (Character consistency? What’s that? IT’S MY ENDING, I’LL DO WHAT I WANT.), In-ah makes a deal with NK officials that she’ll live in NK and be their Hallyu star if they let Myung-wol stay in SK with Kang-woo. Deciding that one Hallyu star is just as good as another, and with this one actually willing to defect to them, NK officials have no reason to disagree and take her up on the proposition, hinting to Ryu later that it would be a good idea if In-ah married a NK in order to ensure her future loyalty and make sure she’s not acting as a spy for SK. They also decide that someone needs to keep an eye on Myung-wol to make sure she doesn’t spill any NK secrets, so the Spy Parents are ordered to go back to SK and report on her.

    Time passes, In-ah becomes a great star in NK and she and Ryu end up getting married. Ryu becomes very fond of her and even falls in love a little, and they live as happily together as they can in NK (which is pretty well, considering she’s their prized Hallyu star). Meanwhile, Myung-wol has become an actress in her own right (she’s officially defected, but no one knows she’s an ex-NK except Kang-woo and the government), and she and Kang-woo are a high-powered Hallyu couple by day, loving family by night, with a baby or two to keep them busy when they’re not filming, with the Spy Parents continuing their charade as her parents and coming by all the time to coo over their “granchild(ren).”

    THE END.

    But that’s probably not how it’s going to play out. Alas.

    [[ tl;dr – endgame is Ryu and In-ah in NK, Kang-woo and Myung-wol (with bonus Spy Parents!) in SK ]]

    • I love how you think. I was also thinking that the spy parents would actually fall in love and get married, adopt Myung-wol as their daughter so they really could be grandparents to Kang-woo and Myung-wol’s children.

      Can’t wait to see how the drama eventually plays out. I was on the MW-CR bandwagon early on but I’m now rooting for MW and KW. They are too cute together!

    • I like it. This could actually be a potential ending. It could also be like ryu would insist in the end that they not marry each other because what he asked her was just a useless blah that need not to be acted upon since he was obviously drunk that time. But actually what he feels inside is super duper pain and over hurt. He decides to go back in nk just to know in ah following all the while. As to the sk couple. They end up and have a wonderful set of unbelievably dozens of beautiful babies.

    • You should be the writer and this drama would not be flopping around like fish out of water! Anyway, I love your scenario which does make more sense, illogical or not. In dramaland, everything is possible and who’s to say your story isn’t credible?

  10. This might be my first drama that’s turned into a frown. Slowly, I’m more annoyed at the unnecessary background music, the bad clothes, overly repeated “memories,” and hamster wheel plot… It’s not going where it should be by now…
    Sigh. I had such high hopes for this one!!! I thought it would be different/new like Gumiho & Secret Garden. tsk tsk tsk…

  11. Really, i don’t think she accepted the proposal from ryu because she has a little bit of feelings for him. I think the main reason she accepted it was out of obligation and gratitude. Pleaseeee, kang woo’s like her first love and everything. She also is actually very willing to give her life just to save him and I think that’s the other reason. I still hope kang woo and myung wol end up having a free and blissful ending after all it’s at least the best return they could give to the couple’s story after having a real life chaotic set and taping blaaah.

  12. I love what Kender imagined above. HarHarHar! Wish everyone will have a happy ending, that way all this waiting and anticipating every week is worth it. Also, Koala may I request if you could blog The Princess Man too? It is about to finish I think. Even the last two or four episodes are fine. Any thoughts? Keep up the good work! Cheers !

    • I’m pretty sure TPM is 24 eps so still has a ways to go before it’s done. ^__^ I’m watching but really have nothing to say about it other than it’s very very good. Great acting all around and the story is tightly plotted and very deftly executed.

  13. I want a WHIB ending. At this insane point, this drama totally calls for a WHIB ending to go out with a bang. Kang Woo goes to North Korea because Myung Wol took off with Ryu there…. I’d gobble that up and ask for more.

    • Ooooh, yeah! And then someone shoots him…maybe Ryu? Maybe Myung-wol? Ok, I guess to be true WHIB he’s got to shoot both of them and then himself, but I think it should have to be Ryu who shoots them, instead. I think he’d suffer more from it. Is that sick of me? At this point I just want this drama over with so that Poseidon can air.

  14. Nothing about this drama surprises me any more. MW marrying CR? Oh…okay. IA not the chairman’s real daughter, not even human, but a cyborg sent by the Anti-Hallyu Squad to destroy it from within? Oh..okay.

      • Just so you know, KBS advertised it to the media as a “spy melodrama”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. The rom-com came because of the tone and the promos and early eps.

  15. This drama hasn’t been consistent. There has been a lot of holes in it. I continue watching it because I love Eric and find CR very handsome. Reading the recap and the opinion of the fans, almost everyone likes CR and would like him to end with MW. I am having mixed emotions because my favorite korean actor is Eric but I like CR very much, and his caracter hasn’t done much (writers fault). If CR is not going to end with the girl, I least I would like a “real” kiss between them.

  16. I want them to kill of Ryu! Now now before you bring out your sharpened knives, hear me out. I think it would be less painful (in the sense that he can’t be with MW) and more heroic at the same time (in the sense that he’s sacrificing himself for love). It’d be the perfect constructed death, they just need a reason as to why he would sacrifice himself. Come on writers pull out all the big guns, both figuratively and literally. I want to see this drama end with a bang!

    • I bet money Choi Ryu will bite it. The question is who else will croak. Perhaps the actors are picking straws and the winners get a glorious ten gun salute ending.

      • Your theory about picking straws made me smile. I hope team Ryu wins, and leaves with his spy, and poor Kang Woo ends up heartbroken, but not with a lukewarm girl who is wishy-washy to a fault. Even though Myung and Kang might be heartbroken, and it might just be for the best.

        Sometimes things don’t work out with the person you loved, and thought you should be with. Usually it is because the relationship had signs of being forced, with numerous red flags along the way, and I think Myung and Kang Woo would be good candidates for that meeting that criteria.

        Since this has been such a wacky drama, I don’t think they have to kill off Ryu, at least I hope not.

        I would prefer they reach the melodrama status with one person heartbroken, than Ryu 6 feet under.

  17. i wish choi ryu and myungwol can be together but i dont think it will end that way.. =( .. i really dont want to see him sad… it hurt me when he is sad.. i wish there is a happy ending for him too.. omg.. i really dont have idea whats gonna happen.. but sincerely i dont think i want him to end with ju in ah.. he farrrrrr to good for her.. i mean in ah character is just annoying (i dont really like her.. sorry!).. i would like it if mebbe he end up meeting with a hot new partner for his next mission went he got back from north and fall in love bla.. bla.. bla… well that just my opinion.. ^^

  18. This drama make me sick and twisted….. @_@
    I confuse whether i would choose between CR and Eric.
    it would be terribly sad if any of them end up dead but that should
    be the end ???!!!!!!

  19. Ryu and Myung Wol go to the pier. Kang Woo arrives and stops them just as they are about to board the ferry. Kang woo punches Ryu and Ryu punches him back. Myung Wol tries to stop them, trips and falls into the water. The shock sends Myung Wol into labour, and she delivers a baby in the water. Ryu and Kang Woo pull Myung Wol to safety.The baby swims up, climbs onto the pier, strangles Ryu, snatches his gun and shoots Kang Woo. The baby performs CPR on Myung Wol and crawls to the nearest police station. The baby confesses to killing Ryu and Kang Woo, and is sentenced to life imprisonment. He writes a bestseller “Confessions of a Baby Killer” in prison. The End.

  20. OMG I REALLY hope that it won’t end with Myung Wol and Choi Ryu going back to South Korea together without Kang Woo. Those kinds of endings are sooooo frustrating. They just leave you hanging.

  21. There were soooooooo many possibilities in this drama. Whyyyyyy did it go downhill? (I’d say it started rolling into the dumps after that unnecessary slap. After that, we were stuck in 8 episodes of back and forth Kang Wu loves me loves me not limbo. =_=;)

    Like, say by episode 10, since we already established that Kang Wu is heads over heels for her, they quicken the story and give Ryu some room to propose his feelings to Myung Wol. AND THEN SLAM, they end up together instead of Kang Wu and Myung Wol because quite frankly, I’m getting really sick and tired of the games M and K are playing. It’s more satisfying and understandable that she’ll go to someone who cherishes her up to death, someone that understands her origins, and I also think she’s got untranslated feelings for Ryu.

    AND WHERE ARE THE SOUTH KOREAN AGENTS? I cannot believe they just disappeared. So. Many. Possibilities. Jeez, hire me part time and I will spin you more possibilities.

  22. OHMYGAWWD. i didnt think it could lead to this!!! as a myung ryu shipper this definitely made my DAY 😀
    but having watched a lot of kdramas , i dont hve high hopes of them ending up tgthr but it just gave me a great joy knowing tht ryu’s gonna confess n even propose to her n she accepted . *squeals!*
    but yeah considering the fact tht she accepted bcos of her comrades(-.-) it was the flipside of the happiness.
    the only thing tht kept me watching this drama was lee jin wook. it was alrdy quite boring halfway . thnk goodness for the twisted plot twrds the end 🙂
    Thnk u koala!!

    • u r right. but then they twist it so much that the happy ending gets squashed and then doesn’t even make sense anymore. For example-Heartstrings.
      vague endings just piss off people.

  23. if i were myungwol i will choose comrade choi ryu.. if someone love me so much and is willing to die for me.. always be there by my side when im sad or trouble.. i’ll be touch.. and wants him to stay by my side for the rest of my life.. plus his hot and romantic in sort of way.. =) u got nothing to lose girl… can’t u feel anything myungwol..? really?.. cause i can feel it..

    and for kang woo.. if u love her so much why dont u just follow her to the north.. it seems that u love ur life in the south more than her..

  24. so what u r saying is there are 18 episodes but i saw some other websites for example wikidrama and there are 17 episodes.
    Team KW!! sorry fans of Choi Ryu

  25. if i were myungwol i will choose comrade choi ryu.. if someone love me so much and is willing to die for me.. always be there by my side when im sad or trouble.. i’ll be touch.. and wants him to stay by my side for the rest of my life.. plus his hot and romantic in sort of way.. =) u got nothing to lose girl… can’t u feel anything myungwol..? really?.. cause i can feel it..

    and for kang woo.. if u love her so much why dont u just follow her to the north.. it seems that u love ur life in the south more than her..

    arghh! myungwol why do u have to come to south in the first place… u should just stay and fall in love with ryu and live happyly ever after.. from what i see ryu had fallen in love with you long before u came to the south… please dont hurt my ryu!!

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