Ultimate Bromance: Yamapi and Ryo-chan

Wut wut? Koala wants to write about Ryo but she feels guilty because she’s promised her love forevermore to her Pi and she’s only allowed to love one NEWS boy? What’s a Koala to do? Easy, make it a bromance post, of course! I have no good reason why Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) has already starred in two of my bromance series, other than he has a lot of close guy friends. Probably comes with being a Johnny and having as his contemporaries his boyband mates, plus the guys inΒ KAT-TUN, Arashi, etc.

Y’all know how I feel about Pi, but watching Zenkai Girl has resurrected my long dormant appreciation for Nishikido Ryo, the man with more than 1 Litre of Tears. Right now Ryo’s character and performance in ZG has me worshipping at his puppy dog smile altar, and making me ship him with Gakki so so bad. Whereas Pi and Gakki had zero chemistry in Code Blue, Ryo and Gakki are simply perfect together. But Ryo and Pi? That’s a bromance a decade long that is worth memorializing in a post. Don’t miss out, because I found the best bromance video of them. Watching it might give you cavities, but these two boys are so cute I guarantee the cavities are worth it.

Pi and Ryo Forever:



Ultimate Bromance: Yamapi and Ryo-chan — 39 Comments

  1. Oh god, RyoPi was my favorite bromance in all of JE. They met back when they were kids, have known each other the longest, and have been friends for almost half of their lives. And just, back when they were still Juniors and Ryo was this small shrimp of a kid and Pi, who was younger, yet seemed like the older one between the two, and that they would call each other often back then, when Ryo was in Osaka and Pi was in Tokyo and just, gah. I remember reading a really old interview somewhere that Pi was Ryo’s first friend from Tokyo.

    Incoherent flailing. I miss these two.

  2. I’m not in the news fandom so I never really hear much about RyoPi bromance. There seems to be heaps of Pin fans though. *sigh*, I really miss the Akanishi Troop exploits.

  3. I can’t even talk about 1 Litre of Tears. That drama scarred me for life. It was so good, but broke my heart in a thousand ways possible. Side note: Does anyone else feel like Japan is better at making tearjerkers than other Asian countries? All of the Korean makjang’s just end up being too cheesy for me, but I’d be hard pressed to remember the number of times I’ve cried at a Japanese drama and film.

    I’m going to start watching Zenkai girl this weekend. I’m always a little iffy on dramas with children, but Ryo is too cute. Gotta give it a chance.

    Koala you’ve got to stop posting all these pictures of adorable Japanese men. I’m so distracted at work!

    (Except just kidding. Please don’t stop posting omg. I love them too much)

    • I agree — I usually don’t cry (or even have tears welling up) when watching things and Japanese doramas/movies do it in for me. I straight up had tears pouring down my face for ‘Kimi ni Shikai Kikoenai’

      Although, my eyes were flooding during that scene in the last ep of City Hunter when Yoon Sung and his dad were reaching for each other — until an ad butted in. It was about the worst interruption of my life πŸ˜›

      • Make that three. I literally cried buckets watching ‘1 Litre of Tears’ and for tons of other J-doramas (Mukodono included). A fan of K-dramas too but none gave that strong of an effect on me.

  4. I was so surprised by Gakki & Ryo in Zenkai Girl, in a good way! I love Gakki in this role, it’s so different from her usual image. The little girl playing her in the drama almost brought tears to my eyes.

    Oh wait this is a bromance post. I’ve always shipped the P&Ryo and P&Toma relationships. Hey… now that I think about it… I’ve always hoped that Ryo & Toma will gain a little more weight someday…

    • I love Pi&Ryo but I admire Pi and Toma more = they are just too beautiful and it hurts my eyes….looking forward for a future projects from two of them together not just during the J’s concert “only”. Koala, thanks for sharing this with us. Just love all your posts and “tastes” on no matter, Kdramas, Jdramas, Tdramas etc… you are the best!

  5. Not related to this post, but I love your banner! It’s been a year. =’) Thanks for the wonderful recaps. This had been our home.

  6. I’ve heard of Yamapi&Toma, Yamapi&Kame and Yamapi&Jin, but Yamapi&Ryo?? I didn’t think their bromance meter was this high. lol and Yamapi sure gets around a lot.

    ZG: who knew Ryo and Gakki would be so awesome together. I’ve always liked Ryo, but Gakki was such a surprise, her Wakaba completely erased my horrible memories of her in Koizora.

    • Same here, I thought Yamapi was best buds with Kame and Jin, but I had no idea about the others. And phew, he looks good in those pictures! Especially the ones from way back when he still looked like Akira.

      He’s gotten much buffer since then, but somehow I like him best as my little Akira. *sniff*

    • Me too.. I only know KAT-TUN and from there I got to know Yamapi and heard of his other bffs but I never knew about this one… I had no clue Ryo was in NEWS.

      Their bromance is <3

  7. How I love Japanese men. They are not as pretty as Korean, but oh man, how they ooze charisma! And to say that Ryo is probably not the prettiest, even to japanese standard, but I love him like crazy. Matter of facts, I love lots of Japanese actors. I got lost sometimes in Kdrama land with all the prettiness, but this kind of post reminded me of my first love, Dorama boys..

    • i agree with you….my very first love and first asian actor I’ve watched and has fallen in love with was Kimura Takuya (engine, pride..).

      • Oh don’t get me start on Takuya Kimura! I adore him! First time I saw him I was like, he’s kinda ugly with serious teeth problems (I’m a dentist so I noticed teeth) But then, he captured my heart with amazing acting. And now, he’s like one of the most handsome, with better teeth, asian actor for me. His adds on levis jeans were so frickin’ smokin’ hot sexy!
        More people need to get on board the dorama train. Lots of crazy talented & gorgeous actors. They may not be conventionally pretty as the koreans, but they got sexy all over from top to toe without having to flaunt their choco abs.

  8. yamapi my 1st love in j-dorama when i watch kurosagi n ryo in 1 litre tears…
    both of them really3 handsome… kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i think j-dorama is much better than k-drama… k-drama is too exaggerated for me… i usually watch in d beginning n stop in d middle… but i think its soooo sweet when j-pop idol n k-pop idol friend with each other… bromance.. XDDD

  9. hwaaaaaaa……i just watch some old jdrama with ryo in it….attention please

    i so much like this post
    ryo smiles alot in those pics compare to in the drama i watch
    too bad i can’t find any video for atttention please special 2 (sidney)

    thank youuuu….mwaaah

    • omg..thank you koala for the video,,i die from their cuteness..yamapi mmuah!
      ryo is cute..but somehow his look remind me to someone in the band from my country, sheila on 7..i want to deny that..i like ryo..i like his acting,,a lot..but i dont like erros..a lot..
      i think u know who i mean wewe..haha..do you feel the same?:)

      • Major LOL on this! Now that you mentioned it, yes… He does look like eros, but only a bit. I refuse any similarities! Hahahaha

      • glad to hear you agree with me..i felt that from the first i saw ryo..i felt ryo face is so familiar, so “jowo”..hoho..dont blame me,i like him too..
        btw i still can handle “ryo and erros” similarity,
        but some of my friend said that yamapi look like ariel peterpan..omg..i just scream, noooooooo!..i’m going crazy..

  10. ahhh yamapi and ryo! always been kinda partial to yamapi but ryo…. man 1 liter of tears was epic in cementing my love for him among the new generation (then) of japanese male leading stars… i think it helped that he wasn’t a pasty faced johnny’s boy with overly crimped hair.. there’s a certain gravitas to him… and that smile! those eyes! (and those eyelashes! hmmm does that sound weird?) and gakki! i thought she looked familiar when i first started watching ZK and when google listed out her previous works, i did a double take…. she’s so so so much awesome in ZK…. and i think the story kinda helps too…. and the kids! ryo and gakki’s mini-mes…. they’re purfection!!

  11. Back in Nobuta wo Produce days, I love Yamapi and Kame… but actually the true bro-mance for Yamapi is definitely one and only Ryo. ^_~

    Thanks for this post, Ms Koala! How I missed my Johnnie boys – Takki, Matsujun, Junichi Okada, Nino, Kimutaku, Ikuta Toma….

    and not forgetting my fave actor, though not a Johnnie-boy…but a true blue Romantic Hero – Hiro Mizushima who married Ayaka despite knowing her incurable disease

  12. Thanks for the post, unni! I am finally watching Nobuta wo Produce and am loving Yamapi and Kame’s bromance, although now I have to check out this one!!

  13. Thanks ms. koala for introducing me to these two. Loved Buzzer Beat and Zenkai Girl has me wrapped around it’s little finger. This last episode was unbelievably good. While I don’t think that Ryo is classically good-looking, he’s just so darn charming, that he becomes incredibly handsome. And Yamapi? Well… *blush*

  14. My most memorable Ryo performance was in Last Friends, where he played the psychotic possessive boyfriend. But Ryo in Zenkai Girl.. Is just too Wonderful for words. Aaah. As for Yamapi, Proposal Daisakusen <3. News was my first ever fandom. I remember the days where I knew everything about them @_@. And how I've bitten everyone that said negative things about them. Ah good old times. Yamapi and Ryo are adorkable. Glad there was this pimp post for them ^O^~

  15. My most memorable Ryo performance was 1 litre — I totally cried buckets for that one and they were soo young then. Yikes how time flies. Yamapi – I just wasn’t all that into him – not sure why – but i liked him in kurosagi (not even sure how to spell that!) and NWP. The only semi-recent one I’ve seen in buzzer beat (a function of time constraints). But Ryo-Yamapi combo is very delightful. I do love the cuteness btw the johnny’s members. Kimura-san is definitely my favorite j-actor. Can’t get enough of him… he is definitely all sorts of pretty pretty pretty. It’s been awhile since I’ve been really into a jdrama.

  16. Thank you so much for this post! I just watched Buzzer Beat for the nth time since reading your review in Pimp That Drama and want to take this opportunity to sidetrack a little to say thank you for the heads up. I didn’t watch it before, it just flew past my radar even though Yamapi is in it (and I’ve loved him since Akira Shock!). I think his acting in BB surpassed all the other dramas he’s done before. The story is so much more than a sports drama, I was transported into the world of Naoki and Riko, and love them to bits. My only gripe is the ending was too short!

    As for Ryo, loved him since 1 Litre of Tears. Especially moving in the special as the doctor who couldn’t move on. He always plays such good guys! Particularly in Zenkai Girl, Gakki and him have so much chemistry, and the story is so much fun.

    So a post on both of them…..Love Love Love! Although they both have a long way to go before they can dethrone KimuTaku in my heart, but they’re getting there! πŸ™‚

  17. love, love, love this post to the nth degree. *presses imaginary love button*

    and yes, i agree with the posts above…while i get lost in all the K-drama pretty, it’s always the J-doramas that capture my heart.

  18. omgggg u tooo.lol.they were one of the best pairs for me as well,the other being akame.but i think i lik ryo more, his smile ,also his personality “kindaa dont mess wid me”wehreas pi is like too quiet for me .i wish they were a bit taller and manlier ,just saying

    how cool is the chemistry between him and the gal in zenkai ,second japanese drama where i actually like the romance aspect .first being pride with kimu-taku.i dun think any japanese drama has beaten that place for a lonngggggg time.


  19. koala, omg! i watched buzzer beat coz o you and i liked it a lot. i like yamapi.

    i read somewhere about the friendship of the kids on zenkai girl so i checked it out and now i am hooked! i discovered ryo… ah ryo! i am just blown away at acting. he is not the typical pretty boy, but his smile just knocks me down, i feel pain when he cries. ah! how perfect is his character in ZG? the chemistry with wakaba just sizzles. yamapi, i like but ryo, i absolutely adore!

    btw, that video IS way too cute. thanks for sharing.

  20. Koala, please write an Ultimate Bromance piece on Jiro Wang and Danson Tang… pretty please? They’re one of my all time favorite bromance ever.

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