First Impressions on Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) with Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu

It’s here! And it’s everything I hoped for and more, literally drama crack on demand and I’m already in withdrawal mode needing more new episodes. More, I need more Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心), THE long-awaited time-travel period C-drama. Before I get started, I make no bones about loathing Gong/Jade Palace Lockheart, the Yu Zheng knock-off of Bu Bu Jing Xin (the novel), which was basically a giant f-you to the Nine-Prince-Battle and turned it into HanaDan in the Qing Dynasty. I ran away screaming after two episodes and have barely exorcised it from my brain. While I still don’t think it’s necessarily exclusive that one must hate JPLH to love BBJX, or vice-versa, all I know is I fit that profile.

So what can I say about BBJX? It’s like a shoujo male harem manga crossed with one of the bloodiest battles for succession ever waged in Chinese history. Nine princes in, one prince out is pretty much the end result. So what happens when a 21st century girl finds herself transported into the body of a real life 16 year old Qing Dynasty royalty? And then promptly finds herself completely ensconced with nine hot princes? I don’t know where the nearest time machine is, but I’ll be the first in line. BBJX will likely turn out to be lead actress Liu Shi Shi‘s career-launching role from solidly known actress to mega star in China, and she deserves it. Love the drama, love her performance, and I’m dying for the love triangle to start between the heroine and the 4th and 8th Princes.

The story of BBJX (Chinese title 步步惊心 which means each step is fraught with suspense) is about a modern 21st century girl played by Liu Shi Shi who’s soul is transported into the body of 16 year old Maertai Ruo Xi, a member of the Qing Dynasty aristocracy. Ruo Xi has no choice but to live in the past, unable to find a way return to the modern world because she doesn’t know how a car accident could have caused her to be transported.

Due to her being the younger sister of the second wife of the 8th Prince, Ruo Xi meets all the princes and her outgoing personality and forward sensibilities immediately makes her curious and interesting to them. History tells us that the battle of the Nine Princes was mostly between the 4th and the 8th Prince, and BBJX makes these exact two princes the two legs of a love triangle with Ruo Xi. Three episodes in, the story is progressing at such a fast and confident pace that it’s so easy to watch with minimal silliness. Ruo Xi as a character is animated enough to be eye-catching in an era where ladies were required to be demure and refined, but she doesn’t exaggerate or emphasize her modern ways to draw attention to herself.

What makes this drama riveting is that Ruo Xi already knows what’s about to happen with the Nine Princes, and it’s beyond her control to change things. Or is it? So far I’m enjoying the drama for the journey in the details and the unbelievably gorgeous costumes and set pieces. Not having read the novel, I’m pleased to discover this story through it’s drama adaptation without feeling the urge to go read the original work.

The cast goes like this:

Liu Shi Shi as Maertai Ruo Xi
Nicky Wu as Yin Zhen (4th Prince)
Kevin Cheng as Yin Si (8th Prince)
Yuan Hong as Yin Xiang (13th Prince)
Lin Geng Xin as Yin Ti (14th Prince)
Han Dong as Yin Tang (9th Prince)
Ye Zu Xin as Yin’e (10th Prince)
Damian Lau as Emperor Kangxi

Directing is the all-around kick-ass period drama director Lee Kwak Lap, who directed, amongst others, TBV‘s 1982 adaptation of Louis Cha‘s Demi-God’s and Semi-Devils and the most recent 2008 C-drama adaptation of Legend of the Condor Heroes (the one with Ariel Lin, Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi and Yuan Hong). Love the dude’s directorial skills in period settings.

Until I get my hands on more episodes, I find myself watching and rewatching the opening credits like a baby staring at a light. The song owns by heart “One Persistent Thought” (一念执着) sung by actor Hu Ge and songstress Alan Dalwa Domo. It’s just perfect and makes me weepy already for the tragic love story that is already set in historical stone. How can this end well? It might, but along the way everyone is going to get dragged through the ringer and back. Who knew Hu Ge’s singing (in addition to his acting) can touch my heart as well? Boy is too much.

As for the drama, the cast is marvelous, so much chemistry they can bottle it and sell it. Half the Princes are already in love with Maertai Ruo Xi within seconds of meeting her, and the rest will be goners soon enough. While history tells us that 4th Prince ends up becoming the infamous Emperor Yongzheng (who did not have the greatest reputation in the books), I’m nevertheless completely on the OTP ship in this drama. Despite the burning chemistry between Ruo Xi and the 8th Prince, which frankly really makes me sad because so far 8th Prince appears the better guy between the two.

I hope someone is subbing this for the English viewers, because it’s soooo angsty and good, yet truly tries to remain historically accurate that it’s like getting the best of both worlds.


In a blink of an eye, in one persistent mind
Destined to be a moth to the flame
Knowing it’s a catastrophe, yet unable to resist
It’s best we don’t meet, it’s best we don’t miss (each other)
Which is the only way we won’t fall in love
With each additional bypass
It’s just sinking one step deeper
It’s the fault of time
Causing us to miss each other
How much I miss you is how far away you are
Knowing that it’s a bitter pill
Yet in this moment I don’t want to escape
The word “regret” is so blinding to see
Two worlds apart
And I don’t want to escape
It’s the fault of time
Causing us to miss each other
How much I miss you is how far away you are
Already knowing the ending is a sadness that I cannot change
Stopped at this very moment
It’s only, the deepest of loves, the shallowest of fates.

P.S. HongShi is one of the most sizzling RL ships out there, and I am a proud member. Too bad they play platonic BFFs in BBJX, but hot damn Yuan Hong and Liu Shi Shi went to town during the BBJX promotional circuit. XD O.M.G. Holding hands while singing! Apparently industry people are on their ship, too, which is freaking adorable and hilarious and they need to get married and make gorgeous babies. End of fangirling. Oh, and I’m loving my loverboy Yuan Hong’s performance as 13th Prince. He pretty much steals any scene he’s in.


First Impressions on Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) with Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu — 54 Comments

  1. OMG! I was sooo hoping you’d recap this!! 😀
    I’m glad you love the show. It’s seriously THE best. I managed to watch all the way to episode 10 since they were apparently leaked. *cough* But hmm, since I’m not a china viewer and can’t affect ratings much, I guess leaked episodes are okay? *warped thinking*

    Anyhow, I’m just gna say that this show does not disappoint. It’s fast paced and extremely addictive.

  2. Wow, looks stunning and from your description the story sounds nice too. If subs appear I’ll be watching this. I haven’t watched a good historical cdrama since forever. Must check my sources for videos…

  3. Hmm… Might try watching this later when I have time.
    I tried watching Palace before but since I’ve read a couple of those time-travelling online chinese novels, it was pretty predictable and I got quite annoyed actually…
    I haven’t really ever seen a really good historical chinese drama apart from maybe huan zhu ge ge (princess returning pearl? or something) 1 and 2 aaages ago. I remember I used to love it.

  4. Gosh! BBJX’s opening credits totally amaze me! It was what JPLH should have been but that’s water under the bridge. I’m sure I’ll love this as much as I adore JPLH. Fine, I adore JPLH only for FengMi’s sake! Haha!
    Maybe I’m asking for too much, but was also hoping that you’d get to recap this one.

  5. Thanks for the great introduction to the drama. I’ve been waiting for this drama to air for ages. I really love this kind of fantasy theme of time travel (albeit soul travel in this respect) mixed in with history, a healthy dose of good looking guys and girls, romance, political tension, drama etc. The scenes are beautifully shot and edited, as can be expected from all Shanghai Tangren Productions. Also,quite partial to Liu shi shi and Yuan Hong since Condor Heroes 08. And the drama has a cast full of solid acting chops with the likes of Damian Lau, one of my favourite veteran Hong Kong actors.

    • but i wonder, if the souls were swapped, what happen to the real princess’s soul? Does she get transplanted into the 21st century body? That would be another interesting angle to explore.

    • You. Watch.

      Sereeeeeeee, I watched 10 eps in one night. My eyes no longer resembles eyes and have lost its functional purpose. But it was soooo worth it. O___O

      I need moar~

      • hi koala,

        after your recommendation, i also finished 10eps in a day. this is insane, i havent done this for a long time. actually i also havent watched a cdrama for a long time. this one was really good! i’m glad i can understand chinese! do you know where i can find subsequent episodes, heard that they were leaked onto youtube but the user is not uploading anymore.

      • hi koala, i was wondering do you know why in the trailer the emperor was reading about the death of the 14th prince and his concubine ruoxi? i thought ruoxi became the emperor’s wife?

      • @ g

        Hhhhm, do you really want to know? If I answered your question it would be terribly spoilery. I suggest just watching and you’ll see why.

      • hi, i dont mind knowing – dont think knowing will diminish the love for the drama, haha. maybe if it is too spoilery, you can email me? 🙂

  6. lol I saw Jade Palace and the story line was very interesting… though I guess I didn’t like how the story was shown or put together (although the OTP had really really strong chemistry too) and then I saw the premise for BBJX and i’m like WUTTTT AGAIN? hahaha i did not want to watch it… but seeing your review makes me want to give it a try~ =D thanks Mrs. Koala

  7. hi,
    yup… it will be on viki with fully sub stay tune… we have the first four episodes…. but please be patient as it will take a while to be segment and sub… as i recall, there is two version one is the tv version and one is dvd version… we are trying to get the dvd version of this great drama.. Koala unni, i do hope you do the first impression of Qing Shi Huang Fei after Bu Bu Jing Xin….

  8. This is not meant as snark but a genuine question – I loved loved loved JPLH, do you think I’ll be able like BBJX? You are not the first person I’ve seen do the whole JPLH/BBJX either-or scenario. I have no problem with watching the same story done differently and I adore Liu Shi Shi but the trailers didn’t grab me one way or another and *hides from his fangirls* Nicky Wu does nothing for me. Dilemmas, dilemmas…

    • Hahaha, Nicky doesn’t have fangirls anymore. His boyband days are long behind. He’s just an actor now.

      I honestly don’t know if you’ll like it. BBJX is really true to history, so in 10 eps she’s already spent a few years in the Qing and finds herself tied to the princes situation deeply even though she doesn’t want to take sides. The love triangle is very well done, but lots of lingering looks and no payoff yet. The angst is wonderfully restrained, a bit of raging and then it’s over and done with. Very little evil plotting, just a lot of situational plot drivers. The set pieces are much grander than JPLH, and the costumes more rich yet muted in brightness. I don’t think you’ll hate BBJX, but I think it’s 50/50 you’ll find it boring and/or not as addictingly interesting for you compared to JPLH.

      • I watched the first ep (the only one which was subbed) and I am totally adoring and obsessed. This is a really amazing drama! You were completely right.

    • I watched both – and given my fascination with Chinese history and the PRC epic historical drama series trio (Kangxi, Yong Zhen and Qianlong), I have to say both BBJX and JPLH have very different, refreshing and creative takes on what might have happened. Up to date, there are still differing schools of thought as to whether YongZhen really was the chosen successor. The OSts of both series are great and I have to say that I do like the 4th Prince casting better in JPLH – Nicky Wu does nothing for me, too. It is interesting that both series casted Hong Kong actors as KangXi.

  9. It’s another case, happens very often, that I need to WORD your every word. Especially: ‘It’s like a shoujo male harem manga crossed with one of the bloodiest battles for succession ever waged in Chinese history.’ Done extremely well. I have no complaints and am moved and going OMG exactly how much and when it’s designed to grab us. My eyes….my eyes r literally bloodridden. no sleep, tears, happy AND heart-tugging ones.

    I watched 1, 2 Sat. Then I didn’t sleep a wink and finished the next 8 in one single sitting. I’m about to pass out.

    • Tell me you are on the OTP ship, twinnie!!!

      I know Kevin’s sudden acting ability makes 8th Prince so insanely riveting to watch, but it’s 4th Prince-Ruo Xi that’s killing me. The kiss in episode 8! %^#@$%%^$& All sorts of wrong but it was so good I don’t want to be right. Shipping Yongzheng is all sorts of against my historical principles (bad boy), but I can’t help it here…..

      And don’t even get me started on HongShi. Loverboy is shooting his Shi “I want you stares” except they are supposed to be bromancing, and it’s soooooo awesome. The scene at the winter campfire where he drags her out drinking was like my shippy dream come true.

      And I’m already sensing 14th Prince-Ruo Xi angst upcoming up as well. That girl really is going to break most of the princes’ hearts before she’s done. And she doesn’t even give a fuck is what’s so awesome. She’s all like “please stop annoying me, I’ve got some tea to brew.”

      Lee Kwak Lap’s directing is just brilliant, fast and fluid and totally in control. Transitions are seamless and subtle. I am so in love with this drama it’s not even funny. Why aren’t more episodes leaked yet. Btw, check twitter, I sent you an INSANE spoiler on the ending. I was weeping tears of joy last night when I saw it.

      • OTPOTP forever and ever we chant! This is the age old Darcy/Lizzy ship reincarnated with a wring of our Candy/Terry thrown in….as in the ‘good’ one our Heroine is drawing tender hearts with in the beginning is NEVER her OTP. Here it’s sooo terrifically done, with RX knowing the course of history, she KNOWS 8 is not for her. GAWD, I love this extra layer of time traveling done so well, done what I want it to be, complicating things and making it sprinkles on the cake.

        But this is soooo sooooo good and no matter how bad we ship 4, the alterna ship makes every bit of sense and hitting even me in angsty angsty wayyyssss because you can’t not be bleeding tears for 8 and want to give him tender hugs every scene he’s in, I’m only seeing him falling for RX coz he reminds him of how he’s fallen for the young RL…. I can’t ship 8RX coz I’m rabidly shipping 8RL, but 8RL can’t be, not in this lifetime, this is angsty love in the purest crack.

        And HongShi is killing killing me. And I swear they r just not letting me ANY moment off the ship with the LoCH08 OST blaring in sooo many scenes!!!!!!!!

        I’ve already started rewatching, it’s this bad. *sigh and so long my real life*

      • Yesyesyes, Darcy/Lizzie + Candy/Terry = cold, roboty haughty 4th Prince who’s secretly a closet bad boy + opinionated and spirted heroine who knows what’s best for her (do not get involved with ANY prince) and still falls head over heels.

        I secretly ship 8-RX, too. 8-RL is a ship that didn’t even leave the dock. She’s emotionally dead, and it’s soooooo fucking sad because 8 fell for her on first sight, not knowing the RL he saw was a RL in love with another man. His love was doomed from the get go, which is why 8-RX doesn’t upset me AT ALL. Because 8 is a decent guy (who is just as calculating as 4), and his love for RX feels soooooo tender AND passionate.

        AHHHH, alterna-shipping in BBJX will be the death of us, twinnie~

        But at the end of the day, it’s 4-RX all the way (did you see the spoiler pic I sent you?). I watched the 2nd release of the 30 minute trailer and the upcoming 4-RX love story made my weep my guts out simply on random scenes. And when 8 “told” 4 about his history with RX, I wanted to spear him through because I couldn’t believe he would submarine her life that way. Even as I know he’s doing it to twist at knife into 4.

        I’m already rewatching as well. Episodes 1-10 are already perfect, how much more awesome is to come? Drama gods, thank you for treating us two to our drama fangirl dreams come true. *sobs tears of happy*

      • I dun see the 8RL never leaving dock, it that fateful tragedy didn’t happen and even with that devastating outcome of losing sth that precious btn the couple, I think 8 will have a way to creep into RL’s heart and delusional me thinks if she is emotionally dead, she would’ve been able to b truly unfeeling but all her contained turmoils of the strongest emotions r saying otherwise. Yes, there won’t be a chance she’ll stop loving and mourni, ng her LoveinHerLIFE, but she’s noticing every sweet tender things 8 has done for her all along just that if she forgives and forgets…it’ll be really HER doing of killing general off in every bit of her awareness and she can never allow that to remotely happen. The emotional cruelty she dumps on 8 must b hurting her more and she’s going over the bend out of character …and this just feeds my angst loving beast to ship them.
        I think out of my cybersilliness, these few weeks will b St its ugliest

  10. AHHHHH. It’s out!!! I’m so happy you are promoting it a bit, cdramas get no love. I haven’t actually had the time to watch it yet, but I’ve been anticipating it for months! HongShi are too much. Even platonicly, they sizzle. I get what you mean about JPLH, even though I love Yang Mi so so SO much, I refused to even touch that drama. I saw a trainwreck coming. BBJX appeals to me on a lot of levels and I’m glad you have a positive view of it!

  11. I’m not too into time-travel romances, but this drama has been on my radar because of Yuan Hong. I’m a HongShi shipper too, ever since Legend of the Condor Heroes. Please let them be the OTP again in another drama or let them get married in real life! I’m glad Ruo Xi and the Yongzheng emperor will be the OTP in this (as opposed to the Ruo Xi x 8th prince pairing), since I remember liking the Yongzheng emperor when I was studying Chinese history many years ago.

    I had watched a little bit of JPLH- it wasn’t too bad and I loved the theme song for that one. And Yang Mi’s got some great on-screen presence.

  12. Unni, you are making me want to watch this, but the semester just started and my first paper is coming up and I really can’t…but I want to so bad. ~sigh~ Goodbye, sleep and social life. You’re only young once and it’ll be worth it. ^_^

    • Watch. Waaaaatch. You won’t regret it. A very fascinating fictional take on the 9 Prince battle with hot actors playing princes and LSS as the most perfect time-traveling heroine EVER. 😀

      • Ok, you’ve persuaded me. I’ve never been into historical dramas much (except Return of Iljimae – RoI and JIW are LOOOOOOOVE), but I’ll give this one a shot. Perhaps you shall hear my Twitter rantings soon. ^_^

  13. I haven’t been following period pieces for the most part and only watch them when I visit my parents cause my dad is always watching one of them. Seriously, last time I watched the crappiest period piece ever but still watched it. Anyhow, the only thing holding me back from watching this is not enough time. Also my understanding of wen yi wen is good but sometimes I have to scratch my head a little. This looks really good so I’ll give it a watch when I have time to marathon it all when it finishes airing… I haven’t loved a period c-drama since LOCH 08 either. Thank you for recommending this.

  14. OOOH the premise looks really interesting and the pictures look sooo pretty!!!

    I’ve always had a soft spot for chinese period drama that has a twist… and this sounds exactly it.
    Do you know where I can download the drama with english subs?

  15. 9 Princes?! Good heavens! And we all thought Ouran was too much! Those 6 guys are kinds of ‘princes’ in their own rights but these 9 guys in BBJX are REAL royalty. I’m not familiar at all with the battle of 9 princes. I’m guessing it’s some folktale out of China? Or a folktale that incorporates historical figures? I guess I’m off to google then.

    I was going to say that I believe this and Jade Palace seem to have the same sypnosis–and aha! that’s because they do! Though I’m kinda confused why another production company decided to make another version. I understand that Jade Palace was hugely popular. Is this another way of milking the sypnosis for all it’s worth. Are we watching another Hana Yori Dango-esque drama?

    • 1. The 9 Prince battle is historical fact, not a folktale. The 9 sons of Emperor Kangxi, because he didn’t decisively pick his heir, split into factions to fight over the succession.

      2. Jade Palace copied Bu Bu Jing Xin and not the other way around. 3 years ago a writer name Tong Hua wrote an internet novel called Bu Bu Jing Xin about a time traveling modern girl who goes back to the Qing dynasty in the middle of the 9 Prince battle. The novel was a sensation. The rights to the novel was bought by a production company and prepared to be adapted into a drama.

      A producer named Yu Zheng, already notorious for ripping off other people’s ideas and dialogues, decided to do his own time travel to the Qing story, claiming the concept was not copyrighted and he was free to do his own twist on it. He rushed his production so Jade Palace ended up being completed and broadcast before BBJX.

      The average viewer just wants to watch an entertaining drama and Jade Palace was a big hit. But most people in China who know the whole plagerism accusation think YZ is a piece of shit. If Jade Palace was any good so be it, but I found the drama also horrible.

      BBJX only appears to be cribbing off Jade Palace because it’s broadcast date is later, but those in the know understand it’s the other way around.

      • Every word dearKoala said. Just that the novel was written in 2006 and considered a classic of the genre that started a lot of copycats. BBJX is the writer authorized official drama adaptation and she has been working extremely closely with the production every step of the way. Not to dagger Goong more than I should but that PoS was cut and pasted together and called original and shot, postproduced in 3 months. No self respecting C period can be costumed in 3 months (see those hand embroidered masterpieces worn by the Bubu cast) let alone aired. It’s a bloody shame really. It got huge ratings in CN mainly due to the amusement of poking fun at its turdness and it was a favorite pasttime

      • No, in fact, the novel was already released back in 2005-2006!! TangRen bought the rights back in 2009, and they began preparing it since three years ago!

      • And yes, BBJX is well known as 1 of the “Big Three Qing Chuan (Qing-travelling novels)” .. I despise Gong for giving the illusion that it is the “first, original” one when it is the other way around. Damn you Yu Zheng.

        Frustrating.. but it’s nice to see how the Bu Bu cast and crew are dealing with this. They are so humble and polite! Yu Mama on the other hand… needs to shut up. I can’t believe he began ranting and bashing BBJX again on his Weibo recently..

  16. I’ve heard many people talk ab BBJX and when I watched the trailer, it seems to be a good drama. Since I don’t know Chinese I havent watched it yet. And the novel… I dont want to read it before watching cause I dont want to compare but enjoy the show :”> Liu Shi Shi, I dont like her in Legend of condor heroes, but in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei she’s quite good, hope I will love her character 🙂

  17. OMG I stumbled upon the drama and had no expectations as I haven’t watched any chinese production in years! Saw one episode and got hooked immediately!! marathoned 10 episodes till 4am >.<

    I am "scarred" by Kevin Cheng from his TVB days, but he actually looked like he could act here. Or maybe its the breathtaking cinematography! Either way I watched it initially for Nicky Wu, but now totally love all the others esp Prince 13. Totally shipping Prince 4 and RX!

    haven't felt this fan-girly in I'm off to load that spoiler pic!

  18. Great translation of the lyrics, I think you managed to capture the meaning between lines/in word choices quite well!

    “It’s only, the deepest of loves, the shallowest of fates.”

    This must be my favourite lines in the song, even more when in Chinese. In a way, that summarises the whole drama. Despite the love developed between Ruoxi and the princes (romantic love or platonic love), they all cannot escape the hands of fate – Ruoxi in her time-travel, the princes in their ultimate ending. It’s painful to know how things will end, and have no choice but to head towards that dreadful ending, one step at a time.

    I don’t know about you, but I find this entire song very reflective of the Ruoxi/Eight relationship. Well, I’m biased. HAHA

    I enjoyed Gong, but BBJX…is amazing. It is quite a different genre (except that they’re both about time travel to the Qing dynasty, involving Four and Eight), and very beautifully shot. My love for BBJX might just eclipse Gong. <3

    But I dread, dread, dread Ruoxi's change of heart, and the ultimate destruction of brotherly ties and the downfall of all the princes.

  19. I just happened to catch 2 episodes of this drama on cable! I WAS SO HAPPY! And I totally knew what I was going to be seeing because of your recaps about the episode where Ruo Xi and Ming Yue gege get into a little fight ^^ IT WAS SO GOOD! Watching the actual episode is superb and having read all of your Bu Bu Jing Xin recaps beforehand just made it all better! Thanks so much!

  20. if you want the english sub go to under taiwan drama n look for bu bu jing xin . they finish sub all 35 ep. but the ending is very sad

  21. To director
    I really love this movie and it will be wonderful if we have part 2 of this movie ” Bu Bu jing Xin” with all the cast.

  22. any one know any website I can support to have part 2 of this series or any series of Nicky Vu and Liu Shi Shi. I love them very much.

  23. I found you site because I’m a fan of alan [since her debut – singing in Japan]; I don’t know any Chinese but found out she did a theme song to a Chinese drama. Will be checking this series out since it’s been forever that I watched a C-drama. BTW, alan’s correct name is: Alan Dawa Dolma. Cheers.

  24. Hi dearest madam k,

    It’s a bit too late.. but can you recommend a website i can download the Bu Bu Xing drama?
    Also with with english sub title???

    Thanks for your time..
    I got curious and started reading your translations…i want to watch it…

  25. 步步惊心 Bu Bu Jing Xin VS Gong Palace:
    Realism 80/100 : 60/100
    Story 90/100 : 75/100
    Main role acting 80/100 : 55/100
    Directorship 75/100 : 50/100
    Start of episode one 90/100 : 30/100
    Conclusion of last episode 90/100 : 25/100
    Fiction 85/100 : 50/100

    I was disappointed with Gong Palace overall performance and my view is Gong is the copying side of 步步惊心 Bu Bu Jing Xin.

  26. Who exactly are the 9 princes in the 9 prince battle? I know there’s 4, 8, 9, 10, 13 and 14, but who are the other 3? I suppose the crown prince must be one of them?

  27. I watched by bu jing xin just recently due to the release of bu bu jing qing. Love it! Anyone knows if there is English version of the original book by Tong Hua?

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