C-ent Tabloid Captures Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Together with Son Starting Off 2024 Deflecting Usual Rumors of Impending Divorce

So it’s been a consistent rumor since around 2022 that married couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi will get divorced. It’s pretty much the same stuff around different priorities in career/family and disagreement about where their son would be education (Taiwan v. Mainland China). The most recent rumor is that it will be announced in 2025 after the couple splits their joint projects and investments and gets the finances all squared away. But some insiders pooh pooh the divorce rumors saying the couple has their problems but is not intending to divorce. This week the couple was spotted together shopping with their son in tow and an assistant by their side. It was a normal family outing with very sweet interactions and appears to show the relationship just fine.

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Divorce Rumors Hit Both Liu Shi Shi and Tang Yan on Heel of C-actress Divorces with Angelababy, Yang Mi, and Zhao Li Ying

Sometimes I feel that relationships can doom itself, if there are just too many naysayers and also a constant stream of feedback from the outside world. It needn’t be only for famous people, even relatives and friends can talk a … Continue reading

Chen Qiao En is the Top Taiwan Star Earner Working in Mainland China Followed by Nicky Wu and Bolin Chen

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Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Tie the Knot in Romantic Bali Destination Wedding

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Star Couples Nicky Wu-Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo-Ruby Lin Make Couples Appearances this Weekend

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Reunion and Feels Abound at the Bali Wedding of Bu Bu Jing Xin Costars Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu

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