The Extended Cast of Love Rain is Confirmed

Now that Love Rain has found it’s leading lady Yoona to join Jang Geun Seok in the cross-generational drama by Seasons drama PD Yoon Seuk Ho, the rest of the extended cast has been filled this week. Joining the cast will be Kim Si Hoo, Seo In Guk, Hwang Bora, and Son Eun Seo.Β Are all are you scratching your heads wondering who the heck some if not all of these folks are?

I actually knew who they were before hearing of their casting, but it’s not a stretch to say they are relative unknowns compared to the two leads. I vividly recall PD Yoon saying he wanted to find great actors for this drama. So far only his leading actor Jang Geun Seok fits the bill in that category. Perhaps PD Yoon mean to say “green” actors instead of “great” and misspoke. Otherwise the disconnect is so huge I feel like I’m staring at love raining into an abyss.

I first saw Kim Si Hoo when he was a teenager with a bit part in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, and he appeared again on my radar in Powerful Opponents. He’s probably the most talented of this group of actors. He needs some solid second lead experience and I give him a huge chance of breaking out in the next few years. Hwang Bora has a pretty lively and long resume, but she’s typically playing cute characters as she did in My Girl and Love Marriage. She’s perfectly serviceable, albeit not terribly memorable.

Son Eun Seo had a bit part in Spy Myung Wol as a NIS agent that appeared and then never showed up again when that drama’s writing went to pot. The previous three are all actors, but it’sΒ Seo In Guk that really has me scratching my head. HeΒ has never acted before, having entered the entertainment industry winning a singing competition and launching himself into an solo idol career. Well there you have it. Along with Jang Geun Seok and Yoona, here’s your cast of Love Rain, which starts filming at the end of the month.


The Extended Cast of Love Rain is Confirmed — 45 Comments

      • hahahaha XD

        Same here.. it’s a bottomless pitt of disappointment after disappointment! I wish JGS would drop out and pick another project. I really want to watch a decent drama from him again πŸ™

        I hope for some miracle that this one would not be a failure for JGS sake…

  1. oh geez! what the heck? o_O

    that being said, here’s to hoping a miracle happens and the drama ends up being great… *crossing fingers, really, really REALLY hard*

  2. Frustrating! Gunning for the ratings instead of the quality… This drama seems like the opposite of LTM wherein HwanHye were great and everything else is a mess… Waste of actors but still watched and enjoyed it…

  3. So basically what was being touted as an amazing melodrama with strong acting is now essentially a youth drama with mediocre acting and here I thought my expectations couldn’t get any lower.

    I mean I know Jang Geun Suk is an amazing actor but how the heck are they expecting us to believe that this is some cross generation epic love story with this type of cast..


  4. Was really wondering what happened along the way… JGS is the only saving grace here, but even with him here, I don’t think he will be able to pull off the show and this drama is even melo. πŸ™

  5. i think the producer wants to discover actors and make them into famous ones. didn’t he make bae yong joon, song hye ko, won bin, seung s h, etc? looks like he’s just using jks as a launching pad for new and yg actors.

    but really, does he think he can launch yoona into the starry skies? πŸ˜€

    • I disagree with you, before bae yong joon, song hye ko, won bin, song seung hun, wonbin entered his dramas, they were professional actors who had many dramas under their belts. They all promising and well known actors and actresses before they played in his dramas and became famous internationally after that.
      Compared to this cast, I just see only JKS and Kim shi Hoo are prosmising actors, the rest of the cast are idols and no name actress.
      I guess the PD and producers just aim at making more money nowadays
      Maybe Korean dramas nowadays are getting more international fame, so fame get into PD and producer heads so strong, they just don’t care about making good, quality dramas anymore.
      So disappointed!

  6. I dunno.. I actually like the guy from Powerful Opponents and the sidekick in My Girl.

    If anything, they’re probably better at acting than Yoona. πŸ˜€ Both of them had fun roles in past rom-coms so I want to give Love Rain a chance.

    FYI The guy was memorable as the sort-of-useless dongseng to Chae Rim but adorable in that they attack Chae Rim’s two-timing ex-bf with vegetables, then pretend that he tripped outside and spoiled the food instead of admitting to his sister that her bf is cheating.

    Another time, when his sister comes home from work, they all pretend to be useless lumps sitting in front of the tv, not caring that their working noona is tired and needs food and rest. Then the camera changes view and we see that they’re hiding their black eyes and beat-up faces because they don’t want noona to know that they borrowed money from gangsters. πŸ˜€

    hehehe.. seems like I had good, fun memories from that kid. I’m confident he can act well in a rom-com.

  7. Thanks Ockoala for this news.
    OH! I am sorry for JGS.
    Although my dear Jung So Min will not be in this drama, I need watch Love Rain.
    Because I really like JGS.
    Only I can say now is ” Good luck JGS and his drama.

    Koala, I like the words you use in your comment ” PD Yoon means to say green actors instead of great”. You are absolutely right.

  8. JGS fans will be happy to know they’re actually HELPING him by casting this strange ensemble. See, it’s a MELODRAMA, meaning lots of tears. When JGS has scenes with the rest of the cast, one look at them and BHAM! he’s so frustrated he starts crying. No prompting required . How cool is that….he’ll be crying REAL tears. The problem is to get him to stop.

  9. is there a way we can save JGS on this pending doom?! we should start bombarding his tweeter and ask him to back out (in a nice way)…aisssshhh i dont know, but what im pretty sure, i not gonna watch this!

  10. With this cast, I would think the drama is about youths, love, school, etc. I am definitely one of the (many) people scratching their heads and wondering WTH is up with the casting. I know Kim Shi Hoo, but I don’t really know how I know him. I can’t get over Yoona getting the lead role… whyyyy. I think she’s a pretty girl and all, but acting… I hope she has greatly improved. Poor JGS. It sucks that he signed on before anyone else was cast. I hope this drama is good for the sake of JGS, but I might be better off waiting for his next project.

  11. My oh my… looks like JGS is the only actor in the cast who has a good solid reputation when it comes to acting. I’m hoping PD will create a some sort of miracle and make them act really well. I don’t want JGS to be frustrated.

  12. Perhaps next time JKS should insist on seeing who will be cast in the drama before he accepts offer. Doesn’t he have that kind of heavy weight influence? He really needs to protect his name and his body of work.

    • If that’s the case, I don’t mind if they convert this tedious sounding drama into a snappy music video starring only jgs… Am sure the review and reception will be much better πŸ™‚ hahaha and fans all over Asia, including Japan , would be happy.

      • I think SNSD is really popular in Japan too right? So I think people will watch for Yoona. I think the drama will definitely sell well overseas (I just can’t imagine it not) but will it be good quality acting and a good quality drama? I’ll keep my expectations way low. Maybe that’s what they are going for… getting people to keep their expectations low so they can exceed it. πŸ™‚

      • SNSD *is* Girl’s Generation. πŸ™‚ SNSD is the acronym for the Korean band name Girl’s Generation.

  13. Oh I know this Son Eun Soo, she was in “Flame of Desire” as the illegitimate daughter.
    She’s pretty good, i think.. I even like her acting better than Yoon Ah, but who am I to judge.

  14. Okay, I know Son Eun Seo from Flames of Ambition where she was pretty good as an illegitimate daughter finagling her way into a legitimate inheritance.

    But still. JGS is the ONLY solid thing in this drama. *cries* And I so wanted a good project for him…

  15. Well, the only way to go from here is up, right?? I’ll keep reserving my judgment, even though things aren’t boding well.

    I so wanted JGS to have a kick-ass smash-ratings hit drama next… He deserves it…. Sigh…. TT. TT

  16. I’m starting to wish JGS had followed his bff Heechul and enlisted in the army.

    He’s been picking one shitty project after another. πŸ™

  17. There’s a lot of grim foreboding in this drama that it’s worrisome for JKS’s sake. I’ve had hoped this will be not only a popular drama but also a hit one ratingswise but now with these unlikable casts, I wonder how would that be. But still I liked JKS so much that I won’t miss it for the world so to say. BTW, something comes to my mind. Is PD Yoon planning to do an external elements drama series like rain, sun, wind and clouds? lol!…

  18. Oh…………… I’m speechless. I don’t even know one of those actors πŸ™
    I was so exciting and how I wished time could fly faster so I can watch JGS but now I actually wish next year will never come πŸ™
    My poor JGS, I wish him all the best…… please drama God, save this drama for the sake of JGS, PLEASE.

  19. i hope this drama will shine…i only know JGS. i’m a little bit disappointed with my darling babe Jung So Min for not chosen to be JGS’s leading lady.

    thank you Ms. Ockoala for the updates and oh! I love the banner above. I miss PK couple too though JGS is my awesome favorite actor:-)

  20. the production prolly has spent all their moolah in paying the two leads, so they cant get any good quality supporting cast, tsk tsk….

  21. this drama’s future looks quite bleak..but who knows,despite the casting, this might turn out to be a hit as the korean audience has been quite unpredictable…

    I don’t get what the PD’s motive is for casting these people…JGS, of course, is a no-brainer. But Yoona? And all these other young newbies..some of which are idols. I hope he knows that youth melodramas, or anything youth-related dramas, they don’t do well in the ratings department. (think Heartstrings, playful kiss, Marry me Mary, YAB). Wish the story also involved some adults.

  22. Do you guys find that Jang Geun Suk not really good at choosing a good script/drama?? Mary stayed out all night is a boring show and the roles that he start to go for sadist or artist kind of roles. Among all the dramas, only Hong Gil Dong, Hwang Jin Yi and You’re beautiful are interesting. I watch the entertainment weekly on tvN, they said Jang Geun Suk rejected “King of Baking” and the drama end up with very good rating, ranked 1 for 12 wks.

  23. Lol what a joke you bunch of people are! You are assuming the show is going to be terrible just because you do not know the supporting cast? Seriously! Thanks to you the ratings now are rock bottom but that’s because people are not tuning in in the first place, not because the drama’s bad.

    I like JGS too though I’m not crazy over him probably no thanks to Mary and You’re My Pet. But I have better sense than to think this script will again be as bad as the others too without first watching it. And more sense to think that a drama’s success is due to only one factor such as unknown cast. You are the ones that are really doing the greatest harm to the show. I know that because now the show is into ep 6 and I am one of those who are eagerly waiting for the next episode after each airing. And I am not the kind to wait a week for a drama. The drama is really really good but of course, I concur that it may not appeal to people who are so shallow as to dismiss it without watching it in the first place. Your loss.

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